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Galaxy S2 selling for Php38k in Greenhills

Several units of the Samsung Galaxy S2 have been spotted in a number of phone stores in Greenhills this week, ahead of the anticipated launch this month. Gray market price ranges from Php38,000 to Php40,000.

And if you look at the boxes closely, you’ll see the 1.2GHz is indicated under the label.

The Php38k asking price is a good indication that the SGS2 might be affordable enough once it’s officially released in the Philippines since most gray market units are sold at 25% mark-up. We should be seeing a Php30k to Php32k SRP this June.


Incidentally, Samsung Philippines also sent us an email today with a press release stating that the SGS2 is coming soon (it’s a no-news release, really). Fortunately though, the release confirms that what they are bringing in would be the 1.2GHz and Super AMOLED Plus variant.

We posted our review of the Galaxy S2 here.

Hat tip to Raf Oca.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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77 Responses

  1. mikey says:

    nice! but don’t wait too long if you want to get the best superphone of the year (until ip5/4s comes out at least) bc the SGS3 is coming out next year says samsung!

  2. mememe says:

    now that sgs 2 is available in greenhills, any update on the price of sgs 1?

  3. samsungpr says:

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 will be available this month at PHP 29990 ONLY.

  4. bminux says:

    So is Globe exclusivity still on? NFC chip included?

    • mikey says:

      and you need NFC for? /inb4 korea is the only country that extensively uses, i mean needs, NFC for payment.

    • bminux says:

      just for the comfort of knowing the phone is as future-proof as it can be. it’s a whole lot of money isn’t it?

  5. kikoanio says:

    @samsungpr, PHP 29990 sa globe?

  6. Mark says:

    Selling samsung galaxy s2 factory unlocked. Box is still sealed with the Samsung sticker. Box in perfect condition, no dents etc due to shipping. Only two pieces, 37,000php each.

    Contact info
    Mark Aznar

    Meet up at my condo, St francis Shangrila place or Shangrila plaza mall

    • Messie says:

      Why pay for 37k? If one can be a little patient enough to wait, the Samsung Galaxy S II will be sold by Globe at 30k.

      Most probably, mid of June.

    • Mark Aznar says:

      Because my units are sealed and factory unlocked with zero carrier bloatware… The globe ones will not be Samsung sealed and will be locked to globe. Regrading the price it will be 32k upwards and not 30k on globe, My brother works for globe geez.
      Ps, release date for globe will also not be on June, perhaps July, too much back log orders, remember the Philippines is usually always last priority, look at our ipad2 stocks, we are getting least prioritized.
      Also, we will only be getting the unit right after singtel gets theirs, which is tentative June 12, now do the computation.

    • Imitator says:

      Hard to believe your info is accurate and objective. You have a lot to lose if the Galaxy S II really sells for 29990.

      I know someone from Samsung and they’re really fighting to price it at 29990 because they know they have to compete with the Optimus 2X price.

      As for the back log, that’s non existent. There was a back log in mid May, but now all orders are being filled with no back log to speak of.

    • Mark says:

      Jesus dude, I have nothing to lose, look at where I live? It’s just one of my condos, geez. Besides, both just got sold, the last one 30minutes ago via sulit.com
      Going back, back logs are still there, go call singtel and ask them if you don’t believe me. And regrading the price, how much are you willing to bet it’s 32k and up? That’s if you even have the cash to bet.
      Don’t waste my time, these are luxury gadgets, if you are on a budget get something else, people who buy gadgets like these have no financial issues regarding say a 5k difference or even 10k? Well that’s for the people I know and myself included.
      Again, it’s 09173030016, how much are you willing to bet? I bet 20k php and your bet?

    • Douchekiller says:

      @markaznar Shut it dude. No one likes douchebags like you.

    • LOL says:

      lol looks like you lost the bet on the pricing

    • SpellCheck says:

      By the way, it’s reGARDing and not reGRADing.
      You’re from St. Francis, Shangrila Place? Really?

    • Lol says:

      Ok grammar princess, twas more of a typo. And yeah I’m currently in this condo, why wanna meet up?

    • karl says:

      we are not that stupid to believe u dude!!!

    • unknown says:

      wow… init… parang mga bata.. payamanan.. GEEZ.. accept the fact na kailangan nyo talaga ng pera kahit mayaman na kayo.. kung d nyo kailangan bkt nyo i bebenta ng 37k.. pede nyo pa ngang i benta mas mababa sa price ng globe e.. “if you dont need money kung mayaman nga kayo”. tigil nyo na yan.. elementary ba kayo?.

  7. dyen says:

    lapit na!!! will definitely buy this fone

  8. samsungprph says:

    it will be available for globe subscribers initially but we will be having a launch to all interested very soon.will share once the plan is firmed up.

    • Erin says:

      A bit disappointed on the exclusivity deal. I won’t jump ship to get the phone so malamang wait mode na nga lang. And I really thought Samsung can move this unit without relying on carriers. Oh well, business is business. :(

  9. jaiconruedas says:

    htc sensation is heavy-girly
    motorola atrix is not-so-need-geek-phone
    lg optimus 2x is trying-hard
    samsung galaxy s II is beastly-superphone

    beast like a man!!!

    • Bimboy says:

      Think of the LG Optimus 2x as a key template which pave way to the Dual Core Era :), so Trying-hard is an Understatement :P

  10. Lrae says:

    drooools over that dual 1.2ghz exynos and super amoled +

  11. imitator says:


    It’s Official: Samsung Galaxy S2 at Php29,990


  12. razorous says:

    Eto na!!! Can’t wait til SGSI price go down! Woohooo!!

  13. Lrae says:

    will the 32gb version of sgs2 readily available also?

    • mikey says:

      the 32GB unit hasn’t been released anywhere, so that’s a pretty low probability. good thing it supports microSD though!

  14. gamer says:

    this is better than a corei7 computer with pewpew graphics card?

    • Mark says:

      I’ve always been a firm believer of the line “there are no stupid questions just stupid answers,” you just made me believe otherwise.
      Don’t get me wrong, for a mobile phones it’s amazing, but comparing it to a full pledged computer and an icore with “pew pew” graphics at that, even at laptop level, it’s a blasphemy to even ask such an extremely stupid question.
      Answer: no comparison, like comparing hell and heaven

    • hebe says:

      LOL you lost the bet on pricing

    • iammarkiamstupid says:

      whatever dude

    • sams says:

      S.T.F.U! A–hole
      Gusto mo lang makabenta, laki laki ng patong mo..

    • Mark says:

      Sold the last one an hour ago. If you can’t afford it dont buy it, nobody’s forcing you. Again, this is a luxury item for the peeps who can afford. If you can’t afford it, shut up and buy something cheap

    • Matk says:

      Still wondering how one could possibly compare a phone with a personal computer and an icore and pew pew gpu. Even an ngp, a ps3, or even the mighty xbox 360 stands no chance against a pew pew pc gaming video card. Say an sli nvidia 580……zomg truly heaven and beyond hell

    • Douchekiller says:

      Elitista ka talaga.

      It’s not about affordability. It’s about people like you who try to fool other people into buying something at an insane markup.

      On top of that, you LIE to people that it’ll be priced at 33 thousand to make them accept your insane markup, when Samsung Philippines already said they’re pricing it at P29,990.

      Congratulations on selling your units. You just took advantage of people who didn’t know better (I’m guessing you didn’t tell them about samsung’s statement on pricing it at 29,990).

      Nobody likes douchebags.

      Buti na lang din pala nabenta mo. May babayaran ka pang 20k haha

    • Mark says:

      Jesus Christ, I did not fucking lie. Besides, you think it was easy getting the units, had to pay slot of money to get them. Before accusing me you idiot, check singapores status. They don’t even have an exact date of ehen its releasing, they are in a mess. If singapore dont have em yet imagine the Philippines. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=3065843

    • Douchekiller says:

      Your words:

      “Regrading the price it will be 32k upwards and not 30k”

      That looks like a lie.

    • Mark says:

      Not a lie, just misinformed. My brother told me 32k up, I wouldn’t lie just to sell something this cheap, were talking less than 5k difference j e s u s Christ give me a break. You can’t even feed 7 people with decent food for 5k, if your that cost conscious then perhaps buying these gadgets would be a bad idea. Going back, I may have made a mistake, too early to tell, let’s see globe sell em for that amount first.

  15. Spell Check for Mark says:

    Btw, it’s “full fledged” and not “full pledged”. The only time you’re “full pledged” is if you’re trying to get into a fraternity or sorority.

    • Mark says:

      Yep, your right mister, typed it with a p instead, I know my english pretty well,l it’s my first language, still no excuse. Carelessness ftl

    • fu*k u mark says:

      i dont think so u talk to me like a pinoy . the accent bullshit like a half pinoy half india. u didnt know where i am from im pure american living this country… ur proud of shit of urself

    • Mark says:

      Say what? I have no idea what you just said…your funny /giggle

    • Seanie says:

      “Your funny”? His funny? lol. For someone whose first language is english, you’re not too good. Anyway, I’m not here to pick a fight with a troll. I just want to advise the other people to stop replying to you. You’re just pissing people off.

    • Hug says:

      Whatever you say mister /rofl

  16. sams says:

    tama ka na…pahiya ka na eh…bayaran mo na yung 20k…hahamon hamon ka hindi mo naman pala kaya…engot..

    ogz ka ba?

    • Mark says:

      English? If dude agreed then yeah I would have lost, however, there was no confirmation, hence I lost nothing you idiot. Besides, dunno why I’m even replying to the likes of you lol,.
      Onba serious note, the phone is great, been using one for a week now before lending it to my brother, it’s really fast but then again a let down since I expected kies air to work, and it didn’t…..fail. Wish they could do ota like Htc phones

    • Mark says:

      Using an iPad, auto correction hates me.
      One more thing, the battery life ain’t that good, I find the atrix bat still better, well yeah it has more mah but still.
      Also, I find touchwiz 4 better than sense3, too much eye candy 3d on sense 3, pretty girlish.

  17. Glenn says:

    Hey Mark, it’s kind of disappointing that Kies Air is dud, not a deal breaker though obviously. First time I heard this feature doesn’t work, have you tried making it work again?

    Would you know how SGS2’s battery fares against an iPhone 4?

    Also, would you happen to have any info about the 32gb version?

  18. Mark says:

    Hi Glenn,
    Yes, I tried kies air several times and it simply could not detect the new firmware, it gave me a message stating I had the most current firmware installed, I had to resort to using my damn pc for the regular kies app which I hate to death. Kies air did not work on both of my units, so I’m guessing this is a bug with all current sgs2’s. However, maybe the new firmware fixed it, not sure yet, I’ll try using kies air again once a new firmware is released.

    As for the battery, the first few days were terrible, compared to an iPhone that is. However, compared to other android phones, sgs1, Htc dhd, it faired I’d say around 30 percent better. After a week of usage, the battery became far far better, almost doubling my sgs1 battery life. Well I have everything turned on – multitasking, and synching tons of stuff so it would be really unfair to compare it to an iPhone. For the sake of comparison, both sgs2 and iphone4 heavy usage, id say the iphone would beat it by 20 percent, again, considering ios4 does not really allow real multitasking.
    For what it can do, I’d say the battery ain’t a problem, it can last me a whole day even under heavy usage, my atrix just lasts longer. Guess I expected too much from it, from all the reviews etc. But it’s a great phone and I bet you won’t regret the purchase. The phone is light, thin and real sexy.

  19. Mark Is A Liar says:

    Mark says …

    Wed, June 1 at 1:01 pm Only two pieces..

    Wed, June 1 at 6:54 pm Besides, both just got sold, the last one 30 minutes ago via sulit.com

    Thu, June 2 at 6:08 pm Sold the last one an hour ago.

    Tsk tsk … Liar..

    • Mark says:

      Well 30min ago, client calls me and reserves it, a sure buyer for the next day, I tell him I don’t do reservations and continue, if someone else comes by first, he gets it, he agreed and i considered it sold since he was a sure buyer. A couple of minutes later another dude texted me and tells me he wants to get the unit, and I go, unit already reserved by another client, however, I dont do reservations, if you swing by first its yours. The next day, the original dude who reserved it picked it up 5pm. I even told the second guy about it so as for him not o waste his time coming to my place.
      I hate being called a liar you asshole, and how dare you even call me one?
      I bet your the same dude texting me, trying to convince me to sell it at 35k. Jesus man, get a life. I won’t even insult you, your honestly not worth the insult.
      Peace out loser =)
      ps: check out the rumored Samsung Hercules (tmobile), looks delicious

    • gwen says:

      how to use SGS2 sa pinas eh wala namang paglagyan ng simcard yung phone???please answer….thanks;)

    • Sim card inq says:

      Hi Gwen,
      Your asking if there is a sim card slot in the sgs2? Yes there is a sim card slot, and will work on all three local telecom providers in the Philippines, provided it is an unlocked unit you have.
      Ps. Currently only the Korean models wont work in the Philippines due to one being CDMA and the other two have different bands. You may purchase the sgs2 wherever, some may be carrier locked, however I’m sure these can be easily remedied via software unlocking tools in the future. But to be safe I suggest just getting a factory unlocked unit, which is sold locally in the gray market, in hongkong, uk, and in other european countries as well, I got my units in Romania. Or, wait for the globe locked sgs2, However, if your not a globe subscriber you may also opt to wait for Samsung Philippines to release an unlocked sgs2 in the future. I recon a few months after globes exclusivity, it will be sold unlocked at Samsung retail stores nationwide.
      Hope I answered your question.

    • gwen says:

      omg mark!!!!i bought one na!!!…i’m here in south korea and planning to go back sa pinas this coming december…..what should i do with my phone??is there any ways so i can use it sa pinas???please say yes………
      ps:thanks for the info though

    • Mark says:

      Depends, if you got the CDMA version, the one sold by lg telecom which does not have simcard, you are screwed because it will not work. However, if you got the the gsm version provided by the other twi telecoms in Korea, it will work, however it would need to be unlocked first. Bad news is, even if you get it unlocked you won’t be able to use it’s 3G speed, even worst it’s 4G speed (max 21 Mbps) won’t be available as well. Globe telecom has started rolling out 4G, it’s sad that your uber phone won’t be able to take advantage of it, given it’s one of it’s selling point. And lastly given that phone is the gsm version, you will be sporting a different firmware since your phone will have NFC built in it’s hardware, and will certainly cause incompatibility issues in the future.
      With the hassle of having it unlocked and not being able to use 3G/4G, I suggest selling it and getting a gsm world sgs2 version.
      I feel for you, sorry.

    • Mark says:

      Reminds me, I once I had a gsm Korean phone, and what a bitch. Had to flash it, plus sending mms and SMS was hell. You’d need to do a work around for it to work. Plus all he Korean bloatware was terrible, couldn’t remove some of Ghent no matter what I did, and I’m pretty geeky at that.
      It’s not worth the trouble seriously, sell it and get world edition, saves you all the frustration and pain, it’s totally not worth the hassle.

  20. Mark says:

    Sorry, for the typos. Damn, auto correction…. My iPad hates me lol.
    Peace out

    • suck ma D*CK Mark says:

      why don’t you suck my dick instead? You arrogant douchebag. Fooling people with stupid information

    • Last minute desperate gayish move.
      Hey mark, i bought 1 from my favorite store in greenhills for 36k.
      I ignored the polish manual printed in korea.
      But when i tried the phone its also in polish i think, but fortunately fixed it to english. One thing i noticed was the heat at the upper part of the lcd and camera it only cools down when i put it to auto bright.

    • MARK says:

      Heat is normal, I have it too.
      ps: you truly sound like an uneducated twat, insulting me in such a gay manner

    • Long D*ick says:

      Hey mark im deffending you from the first sucker who posted your a douchebag.

    • Mark says:

      Oh, sorry dude lol.
      Just got one unit just this morning, brand new selling it for 34500, factory unlocked, add 300 bucks for an authentic screen protector. 09173030016

    • Someone is selling a silicon case from tipidcp for almost 400 pesos
      I bought mine for 130 only from a small booth wich i ddnt expect theyve got one. Lol
      I bought it from the market market.

  21. Glenn says:

    Very informative Mark, thanks.

  22. gwen says:

    what the….!!!!..i don’t wanna think about it, it just gives me headache…..;(((thanks anyway mark….

  23. techtoch says:

    yo guys.. i need enlightenment.. when it says dat globe s going 2 be its carrier, does dat mean dat i cant insert any simcard other dan globe if i buy one? ..ppuuff

    • mark says:

      simple answer:
      If you get it from GLOBE TELECOM, then it will be carrier locked to globe.

      Long answer:
      You may still use a different simcard, however it will not work due to the phone being carrier locked to a specific carrier (globe). However, this can be fixed by unlocking the phone, I am not sure if hackers already have access to such for this specific model but rest assured eventually it shall be unlocked.
      Also,in the US, if you get it from say [email protected] under a plan (even under prepaid), and ask them to unlock it because say you need ro use the phone with another simcard since you will be traveling outside the united states, normally they would give you an unlock code to unlock your phone.
      Again, however if the phone is extremely new, they will tell you that unlocking will only be available after a number of months (which is a lie, because units have a code already it’s just that [email protected] is still unwilling to unlock it perhaps due to exclusivity issues), as what happened with my Motorola Atrix.

      Just get a factory unlocked unit and save yourself the headache.


  24. SamsungMan says:

    I’d like to discourage buyers from purchasing screen protectors for s2. S2 does not need a screen protector since it has Gorilla Glass. Screen protectors may slow down responsiveness and damage your unit. So there.

  25. rain says:

    away kayo nang away. basta ko, hintay ako maging available sa cmk. mura talaga sa kanila, lol.

  26. miki says:

    i have this galaxy s2 locked under sk telecom here in korea. is it possible to use it in Philippines? may naghahack/unlock na ba nito dyan? thanks..

  27. miki says:

    thanks for the reply and the link imitator101. my concern is korea is using the cdma network. even if i had manage to unlocked it from the carrier (sk telecom korea), you think the phone will work in philippine’s gsm network?

    • Imitator101 says:

      Ahhh thats a problem. CDMA won’t work here. In fact I saw some cellphone vendors selling CDMA phones for 9k (it was the HTC EVO 4G; should fetch around 24k) because it can’t be used here in the Philippines.

      Try selling it back in korea if you can.

  28. miki says:

    Thanks man.

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