Future Motorola phones may sport a self-healing display

Future Motorola phones may sport a self-healing display

Recently, a patent has been filed with the US Patent Office which shows that Motorola might be working on a self-healing display soon.

Clearly, the said display won’t be made out of glass. It’ll rely on a material called “shape memory polymer,” which can be deformed and then recovered through thermal cycling. A coating called “fascia” will be integrated into the coating over the glass and will heal cracks when heat is applied. That means your own body heat can possibly heal your cracked screen one day.


However, if you’re expecting that this new technology will fix your broken screen entirely, it won’t. The patent shows that the shape memory polymer will only be able to fix a portion of the fascia to reverse some of the deformation.

Source: US Patent Office 
Via: Android Authority 


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