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Fake Nokia Mobile Devices

Got an email from Nokia Philippines telling me that there’s an alarming increase in the proliferation of fake Nokia phones in the country. The only knock-off brand that comes to mind, Nokla. Does that mean that people can still easily get fooled with these cloned phones?

NoklaAll the popular phones by Nokia are immediately copied by underground manufacturers, mostly coming from China. I guess that’s a common trade-off for being a popular mobile brand worldwide.

According to Nikka Abes, Corporate Communications Manager for Nokia Philippines:

The latest phone models like Nokia N81, Nokia 5310, Nokia N95, Nokia N82, Nokia 6120, etc. are being sold at a 1/2 to 1/3 of the original price. They’re branded Nokia and sometimes even the packaging is made to look like the real thing. Some are being brought to the Nokia Care Centers for repair and of course, because they are fake, they are turned down.


It’s funny that some people can still be fooled by these cheapo knock-offs. Nokia shares some tips on what to look for to know if your Nokia phones are legit or not:

  • Warranty
    Nokia mobile phones bought in the Nokia Store or from its authorized dealers have a blue 12-month limited warranty sticker from Nokia Care slapped on the top or side parts of the phone’s box.

    A Nokia Care Tamper Proof warranty sticker is also found in the mobile phone’s accessories such as the charger, battery, memory card, or data cable.

  • Stamp of Approval
    All Nokia phones bought from the Nokia Store or any of its authorized dealers have a Tamper Proof Type label at the back of each mobile phone along with the NTC logo and the Type acceptance number as part of one sticker. Also found in the back of the mobile phone is the Nokia tamper proof Warranty Seal.
  • Battery
    To see if your battery is the real thing, you have to make sure the hologram label reflects the Nokia Connecting Hands at one angle and the Original Enhancements logo at another angle. When you angle the hologram on the left, right, down and upsides of the logo, you should see 1, 2, 3 and 4 dots on each side respectively.

I’d also like to add a few of my own tips.

Get an Official Receipt. Take names and numbers of the manager or sales lady, especially if you’re buying in a stall or corner stand. Get the name of the company and their address. Who knows, maybe when you come back a week later to have it replaced, they’re not already in the same spot.

Just a fair warning to everyone.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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42 Responses

  1. Hmmnnnn let me “guess”…. they are from China and running MTK OS……

  2. Lyle, RN says:

    I have seen a couple of these fake phones. It’s easy to spot actually but I guess some people are just gullible.

  3. seen some fake n95’s lately and if you compare ui to the orig. nokia.. super dooper different :P

  4. Jazzy says:

    Ano pa ba ang hindi natin nape-peke? :)

  5. BrianB says:

    Why don’t they just check the user interface, the camera, video recorder, etc. For God’s sakes get some hands-on first.


    Chinese to hindi Pinoy.

  6. boddah says:

    ^^ that’s right it’s from China, I’ve been offered some of this before, the fake N95 is around 8k selling price.. brand new daw. Dun pa lang dapat magduda ka na. Nokia made a side by side comparison of the fake and orig N95 on their phone blog.

  7. hmm I think the best way to avoid this is to buy from trusted dealers only. Most people go for cheap which is why some of us get taken advantage of.

  8. Jim says:

    Some went as far as inventing new models have you seen Nokia N79?? I bought one and realized it later that it was not in any model line of Nokia

  9. May nakita akong ganyan. dami na ngayon nyan dito. ang isa ang brand ng cellphone is NCKIA, an c ay parang O na. liit lang ng buka. hahaha.. kahawig talag ng real NOKIA.

  10. richard says:

    onga., they’re everywhere., :) and they’re only 6-8 thousand bucks.,

  11. fei. :) says:

    seen one n99i and its named, nokia. its sooo light. omg.

  12. dexter says:

    Just this evening it has been featured at TV Patrol.. As usual Television is delayed with this kind of news

  13. uniicka_lady_playa.o1 says:

    panu po ba gumawa ng blog?????????

  14. seon kyungmin says:

    most pinoys are just not good consumers, they just go for looks. n100, n99i, n38, n95 (with touch sentitive screen) and other so called nokia pda phones they look ugly, and their durability is a question mark.

    local authorities should start picking this ugly and inferior products before wrecking havock on the legitimate products.

    nokia should kick start this campaign since its their products that are being copied.

  15. fathy says:

    please secure different images of fake and original nokia n99i and n95 phones for us to see the comparison!!!tnx

  16. G says:

    Aren’t original Nokia’s manufactured in China?!

  17. eki123 says:

    if you want to buy a cheap legit nokia phone with free delivery then try to visit http://www.cgena.com they have there a feature online store.

  18. gelo says:

    no! no ! no!
    you know what guy’s
    all people specially china
    came from the root to rorut word
    dahil ang nokia 5310 koe fake,,, wala firm way
    mga fanget na tao,,
    buti nako wafu!!haha

  19. jhune says:

    hay nku kelangan pa ba imemorize yan?. mga naloloko lang mga tanga.. hmm palagay ko alam tlga nilang fake bnibili parn nila kc mura lang.. mga jologs, mga posers…. mdami aq kilalang gnyan, mga ngpapanggap na myaman.. wla naman sa celphone yan eh.. kng gwapo ka, gwapo ka tlga.. ayt guys?. longlive alpha kappa rho..

  20. nhatz says:

    what a shame!
    grabe mga iba pa man din payabang cla jan eh fake naman.. nakakainis ung mga un…

  21. meon aq china mobile na 5310 xpressmusic 3k lang peo orig price 15k eheh peo ang ayaw q hnd suported ng java and symbian

  22. JuiceUp says:

    for those who have original N95s..they show it, flaunt it.

    and those who have fakes.. they just show the back side not the front screen. pretending that it is the legit thing, trying to hide it from prying eyes. jeez, its just an MP4 player with a phone function of a 5110!

  23. mmoaggro says:

    buti na lang matagal na ako hindi bumili ng Nokia at nag stick na ako sa motorola ^_^ madali lang naman malaman talaga kung fake ang isang phone bukos sa sinabi nila na mga tips tignan mo ung menu at sub-menu’s ng phone…

  24. Ocelus says:

    China today is very popular now a days because of their techies gadget one of them are the mobile phones. They easily to create phones conterfeits so-called but not all of them are knock offs, there are some that have quality. Good for them are cheaper than the branded mobile phones. I think sana tao na yon kung ano ang bibilin nila. But there are some china phones are good than the branded di ba at mura pa. kayo naman ang magde-deside sa pagbili nyo.

  25. jed says:

    bullshit!!!!!are they insane…………..ang yayabang pa nung iba……fake naman ang fone…mga pasikat lang wla namang pera…….kung ako sa inyo bilin nyo na lang ung bago na labas ng nokia ung nokia 5800 express music black and silver…limited edition un kaya astig lang ang meron nun gaya ko..hahaha…

  26. WEng says:

    …Well it’s just simple! if happy ka kahit China phone gamit mo, go for it! hehehe…

  27. Noel says:

    Oh come on! Are we saying that people who buy these rip offs don’t know that they are fake? They know it’s fake and bought it for the price.

  28. JKisaragi says:

    Well, some people “might” just get duped. But really, when you see a mobile with the “NOKLA” brand, I’m sure you’d know something’s not right XD

  29. tonitoni says:

    Oo nga eh puro yabang..

    Sus ganda nga ng cellphone nag cocommute naman, feeling mayaman.

  30. crazy says:

    at ano namang kinalaman ng pag cocomute sa cellphone? kasalanan ba nilang wala clang pambili ng mga fone na pinag sasabi nyo, cmple lang naman yan eh kung may pambili ka ng original edi bumili ka kung ala pag tyagaan mo yung china, depende naman sa pag gamit yan..hindi lahat ng gumagamit ng china is feeling mayaman tangap lang nila kung anong kaya ng budget nila..ikaw lang cguro tong kung mag judge sa tao eh parang kilalangkilala na tru sa pag gamit lang ng fone, wag kang basta basta mag judge ng tao, wag mong tignan sa porma yan…ikaw ang naka isip na feeling mayaman ang nagamit ng china na nag cocomute naman..MAYBE ginagawa mo yan???

  31. skull3190 says:

    tama k dyan crazy!

  32. pekpek says:

    eh ang tanong eh…pwede ba yung orig na batt ng nokia sa china fone? naregaluha ako nito eh, ok naman. di naman ako maarte sa telepono eh, batt life lang naging problema.

  33. Papapau says:

    This is “crap!” alam naman sigurado ng kahit sinong Pilipino ang pagkakaiba ng tunay sa chinaphone..

    Walang nape-peke, ginugusto ng buyer kasi medyo promising naman ang n99i.

    Yung statement nung Nokia Philippines ang ginawa tayong engot..

    “Some are being brought to the Nokia Care Centers for repair and of course, because they are fake, they are turned down.”

    Geez.. I bet gawa-gawa lang to.. kakahiya ha.. ako greenhills lang nagpapagawa ah.. at malamang hindi din sasabihin ng mga chinaphone sellers na my warranty ka sa nokia mismo..

    haaay.. sakit naman mag statement ng nokia para lang tirahin ang isa sa mga nagpapalugi sa kanila.. Pilipino pa tinira.

  34. Diego Gabriel Araga says:

    i saw a china phone of N97 somewhere in 168,i said to myself that..o my..masyado na talagang maraming peke..pero nung nkita ko un..gayang gaya talaga..wala lng flash ung kamera..grabe.

  35. Maria Clara says:

    Phones with “Made by Nokia” insignia, are the ones that are fake.

    The original Nokia must have a country insignia in which it was manufactured. Like for example, “Made in Finland” or “Made in Mexico”. If you happen to see this labels, then your Nokia phone is original.

    But if you happen to see the “Made by Nokia” label, then it’s definitely fake.

  36. Maria Clara says:

    Another proof of determining your Nokia phone, is the language.

    Go to Language settings of your phone. If you find a lot of “arabic” (kinda unusual alien letters), then it’s probably fake.

    The original nokia phone, should have a set of english, chinese and the language where the phone was shipped/built.

  37. Joey says:

    @jim Nokia N79 is actually a Symbian 9.3 S60 3rd Edition and it’s from nokia, so bakit ka nagulat????

  38. Joey says:

    @jim Nokia N79 is actually a Symbian 9.3 S60 3rd Edition and it’s from nokia, so bakit ka nagulat???? baka naman NOKLA din cp mo…. hahah…. by the way NOKIA N79 cp ko….

  39. anthony says:

    ang aarte kahit anong cellphone basta my pang call ok nayon d yung maganda nga cellphone wala naman pang load useless din OHA!

  40. eduardo says:

    sir pno malalaman u fake n nokia 6300

    IMEI 7TH & 8TH 01
    7TH & 8TH 03
    1ST 35****01*******

  41. lapu-lapu 187 says:

    Mga inosenteng probinsiyano ang naloloko ng sales person ng fake nokia, Halatang halata ang fake madalas dual sim at sa packaging palang alam mo na pekenes, Huwag gawin tanga ang mga pinoy, turuan ang mga promdi.

  1. August 11, 2014

    Frank Dellaglio

    Fake Nokia Mobile Devices – YugaTech | Philippines, Tech News & Reviews

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