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How many Mobile Apps have you bought?

One of the biggest driver in the growth of the smartphone market are apps. Services like the Android Market, iTunes App Store, Ovi Store, BlackBerry App World contribute to billions of revenues, especially to 3rd party and independent developers.

I’ve also talked to several local app developers and while the idea of paid apps is more enticing, there’s still the question if people really buy a lot of mobile phone apps in the Philippines.


One app that comes to mind would be iManila which has been consistently on the top paid apps for some time. Not sure how much the developer made from it though. Even Click the City has shifted from paid to free.

So let me ask the question again — are you guys mobile app buyers? How many have you bought and how much have you spent already?

As for me, 100% of the apps that I bought were all from the iTunes App Store with just under 30 apps costing me around $100.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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42 Responses

  1. Teknisyan says:

    I’m an advocate of legit software, so I always encourage people to buy the authentic software even if it is an Apps but if you can get a similar software/apps for free like those opensource, then go for it.

    For me, I just bought 1 app via the Nokia Ovi Store, an anti-virus for my Nokia E72, with 1 year subscription.

  2. Currently I have 1072 Paid Apps… I only buy Apps in iTunes App Store during sales. If the Apps price drops to $.99c.

  3. Juneau says:

    Bought some apps before, then i Jailbreaked iPhone 4/3G. never bought anything again.

  4. deuts says:

    I only buy utility apps. O I bought one, for windows mobile, a chess game.

  5. misslittlebibi says:

    why buy if you can jailbreak? just kiddin’. but honestly, i find some of the apps very expensive that’s why i don’t buy. just my opinion though. peace.

  6. wilde says:

    Never bought an app. Not an iphone/ovi store user here.

  7. In the past 2 months, I’ve bought about $20 worth of iPhone apps from the iTunes App Store.

  8. Pusang Kulog says:

    Have bought apps that are priced at 99cents… Anything higher than that is abhorring… He he he…

  9. what is the device count of IPhone in the philippines anyway to merit local iphone apps?

  10. chris says:

    @yuga what are your top 10 free app? i haven’t spend any cent in itunes but honestly is very tempting bcoz u can buy app as low as .99cent . hehe, why they are selling .99 cent app?instead of a dollar? coz it’s cheaper n look cheaper u wont notice u’ve already spnt that much..,hehehe,

  11. jologs says:

    Before I lost my iPhone, bought about $50 worth of apps. And they’re worth it. iPhone apps are so much better than the apps that I use now from the Android Market. Haven’t bought any paid apps from the Android market.

  12. D says:

    One: WMWifiRouter

  13. Salleh says:

    Already bought 7 apps for my iPod including Radio Philippines

  14. Jon says:

    I bought one when I was using Symbian back then. Now, using Android for quite some time, I haven’t bought something yet. Most free apps in the Market are sufficient for my needs.

    Something to consider Sir Abe, if paying for these apps were easier like paying for prepaid “load” for your cellphone, I guess a lot more Filipinos would buy apps. In most cases, buying apps is much more difficult than getting it for “free”.

  15. hell yeah says:

    i already have 50 free apps and 30 paid ipod touch apps bought all of them from iTunes


  16. pao says:

    I bought 42 apps before I had my iPod touch jailbroken. I still buy those apps that I really like, though. :)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  17. Boffill says:

    I bought some applications before for my Nokia N82 phone.

  18. SoNn says:

    Since I bought my iPhone 4, I have bought $16 worth of apps. That’s in addition to around $30 worth of apps I already had for my iPod touch

  19. Chris says:

    there’s application but i forgt the name,it cost $20-70, aftr u install that app you can download unlimited paid app..I just 4got where did i read that artcle but one of this site (techcrunch,masable,engadget )if u fnd it please let me know

  20. Chris says:

    there’s application but i forgt the name,it cost $20-70, aftr u install that app you can download unlimited paid app..I just 4got where did i read that artcle

  21. lalin says:

    I bought Accounts for my online business because it’s practical to use rather than a notebook or logging in a PC to list my transactions. And an application endorsed by an artist I’m a fan of for charity. The rest are free apps. I don’t use my iPod Touch as much these days anyways. /got tired of charging all the time

  22. Patrick Cabalquinto says:

    I already bought 10 apps from itunes costing about $37.

  23. Truebluemd says:

    194 apps total, paid and free. I only get them from iTunes.
    These include 30 for iPad-only apps (usually productivity and utility ones). The rest is iPad-iPhone4 shared apps. I usually get paid apps for my work and leisure (i.e., iAnnotate PDF, Goodreader, Numbers, Keynote, Pages, VLC media player, Pulse for iPad, Jot, etc). I also tend to keep only the essential apps.

  24. seahaven says:

    i must have bought a total of $100 since i had my iphone almost 3 years ago.

  25. noemi says:

    I can’t remember how many apps I bought. Just a few are iMovie, Packing Pro, Docs to go,Hipstamatic (film & lens), ebuddy Pro. I rarely buy games though.

  26. Les says:

    Bought a few, my last purchase was Monster Mayhem. I usually buy music instead of apps.

    I buy certificates from this guy (bzminds.multiply.com)so that i wont have to use a credit card.

  27. sylv3rblade says:

    Launchpro Plus
    Pure Calendar Widget

    and a handful of apps

  28. lolipown says:

    You found the money to get the phone, what’s a few more bucks to give back to the developers?

  29. kevin says:

    jaibroke mine, I’ts immoral but still I manages to save almost 200$ on apps

  30. MurtecWHiz says:

    I jailbroke my iPhone. The good thing is…… I’m earning jailbreaking my friends’ iPhones!

  31. irv says:

    all my apps are free, since Google is taking forever to allow us Android users to buy apps in this country.

    i do, however, pay for my PC games via Steam.

  32. ^_^ says:

    63 Free APPS overall!, i don’t have a credit card to pay apple. haha

  33. Ruben Umali says:


    I’ve hacked my n92 and w660i, so never bought any applications, though im using 23 apps for n92 and 10 on my w660i

    the only thing is that ovi store banned my phone after i hacked my n92.

  34. Herce says:

    I pirate everything then buy the apps I actually use. This year I’ve spent about US$400 in apps and games. It adds up. The prices need to drop, otherwise poor people will just pirate everything and they should! I buy because I can afford to buy and not break a sweat. If I couldn’t afford it or it actually was money that would stop me from buying something else, I wouldn’t buy anything and just pirate everything. The industry needs to wake up.

  35. rica ragudo says:

    i replied to a similar post of yours on this, i have a budget of $1 a month to buy one app :) there are some rare cases that i do buy a max of $3. i have around 100 games, mixed free and paid.

    assuming 50 games are $1 = $50? :)

    my tip: regularly visit the app store, some paid apps are sometimes offered for free like when the volcano in Iceland erupted, the lonely planet apps on European cities that cost around $6 were given away for free.

  36. I use http://appshopper.com/ to monitor Apps Sales. Promise malaki matitipid nyo.

  37. sylv3rblade says:

    The android market isn’t the only way to pay for apps. Take Launcher Pro for instance, you can pay up directly to the developer.

  38. leemar says:

    never bought a single paid app for my symbian and android device, always like to download free or paid application via internet. unlike iphone apps, symbian and android apps can be downloaded via torrents.

  39. Jon says:

    Wrong. Iphone apps can also be downloaded via bittorrent.

  40. qwertio says:

    I own an iPod Touch 3G. I constantly update it to the latest jailbreak.

    I have all the appstore apps i need and i never bought one.

    I also have all the cydia apps i need, without buying any as well.

    Jailbroken iDevice > any device

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