China's iPhone is Pink & White

China’s iPhone is Pink & White

The Chinese is getting a different iPhone in pink and white. Got pictures of this unit which is my brother’s iPhone he traded with his old Motorola phone. The label says it was made by China Mobile.

China iPhone

All I know is that it’s in pink and white and has a 1.3 megapixel camera (1280×960 pixels).


Fake China iPhone

It looks more like a plastic toy rather than a phone.

Fake iPhone

It even has the Apple logo too.

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19 Responses

  1. I thought it was a iPhone look a like… you better check this.. iphone china look-alike

  2. fides says:

    nice.. i love pink.

  3. Lyle, RN says:

    At least he didn’t have to stand in line for days outside Apple Stores and sign a 2 year contract for his ‘iPhone’ :)

  4. Jay says:

    i think he’s desperate. haha

  5. If China’s iPhone comes in pink and white, wait till you hear about the one in the Philippines. I’m here at SM Megamall right now, and I just saw the iPhone 3G for sale at InfoMax (here in CyberZone). The price? $69,500.

    I’ve got photos:

  6. wahaha.. galing ng chinese ah

  7. pinkposhandplush says:

    WOW?! Love that!

  8. fleak says:

    another slipshod product from China.


  9. venus says:

    This chinese i phone is looking great if we talk about its looks and style. I really don’t know anything about its features and components but I can make out it durability and excellent working.

  10. Joenel says:

    it looks more like a sonyericson phone, btw fleak iPhone is from China too “made in china”

  11. Hey look! It looks exactly like the original!

  12. shaks says:

    the pink iphone is the best one available in the market. it was exactly what i wanted and although i got it as a gift i would have paid anythign for it

  13. ….i dont like this kind of phone…he he he

  14. Oliver says:

    “FOR SALE JAR GAMES (JAVA GAMES) For china iPhone clone: To all who has a china Iphone clone (240×320) resolution or 3.2 to 3.4 inches touch screen that supports java application? I have many compatible jar games for it.(FULL TOUCH SCREEN JAR GAMES) if you want a copy just inform me… we can talk about it ok. chat or contact me… at this email: [email protected] or text/call at this number:09236793053″. meeting place will be in metro manila only.

  15. Reply says:

    i have one it’s black
    and the dream space and mobile fun club on it is not working also the internet. it’s gprs,mms,media player and it’s camera isn’t that clear for an iphone lol well it’s only 2,300 when i but it last year

  16. Marmie says:

    China Mobile is a service provider not a phone maker.

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  18. Jestoni says:

    is this available iphone pink and wighte this 2019

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