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China Phone + Google Android

Imagine one of the best and free mobile OS installed on the cheapest phones in the market? Yeah, those cheap knock-off phones from China could probably one days come with an Android OS.

I realized there’s nothing in this world these Chinese factories cannot make so why not a cheap phone with Android OS in them?

It doesn’t need to be touchscreen but the basic specs that we’re seeing in the gray market will do: Dual Active SIM, QWERTY keyboard, WiFI, 3G, a TV Tuner, 256MB internal storage for Android App and up to 8GB microSD Card.

If they can do that and have Android OS 1.5 in them then still sell it for under Php5,000, now that’s gonna be something. They don’t even have to put a fake Nokia logo in them to sell these stuff.

But then again, because of poor quality control and lack of warranty, it’s still risk. Still an Android phone for under Php5k, I’ll try it!

Update: I heard Torque Mobile is doing a Pinoy Android dual SIM phone? Is that out already?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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40 Responses

  1. Miguel says:

    The open source Android isn’t ready to be burned onto phone firmware. Some adaptation needs to be made. And, lots of apps assume you have a touchscreen.

  2. yuga says:

    @migs – I heard Torque Mobile is doing a Pinoy Android Dual SIM phone.

  3. ryan says:

    That would be cool. There are already a lot of knock-off phones with Wifi here and they already cost 5k. I think the established ones (torque, myphone, cherry mobile) would also come out with their version of wifi enabled phones before December. But I don’t think it would have wifi.

  4. someone out there may already doing that… then before we know it… the steps on how to hack a china phone and install android has been on a blog. But yeah… for a 5k or less. An android phone is a catch.

    Why not install android on those china/rip off iphones. touch screen anyone?!


  5. someone out there may already doing that… then before we know it… the steps on how to hack a china phone and install android has been on a blog. But yeah… for a 5k or less. An android phone is a catch.

    Why not install android on those china/rip off iphones. touch screen anyone?!


  6. RJ says:

    Yes, tama ka dun sir yuga.. that’s a nice idea.. I also heard the same thing in a news somewhere that Torque would make an Android phone of their own.. sana bilisan nila.. at sana may web updates para ma-educate yung ibang Pilipino na Nokia, Ericsson, etc.. lang ang alam na brand ng cellphone! (bitter?? heheh!)

  7. Mike Lopez says:

    I’ll definitely buy one. It’s just a matter of time before such a China-phone running the Open Source Android OS comes out. It might need to have touch-screen support though but that’s no hassle for those China-phones either. They’ve got lots of touch screen phones already.

    If one comes out, please post it here. I want to try one.

  8. Jon says:

    I’d surely buy one too! I just hope they design the phone better. Most China phones today are either lookalikes or badly designed, looking like bricks or bars of soaps.

  9. MyMaria says:

    interesting thought! Would buy it myself if that would materialize..

  10. inutilme says:

    e2 yung website nung torque mobile.check out their products. its so cool.

  11. Leo says:

    Maganda yan, mdami kc s mga china phone, knokopya ang interface ng iphone, sna mga mgawa nila yan

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  12. wifi phone na 5k? san meron?

  13. Sunofa says:

    Madami nang phone sa 168 may wifi and under 5k…

  14. misterbvs says:

    i’ll also buy one once these phones ship into our market. 5k lang? astig siguro yun kung may android app na parang tv recorder tapos may tuner ung phone..hehehe..

    on a serious note, ZTE joining the open handset alliance shows that the Chinese manufacturers are now turning their attention to this new mobile platform. expect sooner na meron na lalabas na mga cheap android phones dito sa atin.


  15. misterbvs says:

    with zte joining the open handset alliance, it shows that the chinese manufacturing industry will be focusing their attention to this new platform. expect that these cheap android phones will be in the stores sooner than we expected.

    an android phone for 5k? bibili ako nun siyempre! :)

  16. solarisdreams says:

    I have the Nexus One and it rocks the iphone no question. As for Torque? HAHA…right. Who wants a phone that runs Android 1.x? 2.0+ or nothing.

  17. Jhay says:

    As long as it’s cheaper than the more popular brands and runs on Android, then I’ll get one.

  18. simplynice93 says:

    Maganda yan! Dapat i-pursue na ng Torque, myPhone and Cherry Mobile yun kasi baka maunahan pa sila ng Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Ngayon kasi, pag nauna ka kuha mo na yung market (basta ok yung phone).

  19. brownie says:

    does the wifi work? please have a review about it sir yuga.. thanks..

  20. boggart says:

    torque – check out the site of compex. they have 2 torque models there.

  21. ice says:

    definitely this kind of cellphone will come out from one the chinese company because nothing is impossible to them.

  22. brownie says:

    Daxian T32 X999+
    i found it on the et.. it’s a china phone that has a windows os.. cool.. search for it..

  23. Ton says:

    Will happen. Will buy :)

  24. len says:

    nakabili ako ng china phone sa Compex yung W71. 6,500 lang bili ko. ok naman sya nagagamit ko lahat ng features. may tv saka pwedeng magrecord ng tv, wifi (nakaka-connect ako dito sa bahay namin may wifi yata ang kapit-bahay namin), ebook reader (.txt format)mukha syang nokia E72. ok pa naman sya. 1 month pa lang sakin to kaya di ko alam kung gaano katibay. may 6 month warranty naman.

  25. inigo says:

    san ba makikita yung android os na yan , eh panu ung parts at san pwede i pagawa if in case na macira?

  26. ocelus says:

    guys, alam nyo guys instead of buying our products like my phone it’s better di ba! parang dalawang tindahan isa sa kapitbahay at isa foreigner mas binibili pa natin yung sa product ng foreigner kaysa sa product natin, pinapatay natin ang sarili nating product. buy our product ” i love my phone mura na pinoy product pa” khit saan music, sayaw, pagkain (chocolates). ganyan ang mga foreign products papatayin nila ang atin product sa susunod pati tayo mismo instict na rin mawawala na rin ang lahi ng pilipino. gising tayo mga kababayan. buy fist our product.

  27. John says:

    do you know any clone with windows mobile 6.5?

    i’m checking this site, with many reviews, ( http://www.sciphonereviews.com ) but I can’t find any…

  28. kevin says:

    torque comes with symbian, i guess.

  29. kim says:

    nakakainis! i jst bought a knock-off of a blackberry…. meron na palang android na china!!!? hai……ok lng 3.5k k lng nmn nbili sa gh

  30. pavan says:

    hope some ppl who hc sense in china use der head to put opensource android on der phones !! also android is free and 1000tyms much betr den der shit “OS” !!

  31. Manny says:

    Why can’t those Chinese install Android on their phones?

  32. mario says:

    There is already one model, called the “Q8”. It comes with Android 1.5, but due to low CPU specs and <128MB ram it's unlikely to run anything newer.

  33. ka_giroy says:

    meron na torque na android…may tv xa…at dual sim…mga around php10k

  34. ryan dave lara says:

    i hate all the china phones those are cloning the original..

  35. ayyy says:

    Here we are nine years later, when all the phones are practically China phones.

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