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Cherry Mobile outs R7 Vigor & R9 Tough phones

Local phone manufacturer Cherry Mobile has introduced two new really tough and rugged dual-SIM phones yesterday — the candybar R7 Vigor and the full qwerty R9 Tough.

The R7 Vigor and R9 Tough phones are designed specifically for rugged environments and can stand a bit more man-handling than any usual handset can take.

The Cherry Mobile R7 Vigor retails for Php1,999.

The Cherry Mobile R9 Touch has a suggested retail price of Php2,399. You should see these handsets in any Cherry Mobile retail stores nationwide.

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23 Responses

  1. yhabe says:

    Seems like a good self defense weapon (not a phone) to me… You just need a rope then make it a boomerang.. panigurado tulog snatchers at holdapers dyan… khit anu bagsak at hampas walang panghihinayangan SHAKPRUF eh!! :D

    • William T says:

      Since it’s not a phone for you, just buy a dummy phone, stuff it with rock or sand, and you got your boomerang on the cheap!

  2. nameless says:

    Nice one! But the problem here would be the batteries. Cherry mobiles are known for their short lasting batteries.

  3. Nice and tough look. Hope that it would be tough also in service.

  4. chacha says:

    are the batteries same size as Nokia batteries? i can replace them with original batteries sana.

  5. adam says:

    R7 rigor parang Nokia 5210.

  6. Anony-mouse says:

    Damn! ^^ I just got an X1-01 and these came out?! I hope my X1 won’t disappoint…

  7. HAHAman says:

    Wow 1.5m that’s 5 feet!

  8. csseyah says:

    very nice.. pwede sa another sim ko ito…

  9. dk says:

    Can someone buy this and try to drop it on a building???

  10. JM says:

    This reminds me of the Nokia 5210 water-proof type..ahahaha

  11. tuga says:

    kailan pa naging tough and rugged ang mga bulok na cp made by cherry mobile.

  12. viakuya says:

    The R7 vigor is tough and beautiful in design. But I suggest the camera is up to 2.0 mp that will give us to capture better picture quality. I have’nt had a chance to try the product but I hope it’s not so bulky. It would be better if you implement a soft-touch keypad for soft and easy texting “case sensitive keypad” not just to R7 but all cherry mobile phone models. The sadness is it can no longer be use on rainy season..

    The price of 1,999 is very affordable. But you did not mention it’s battery capacity? improve battery life longer…

    Over all it’s a great phone with more stylish better design compared with X5 and better set of features. It’s really a very good phone! I like it!

  13. Ruelle says:

    Can someone please tell me how many messages you could fit in the inbox for the R9? When it comes to cellphones, I’m sorta attached to the messages and I was annoyed when my Nokia 3110c’s inbox went full @ just 5,000 messages… I’m looking for the cheapest phone that has at least 1Gb for messages…

  14. viakuya says:

    I forgot to ask why it is not water proof anymore? If you have a good reason why you decide not making it a water resistant anymore I might be satisfied with it’s current features.

    But I suggest if it doesn’t cost you much and you can still make the price reasonable I want it to be water proof also. Because Im looking for the best water/shock proof phone on the market today! So I can use the phone even during rainy season whereas other phone becomes useless.

    I suggest a new name/model R8? on your next release.


  15. nomad says:

    saan sa cubao kaya mayruon niyan na i-sell?

  16. jason24589 says:

    Baka masira yan kapag ibinaksak sa second floor! LOL xD

  17. chris says:

    sana lahat ng cp all in 1 na para d na palit palit ng cp. yong cp na may wifi, tv, shock proof, water proof, 10 megapixel etc. all in one.

  18. avi says:

    ginaya ang cherry mobile ang sonim cellphone…. sana ginaya n nga pero sana mas nahigitan pa nila ang sonim products…. yun lang…. mga kaibigan kong pinoy….. nice one…..

  19. eric says:

    i just hope that they can bring back X5,even though it is bulky,it is a good example of ruggedness and thoughness

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