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Cherry Mobile Candy, Candy Chat: Cheapest Androids

Cosmic Technologies (Cherry Mobile) is once again challenging the Android market by introducing the cheapest Android handsets yet — the Cherry Mobile Candy and Candy Chat — at Php3,699.

These units are really cheap so we shouldn’t expect a lot from them. I guess the only reason for introducing them is that more folks can now afford to buy an Android smartphone.

On the other hand, these are dual-SIM phones too.

Cherry Mobile Candy specs:
2.8″ resistive screen @ 240×320 pixels
Dual-SIM, Dual-standby
MediaTek 416MHz processor
up to 16GB via microSD
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.1
1.3MP camera
FM radio
Android Froyo 2.2
Retail price: Php3,699

Cherry Mobile Candy Chat specs:
2.4″ resistive screen @ 240×320 pixels
Full qwerty keypad
Dual-SIM, Dual-standby
MediaTek 416MHz processor
up to 16GB via microSD
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.1
1.3MP camera
FM radio
Android Froyo 2.2
Retail price: Php3,699

Note: Photos to follow. Still looking for a CD drive to copy the press materials.

What Cherry Mobile did here was take their really affordable handsets and instead of putting the usual dumb-phone OS (those Java-type operating systems), they opted for the more popular one and installed Android in them.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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93 Responses

  1. JmBalicano says:

    Any pictures on these phones?

  2. Benchmark says:

    just wondering, di ba dapat nga mas mura ang android phone kasi it “free” compared to other phone that are not android base OS… (am i right?)

    • poche says:

      asa around 10-20$ lang ang natitpid sa os per phone ng manufacturer sa android. pero usually ang alam ko 10$ ang average.

  3. grail0375 says:

    416mhz processor? these are really old models. Try to compare the mobile phones from china at http://www.solomobi.com you’ll find a lot of these similar spec. android phones.

    Pwede na siguro for basic apps, but will definitely slow you down when you start using newer/updated apps from the android market. Sir, does this have GPS?? There are a few android units scattered around Divisoria and Quiapo that have the same specs.

    • HiERARCH says:

      I agree. Can’t imagine if someone could really enjoy using android with that low processor memory. sobrang bagal siguro magread n’yan.. haist!

  4. john says:

    MediaTek 416MHz processor and 128mb ram? lol, pangtext lang to.. malag pa.. mag dump phone ka nalang

  5. kuyog says:

    This is still faster than the generic android tablets. I, for one, would like to have a cheap android qwerty phone.

  6. Barf says:

    next please!

  7. Marco says:

    Anong itsura ng phone? :)

  8. Octopus says:

    I’ve been looking for a Dual sim phone with 3G, preferably GPS running on Windows mobile 6.5 or 7.Anyone know where I can pick one up or have an alternative suggestion ?

  9. dispose says:


  10. Totem says:

    Dami namang ewan sa article na to.. Ayan nga oh..
    “These units are really cheap so we shouldn’t expect a lot from them. I guess the only reason for introducing them is that more folks can now afford to buy an Android smartphone.”

    So if you have the money to buy a higher-end phone sold by famous brands, then go ahead buy it. Don’t talk trash about other cellphone brands. Pinoy talaga.. Colonial mentality much??

    • garz says:

      Very well said. Palibhasa may mga higher-end android phones..

    • Kuyog says:

      ^^ I agree. To the nay-sayers: nobody is forcing you to buy or use these phones. If you can afford to get a high-end phone, good for you. But don’t hate a low end phone just because it may not have the power or features that you need. Some people (like me) would be more that happy to use these phones for a variety of reasons (budget, no need for advanced features, etc.) Please try to not be so juvenile next time.

    • Water says:

      I agree with you sir.

      Para dun sa mga nag “haters” ng low-end mobile phones. Oo nga naman, sari-sariling trip lang yan. Buti nga Cherry Mobile nag-lalabas ng murang android phones e. At least yung mga gipit sa budget may chance na sila para mag Android.

      Sir Yuga, I appreciate that you take the time to write articles about these kind of phones. More power!

  11. Joyce says:

    I wonder kung kaya ng hardware ang android. If it still runs fast enough I might get one just for app testing purposes.

    • kuyog says:

      I’ve used shanzai tablets with lower specs than these. At the price, I think I’ll get a Candy Chat to replace my aging SE P1i.

  12. Jonah says:

    Is this already available in Cebu City?

  13. Burt says:

    wow! very affordable na ang mga android phones! kudos to cherry!

  14. Yan dapat ang mga cellphone ng mga sosyal na nagloload!! Kung may GPS yan, I’m sold! Kung sa tibay rin lang naman, alam naman nating hindi yan ganun katibay, pero nasa gumagamit din yan. Kung maingat lang yung gumagamit, tatagal yan ng ilang taon. Wag lang magffluctuate ang kuryente habang nagcha-charge…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ganito kasi yan. Many (not all) of those ‘haters’ of budget phones that attempt to put the Android experience w/in reach of the masses are afflicted with elitist/exclusivist mentality.

    Having paid a small fortune for their high-end phones, they feel entitled to exclusivity. They bristle at the thought of the masses partaking in the Android experience, kahit pa ‘crippled’ lang yung experience.

    They’re compelled to belittle & insult these sub-4K phones for not having the same specs, feature set & build quality as their ‘status symbol’ phones that cost them an arm & a leg.

    • wilde says:


      In any case, whether a phone costs P100k, at the end of the day, it’s just a phone.

      You might “feel better” having an expensive phone, but that does not mean that you are a better person.

  16. Sonofa says:

    Sana maglabas naman silang Alpha Numeric na keypads na Android… para ang extra phone ko updated lagi ang contacts

  17. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    despite the low speed I believe it’s workable. I’ve been underclocking my processor from 600 down to 328Mhz and is still functional for regular messaging albeit installing 3rd party launchers and extra widgets will really slow down the phone. The only question is how much memory will it have available off a freshly booted phone. If its 26~60mb then its workable albeit it won’t be able to run Angry Birds decently.

    Hope Cherry will release these phones rooted

  18. camhiliciouz says:


    i find it stupid that there are people who keeps on bringing the efforts of those not so ‘better’ brands to have a piece of the ‘market’.

    i agree to those who give such gadgets a chance for a review. (thanks sir Yuga! XD).

    Obviously, this kinds of phones may not outrun those of Samsung Androids once nor from other Android carriers, THERE ARE MADE AVAILABLE NOT FOR THOSE WHO CAN AFFORD THE EXPENSIVE ONCE BUT RATHER TO THOSE WHO CAN’T! so hands-off WELL-OFFS!.

    i’ll find it exhilarating seeing two people in the mall, a rich one and a tambay (minimum-wage-earner-hardly-afford-3xaday-meal) using the same expensive phones!. o diba, ewan ko lang kung hindi maiinis yung rich one?! XD

    anyways, i dont see that it may hurt if i buy my lil’ sibling such gadgets to have the android experience. dahil for sure, its either, mawawala lang nila yung phone or mababasag ang screen, you know kids, they are just so lovable! XD

    One question though, sir yuga. given the specs, how many decent game apps can we in stall to still have a decent run? for sure my siblings will be eager to install many.

    thanks thanks much.

    and PS, to those haters, CHILL!

  19. N1 says:

    I salute Cherry Mobile for these phones! Isipin mo smart phones to whether they can play angry birds or not, the fact is: these are smart phones!! Kahit nga ang pinakamurang Symbian ay ndi matatapatan price nito eh…

    I’d love to try the qwerty one!

  20. Val says:

    Salute to Cherry Mobile for finding ways to introduce Android to the masses. :)

  21. Juan says:

    best entry level android phone is samsung’s galaxy y at 6k, already on gingerbread

  22. popoy says:

    hindi na to masama, mura na to.

  23. zd0t says:

    Ang kailangan sa phone = dapat usable. It doesn’t matter what OS is inside, basta it serves its intended purpose.

    But try putting a “smartphone” OS into a phone with “not-smartphone” specs, and see if its usable. 400 Mhz? Resistive touchscreen? 128 MB RAM? Sige try niyo, maiinis lang kayo sa Android phone niyo.

    • maiinis ka talaga kung techie ka, kasi alam mo na hindi dapat ganito kabagal ang android experience. pero para sa mga hindi techie (medyo technophobic), hindi nila pansin yun.

    • anonymous says:

      Wow! Na-try mo na pala ito? Kalalabas lang daw nito just a few days ago, ah. Review naman. So you’re telling us that based on your personal experience with this phone, we won’t even be able to call & text with it, much less use even only half of the Android features and pre-installed apps?

      Do tell, ‘coz we’ve got to report this scam to the DTI, NTC, and/or whichever government/consumer protection agency out there should be concerned.

  24. Patrick Joshua says:

    Honestly, I really want this as my secondary phone/wagayway phone when travelling on public utility vehicles :))
    I don’t wanna loose my brand new Galaxy Y :D

  25. jack says:

    At P3,699 ANDROID you cant go wrong. most associate android to “If it can play ANGRY BIRDS”… android is so much more than just playing angry birds, meaning you can use the Android for social networking (FB, Twitter, YM, etc) or meesaging apps like Viber, YM…etc. the Android Experience on the social networking side alone is already worth it. I am sure the 416mhz processor would do just fine. but remember at 3,699 you are still getting a Smartphone which has access to thousand of apps, so im sure you can find an app that suits the hardware. Right now for under 4k price range what do you get? hmmm not so smart phones!

  26. glen says:

    for the price only 3k+ pesos good value to. Yung specs oo mababa kung i compare mo sa mga 10k.and up phones. At syempre hindi mo pwedeng i install dito at gamitin ang lahat ng android apps and games. Kung merong 10k app and games sa android mga 5k lang dun ang pwede at di.rin.pwede mag install ng marami. Pero yung mga simple apps and games pwedeng pwede dito! Pwede ka maglaro ng chess,word games,scrabble at mga apps na dictionary, alarm clock, memopad . Pwede ka din gumawa o pagawa ng custom apps para sa company nyo like payroll!


    • Al says:

      Oh sure, a real computer? so what can you do with this? call and text lang? hahaha! Then buy yourself a even more cheaper phone that can do both and with longer battery!

      People just don’t get it! Android needs a really powerful specs for it to perform as advertised.

  27. wengweng2003 says:

    The problem w/ android is that it needs a powerful processor just to make it bearably smooth. Anything under 600mhz will just frustrate you with laggy UI, frequent force closes, unresponsive screens, & phantom taps (like the cm orbit which I threw in a fit techie rage). Low resolution screens will also keep you from most good apps/games in the market. RAM & ROM also affects this OS’ usability.
    For people thinking of getting these cheap androids, take it from a fellow fandroid who once sacrificed specs for the price tag, DON’T. You’ll end up wasting 3k, 6k, or 10k. After that, you’ll still need to buy another phone because you threw that piece of crap out of frustration.

    • glen says:

      ah so iOS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian are fast on slow processors? Moron!

      You want to spend below 10k and want a really smooth user experience and play all graphics and process intensive games?

      You are an idiot!

    • glen says:

      and you claim you are an android fan and techie yet you dont know how to optimize your android gadget the reason why it is slow.

      I have the orbit and it is a good phone when optimized. I have also used android 1.6 devices with.specs lower than.this candy phone and had.tons.of.uses with.it.

      You are not a techie person but more of a spoiled brat idiot.

    • Anonymous user says:

      Glen, panu mo na-optimize ung orbit mo? Kase parehas lng tyo ng Phone. Gusto ko sana malaman kng panu mo napabilis toh

    • wengweng2003 says:

      glen says:

      ah so iOS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian are fast on slow processors? Moron!

      You want to spend below 10k and want a really smooth user experience and play all graphics and process intensive games?

      You are an idiot!

      To answer your question glen, yes, the OS’ you mentioned work smoother on lower specd devices. Not to mention the need for software optimization. So far, the smoothest low spec android I’ve tested is the 800mhz galaxy ace (hence my “no to 600mhz & below” opinion). I tried out a couple of Xperias today & was quite happy with how smooth they were (arc, mini). The galaxy note was not as smooth as I had hoped. The homescreen transition animation still had minimal lags. More so when I filled the homescreens w/ widgets. The htc sensation was even worse. My rooted desire hd was way smoother than either dual cores. So I guess you have a point. CPU speed isn’t everything. But it does play a big role.

      Oh, another thing, you might want to try keeping your temper in check. It just confirms which of us is the real moron, idiot, spoiled brat :-)

  28. Romar says:

    Ang baho ng bibig ng isang commentor. -.-“

  29. duga says:

    Another garbage product. Sa mga nagcocoment na this product is for those who cant afford to buy branded na android, please maawa naman kayo sa kanila. kahit 4k lang price nito pera din yun at di napupulot lang. If you want value for your money, magtiis ka muna ng kahit isang buwan pa at bumili ka ng samsung galaxy y, at 6K.

  30. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    hope there would be a review of both handset and compared with current entry level phones on the market.

  31. It was so nice that there are challenger like Cherry Mobile to produce the cheapest android in the market.

  32. Nice to see the phone is action. May video sa YouTube about sa candy chat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzYiz-6kAkQ from Technoclast

    • paulo says:

      marami tlaga bug ng CM, at madali tlaga to masira, kahit tignan nio pa sa sevice centers nila marami kang mkikitang tao dun araw araw. nag try ako paayos ung cp ko cguro halos kadalasan ang sira ung pindutan and nag white screen(katulad nung akin) then pag pnaayos mo aabutin ng 1 motnh kaurat lang .

  33. aj says:

    wala bang Pilipino d2? Minamaliit nyo ung cherry mobile…eh ung specs na tinutukoy pwede nyo eh pampabulaklak lang ng paggamit sa isang cell phone-cum-semi-computer like gadget…mabagal man yan…magagamit mo pa rin, paano uunlan PH phones eh kung maka-comment kayo parang ibabagsak nyo ung economy natin…

    • jason says:

      Why they hate CM? Because of its quality. Sabi nila, madali daw masira dahil halos lahat ng parts, GALING PANG CHINA.

    • duga says:

      hindi sa minamaliit ang cherry mobile, concern lang ako sa mga kapwa ko Pilipino na nagsisikap para lang makabili ng cellphone. hahayaan lang ba nating mapunta sa wala ang kanilang pera? kilala ang cherry mobile sa panloloko ng mga buyers nila, pagnasira hindi ka na nila kilala, ni walang quality check ang mga products. hindi lahat ng Filipino company marunong magmalasakit sa kapwa nila Pilipino at isa dito ang Cherry Mobile.

    • duga says:

      supurtahan ang mga karapatdapat ng Filipino company, at i-boycott ang mga hindi dapat. ayusin muna ng cherry mobile quality ng mga produkto nila.

    • ambo says:

      Kahit sa ibang bansa meron ding nagtitipid, meron ding barat, mas lalo na di2 sa pinas. Kaya nga gumagawa ng smartphones ang cherry mobile kc un ang uso ngayon, at hindi lahat ng pinoy mkkbili ng samsung nexus or htc mozart. Kung budget phone ang hanap mo eh meron ang cherry mobile nun, madami, at hindi naman kulelalat pagdating sa specs, merong Magnum 2x ang CM, dual processor yan, at nasa 15k lng, meron Magnum HD, 1Ghz processor yan, napakalakas na nyan. Kung bbili k ng high end branded smatphones na dual proce sigurado butas bulsa mo. Kaya binibenta nla yan ng mura dahil kaya ng pinoy bilhin, halata mang puro plastic ang labas eh kaya namang lumaban sa ibang brands ang specs. Dapat proud kayo sa CM kc kahit na mura at least may ibubuga, kahit na mukhang madaling masira eh lagyan mo na lng jelly case para hindi masira kapag na laglag. Nasa pag iingat parin ng may-ari ang sukatan.

    • Jaja says:

      Jason, for your information, sa China talaga manufacture nila, pati na rin ang iba pang international brands ay sa Chinese manufacturers naka salalay.

    • duga says:

      @aj, yup nasa gumagamit din ang pagiingat, pero ang mga products kasi ng cherry mobile kadalasan ang sira eh software, kabibili mo lang tapos paguwi mo at magamit ng saglit malalaman mong ang dami palang bugs (ex. di nakakarecieve ng text yung isang sim card, naghahang, nagrereset, nawawala mga text, yung wifi di gumagana, etc). ang masama pa nito pag ibinalik mo di na nila papalitan, ipapadala daw sa service center nila at maghihintay ka ng sobrang tagal para lang maayos sa sobrang dami ng bulok na cp na binenta nila. magsearch ka sa google malalaman mo kung gaano kadami ang nagrereklamo sa mga products ng cherry mobile. ang cherry mobile pinoy company nga, pero nanloloko naman at nanggugulang sa mga kapwa pinoy nila. mas mabuti pang bumili na lang ng produkto ng mga foreign companies.

    • geogetski666 says:

      tingin ko naman madaming pilipino d2 problema lang talaga kahit na mura nga benta ng cherry mobile sa mga na experience ng tao sa phones nila and from personal experience “bulok” and cellphones na tiniotinda nila and wala silang pakialam sa mga bumibili take for example the cherry orbit when they sold them for 50% off price i think after using it for a day they would have known that the firmware of the phone must have a problem XD tanga na lkang siguro di makapansin nun and they still sold them how low can you go yan pa lang panloloko na sa part nila hehe just my 2cents
      note : also a victim of the orbit sale XD hehe

  34. Zivis Inc. says:

    Android is clear to take away a lot of market share in the teclo scene. Check out our site for gadgets on installment. Absolutely no credit card needed!

  35. juankolog says:

    hindi naman cherry mobile ang gumagawa ng mga cellphone nila na andoid, pinapalitan lang nila ng pangalan ung unit, kung mag hahanap kayo sa mga site at meron kayo mkikita ka katulad na unit, from gigabyte company.. ung ibang pinoy simple lang, ma china phone pa yan basta touch screen masaya na, meron pa nga mga naka 3310 eh, cellphone ay para sa communication, kung gusto mo mag laro mag PS3 ka, gusto mo malinaw na camera mag DSLR ka, haha… pero dahil sa low buying capacity ng market, mababang presyo at specs ang na ooffer satin, warranty at customer service, usability and quality ng product yan pinaka importante.. :D

  36. ambo says:

    @Jason bakit nyo ba minamaliit ang china? Alam nyo ba na sa China umutang ng pera ang US para lang ma save sila sa recession? At alam nyo ba na ung ZTE ng kasama sa scandal dati ay gumagawa na ng cellphone na ZTE blade at skate na pang international market? Huawei din may ideos na, may tablet pa.

  37. jomar says:

    Dual SIM : Check
    Android : Check
    EDGE / GPRS : Check
    Qwerty : Check
    Google Sync : Hopefully Check

    Already have a better Android phone, just want another dual SIM phone that I will use for call/text. The Android/Qwerty/EDGE is definitely a major plus for me. At last I can finally sync my contacts on all my phones without too much of a hassle. At that price point, you just cant expect too much form it. I just hope that the battery life is acceptable :D

  38. duga says:

    actually halos naman na lahat gawa sa china, ang question na lang ngayon eh yung sa quality. ewan ba, yung mga kaparehong model ng mga cp ng cherry mobile sa ibang bansa base sa mga forum magaganda quality, nagtataka lang ako yung mga nakukuha ng Cherry Mobile madaling masira. Naiisip ko tuloy, malamang yung mga rejected units ang kinukuha ng Cherry Mobile at inaayos na lang nila.

  39. reden says:

    i agree with jomar regarding contacts! kaya lang sana hindi to katulad nung nagamit kong cherry mobile dati, sakit sa tenga kapag medyo matagal mo ginamit pang tawag kaya napilitan akong mag dual sim ng samsung, ayun mas malinaw tawag at di ganun kainit…

    sa ganyang specs medyo ok na rin for basic android stuffs like those to do lists apps, camera apps (although di ako sigurado dito) baka nga mas malakas pa to sa ginagamit kong telepono ngayon eh hehe, 160MB lang kase memory nung sa akin. (galaxy spica). sana nilagyan nila ng gps, malamang magiging mabili sa mga siklista at runner kung may gps to para malagyan ng endomondo. so gps tapos backup battery sa cdr king para tumagal sa ride…

  40. dvancleef says:

    The Chat’s qwerty makes up for the weakest spec point (small resistive display). Given not to have to deal with typing onto a microscopic resistive softkey my stress level with this level of phone would be a lot lower. The non-qwerty Candy is total fail from the start though. 2.8″ QVGA screens are only barely tolerable if they’re capacitive.

  41. Jason says:

    Guys, kaya nga! Ang mga kilalang brands sa China like Huawei, TCL, Lenovo, etc. ay may quality! Please don’t blame me.

  42. Adam says:

    Wag na kasi magcomment ng mga pang iinsulto sa low-end phones kanya kanya lang yan respeto lang.

  43. Joyscope says:

    you know guys the difference between cherry mobile to branded is how it was designed, ang binabayaran natin ay yung workmanship ng product.

    May kanya kanyang trade secret mga manufacturers kahit China lahat galing, ang nagdesign ng mga yan either Americans or Japanese sa mga Branded at mga Chinese sa mga Entry Level na brands, na kung minsan madaming patent ang nasasagasaan na di nila binabayaran.

    Think also of the quality of the mobile phone kung gaano siya magtatagal sa price tag niya. The more expensive, the more robust hardware it has.

  44. Adam says:

    Agree ako pero most of the time yung brand name na lang din yung binabayaran pero syempre nandun na din kasi yung assurance na ok yung product.

  45. glenda sandoval says:

    meron ako cherry mobile nabili 4000 T20 ang problema after 1 month nablackout nalang ng kusa ganyan ba talaga mga products ng cherry mobile,my waranty nga sa binilhan ko gusto ako mismo pupunta sa service center ng cherry eh sa pamasahe lang talo na ako.mauubos nalang panahon ng waranty ng T20 cherry mobile ko di pa nagagawa..dapat pag alam nyo na di quality ang products nyo wag nyo na ebenta sa tao kapwa pinoy lang tayo naglolokohan pa.kainis talaga ang cherry mobile ko walang kwenta gumagawa ng fone panay lang sila paasa at abala pa sa akin at gastos pamasahe tuwing babalikan ko till now wala pa rin 1 month na sa service center,Hoy Gising

    • paulo says:

      ganyan din saken. tapos after mga 1 month mag white screen na yan after 1 or 2 days na mag oopen. hmpf!

    • paulo says:

      ganyan din saken. tapos after mga 1 month mag white screen na yan after 1 or 2 days d na mag oopen. hmpf!

  46. june says:

    connected na ako sa wifi pero hindi ako makakanet kahit fb or youtube ayaw gumana.. pwede po pa help..

    thanks a lot..

    CM candy user po

  47. meguel says:

    cherry mobile is not a Philippine mobile…. china phone din ito…. nilagyan lang ng bandera natin para mabenta dito sa pinas

  48. nics says:

    anu ba yan? madaling masira ang gamit kapag hindi masinop ang gumagamit.. kahit anung gadget naman basta hindi ka marunong mag alaga, eh madaling masira. Nasa gumagamit yan minsan kung paano niya aalagaan mga gamit niya. Meron akong Cherry Mobile Candy. Masaya naman ako sa performance. I can install apps and games galing sa market at kahit galing sa black market. Kung talagang android fan kayo eh dapat alam niyo kung paanu ioptimized yung mga phone niyo.

  49. nics says:

    nakakapag wi-fi ako sa candy stable naman siya. wala pa naman problema. Overall, maganda yung phone para sa mga nag hahanap ng murang android. Talagang ito yung magiging “intro” mo sa android world. may china phone nga ako tumagal ng 4 years, napamana ko pa sa kapatid ko. Nasa gumagamit yan guys. Peace out. :D

    • mrflyback says:


      have u tried using skype on ur candy? planning to buy one for my mom para mas mura intl calls :D feedback naman po please.

      thanks in advance

  50. Raindroid says:

    guyz ilang hours yung battery life nito? pa answer naman willing akow :D

  51. Jel says:

    just bought one today for my brother.. he wants to play games.. i can handle a few seconds lag sa pag open ng angry birds coz it takes a few seconds din naman sa lg ko. so far so good. hindi lng ako sanay sa resistive screen kc sensitive ang lg ko pero other than that this phone is really nice. wag lng mg expect ng iphone like capabilities.. basta if you are looking for android na cheap, i suggest this. sana nga ito nlng binili ko hindi yung 15k LG ko na ninakaw lng lols. if you want to see photos just tell me para ma review ko sa blog ko =)

  52. Shedo says:

    My mom just got the Cherry Mobile Candy one. It’s her first Android phone because she really couldn’t be bothered to get one kasi all she does is text and call. So far, I can’t seem to update the market app with the new Play Store. Rather slow, and ang HIRAP mag type. I was setting it up for her and I was going nuts with how almost all my key presses were missing the correct letters. And the phone doesn’t support auto screen orientation. It stays at portrait mode.

    The flash is rather dumb because it isn’t really a camera flash. More like a light that is persistently open as you take shots. Also the light from the “flash” smears the left side of the picture with brightness making the images look like it was taken from a damaged cam.

    The “resistive” screen is overly resistive IMO. Often times, I would press something then it wouldn’t get detected. Also the soft buttons are really uncomfortable to work with because some of them aren’t even aligned to the button images. For example, the physical menu soft button, you have to press lower than the image for it to be detected.

    In fact, a cheaper Nokia phone with all the same functionalities except for the operating system could have done better. I just wished they added more thought into designing the product instead of just throwing Android into their phone shells. I would give it 2 out of 5 because it has at least a good sound output.

    I’m beginning to question if it was worth the switch. I guess it would be a nice starter for her to learn how android works.

    P.S. Sorry for the rant.

  53. orange says:

    Been using the candy chat for a few months. Yes you can’t update Market, still the old market. Angry Birds plays very slow on levels that have too much things going on. Gameboid works fine with no sound, lags with sound. Zenonia 3 playable, but slightly sluggish. The camera is mediocre, the LED flash doesn’t help at all, but at least you can use the LED as a flashlight.

    But at least facebook works, wifi also works. Versus normal phones (within same price range), it can load almost all sites (except sites w/ flash). Main feature that I really wanted is to sync my contacts, which works really well. Plus it’s a dual sim.

    What I hate about the candy chat, the microphone. It’s place too deep inside the hole, about 2-3mm. People can’t hear me talk, had to use a headset whenever I make a call or someone calls me.

  54. Vincent Tiongson says:

    java enable ba siya?

  55. Shedo says:

    @Vincent, all Android apps are based on Java.

    @orange, I figured out how to get apps onto the Candy without help from the Play Store. It’s a little involved so I might post a blog about it but basically, you either get another phone for it to work or jus.t use a 3rd party app store.

  56. AzE says:

    CHheap, but not worth the price…

    this phone doesn’t deserve ANDROID OS.. it can do NOTHING!
    android is Useless.. u made android look like CRAP..

    tell me, what are the apps that compatible with this shit? (the Candy [email protected] one)


    you can’t play well in 416Mhz;
    Resistive touch screen? old skul;

    This Crap is Equal to a Cheap China phone, or whatever you call it..

    i’m mad at my girlfriend for buying anything from cherry mobile., only stupid (in gadgets) people buy from this brand!. also on my|phone..
    Pinoy talaga, low quality products ang Hilig ibenta.. tsk. ugali din pala ng China..

    oh well, let the rooting begin!

  57. Leik says:

    anong mga apps pde ma run ng 420 mhz??? pls reply im planning to buy one

    • Jomar says:

      Kindle, Nesoid (NES Emulator), KJV Bible, Daily Quotes, GTalk

      Dont expect it to play games… Well for its price, dont expect too much.

      One of the things I liked about it is it last 4 days (low usage) for me, IF used for lots of calls and text, around 2 days. The small screen + 416MHz uses very little power. Just dont forget to turn off WIFI. Its a major battery guzzler.

  58. shah says:

    May nakapag root na ba sa candy [email protected]; share nyo naman pano pati na rin yung SUPERUSER na update file..

  59. nick says:

    paano ba maayos tong cherry mobile Q 300 kung gumamit ka nang WIFI Response nya memory full walay lame,,,,p;lihog reply???????

  60. iromays says:

    pede ba lagyan ng instagram ang cherry mobile candy chat?

  61. vind ipad says:

    I was curious if you ever thought of changing the page layout of
    your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to
    say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so
    people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of
    text for only having one or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  62. Gerry says:

    its sound advice to choose Flare or Burst Instead.

  63. Gabs says:

    I’m a fan of CM Burst and Flare. Pero cheap android phone lang naman ang need nyo, bili na lang kayo ng Cloudfone for 1999. Mas higher ang specs kumpara dyan.

  64. Name: ervin gumpay says:

    nakaka irita talaga ang cm phones lalong lalo na pagdating sa internet.laging mag coconection failed.sa b pa sa tv. Click na click ang cherry m0bile(2x) click tayo sa cherry m0bile. N your dreams. Hndi dorable at madaling masra,china phne talaga,how poor.

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