Facebook Home is now available for Android

Facebook Home is now available for Android

The HTC First & Facebook Home are scheduled to be launched on April 12, and it did – but there are a few catches. The HTC First is a US story, while Facebook Home is… well, the same story too. You can get it on the Play Store for free if you’re located in the US. For Filipinos, not now, not here.

play store

Thankfully, an APK is already out for us non-US residents. You can get it here. To have it working, you’ll need to update the Facebook app for a few permissions, and you’re good to go. Sorta. You’ll need a Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 Note 2 or an HTC One X/One X+ for it to be operational; otherwise this will be displayed as I tried it for my Nexus 4 (which was one of the supported devices from the earlier leak).



So for those selected Samsung and HTC users, why not give it a try? Some of you might change views about the new Android launcher.


Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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34 Responses

  1. Reader says:

    Baka ma-block rin naman ang APK na ‘to just like what happened to the previous leaked APK. No use rin naman magpa-unahan ah. It’s not like someone would install this and tell his friends, “Oh look! I have Facebook Home even if it has only been officially released in the US.” If you’re one of those people, I pity you. What’s a few days of waiting for the app to be released in PH?

    • suchAdick says:

      Fuck your logic. My intention is to try the app (or launcher) and not to brag about it. If I can sideload it today, why wait tomorrow? If it gets blocked then tough luck. Kung tinatamad ka, then go f*ck yourself.

    • Reader says:

      Awww, na-butthurt kasi isa ka sa mga gumagawa nun? Hahaha! If you can download it tomorrow or in the next few days, why do it today (and risk having the APK blocked thus rendering all your actions useless)? Have fun bragging around your new launcher with your fellow geeks, kid. :)

    • Playa says:

      It’s not about getting it first and bragging about it, it’s about trying it out for yourself and check if there are glitches/bugs so you can report on it immediately before most of the people use it :) IMHO.

    • suchAdick says:

      Whoah! Ipilit bang nakakasakit yun sinabi nya. BOBO! Isa ako dun sa mga sinasabi mo, so what?! Grow up a**hole! Like it would make me any less of a person if I do that. The thing is, I don’t brag about it katulad ng ginagawa mo. Obviously ikaw ang nakaisip ikaw ang gumagawa. For the record di ko in-install ito dahil at hindi ko ii-install ever! I don’t want facebook to get more information from me. I did it with flipboard, google now, etc. O ano, masaya ka na?

    • oysned says:

      Bakit ka nagagalit?

  2. ronald says:

    Cant wait to get this on my s3 and note 2.

  3. Nato says:

    Ive tried this on my galaxy note 2 LTE 7105 and it does not support it… Ive tried tweaking/fooling to believe that my n7105 is a 7100 and it worked… nice eye candy… although i cant giveup my tsf shell for this one as a home replacement. it lacks essential info at a glance.

  4. Lebron James says:

    hide author name = on


  5. bern says:

    para sa mga adik sa facebook ;)

  6. jhepoy says:

    crap..battery killer..

  7. khaleisi says:

    Lagi nalang not supported sa Tab 2 ko, sarap itapon!

  8. Jann says:

    You can download it by just signing up for a US Gmail account and using it as default when accessing Google Play. You’ll know you’re in the US store if the prices are in US$, then just search for Facebook Home. HTH

  9. Anon says:

    Good for fb addicts, but this is no match for those epic launchers available on the playstore.

  10. Thethird says:

    Tried it using my note 2 via apk and works well with minor glitches like the apps list parang scattered yung list at times may mga skips between apps. But overall it was smooth on my phone but uninstalled it coz I am no Mark z – follower. :) [+]

  11. Wha Antolin RIGOS says:

    Still this aint working

  12. jherwynne says:

    as able to install it in my Omega HD

  13. Justin says:

    I have yet to see a positive review of Facebook Home.

  14. Erikson says:

    already tried it on my S3.. if your a hardcore FB user, well this app is for you.. if your just browsing guy and check up on your FB from time to time, this is not the app for you..

  15. mdm782010 says:

    pwede nyo na pong i try nasa Xda forum na po facebook home apk.

    • mdm782010 says:

      here is the fb home launcher apk link forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2232307

  16. klaus says:

    Bakit wala na name nung author?

  17. Charliemanok says:

    Facebook is currently floating around Google Android as an app. When both mix together, its becomes much much bigger than Facebook Home or Android

  18. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    That’s racist. FB should allow all countries to try home… now.

  19. sandymarno says:

    Bigla na lang ng pop up Facebook ChatHeads sa OneX ko,I guess its because i updated my messenger…ok naman sya.I love using it at the same time while I’m on other apps. Wala pang FB home but I think I’m not gonna let it replace my currect HTC home screen..I’m happy with the fb chathead alone..works fine.:-)

  20. ben says:

    This actually works on Cherry Mobile Flare!! I downloaded the app from XDA Forums.

  21. sarabee says:

    Facebook taking over my smartphone is a cringe-worthy thought…

  22. ronald says:

    Just downloaded facebook home from google play to my note 2 and s3. Works great.

  23. Mmm says:

    Cmpatible po ba ito sa One XL?

  24. argonaut says:

    For an app/widget/whatever it is garnering an average user rating of 2 stars, no thank you. I’m fine with just the app and messenger.

  25. Kattie says:

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