Having fun with Nokia Wireless Presenter

Having fun with Nokia Wireless Presenter

Nokia Wireless PresenterI was looking for games installed in my new N6233 the other day when I bumped into an application called Nokia Wireless Presenter.

I just heard about this so I Googled it. To my surprise, this is one software I have been wishing before and why did I knew about this just now?

Wireless Presenter

Use your Nokia phone as a remote control for your PC with Nokia Wireless Presenter. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, this software allows you to control your Windows desktop applications, such as:


* Slide presentations: Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, the Nokia Wireless Presenter lets you browse presentation slide titles.
* Music and DVD player applications in your PC

PC SuiteIf your phone is a Nokia, you can download a copy of the software at their site. So, after installing the software and tinkering around with the COM port and I’m all set.

Moving slide from to slide using the phone as a remote control is so easy and you can also navigate the mouse within the desktop as simple scrolling the phone’s navikey up and down.

This feature works if your phone and laptop both have Bluetooth connectivity. I heard somewhere you can install a software into your phone so it functions as a TV remote control.

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18 Responses

  1. jon.lao says:

    hey! this is a cool feature! now i’m seriously looking at going back to using nokia phones! you’ll be the envy of the group seeing you use your phone to navigate your presentation! wala lang dapat mag txt or tumawag sa iyo during the presentation!

  2. vespinoy says:

    same with SE phones (well at least my antiquated K700i) with Macs.

    I’ve actually used it on a couple of presentations, using Keynote, and it was a blast.

  3. JP Loh says:

    Wow! Neat! Uber-sweet!

  4. jayvee f. says:

    nothing really amazing here. Sony Ericsson had this pre-installed and it worked with all the Macs using iSync :)

    *warning * smug remarks below*

    which just goes to show how macs, once again, are better than pcs :)

    *end smug mode*

  5. Jazzy says:

    was it the same technology that they use in xbox 360? where you can play tennis as if you’re really serving with a racquet in hand.

  6. yuga says:


    Since Macs now run on Intel procs, the only difference now is the Operating System.

    However, since the OS now runs on Intel procs, you can actually get a IBM PC clone and install OSX, etc.

    One day, the fine line between Macs and PCs will close in that there won’t be any significant difference.

  7. jawnady says:

    i had presenter on my 6233 nokia, but its gone. Does anyone knows where and how i can download it and put it back on my mobile again?
    pleare react!!

  8. Coizado says:

    Hi there,

    Yeah, I am having fun with nokia presenter also…

    But there is some problems, there is way to definy a key to do the job of the computer´s Enter key, this was frustating.

    You have to install a software on the PC in order for it to work, you cant just use any PC compatble PC or walk around with you bluetooth usb adapter, you have to take a CD with you.

    Yes, there is a software to make your phone IR work as TV (And almost anything that recives IR commands) control, but it will only work on synbian OS mobiles.

    Since my 6131 burns the battery in half a day whith bloetooth activated and less time if using it, and its not synbian its BB5, I cant use this features.

    Hope you find more about the tecnology.


  9. za says:

    Did your wireless presenter Nokia 6233 work with Office 2007 (Presentation)? Coz, mind didn’t work :(

  10. Mani says:

    I have problem setting the COM port… how can I set it?

    any advice???

  11. Sven says:

    Regarding the problem with the presenter working with Powerpoint 2007: Check the Nokia Discussion board:
    There are directions how to get it to work if you have saved your presentation in the old .ppt format (unfortunately it still doesn’t work with .pptx-files).

  12. Ozz says:

    Presentations sometimes take longer than my battery can handle. Wouldn’t it be good for the screen to switch of when a slide is shown longer than, well, maybe a minute or so? Does anyone have access to the source code?

  13. IVO says:

    This is by far the coolest feature of my Nokia 6300

    Yet it has the following – errr – room for improvement:

    Lacks a W or B key mapping (to blank the screen to white or black.
    Lacks Tab – Shift-Tab mappings to navigate hyperlinks within the slide.

    Other than that it rocks… but would be good if that was included in a future release. (future means soon :) )

  14. abo baraah says:

    thank youuuuuuuu

  15. Janus says:

    The Nokia presenter is really cool!!! I am only using Nokia 6130 but it worked.
    However, I am just bothered with the timer while testing the presenter. Is it just a timer or I am being charged for every second I am using the presenter?
    Anyone have checked te bill? Well, it didn’t appear in the log of calls so I hope it won’t charge me a single cent.

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