Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 Review

Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 Review

During the latter part of September, Cherry Mobile has launched the Flare 2.0 which is part of the second wave of handsets under the local company’s portfolio. Dubbed as “Quad-Core ng Bayan”, it bears the same dirt cheap price tag of its predecessor, but with a handful of nominal upgrades to please the budget-conscious crowd.

Much like its predecessor, there’s nothing really spectacular about the Flare 2.0’s physical attributes. It does look presentable, especially for its price, but the handset come off as too plastic-y for our taste.

cherry mobile flare 2.0

The physical buttons are found on each side, and are easily accessible with the thumb and index finger. Meanwhile, the ports are all located at the top panel which includes the audio jack and Micro-USB port for data transfer and charging.

As for the back side, it comprised of the usual stuff like camera, LED flash and a pair of speaker grills. Tucked underneath its glossy back panel is a duo of SIM card slots, as well as a port for a MicroSD card.


The Flare 2.0 is equipped with the same 4-inch WVGA display of its predecessor. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, it’s appalling at best. It has poor sunlight legibility, awful viewing angles and its max brightness isn’t bright enough in most situations.

cm flare 2.0

In short, if you’re looking for a crisp display for watching movies, then you’re in the wrong place. However, if you’re not too particular about those little enhancements usually found on a pricier phone, then we think that you should be able to tolerate the Flare 2.0’s shortcoming in the display category.

OS, UI and Apps

On the software standpoint, there are a lot of things to be desired about this handset. Among those things is the fact that it runs on an “almost” stock Android 4.1.2, thus making it easier for long time Android users to familiarize themselves with this budget smartphone.

Unfortunately, the all-too-good user experience was ruined by the square icons that somewhat made the Flare 2.0 look like a toy rather than a decent smartphone. I know it’s a simple miscue on CM’s part, and one that can be remedied by installing a custom. However, sometimes it’s these little things that make a huge difference, and in the case of the Flare 2.0, it did make a difference, just not in a good way.

flare 2.0 specs

Performance and Benchmarks

As you would’ve expect from a handset with 512MB RAM, the Flare 2.0 will easily choke on heavy multi-tasking or strenuous tasks like gaming and advance photo editing apps. But the thing is, it’s not meant to do those things. Therefore, as long as you stick within the confines what it can do based on its specs, then we think that this handset will do just fine.

For the sake of keeping score, we’ve ran our usual synthetic benchmark test and here are the results we’ve got:


flare 2.0 benchmark

AnTuTu: 9,429
Quadrant Standard: 2,852
NenaMark2: 27.32fps


We didn’t expect too much from the Flare 2.0’s 5MP camera, but the snaps that we took were surprisingly decent. It was quick to focus and the quality is manageable for social media use and small prints. The colors were a bit on the dull side, but nothing too bothersome and something that can easily be corrected with a photo app.

[fancygallery id=”54″ album=”57″]

Battery life

One thing we really love about the Flare 2.0 is its battery life which is rather astonishing considering that it’s only powered by a 1550mAh battery pack. On moderate use, we were able to get through a day and half on a single full charge.


We also tried watching a 720p movie on 50% brightness and volume whilst leaving all wireless connection off and managed to get almost 5 hours out of its battery pack.


Above anything else, the Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 is what it is – a budget quad-core Android smartphone. Although I have to agree that the quad-core is a bit overrated considering that it only has 512MB RAM, still the fact remains that it’s Php3,999 price tag is its main selling point, not a pixel-packed screen or a snappy engine.

That said, it’s no longer a question what it does or does not have, rather it’s a question of how much are you willing to spend on a smartphone. If you’re not the picky type or you’re just looking for a budget dual-SIM smartphone as back up phone, then the CM Flare 2.0 will do just fine. Now, if you’re in the market for a more capable handset, then you better be prepared to shell out more dough.

What we liked about it:

Good battery life
Reasonable performance for its price
Decent pictures from 5MP camera
Loud output from loudspeaker

What we didn’t like about it:

Too plastic-y build
Horrible display, coupled with
Uninviting Home Screen UI (Geez, I really hate those square icons)

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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45 Responses

  1. dan says:

    Ginto tlga presyo ng ram

  2. copycatDroid says:

    Halos lahat ng bumili ng FLARE 2.0. Sinauli unit nila. Daming reklamo sa unit na yan! Another Android-TRASH.

    • inspector gadget says:

      Mind sharing your proof and figures please? Or else that comment you’ve just spouted is nothing but an orchestrated lie!

    • Timo Edsel says:

      Could you tell us what the problems are? I believe unti lang ang difference ng CM Life sa Flare 2.0. Quad core ito, dual core yun. 1k ang difference.

    • vladimir says:

      Tama ka, life nalang kung ganun, 10900 plus pa sa antutu benchmark at 41 fps pa sa nenamark 2 ang Cherry Mobile life at almost 1 day and half pa ang battery endurance nya w/ call,text,game,music at video playing pa.

    • Rudolph d Blue nose says:

      Nakabili ako ng cherry flare 2.0 2 days ago now im heading to the store to replace it namamatay ang camera pagnakapanorama at I check the Internal memory lumalabas na less than 2gb. lang di 4gb naglalag pa sa games ko na plants vs. zombie 2. Kainis! at ang RAM nya 406mb lang di 512mb.

    • echo08 says:

      Oie wag kau salita salita dyan tingnan nyu to lag ba !

    • CM-FLARE says:


    • PhSMASH says:

      kbibili ko lng ng CM life pra smin gf ko, mbilis, smooth khit 3D gaming apps, about sa battery mas mtgal kumpara sa flare 2.0
      Camera lng tlaga cons
      nkainput sa cover 5MP, pero tingin ko 3MP lng to(Marketing lng ung 5MP HAHA)

      nkita ko rin sa net Made in India pla to XOLO ung Original Brand

    • PhSMASH says:

      kbibili ko lng ng CM life pra smin gf ko, mbilis, smooth khit 3D gaming apps, about sa battery mas mtgal kumpara sa flare 2.0
      Camera lng tlaga cons
      nkainput sa cover 5MP, pero tingin ko 3MP lng to(Marketing lng ung 5MP HAHA)

      nkita ko rin sa net Made in India pla to XOLO ung Original Brand

      sulit nman pra sa 3K :)

  3. abuzalzal says:

    IMO this is a waste of your hard – earned cash. Kung bibili din lang kayo ng mura antayin niyo na lang yung CM LIFE or Go north (the CM Apollo is the most logical choice)

  4. Paquito says:

    The square icons, haha! Parang iOS 7…

    • pacquing says:

      Tanga ka Paquito? Bobo, ang IOS 7 ginaya lang sa Jelly bean!!! research research din pag me time

  5. Steph says:

    Go nlang sa Apollo or Omega HD. Hindi kagandahan nga ang display nito, pero ok na rin para sa presyo.

  6. ferdinand marte says:

    why they bother to put this out and then introduce the Flare 2X [email protected]#[email protected]

  7. 1283795 says:

    Pa-review naman po ng Cherry Mobile Life. Thank you!

  8. americafuckyeah says:

    ok naman for a 4k smartphone, dont to expect to do heavy gaming but the camera is actually decent.

  9. Anon says:

    Horrible review. Yun lang.

    Batt life is bad as per every other review ng Flare 2. Di ineffort. Para lang masabi na gumawa ng “review”. :D

  10. chidori says:

    i know LG G2 is out from the topic, but as fantasy said its much better, adding to that it has the newest innovation and features in the market today

  11. techie says:

    mura nga! matibay ba? haha

  12. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck says:

    CM:Mura na Sirain pa!!! khit ingatan mu pa?ahahahahaha

  13. bato says:

    Quadcore nga… cortex a5 lang naman at adreno 203 gpu…. yaay… mas mataas pa quadrant ng a848i ko na dualcore cortex a9 at upgraded to 4.1.1 3190 quadrant, nenamark 2 is 28.9fps… cm life mas ok… kahit dual core, cortex a7 naman at mali 400 ang gpu….

  14. anonymous says:

    Yan kasi! mura nga pero sirain naman. mag Apple kasi kayo. puro kasi android. at least ung iOS tumatagal at matibay pa kahit hindi mo ingatan

    • i agree, i have iphone 4s and 2 years na sa akin.. regalo lang ng mama ko.. mahal lang sya masyado pero matibay naman . yung glass nya sa back hindi sya prone sa scratches at matibay.. pero maliit nga lang.. kaya im looking forward for a bigger phone, and dito aku napadpad.. totoo ba na madali lang masira tong phone na to?

  15. agap says:

    battery ba problem niyo? bili kayo motolite tapos saksak niyo sa mga utak niyo. mamahalin nga mga phone niyo wala naman kayong ulam. paking tape!

  16. YGC says:

    Putang ina Patibayan pala gusto nyo eh mag hanap kau ng 3310 ~ subok na matibay at tatagal kahit 1 week of usage w/o charging ~

  17. ric says:

    hay naku, mga tanginang mga tao sa taas nagyayabangan na naman, ba’t nyo ba isasali sa topic ang LG G2, iPhone, etc.. na hamak na malayo ang price nila? dapat lang siguro na matibay sila kung ganyan kamahal no? yung katulong namin Flare ang cellphone, nung sinubukan ko, ok naman eh para sa price niya. suggest ko kung medyo tanga kayo o di kaya burara na di maingat sa cellphone, huwag na lang kayo bumili nito, may pera ri naman kaya kayo diba?

  18. Juhben says:

    Daming negetive comments sa flare 2.0 ahh. Ok nmn ahh, 1 and half a day nga buhay ng battery q ehh. ang bilis pa. 1 monthold na tong sa akin, pero kahit once wala aqng nakitang problem. kahit mag-games pa q ng dead trigger, need for speed, agent dash, at temple run. kaso tanging problem q lng ay front cam nya… ang labo! sa bagay, malinaw nmn main cam nya ehh. hehehe

  19. me says:

    Sakin ok nmn cm flare q problem qlng charging kc d pmapasok s battery..charging nga hnd nmn nadadagdag s battery..lowbat p dn..

  20. mariel says:

    Planning to buy, ano ba mas OK thunder or itong flare 2.0???

  21. JEd says:

    You can WIN the LG G2 with Yugatech’s Index Finger Challenge.. check this out

  22. princess says:

    bumili ako last sunday ng flare 2.0 ok naman sya mabilis magdownload . actually oo di 4gb ang internal memory pero 1.84 naman . based on the price ok naman sya eh . dont expect too much if youre just paying 4k .. kung 10k ang price saka kayo magreklamo . :)

  23. Kaya pa nga ang mahaba pa ang ram ehh, kaya lang mag ayos to ng Angry Birds Go ehh

  24. rherhoy cm says:

    kaya yan hindi 4gb ang internal storage, kasi naka partition na yan, 1. gb for internal at 1. para phone storage. tama dont expect to much, for this phone..

  25. Richard Dedal says:

    Actually, oo totoo na di nagtatagal ang battery ng flare 2.0, ang main reasons are,The CPU cores run at 1.2 Ghz. And it’s still manufactured at 45 nm. It emits too much heat, even occasional texting lang, umiinit na sya, unlike sa Mediatek processors after prolong use it’s still cool, and heat is the main enemy of Lithium batteries, more heat the shorter the battery life. You can do some things to make your battery life 35% longer than usual. First, Root your CM Flare 2.0. then install a CPU Tweaker, CPU Controller, (NO FRILLS) then set it to Super Saver Mode, and install, Battery Saver app like BATTERY DOCTOR or DU BATTERY. (Also battery Doctor and DU Battery has it’s own CPU controller, but DU Battery has manual control mode). Tweaking the CPU Frequency and the running cores, can longer the battery life, and avoid getting too much heat, kasi yung snadragon CPU ng flare 2.0, naka run lahat ng 4-cores in 1.2 frequency, kahit text lang, making usual text and calls doesn’t need the extra power, its just a waste of battery, even it’s 1-core is enaf making text or call, SAMSUNG GALAXY DUO nga single core, pero kaya kahit maglaro ng ZOMBIE FRONTIER. Over-all, 4,000 price tag with this phone is enough for basic needs, Kung gusto nyu powerful and more capable devices then shell out extra money, and go with SAMSUNG, HTC, or LG brands…You’ll get what you pay! Have A NICE DAY

    • alvin says:

      the best ang flare 2.1 wag kau maniwala sa mga cnasabe ng mga yan…..ingit lng yan …quad core sya kya mejo mbilis tlga ma low bat yan…kng gusto nyo mas mganda e d branded ang bilin nyo… dami nyong alam i comment ,mga wala nman pambili..!!!1

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  30. AntiCherryMobile says:


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