Honor 10 Lite Camera Tips and Tricks

Honor 10 Lite Camera Tips and Tricks

From selfies to groufies, to food, to travel, and to everything in between, smartphone photography is just a few taps away to giving you that ideal photo wherever you go. Even better with AI and other skillful features, there’s just so much you can play around. But for midrange smartphones, things are being upgraded creatively at a more reachable price. So we took the Honor 10 Lite for a spin and here are our tips and tricks that you can maximize.


Enhance with beauty level and light mode


We all get those days when we don’t feel all out comfortable with the way we look–and that’s okay. When in doubt, just hit on the beautify feature and adjust the level you prefer to get a boost. You can also play around with the built-in light modes to emphasize your subject with more depth.


Portrait and aperture mode for more subject focus

It’s not all the time that we get good backgrounds and lighting, and a way to fix this is by focusing on the subject. Make use of the Honor 10 Lite’s portrait mode for bokeh selfies and the aperture mode to give more spotlight to your subjects using the rear cameras. You can also turn on the assistive grid in the settings to guide you on how far the camera should be to your model or object.


Use night mode when it’s dark

One of the features that the Honor 10 Lite boasts is the night mode. It takes 3 seconds to take this shot in low-lit environments, but it’s worth it to get illuminated photos.


Feel like an expert with the Pro mode


Pro or not, the pro mode can help you personalize your shot. With the Honor 10 Lite, you can adjust the focus, ISO, shutter speed, EV, AF, and even white balance.


Be more aesthetic with light painting

Who would’ve thought that this phone is capable of light photography? Take advantage of the light painting feature, especially at night, and get photos that are aesthetically ready for your feed. Note that it’s best to use this effect with a tripod or a steady hand because fewer movement results in better photos you’ll get.


Hype up your selfies with filters, AR lens, and stickers

Sometimes selfies can get boring, and when that happens, just make use of the built-in fun filters, stickers, and AR lens in the Honor 10 Lite. And when we say fun, we really meant it since some of the AR lens comes with music and effects that would really brighten your mood. It’s time to spice selfies and “wefies” up a little!


Try vertical panorama


Make yourself look taller with vertical panorama. We’re used to the regular horizontal panorama, but have you tried doing it in a vertical way? With a steady hand, go for the vertical panorama feature for taller and more detailed photos.

Remember that you should not always depend on the camera’s resolution when you need to take good selfies. Take the time to know your smartphone’s camera features and use it to your advantage.

Honor 10 lite will be launched on Jan 22 and available from Honor roadshow in SM North EDSA on Jan 26 with big bundle, also nationwide available from the physical shop. For more information on the Honor 10 Lite, visit www.hihonor.com/ph or follow the Honor Philippines Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HonorPhilippines.

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