Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.2: Cheapest Android at Php5k

Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.2: Cheapest Android at Php5k

Cosmic Technologies is also coming out with what could be the cheapest Android smartphone in the Philippines, the Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.2. It’s the first Android phone to have a suggested retail price of under Php5,000.

And it’s a dual-SIM smartphone too running Android 2.2 Froyo. See poster below for full specs:


It’s interesting to note that the Eclipse used to refer to the WinMo line-up of Cherry Mobile. The Eclipse 2.2 is now on Android (the 2.2 suffix might refer to the Android version). It’s got 512MB of ROM and 256MB RAM and comes with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3.2-inch screen and a 2MP camera.

The Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.2 will have a retail price of Php4,999 and should be available in stores soon.

On a side note, we’re giving away that Cherry Mobile Cosmo here.

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30 Responses

  1. daniel says:

    mas ok pa ung cosmo. baliw lng bibili ng resistive na screen ngayon haha joke :)

  2. Rosing says:

    Alcatel also offers the same price and almost the same specs with variety of the fuschia and own one. Check out

  3. watrboy says:

    will wait for the review.. :) nice buy if this is good..

  4. marvin says:

    They should’ve made it capacitive at least.

  5. richard says:

    yes, resistive screen is already outdated in the touchscreen technology for mobile phones. This will discourage buyers in patronizing this model.

  6. Erin says:

    Some people still prefer the accuracy of resistive screens over the stylus-free capacitive ones. Just because you dont want one doesnt mean everybody has the same preference. :)


    • simplynice93 says:

      I agree w/ u. I have both resistive and capacitive touchscreen phones. Mas maganda ang resistive in the long run kesa capacitive na after >1 year nagloloko na.

    • lawrence says:

      I used both capacitive and resistive screens. i prefer resistive for it’s accuracy. i wouldn’t say which one is “better” because users have different needs. but what I can safely say is, I prefer resistive.

  7. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    specs seems quite outdated (400mhz processor and 8mb max microSD support)

  8. irv says:

    with these terrible hardware specs, the android experience with this unit will be worse than stabbing yourself in the eye with a butter knife.

    • lawrence says:

      and how would you compare the “terrible hardware specs” of this smartphone to other smartphones out there with the same price or lower? or even compare this to other feature phones below P5,000? i think the selling point of this device is the price. we have to admit that there are still a lot of pinoys out there who don’t spend more than P5,000 on a phone. and I think this device is a good alternative for the budget conscious.

  9. The best price for affordability, but hope that it will also give good output.

  10. geogetski666 says:

    mediatek chipset are the china made oem phones that are sold in raon and quiapo models the chipset was specifically made for windows mobile 6.0 to 6.5 before it is outdated and very slow compare to the same clocked qualcomm processors there are 4″ to 3.5″ models sold in quiapo for 5k also stay away from this model XD

    warning : much slower than the crappy orbit model cherry is selling XD

  11. aj says:

    ei! i was shocked with these comments! i thought it’s very nice! anyway. thanks! haha

  12. mr. bogus says:

    bad hardware!!

    bad after sales!!

  13. Name: says:

    whew………. i want to buy this phone coz iots affordable…. bad for the comments… i gonna think twice 1st… maybe thrice even….. :)

  14. Mboy says:

    ok sakin toh kung pwding i root Android.

    Anyone here know how to root Cosmo CM. or any CM. Phones?

  15. janskie says:

    pangit pla e2ng phone na e2.. tsk3

  16. terter says:

    alin ba mas better sa mga netphone ngayon Ung affordable budget friendly and maraming features Ung sulit tlga pag nabili mo plzzzzzz help me guys

  17. van says:

    having problems with the bluetooth. May time na gumagana, may time na wala talaga. Hindi sya ma search ng nokia fones.. hindi nya rin na search kahit anong fone..

  18. rai says:

    maganda to paglaruan, kahit ma-brick hindi nakapang hihinayang :D

  19. justen says:

    wow naman hanip ang cgerry mobile eclipse 2.2 kompleto na may youtube na may facebook pa at may google pa…ang saya naman

  20. Ann says:

    No no no no don’t ever experiment sa pagbili ng cherry mobile. Bumili ako noon ng Eclipse 2 I paid it cash regular price pa P9,990 experiment ko lang baka maganda brand.I was happy sa specs then right after I bought it mic wasnt working properly akala ko sa network lang then napansin ko lahat ng tinatawagan ko di ako maintindihan. Ibinabalik ko sa cherry pero sabi iiwan then baka abutin daw ng 3 mos pagawa, itetext na lang daw ako pag arrive ng phone. So ginawa ko nagtiyaga ako nag headset na lang ako. Tapos ayun after 4 months nasira na yung touch screen, never pa nababagsak napakaingat ko sa phone ni wala gasgas ang screen kse first day I bought it nilagyan ko din ng screen protector. all the time yung phone nasa case lang binilhan ko din. But on July 19, 2011 my phone wasn’t responding. The touch screen isn’t responding anymore but when I tried to switch it off it will work again and then it will not respond again after using for a few minutes or sometimes hours. So my phone wasn’t of any use any more it’s not functioning properly.

    The waiting started, I gave my phone to them on July 19 2011 they told me that they’ll text me when my phone was fixed. I got my phone yesterday November 9,2011 it’s been nearly 4 months of waiting. I’ve had a long patience I thought ok no worries it’s fixed forget everything. But it’s still not working OMG as my previous complaint I’ve told them “the touch screen isn’t responding anymore but when I tried to switch it off it will work again and then it will not respond again after using for a few minutes or sometimes hours” it is still there DAMN stupid choice I bought a Cherry Mobile brand. Pati wifi di makabrowse sa bahay namin. Samantalang my good old N82 was able to browse without any kaartehan sa settings. Guys BEWARE!

  21. coco says:

    so gusto ko po sanang bumili kasi can afford pero nung nakita ko parang ok naman guys reply nga kayo kung may sira ung eclipse 2.2 nio ha salamat

  22. nico says:

    4999 is not it’s real price binabaan lang talaga cya ron i think february 2011 to may 2011 so don’t compare or base it on its price now…

  23. Pde ba ma-upgrade OS nito?
    2.2.1(froyo) kasi sya ..
    Bka pde ma upgrade?
    Or may Custom Rom ba to??

  24. monch says:

    how come my load is getting used up and i cant trace what part of my cherry consumes it… please give me some suggestions. i already disable thw wifi and data connections but to no avail..appreciate your help… i might turn on something

  25. i hate this phone.. i bought one and it sucks. i only got this model recently july 25, 2012 and a day after i will send files to my friend, the bluetooth didnt function well i went to the store where i bought it and they said that all units of eclipse 2.2 got the same problem. should i ask for a refund ?

  26. clay says:

    this phone sucks. i cant play interactive games. the touch screen is nto accurate. bluetooth has issues. and wifi is worst because of its very low receiving signal. no 3G. drains battery fast. cannot be upgraded to latest android versions…. stupid phone

  27. michael says:

    Its cheap because it is disposable man. Who you fooling with?. By the time the battery worn out it is going to the trash can. I bet you are a person without conscience!

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