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Cherry Mobile officially unveils SkyFire 2.0

Cherry Mobile has officially unveiled its latest affordable Android smartphone that is powered by a Snapdragon quad-core processor, the SkyFire 2.0.

For starters, the Skyfire 2.0 sports a 5-inch qHD scratch resistant display with a pixel density of 220ppi. It has an 8 megapixel shooter with flash, 2 megapixel front, 4GB of internal storage, and dual-SIM capabilities. Powering the device is a Snapdragon S4 quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.1 Jellybean.

skyfire 2.0

Cherry Mobile SkyFire 2.0 specs:
5″ qHD (960 x 540) scratch resistant display, 220ppi
Snapdragon S4 Quad-Core Processor 1.2GHz
1GB of RAM
4GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
8MP camera with LED flash
2MP front-facing
WiFi b/g/n, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS
Android 4.1 Jellybean
2,000mAh battery

The Cherry Mobile SkyFire 2.0 has an SRP of Php7,999 and will be available next week at all Cherry Mobile concept stores, kiosks and accredited dealers nationwide.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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39 Responses

  1. JC says:

    wow . . . parang gusto ko to..pagiiponan ko to

  2. YOyo says:

    Uh, so Karbonn S5 Titanium and CM Skyfire 2.0 are technically the same with the two of them getting from the same manufacturer just simply rebranding it. Luuuuh. qHD? I think A919i fares better but the 2k deficit justifies it.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Damn straight

      For Php2k more, you’ll get a faster response time coupled with a crisp 720p. Viewing experience

  3. ROA says:

    A bit inferior to the MP A919i spec-wise, but nonetheless the price levels everything. Waiting for what the CM bashers are going to say about this.

  4. Paolo says:

    Gusto ko niyan!

  5. johnonline says:

    bakit 4GB lng? sana may 8GB sa future…
    anyway, anong pinagkaiba nito sa Omega HD?

    • abuzalzal says:

      Mas maganda ang display, built quality at camera ng OHD…Since wala din akong makitang audible difference sa Note 2 audio ko using my Audio Technica headphones using N7 player… I am confident enough to say na mas maganda rin ang audio chip ng OHD

  6. cero says:

    Sir, Meron bang BSI technology yun camera nila?

  7. Mark says:

    Nice, what’s the gpu of this phone?

  8. boybolbits says:

    lols, bili nalang kayo ng flame 2.0… panget naman nito, mahinang quad core at gpu kaya qhd lang kaya. yuck!

  9. evollove says:

    …and there goes my hopes that it’ll be an A919i competitor. Well, the price point justifies that it isn’t, but I hope CM releases an MT6589 phone soon – the A919i and O+’s 8.15 are still a bit out of my reach at the moment. Still waiting for a local rebranded handset to use a Snapdragon 400 MSM8226…

  10. Nereid says:

    its a little upgrade on the flame 2.0, adding a 400mah on the battery, making an 8mp cam, and giving it a little more screen size make your additional php1,000 some justification.

  11. abuzalzal says:

    Awww…maganda na sana ..kaso yung resolution..yuck

    Would’ve gladly paid Php 1k more kung 720p ips man lang

    I guess the myPhone Canvas HD is the king of the hill so far right now, and mahihirapan anf CM at STARMOBILE sapawan to

  12. OmegaHD says:

    Nice design, very thin bezel. Perfect na sana kaso qHD. Ok lang sa akin additional 2k for an HD screen. But then again, there is the MyPhone A919i… Yung pera na lang pambili ang wala hehe.

  13. rafsison says:

    a bit disappointed sa specs nitong skyfire 2.0. Mas malaki pa yung ine-expect ko coming from flame 2.0 and OHD. I was expecting higher PPI and HSPA+ at least if not LTE capable phones.

    Im expecting too much pala… hehe =)

  14. russell says:

    sana same nlng ng omega hd un ginawa nila kc un design ok n looks xpensive, same spec, tinaas lng sna un processor to quadcore then un battery 2400mah khit ad nlng tyo 2k so sulit.

  15. jayr says:

    nice form factor and killer price na sana kaso bakit qHD lang…sana naman magkaroon na ng local brand na Full-HD resolution naman…

  16. poor battery 2000mAh? @ 5″ display

  17. chacha says:

    this doesnt compet directly with A919i but you can buy this
    if kulang pera mo for A919i, since 2000 mah battery nman.

  18. meh says:

    Must be a mistake , it says its only 3G, it should be listed as 4G Hsdpa right?

  19. ROA says:

    Fot those complaining about the display, honestly I don’t think it is an issue. I mean, com’on, 720p or even 1080p on 5″ phones? What’s that, HD for ants? And besides, most of the time you will be spending on this phone is for texting, calling, and browsing. I don’t think you need an HD or an HD-ready display just for that. If you really wanna watch your 720p or 1080p movies, why not use a laptop or a TV with a USB slot? You can’t really appreciate the crisp and clarity of 720p and 1080p videos/movies on small screens. View them on at least 32″ screens and then you’ll appreciate them. For a price of P7,999, honestly there’s little or nothing to complain for. The MyPhone A919i is better than this, obviously, but a 2k price difference is too big a factor to miss, to think there isn’t much of a difference between the 2 phones.

    • Poo says:

      qHD vs 720p HD on a 5 inch screen? HUUGE difference buddy….well unless kung may cataract ka siguro or senior citizen ka na….I came from a qHd phone and yung pinaka main advantage ng 720p even on a 5 inch screen ay less stressful / strain ang mata mo over longer periods of time na tumititig ka dito

      720p is definitely a deal breaker, dun ka titingin 99 percent of the time, hindi mo ba naisip yun?

      Your point is invalid and outdated….welcome to 2013

    • Danny says:

      @Poo you can definitely see a difference but please the price is limited to the specs, quad-core vs HD Screen that’s the pros and cons.

      Just remember that everything has cost and if you can find a GOOD IPS based HD screen that CM uses then its great.

      I mean good IPS not the fake IPS which has the false color correction but with good viewing angles.

      Who knows maybe the HD screen is not good for the processor, so that’s why there is a limitation in technology

    • ROA says:

      @Poo What I’m saying is you should use your phone primarily for texting, calling, browsing, etc. Question, are you really gonna spend hours doing such stuff on a 5″ phone? Unless you don’t own a PC or laptop, I don’t think so. Yes, welcome to 2013. Where people with 8mp or even 12mp phones upload photos to instagram and have phones w/ 720p or 1080p screens for facebooking. My point is valid and updated. You should also realize that the strain caused by too much staring at gadgets is not based on the resolution, but rather the type of display the phone/gadget uses.

    • abuzalzal says:


      1. eyestrain has something to do with the screen resolution.try reading a lousily-printed tabloid vs a glossy magazine na pulido and pagkaka print, bibigay and mata mo sa tabloid dahil sa mga jaggies at imperfections

      2. there is definitely a perceptible difference between a qhd vs 1280×720 on a 5 inch screen…..how about 1280 x 720 vs a 1080p? there is as well, but not as ‘leapfrog huge’ as a qhd vs 720p, again we are talking about a 5 inch screen real estate

      it all boils down to personal preference, I’d pick a slightly slower 720p phone vs a faster Qhd phone anyday

    • someone says:

      These are smartphones. The specs go beyond the normal call and text features. If you’re contented with the basic phone functions, why bother looking at these?

      A lot of people have different priorities when looking for smartphone.
      Some would prefer higher resolution screen. These make the display crisp and would be able to display more content.
      Some would be contented with just a bigger screen in general. Bigger screens mean easier touch typing, much visible text on the display.
      Others prefer a much powerful hardware that can handle newer games. It make apps load much faster.

      Let’s face it, manufacturers are headed towards the Full HD display on smartphones. It’s not something most of use need right now but it’s a welcome upgrade.

      The questions people should ask themselves is:

      1. Do i need / want this phone? why?
      2. Is this better than my current phone?
      3. What are my other options?

  20. hbee says:

    It is qHD IPS screen, based on review made by BTS, the screen is pretty impressive, OK nmn ang qHD, and its IPS kya btter viewing angle.. mas OK baterry life nito since qHD lng sya.. not consuming uch as HD.
    and Compared to Omega HD, I would go for QUACORE over HD screen, Quadcore is still quadcore :)

    • abuzalzal says:

      Kung 4.2 – 4.5 inches ang screen..OK pa ang qHD kase na o offset na siya tsaka passable na ang resolution….kaso sa 5 inch screen kalat na kalat na ang pixellation neto.

      A 250++ ppi would’ve given this device more justice kung pinaliit lang sana yung screen. Kaso screen size na kase ang labanan ngayon

  21. hbee says:

    YUng mga mobile expert na nagsabi sa review, not bad ang qHD for a 5inch device, na review na nila ang phone pero syempre kung HD mas okay,,
    eh yung blaze nga 4.7 inch pero FWVGA lng screen Pero Maganda nmn sya,
    kung gusto mo tlga ng HD screen, choose OHD, a919i, diamond for local brands. :)

  22. nayabag says:

    I’m for ROA’s point about being overly concerned with the resolution, this is fine for the price of this phone.

    And i pity Poo.
    “strain ang mata mo over longer periods of time na tumititig ka dito” – life’s too short to to spend longer periods of time staring at a phone’s screen.

    • abuzalzal says:

      I don’t think this article warrants any justification to the current crop of 1080p phones in the market right now. This article is quite old and I believe the ‘expert’ here downplayed the possibilities a bit and underestimated the quality that a 1080p screen could bring.

      Have you even compared a Galaxy S3 vs. A Galaxy S4 screen? My oh my anlaki po ng diperensya.

      If you tend to agree.(and I’m sure you will)

      The article that you gave link to is debunked

  23. linux_lover says:

    I agree with @ROA. I actually own an HD and a qHD phone. At normal viewing distance/angle, the difference is not that much. At the price point CM is offering this phone (dirt-cheap) I can’t complain about the resolution. CM has done a great job bringing Android to the common Pinoy. Hope CM will bring better deals in the near future. As for now, I’d be grabbing this phone once it hits store shelves in our location.

    P.S. Gotta hand it to people who say they get eye-strain by looking at a qHD screen over an extended period of time. Seriously??? Staring at even an HD screen over a long period of time WILL cause eye strain. There is a ZOOM function for reading small stuff on screen. Use it.

  24. Akocdong says:

    Dear Yugatech,

    Here are some concerns with my Skyfire 2.0 unit:

    Please check the Camera – Setting and look for picture setting or any section that can change the megapixel of the camera, because my skyfire 2.0 unit doesn’t have one, tnx

    Please check also, everytime i use wifi and download apps + games the back part of the phone is getting hotter, i know its normal to be a bit hot but my skyfire 2.0 unit noticeably hotter than usual, they say it’s normal i am worried if its hot other hardware parts may not tolerate the temperature and eventually will burn out, what if the 1 year warranty is expired? will i just throw away P8k from my hard earned money? advise please… tnx again

  25. hack8hide says:

    When I check out the settings of this phone. I am a li’l bit confuse about its 4gb internal specs. What I have seen in its actual setting was 1.41 Default Total Internal Storage Space… Waaaaaah! Ganun din ang OHD? Can anyone here explain this? Where is the 4gb internal specs?

  26. jr says:

    mahina po ba talga sound nya???

  27. Crisiel says:

    Sana mas malaki na Ang phone memory Niya someday.

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