Galaxy Note 5 could arrive 2015 w/ UHD double-edge display

Galaxy Note 5 could arrive 2015 w/ UHD double-edge display

It’s already been a ritual for Samsung to release a Galaxy Note every year ever since the success of its first iteration. Having said that, it’s safe to say that a Note 5 is to be expected to release this year, but it seems like there’s more to be offered by the South Korean company this time.


According to a leak the next-gen Note could have a UHD display with a whopping 4K resolution and 748ppi. Not only that, it could also sport a dual-edge form factor just like the current Galaxy S6 Edge.


The tip also suggests that production of the Note 5 will be in August, which is just in time for a September announcement at IFA 2015. With 4K resolution TVs getting cheaper these days and with the direction that Samsung is by far taking, it’s not that far-fetched to see such a device for this year.

Meanwhile, stay tuned as we keep an ear to the ground for any developments regarding this matter.


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22 Responses

  1. KPOPBoy says:

    looks like another phone I cant afford XD

  2. Dondon says:

    700+ ppi is way too overkill

  3. aha says:

    UHD screen?

    wow!!! another gimmick. haha!

    sabagay, yan naman gusto ng mga uto utong fandroids. yung sobrang taas na specs na di naman kailangan! para may I-brag! haha!

    good luck sa battery. haha!

    • Kurimaw says:

      You may laugh now but as long people are willing to pay for that technology regardless of whether you think it’s pointless, then everyone else will follow or look for their own gimmick. This isn’t just limited to the Android phones. That would include the iPhone as well.

      Remember when we thought that more than 5″-display phones (popularized by the Note series) were just too big and how Apple used to make fun of the size and declared that their 4-inch screen was the optimal size. Well look who’s following now.

      Before we jump into conclusions, let’s see how the market reacts. Calling out people as fandroids does not make you any more relevant or above them.

    • aha says:

      nyay!! naman. iba naman ang screen resolution sa screen size. haha! isip isp din naman kahit walang time.

      sa screen size, sang-ayon ako.

      pero yung screen resolution? duh!!! from FHD to QHD? & ngayon to UHD pa! on a smartphone/phablet? patawa ka! haha!

  4. wakawaka says:

    @aha Same goes for iTards. Yun nga lang sa inyo, overpriced for a low-spec’d phone. Sinong uto-uto ngayon.

    • aha says:

      pag krtiko pala ng lagdroid phone, iTard na agad?

      ayos ang logic, haha!

    • aha says:

      pag kritiko pala ng lagdroid phone, iTard na agad?

      di pwedeng WP fan? nyay!!

      ayos ang logic, haha!

    • aha says:

      nyay!! pag ang tao ang gusto ay iPhone, ayaw ng phone na hindi iOS ang OS, no choice sila kundi bilhin kung ano lang ang available kasi naman nag-iisa lang ang gumagawa ng iPhone. saka kahit naman mababa ang specs, smooth naman.

      pero ang lagdroid phone, sus ginoo, sandamakmak ang gumagawa. ang daming pagpipilian ng fandroids na kagaya mo! nyay!! haha!

      oh at para saan ang UHD? may magagawa ka ba sa UHD na di kaya sa FHD o sa QHD? o kahit sa HD?

      sabi ko nga, yan ang gusto ng uto utong fandroid, yung gimmick!! duh!!!

  5. Digest says:

    Well, nauna pa rin iPhone than Android from Samsung.

    • Kurimaw says:

      Na-una in terms of what?

      Did you know that iPhone is not the first smartphone and it is not the first to use multitouch? Did you know that iPhone is not the first to use those rounded square icons that it patented? And did you know that iPhone isn’t the first to use that touchscreen form factor with a physical home button?

      And do you really care kung hindi sila ang nauna?

      And as a consumer, why should I care kung sino ang nauna? I want these companies to compete and to push the technologies to their limits. And then I’ll gladly give the money to whichever could provide my needs or wants.

  6. john says:

    1080p resolution on smartphone display is more than enough, and might be the sweet spot for the most people. Why would you buy a smartphone with 4k display kung di naman masyado nagagamit. Mostly ang movies ngayon ay 1080p lang, at yung mobile internet is not that fast to support 4k video streaming. Why are smartphone manufactures keep focusing and keep improving areas not demanded by the customers? Bat di nalang sila magfocus sa pagimprove ng battery, at cameras(referring to lowlight capabilities and faster autofocusing, *optical zoom*maybe?) ? Iyan ang kadalasan problem at kulang sa mga smartphones ngayon eh. Weird naman ng mga companies na yan.

  7. Dip says:

    What’s the point? Unless I can project the screen of my phone on a giant wall, its useless. Lower the resolution, and work on the battery. Offer me a 1080p phone that can last 3 days and I’d pick that in a heartbeat. Hell, I’d pick that even if it were 720p.

  8. Gin says:

    There have been studies that the human eyes cannot anymore discern individual pixels beyond 250ppi that is 12 inches away. In fact, others say that the “sweet spot” can be as low as 220ppi at 12 inches. As I see it, the pixel density war between phone manufactures is actually just a marketing tool designed to lure the uneducated into paying for stuff they don’t really need. Unless you text with your phone an inch away from your eyeballs, I suggest going for something with a HD display, say for a phone with screen size of 5-5.5 inches(still overkill). Btw, the higher the screen resolution, the higher the battery consumption since video card and processor are working more to compensate for the additional pixels.

  9. MonDroid says:

    No thanks Sammy. My professor in broadcasting told me that UHD resolutions will NEVER be COMPATIBLE with smaller screens. Plus, the battery will die down so quickly, unless you have a way on improving how the screen sips out juice. Such gimmick, though I can certainly buy one, but since it is a gimmick, no.

    • Easy E says:

      Sabihin mo sa prof mo sa broadcasting na magbasa-basa ng technology news. Saka di naman screen ng terrestrial/ cable/ satellite broadcast receiver ang pinagusapan dito.

  10. igniculus says:

    oh no Sammy! I am never a fan of those edges.. it looks weird. And a whopping 4k res in a small screen?! Whoa! What are they thinking?!! What we need is battery life!!!!!! i’m happy with my Note 4, though a nice battery life is always welcome…

  11. Nakakatuwa naman tong mga dukhang ito hahaha!
    Pati banaman yan pinagaawayan!
    Palibhasa di nyo lang afford!
    Btw, you dont care about us na mayayaman kung saan namin binuburn ang mga dolyares namin!
    Mga dukha talaga…

  12. Anthony Viado says:

    Back2back screen with gg4 ..maaari pa..10000mah

  13. mau says:

    bring it on.

  14. JOE says:

    Sa tingin ko sobra na ang UHD sa resolution.Yung FHD maganda na nga yun eh.Pero,baka isa lang ito sa mga *pasabog* nila. malay natin tumaas na capacity ng battery. GG4 both back and front panel. 32,64,128 Internal. and expandable pa di tulad sa S6. ddr4 4GB ram. so sa mga nag react agad about sa UHD reso ng note5. relax muna . wag kalimutan ang AMOLED na matipid sa battery. yun lang po. #NOTE4

  15. Jay says:

    Kapag removable battery, expandable memory at may iris scanner bibili ako nyan, if not sorry na lang!!!

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