Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone first impressions

Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone first impressions

Barely 4 days before Christmas when Cherry Mobile officially announced that the Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone. We wanted to purchase a unit in SM North EDSA but, when we arrived there, we we’re disappointed as all the units were pre-sold already.

Due to the increasing interest in wearable tech, a lot of users became curious about this locally-branded watch phone primarily because of its call functionality and affordable price. Now that we have purchased one, here’s our initial impression of the device.

Official Packaging

Upon opening the box, you will be greeted with its standard packaging which includes the charger and unit. Since the G1 doesn’t have a 3.5mm headset jack, Cherry Mobile was generous enough to bundle it with a Bluetooth headset. Keep in mind the unique charger for the Bluetooth headset that is similar to Nokia Phones.

The watch phone looks like a kid’s watch or a watch with calculator because of its color and design. The build of the strap is fully made of rubber and the smartphone is made of solid plastic. The watch feels light where it’s around 60 grams in weight so it doesn’t feel heavy when worn. The screen is a 1.44” TFT LCD with a resolution of 128×128 pixels; nothing impressive compared to the OLED displays of other smartwatches but sufficient enough for personal viewing of the display.

Upon opening the back cover you will see the 400mAh battery, of course given the size they can only fit that much capacity. We will see how the battery will perform in full review of the device.

Inside are two sim slots and a micro-SD slot which can go up to 8GBin capacity. We learned though that the phone doesn’t have an internal storage so you will really need a micro-SD for your multimedia content or even using the camera to save your photos.


Besides the resistive touchscreen to navigate, you have a slide alpha-numeric keyboard and navigation keys. Using the touchscreen display needs some learning curve as you will most likely use your thumb to navigate. Since the screen is small, your thumb will already cover around 60% of the screen which makes it hard to touch exactly what you want to touch.

If you’re shy using the Bluetooth headset provided you can use the earpiece on top where you can use receive calls just like a regular cellphone. The earpiece also acts as the loud-speaker; however we think it’s a bit weak so you might depend on the vibration for notifications.

On the right side you have the VGA Camera, Volume toggle switch and Call button to answer calls even if the keyboard is hidden. Unfortunately there is no 3.5mm audio jack to listen using your own audio equipment, perhaps its due to the small size of the device. Also, we noticed that the FM Radio needs a headset plugged in but due to the fact that there is no slot, then it’s a waste of feature to include in the first place.

On the left side you have the Micro-USB port and microphone. We tried connecting the watchphone to our laptop but unfortunately due to the thick body of the phone, the micro-USB head can’t reach the slot. Otherwise, you can still use the provided charger to charge the device, which is quite inconvenient as you need to bring the cable to charge the device.

It’s really interesting that the market is starting to appreciate more of the wearable technology. So we’re really interested if the Cherry Mobile G1, being the 1st local watchphone in the market, can really start a trend here.

Cherry Mobile G1 watchphone specs :
Dual Sim/Dual Standby
Dual Band GSM (900 / 1800 MHz)
GPRS / WAP 2.0
Resistive Touchscreen 1.44″ TFT LCD Display (128×128 Pixels)
VGA Camera
FM Radio (Not Working since no headset Jack)
Music / Video Player
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Micro-USB (Up to 8gb) / Mass Storage
SRP: Php1,699

Check out our full review soon for the Cherry Mobile G1 watchphone to check if this one of a kind phone is worth the investment.

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68 Responses

  1. Joseph says:

    Is that water resistant??

  2. wew says:

    sir ang alam ko may mga earphones na microusb ang dulo imbes na 3.5 mm ang alam ko may ganung earphones sa ibang cherry mobile handsets baka pede po un para mapagana ung fm radio =)

    • PineappleExpress says:

      I quote: “On the left side you have the Micro-USB port and microphone. We tried connecting the watchphone to our laptop but unfortunately due to the thick body of the phone the micro-usb head can’t reach the slot. So you can only use the provided charger to charge the device, which is quite inconvenient as you need to bring the cable to charge the device.”

    • wew says:

      @PineappleExpress di naman lahat ng microusb head eh makakapal, ang alam ko eh may mga di naman ganun kakapal ung gilid ng nung mismong usb tska hindi po ganun kakapal ung head ng sinasabi kong earphones.

  3. Tonee says:

    well, I just wished that CM didn’t make it as a dual-sim phone, you don’t need two sims in that kind of watch phone. very promising though

  4. Mr. JJ says:

    God this article is full of grammatical errors. Please consider editing your article.

    • Edwin C says:

      Sir, are you a teacher? Do you realize that this here is the internet? You can rant, you can swear, you can even say( or write ) that “F” word wherever and whenever it is necessary. And, yes, you can even blog in wrong grammar! So who the mothafucka cares about sommabitch wrong grammar yo? You smart up or get out of this page. You feel my drip yo mothafucka yo?

    • boybakal says:

      instead of you criticising other people’s blog, why don’t you make your own blog instead?! matapang kang mag-criticize sa gawa ng iba kasi nagtatago ka behind the cloak of anonymity. kung talagang magaling ka, ilagay mo tunay mong name sa mga comments mo. kung makapag-criticize ka eh akala mo kung sino kang perpekto. aysus!

    • grammar police says:

      typical Filipino mentality. point out their mistake and they go berserk instead of acknowledging the fact.

    • Mr. JJ says:

      For the first two idiots who replied on my comment, fuck you sons of bitches! Your butt got hurt because of being too sensitive on facts? Why don’t you two douchebags study but I bet you don’t have the fuckin’ money to put your asses off a decent school. If the two of you aren’t blind, you should have checked that there were no destructive words to rip the writer’s morale. Mag aral nga kayo mga tarantado.

    • tmcr7 says:

      Tama sila brad. Gumawa ka na lang ng sarili mong blog na may perfect grammar. Hindi ito academic paper.

    • Jejeemon says:

      Ajejeje, Grave Ka Naman Poh Koya. Pa ingles ingles kah pah, Siguroh po Isa kang matabang tao na naka sa higa kama na walang magawa sa buhay at ang alam nang nila mang gaggo sa internet..LOL Kung naka pagaral ka nga sa astig na school ehh ang ugali mo parang gaggo. wala rin. siguro yun lang ang talent mo sa buhay, “Mang gago sa internet” Jejejejejeejejee

    • Mr. JJ says:


      Ulol, tama nang arkila sa internet shop. Better spend that on food to strengthen your brain cells asshole.

  5. PineappleExpress says:

    This is such a poorly-written article grammar-wise. Tech-wise, it’s honest and simple.

    • Richard says:

      Yeah its lacking a bit of those “,” but I understand the article well nevertheless. I agree that the article is honest.

      I’m looking forward to the review of this one.

  6. Toto says:

    Grabe, napuntahan ko na halos lahat ng branch sa Luzon, sold out daw. Gift ko sa sarili ko to, pang selfie man lang.

  7. Bootfetch says:

    Baka pwedeng gamitan ng blue tooth headset para gumana ang radio?

  8. Marlon Ellazar says:

    sa market market meron pa at sa robinson galleria

  9. tao says:

    you would really be irked by the mistakes in the grammar but that is fine as i understood his point.

    this product could have been better if it was water-resistant, hindi naman cgru malaki ang tataasin sa presyo.

  10. Alex says:

    Sold out na?
    Ano bang meron sa gadget na ito at marami ang may gusto?

  11. grammar police says:

    Abe should really invest on a qualified proofreader. Ay, haha di nga pala “tech” yun.

    • wew says:

      @grammar police oo nga mas maganda kung may makukuha sila para iwas bash na din sa kanila…pero kung wala man dahil sa kung anu mang dahilan eh ok lng naman sa tingin ko…hindi naman grammar ang habol dito eh kundi ung nilalaman.

  12. gelgelicious says:

    “Peebo, lunch the Biodragon!”

  13. psionicd says:

    Puro sold out mga shops pero wala naman akong nakikitang naka ganito sa daan. Gusto ko din sanang maging Red Ranger.

  14. fanatic says:


  15. superwoman says:

    super pang bataaa power rangers task force! hahaha

  16. elah says:

    ang shonget shonget kayaa

  17. Jacinto says:

    ang sakit ng mata kooooo X_x

  18. wtf says:

    pano ka mag ttxt jan habang suot? para kang tumatwag ng outfit mo pang power ranger!

  19. tuned-in says:

    Wearable technology has been with us decades ago. Just ask Casio. And they might come up with a G-Shock series that has call-text functions.

  20. ftw says:

    for the win nb toh? think not :))

  21. mnyiks says:

    waterproof ba to? hindi ata, dpt gnwa na lang waterproof mas cool siguro un. ee hindi e

  22. veronica says:

    this article is somewhat uhhm have poor grammar, just like cm poor

    • grammarian says:

      Hi Veronica,

      First of all, your statement alone has so much errors that you should stop criticizing others.

      “this article is somewhat uhhm have poor grammar, just like cm poor”

      this article is somewhat – very poorly done. you can omit is. or somewhat. regardless, it’s poorly done.

      have poor grammar – dear, your subject (article) is SINGULAR. please use has.

      just like cm poor – please learn to use commas.

    • Grammar Nazis, grammar Nazis everywhere…

    • jokab says:


  23. phoney says:

    what is this? phone for ants? :O

  24. fafa ferds says:

    the writer shouldve posted some photos on the product being actually worn. o baka di lang talaga nila kaya.. hehe.

    • wew says:

      @fafa ferds unboxing at first impressions pa lang naman eh…hintayin mo ung full review =) hahaha

  25. Michael says:

    Some downsides not mentioned by Yuga.

    It’s not typical watch for kids. Imagine how can this thing last for some time when it’s not water resistance?

    The phone has a sliding feature that may cause damage to its flex.

    Resistive touch needs a hard stroke to let it work perfectly. Kailangan ng konting walis tingting. Hahaha

    Kids is also the same as adults when it comes to gadget. Phone/Tablet with widescreen still a best shot!

    The price Php1,699 is really not for the unit itself. I guess that’s just for bluetooth headset. Hahaha

    I rather buy a P50 Ben10 watch sa bangketa than wasting my bucks to this… ‘Yung may songs pa ng Aqua. ??I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world…?? You know..? Like what can we expect….? that still Cherry Mobile after all.

    Next thing happen, they will remove or ban me from their Facebook page. Right after na-comment ko ‘to :-D

    • jokab says:

      you mean member ka pala sa facebook page nila pagkatapos mong manlaet?

    • Unknown says:

      Kundi ka fan wag kang maging hater

    • Randy says:

      wow you expect too much on FIRST IMPRESSIONS, please wait for the review please.

      Feedback is okay but your opinions are considered Demanding.

    • matricsneo says:

      pare kung manglalait ka nlng sana plz galing galingan mo naman ung ingles mo o magtagalog ka nlng…. sumakit ang ulo ko sa kababasa ng comment mo….

      Don’t expect too much on a first generation device specially that which came from a local local/Chinese company like CM….

      I think CM did a great job on this project… They’ve pulled of a great stunt with this.. I only expected a normal call/text phone feature on this watch but for it to have dual sim slots, a bluetooth support and a camera is surreal!!

      Great work CM and thank you for a wonderful review Yugatech.. really learned a lot from this review..

  26. Leo says:

    May point naman c Michael maaring masira agad kung di water resistant kung para sa mga bata at may mga unti karamihan madali masira pag slide di lang aq agree dun sa price e para lang dun sa bluetooth para bang sinabi nya na walang halaga yung watch itself.kung tablet ang pag uusapan at ipad oo maganda ang wide screen e watch naman yan eh so i compare mo n lng xa sa ibang smart watch.but honestly bilib at satisfiead ako sa unit na nasubukan ko sa CM yung dragon phone.. astig sa features at ok rin naman sa performance.. tumagal rin naman until now yun gamit ko.. over all i salute CM!! keep it Up More power!!

  27. wew says:

    mas maganda kung hindi siya ruggedlook para mas lumiit,let say minimalist design tulad ng sa ipad nano 6thgen para di na rin mukhang laruan hahaha

  28. jo says:

    Ill wait for the G1 2.0 or they might call it G1-X hehe!

  29. Karen says:

    oo nga parang watch ng power rangers.:P

    madaming bad reviews… pero fact remains that the convenience of having your phone attached to your wrist is very very…bongga! ehehehe este marketable…

    i think, CM will learn from the bad reviews, aantayin ko ang 2nd gen nito. at sana..may headset jack na. :)

  30. kiLLingdoLL says:

    for me… G1 is not bad, actually sa gym nga pinagkakaguluhan ng mga buddy ko ito for being unique and compaque. hello… sa worth 2k less anu ba ang hinahanap mo tol? ang kinulang lang naman dito ay yung wala syang 3.5mm headset jack to supprot the Radio… pero lahat naman ay Ok na. demanding ka masyado… bago ka mag demand tol… tingin muna sa salamin at sabihin mo, bagay ba sakin mag bitter sa G1? sabagay hindi kasi can’t afford ako bumili… wahahaha

  31. Unknown says:

    ok ung G1 4 me..tibay nga eh..endi pa sira hehe at kung gus2 niong gumana ung fm radio gumamit po kau ng headset na micro usb ang jack pra maikabit sa usb port ng G1 pra gumana ang radio..kso imagine wired headset 4 a watch?..haha kya nga BT headset ang kasama eh at endi tlga pang music ung free BT headset pang tawag lng tlga..gus2 nio bili kau ng talagang pang mp3 BT headset dba..peace

  32. Gyane says:

    Sa halagang 1699 ang dami naman demands water resist ba hanap nyo eh di totoong relo bilhin nyo headset pra radio eh sna radio nlng bilhin nyo or mp3 guys naman napakamura lng kya wag magexpect ng sobra design prang pang power ranger depende nlng sa pagdadala yun kng kyang mong dalhin

  33. Jade says:

    cooooool!!!~~~ I will try that xD!~… kapag nasa classroom and office hindi halata na may cellphone akong dala ^_^… hindi rin mahahalata na nagsa-sound trip ako :)… may alarm na rin kapag malapit na akong mag-overbreak xD!~ and I think… it’ll suit my style xD!~

  34. alveo says:

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  35. Yahoo says:

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  36. rr says:

    Tama si Michael mga walang hiya kayo

    hindi naman kasi sya water resistance you know!

    my gosh

  37. Novella says:

    I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic.
    I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for magnificent information I was looking for this information for my mission.

  38. Marvin Lumague says:

    Galing ako sa harrison plaza nang na check ko ang unit na ito at bago para sa akin.

    One thing i want this unit is it’s wrist type phone. Advantage ito for me kasi nayayamot ako minsan na pa hugot hugot ng phone sa bulsa.

    For the price of 1,699php actually it’s 1,800php nung nagtanong ako sa harrison plaza, sulit na ito knowing the unit comes with bluetooth monoheadset. 8gb max micro sd unit plus cam, and dual sim phone.

    Ang kapintasan lang nito ay limited bluetooth profile support limited to EDP (this unit can support branded bluetooth monoheadset like Philips SHB 1400) but this unit will not connect to A2DP format and others (Philips SHB 6000 and SHB 9100) sana man lang may support ito sa ibang bluetooth profile para sulit kung wala man lang 3.5mm jack

  39. Marvin Lumague says:


    EDR not EDP

    and to those who said water resistance, water resistant po ang tama. Yun lang. Wag na po kayo mag demand at mura lang naman. Reasonable pa naman sa presyo. Yun lang po.

  40. Jade says:

    Bakit ang daming negative comments? my gosh! i’m wearing it for 3 months already and every one around me admires it.

    Most of my officemates and classmates (I’m a working student, btw)bought one as well. My family members, who don’t really like local phones such as myphone, cherry mobile, etc, plans to buy too. (How I wish I have a commission for introducing CM watchphoneto them, and ends up buying one; but it’s fine ^_^ just kidding).

    AND BTW, it is WATER RESISTANT! I’ve been walking under the rain without an umbrella with this watchphone around my wrist. And it’s still working perfectly!

    Those who don’t like it isn’t a good critic at all! or perhaps, a fan of other brand. Why do you need to fake a review anyways? = =”

  41. jaem says:

    Basta ako I want G1 .. available pa ba?? laging out of stock eh.. kainis

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