HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio first impressions

HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio first impressions

Announced around the second week of September, the HTC Sensation XE has arrived in the Philippines. It’s the big brother of the original HTC Sensation but comes with Beats Audio plus a few more upgrades.

The Sensation XE has that same big, solid body as the first one with a large 4.3″ screen and that signature HTC design.

There are a few subtle changes added to the Sensation XE. A red accent is found on the speaker grilles, the navigational touch panel, the camera ring and the large Beats Audio logo at the back. The Beats Audio logo will also show up on boot-up, just before the swish animation from HTC.

The other biggest upgrade tot he Sensation XE is the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a 25% bump from the previous 1.2GHz on the older Sensation. Our Quadrant Standard core puts it at 2249, around 10% higher than the 2033 score of the original Sensation. Battery capacity is also increased to 1730 mAh which should help extend daily use of the handset.

Contrary to earlier reports though, the Sense UI is still at 3.0 instead of the Sense 3.5 we were expecting.


Of course, the Beats Audio is what most people are excited about the Sensation XE. The package comes with a Beats AUdio headphones, 4 extras ear buds, and a small Beats pouch. The earphones are just great — long rubber cord, in-line remote controls and very comfortable on the ears.

Paired with the HTC Sensation XE, the sound quality is impressive and miles better in terms of bass, clarity and range. Whenever you play music, a Beats Audio logo would appear in the notification bar that shows Beats is enabled. You can actually disable this and notice the difference in sound quality. This only works when you plugged in the Beats earphone though so the audio speakers of the Sensation XE is still the same.

I am also told that the handset was supposed to come with a 16GB microSD card but the one that HTC Philippines is distributing only includes an 8GB card.

HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio specs:
4.3 inches @ 540 x 960 pixels
1.5 GHz dual-core processor
Adreno 220 GPU
Qualcomm MSM 8260 Snapdragon
Gorilla glass display
1GB storage, 768 MB RAM
up to 32GB via microSD, 8GB included
HSDPA 14.4 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA, WiFi hotspot
Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP
8MP autofocus camera, dual-LED flash
1080p @ 30fps video, stereo sound recording
GPS with A-GPS support
Li-Ion 1730 mAh
HTC Sense 3.0 UI
Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread

HTC Philippines will be launching the Sensation XE some time next week so we don’t have a suggested retail price yet. However, it’s been available in several stores already (including Top Electronics) for just Php26,600 (for cash purchases, see here).

You can read our review of the HTC Sensation here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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114 Responses

  1. jerikz says:

    hhm may wifi issue din b ito katulad ng original n sensation sir yuga??

    • Cipher says:

      Fortunately, the infamous “death grip” – when you hold the unit in the top portion of the phone and the wifi signals’ dead – is only for old Sensation. Sensation XE, XL and AMaze dont have it anymore. I personally tested it myself on XE, no problems nor lags at all, and definitely no death-grip. The same way as the upgraded Iphone4S resolved its predecessor’s (iphone4)issue with its antenna

  2. sherwood says:

    How about Battery life ng mga HTC smartphones?

    • Cipher says:

      reviewers (GSMArena, Engadget, Gizmodo, etc) claim that Sensation XE’ battery life is 9-12 hours. Mine’s last a lil’ longer at 14 hrs with total abuse (full auto-sync, wifi, mobile internet, downloads, you-tube, FB, mp3 and music video-playing, ebook reading, games, etc).

      With conservative use, my juice lasts up to 26 hrs. Conservative means photo-ops, texting, calling, internet, FB, playing around with my phone, with conscious use of brightness, mobile connectivity, deactivation of GPS and autosync, plus utilization of apps and battery manager)

  3. Ric says:

    Does HTC have an issue with putting in an onboard storage? I really don’t get why they insist in omitting this feature even on their high end models.

  4. mars says:

    hi mr. yuga, the link you provided above “h_ttp://”, the one selling this sensation XE for 26600php.. is it a legitimate one? i mean, do they really sell original htc products and are they authorized dealers of htc? I would like to know before making any transaction with them.

  5. Val says:

    OT: Ang ganda ng Aspire S3 sa background, akala ko MBA :)

  6. Suplado says:

    when this was first released, i was hoping that they’d at least have a typical earphone. nandidiri kasi ako sa earbuds.

  7. Blend says:

    iBeats? Haha.

  8. Jonah says:

    Where can we check it out in Cebu?

  9. nike says:

    is Evo 3d gonna be released here in the Philippines?

  10. michael says:

    excuse me po sir! ask ko lng po mas ok po ba to sa samsung galaxy s2 ? overall or in your opinion nlng po

    • Cipher says:

      contrary to kamote’s expectations (that i’m overselling Sensation XE), I believe Samsung Galaxy S2 is a better choice if you want an “overall” edge. Specs-wise, I personally believe SGII reigns supreme even against Nexus, Droid Bionic, and iPhone 4s. Again, specs-wise. So that includes GSII’s superb battery-life, memory, screen, customization, camera quality and internet browsing experience.

      If you’re someone who considers built (toughness, weight, solid feel & grip) user-experience, UI, audio quality ON TOP on those factors mentioned above, toy can try Sensation XE.

      Iphone 4S is just waaaay behind Samsung & HTC’s league right now IMHO.

      Suggestions though, try to use the three units at the same time and compare the speed, camera quality, audio quality, built, customization, apps, and UI head-to-head, you will clearly see the differences, and with that you can decide better.

      Like they sez in many other techforums, techblogs can show the pictures, videos, becnhmarks, and specs sheets all they want, but the hands-on and ACTUAL experience is the real deal.

      Hope it helps

    • lol says:

      Bullshit. Sgs2 does not beat iphone 4s I have them both. Even with flash turned off on the sgs2, iphone 4s still beats it even at 800 mhz per clock vs 1.2. You might start and say it’s due to safari optimization, and that ice cream sandwich will fill the gap. And my answer would be, perhaps, however, given samsung’s track record, that update “might” come and if it does, I can guarantee you, it’s not gonna be anytime soon. Going back to hardware, the sgs2 resolution sucks compared to iphone 4s, and if screen real estate is your concern while web browsing, the reader option is readily available, making web pages even easier to read, far far easier than the sgs2. And lastly, something that is undeniable, the iphone 4s has the MOST powerful smartphone gpu in the world, not an opinion but a fact which beats the archaic designed 2008 mali 400mp4. I’m no apple fanboy, but man, stop the bullshit.

    • Cipher says:

      @lol – Indeed, iPhone 4S has (1)crispier text, images and videos, (2)more internal storage @ 64GB, (3)better Bluetooth and sound quality, (4)higher resolution (4) and “probably” -pls correct me if i’m wrong” – more apps (@350k apps vs 270k android apps). I cant agree more on that and thats a fact. However you missed these points:

      SGSII has (1) brighter and more vivid screen even @ daylight, (2)almost 3x faster @ HSDPA 42,2 mbps vs iphone $s’ HSDPA (14,4 mbps) (even at actual use), (3) more standby time (i know you will contest this)and talktime (4) bigger screen, (5)faster processor @ 1.2MHz vs 800Mhz, (5) lighter, (6) thinner, (7)tougher (8)more customization (yeah Jailbreak all you want), (9) more bucks for your bang (10) expandable with SD card and (11) less restrictions

      And by the way, iphone4s has more fragile built than its predecessors, and its main feature “Siri” is still in beta. Apple has more apps because its older but sooner or later its inevitable than Android-supporting apps will overtake Apple’s. iPhone 4s is very expensive. Too many restrictions. iCLoud is nothin’ new (so as Siri) And IMHO, not worth every dollar for a “fragile, beta” phone.

      COme to think of it, SGS2 who is waaay older than iphone4s and yet more superior in many aspects. How much more if Ice Cream Sandwich come this Dec-Jan? Yeah, the update is pretty sure esp that Samsung itself co-created the Ice-cream-powered-Google phone Galaxy Nexus. How much more if SGSIII arrive?

      No offense, but i think Apple already stop innovating as soon as Tim Cook took over long before Steve Jobs succumb to cancer. I do hope i’m so darn wrong esp when iphone 5 is released (and I’m an apple user too)

      And before I forgot, your curses and delusions betray your claim that you’re no fanboy or iSheep…

    • Name: says:

      1. the international sgs2 does not have hspa 42 mbps but only 21 mbps.
      2. More durable, certainly due to the fall test a samy fanyboi did, DUN, its made of plastic versus glass and metal, obviously.
      3. Bigger screen means better? If I need a bigger screen I have an ipad. Bigger by .77??? a huge difference? lol
      4. Thinner at its thinnest point, yes, but not at it’s thickest point, the bottom. Sgs2’s bottom is thicker than the iphone
      5. Lighter? duh, again, plastic much? cheap cheap material. Don’t want to even touch that topic.
      6. Again, faster clock speeed yes, but is still beaten in benchmarks [email protected] and heres a link go look at it
      7. Iphone 4s a beta phone? lol again.
      8. Siri is on beta, that is correct, and I never even mentioned siri, I only use it while driving and that’s that, i do not care much for it.
      9. The sgs2 will not get ics right away given, ics is built around omap which sgs2 is not using, it’s using exynos, and looking back nexus s was also built by samsung right? but how come the galaxy s1 got updated months months after a nexus s phone got it’s update??? And this is considering both were using almost the same internals, same processor and gpu.
      if you must have an android phone, wait for the nexus prime, guaranteed to get an update fast and it’s ota update is sweet with no ugly touchwiz

    • Cipher says:

      @lol – first, the term “beta phone” is an obvious sarcastic remarks, especially since people are expecting for an iphone 5 with new design and a hell lot of new features, not just an hardware-upgraded iphone 4 with its “main” feature (Siri)working only at US (til now) @ beta. Bigger means better? not all the time but it applies to many, esp to men who have huge thumbs and fingers. And yeah, better browsing experience, better video experience if the screen is a lil bigger. Sure iphone 4s is classy, great UI, superb brand equity, great camera, speed, apps and with solid grip and weight. However you failed to address the real deal here, what is the overall assessment to the unit if you factor in all aspects like durability, brand equity, resale value, price, customization, restrictions, battery life, user-experience, expansion via sd card, weight and dimensions, future-proof, audio-video experience, etc. To sum it all, the best bang out of your (limited) bucks. Its like sure everyone wants an Alienware laptop, but that thing is sooo huge and pricey, so many will buy HP, Dell, Macbook instead. You cannot cherry-pick one, two, three or few advantages and you will totally neglect the other aspects. Thats poor analysis Mr. LOL. Not everyone crave for 3.5 inch screen. Not everyone CAN afford a smartphone with apple logo.Not everyone can live without SD card. the list will go on and on. If we will all negate price issue and expansion slot and the hell with other factors, i might suggest iphone 4s. But this is reality, we should look in every single angle. My vote still goes for S2, big enough bangs for not so big enough bucks.

      Though i will agree that Galaxy Nexus trumps iP4S and SGS2, GNexus has some (IMHO) areas for improvement, like its mere 1.2GHz dual-core processor, no sd card expansion (i will accept it if its a 64GB unit), a mere 5megapixel camera (i will no longer debate on the megapixel versus quality coz i know the drill),and with 1750mAh battery. Many others have 1.5Ghz dual-core, 8 to 12 Megapixel cam, sd card expansions up to 32, far better battery etc etc. But of course, its created “not to be perfect” as part of business strat. wishful thinking though. Yeah, nexus prime is the most advance smartphone…for now.
      But for the price and hype, and the fact that other Androids will soon sport the same ice cream sandwich, I’d rather park my bucks for future incarnation of this wonderful device (probably less than 6 months)to at least address the sd card issue, up the dualcore to 1.5GHz and higher, and probably 8-12MB camera. =)

      just my two cents

    • lol says:

      Sorry sir but your 2 cents are all opinions and not facts, they are all your opinion. You want facts? learn to read benchmarks. We are not discussing bang for the buck here because if we were, I would have a totally different argument here. Remember your precious sgs2 (ours, since I own 2 myself) will depreciate really fast given how fast android phones evolve, in a years time that android your holding will be completely archaic and not even fully supported by the manufacturer anymore at that point. An iphone is created once a year only, making its resale value far more substantial, lets not even get to the economics of things because for starters mobile phones are an expense altogether and never an investment to begin with. Moving along, what makes you think some people care how much an object cost, well, I dont and I bet some people dont as well, so your argument is silly, you want good bang for the buck, get a decent notebook and a nokia phone end of story. Once you learn how to read benchmarks then lets talk, if not come over or I can go where you are and lets compare speeds to show you that an iphone is faster. Bigger is nto better for me, it’s a mobile phone remember? that’s what tablets are for, ZZzzz Again, harware wise except its 3g radio of 14.4 mbps everything in an iphone is better, again, I am not talking about price. You can’t afford one, don’t buy one, it’s not the end of the world, but stop throwing shit around. You want me to prove my point, lets meet and run some benchmarks, it’s the onyl way to settle this, becuase you are all opinions, I do nto care about your opinion, and I bet some people don’t as well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, what matters are facts. 09178586856, call for a meet up, tired of typing and reading your short fairytales

    • kamote says:

      you two should get a life instead of debating whats the faster this and a faster that….just my two cents

    • Name: says:

      I totally agree with you man, this is silly and a total waste of time, /amen

    • Cipher says:

      totally agree. BS debate. And to think its a Sensation XE thread and not a SGS2 vs iPhone4s topic. enough of sugarcoated trollin’ and flammin’. My (our) bad. and its Yuletide season anyway.

      On side note: HTC Rezound unveiled earlier. So much of “weekly” HTC models, but anyway, who’s complaining with 1.5GHz dual core with 1GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage / 16GB on microSD card and HUGE pixel density @ 720. Cool. Btw, it has Ice Cream Sandwich already. Darn, smartphone models are spawning like mushrooms!

    • kamote says:

      iphone 4s < galaxy s2 < sensation xe.
      nuff said.

  11. JamesErik says:

    @Michael… Samsung Galaxy S2 is far better than this.

  12. Cipher says:

    I hope I can share my personal experience with this wonderful unit to give our beloved tech-junkies an insight not only in specs and benchmarks but personal experience as well.

    Got mine few days ago @ MXI Express in Cyberzone Megamall @ Php27,880 (via EPS), and haggled my way with a free Xperia jacket *wink wink* . Yeah, MXI a primary distributor of HTC in the Philippines, that’s why I got mine pretty early (no one else sells it in Megamall, Robinson and Shangrila malls). Yuga’s right, it comes with 8GB SD card only but the fone itself is an early Christmas gift to one’s self.

    To be honest, I’ve been reviewing smartphones for the past 2 months and finally decided to buy SGII becasue I’m a spec-junkie and I want my phone to be future-proof(despite second thoughts because of its built and UI).Down to the last minutes, I ended up buying HTC Sensation XE over SGII…but why???

    Sensation XE simply blows me away. And lets divide it in four aspects:

    First, Sensation XE’s UI is proven to be best in the industry. Miles and miles away from Apple’s UI and lightyears away from Samsung’s UI. From crips, luscious eye-candy icons & interface, the spinning 3D-ish feel in every flick and turn. High-resolution static and live wallpapers, great customization, no effin’bloatwares, and wonderful widgets like Transfer, People and Photo Grid. And yeah, no dedicated (and flimsy) Homescreen button so its 100% touch-screen experience.

    Second, audio quality. I’ve been using iPhone and Samsung for years and shifting to Sensation XE’s Beats Audio is a huge huge leap in audio experience. The quality is top-of-the-class, especially with Bass. The over-all experience is great, esp paired with Beats earphones that come with the unit. Nothing else comes close in audio quality.

    Third, the built. Tough-as-hell back, firm & rocksteady grip, solid feel, nice weight. Nothing compares to the feeling of ease that your fone is sturdy, that you can feel its weight on your hands or pockets, and you’re pretty damn sure it will survive any accidental drop, bumps, or even a butt-slam from your dumb, 300-pound co-worker. The red accent, the red grill,the overall shape is so classy and scream for attention.The weight and shape is perfect for one-handed browsing.

    Fourth, and i think, most importantly, the user-experience. I believe it is the sum of all parts. Experience.

    Fast-browsing esp with Wi-fi. comapared to SGII, SG opens up a website by mere one to two seconds ahead of XE (by average). With mobile connectivity (which you can control quite easily by single tap), browisng is also a breeze. It picks up signal (esp HSPDA) efforlessly. Laying your hands on it, and browsing it never cease to amaze not only the user but also the bystanders and on-lookers. Sensation XE’s form-factor is indeed a wow-factor. And the UI is mind-blowing. Bragging rights and porma aside, even an Iphone 4S will get jealous with it. Customization is endless and the way apps and widgets look and behave like a 3D object is indeed awesome. Homescreen animation is eye-catching and drool-worthy. Games looks waaaay better in quality and experience. And oh, I almost forgot, CAMERA and VIDEO quality is a stunner. Quality is so clear, and crisp. And the dual flash supports your needs when the light is not sufficient. Customization in both camera and video mode is great too. These strong factors, and more, is what you can get NATIVELY. So no freakin’ need to root your unit. How much more if Ice Cream Sandwich arrived in Sensation XE? (HTC sources sez upgrade will come December-January).

    Of course, I will also show you some drawbacks of this unit and my insights with it. First the storage is a mere 1G with 768MB RAM. Sources confirmed, though, that upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich will only overwrite the Gingerbread’s consumed space, which is around 300-400MB. More than enough to take the task. And yeah, SD card support up to 32GB. Sure to have Ice cream sandwich in the coming months, and most importantly, its 1.5GHz processor makes this fone at least future-proof for at least one-two years (in which we are not pretty sure with <1Ghz-powered Androids). The XE's battery, though an improved version from from the previous Sensation, will fall short if compared to SGII and iPhone's juices. Personal experience, with single charge, my XE's in auto-sync from the start, with constant connection to to internet via Wifi and then mobile connectivity. Multitasking mode- I downloaded apps, wallpapers, with FB constantly on, browse heavily with Yahoo, Engadget, Yugatech, GSMArena, YouTube, etc. Synched contacts instantly via Transfer, HTC Sync took care of my videos and mp3s. I called 30 times (average of 4 minutes per call) and sent SMS at least 250 times. Harassed my juice to the last drop. Thankfully, it survived 14-16 hrs on full connectivity despite the "abuse" aka initial test. With conscious effort to conserve battery via app and battery manager, but not limiting my addiction to internet browsing, reading ebooks, playing games,and tons of music playing and business calls, my single charge can last 26+ hours. Against benchmarks in battery, a lil' short against others, but with my experience, its enough for at least a day. I bet for someone who uses fone for music, FB and txt/call only, the battery will no doubt last at least 36 hrs.

    Iphone4S's Siri? SGII's legendary specs? No thanks! I'll take Sensation XE anytime. Quality, Customization and above all, the User-experience, will always trump over-rated brand's logo, hype, specs and benchmarks.

    I dont mean to insult anyone or any brands, I'm just sharing my experience and insights to aid you in your next smartphone purchase/preference.

    Well, its just my two cents. Kindly correct me anytime without flamin' ok?

    Much Regards,


    • Ads says:

      thanks for the comprehensive user review. does the inline controls of Beats Audio earphones works in iPhone4? like in accepting calls and forward/back/play functions? also im a desire Z user and the problem with it is the constant refreshing where you will see the rotating symbol in the Home screen once you press the Home button. this always happen after heavy web browsing, opening mail app, and game apps.

    • aze says:

      may htc sensation po ba na 22k lang yung price range?

    • Cipher says:

      @aze – around Php24,500 yung Sensation sa CMK Cellfones. I bet somewhere else may around 23k. Sa malls 24.8-25k pa rin (so better yet buy Sensation XE na 26.6-27.8k lng konti lng dagdag).

      Sensation is pretty cool and cheaper but as I witnessed it firsthand, and as claimed in many forums and techblogs, andaming nagrereklamo sa “defects” ng Sensation like lags, hangs, etc. At my wifi deathgrip din.

      Go for SGSII or Sensation XE instead. if 22k lng budget mo, wait for CHristmas, mura na yan =)

    • azeroth says:

      thanks. i saw it @ P24,500 in widgetcity, is it advisable to buy in there? or have you heard of any issues bout the phones from widget city?

  13. kamote says:

    haba naman ng nobela mo kuya para lang mag adds ^_^

    • Cipher says:

      most of your so called “nobela” are fictitious and offers less insights. Im very sorry if my so-called “novel/ads” is quite long. Excited lang ako cguro. I just shared my insights and personal experience so that people can have a little glimpse of whats actually happening behind spec sheets and a review in actual experience. I do not advertise coz (1) im not even a freakin’ employee of HTC, (2)I dont get anything from it, and (3)im not a fanboy of any brand. Im even a (current) user of iphone and samsung smartphones (thats why i CAN compare) And yeah, I love SG2.

      Peace! =)

  14. ardytenorio says:

    thanks for your personal input sir Cipher…

    im still undecided if ill go with SG2 or HTC Sensation XE…

    need more reading to do, malayo pa naman ang x’mas.

  15. Cipher says:

    @ Ads – the Beats headphones (35 mm)perfectly fit to iPhones (even laptops) however, the controls will only work with Sense XE. So far, i haven’t encountered any form of problem (Homescreen problem, video lagging, etc)with Sensation XE. Nagulat ako though, when I bought the Sensation XE, there where at least 2 consumers complaining about their Sensation (old model)units. Indeed may my problems nga sa “old” models ng HTC (just like what I read in different forums and tech blogs). I hope HTC this time will mature a little more in handling consumer feedback and in perfecting their models if they want to stay in the smarthphone race. So far so good naman, they even announce that they will surely upgrade as much models as they can to Ice Cream Sandwich. My fearless forecast is Dec-Jan but it only for HTC models with at least 1Ghz processor (lets hope its earlier lime mid-November and I hope I’m wrong with the processor limit)

  16. saya sudah membeli HTC Sensation XE dan phone ini sangat bagus sekali

    • Cipher says:

      translation: (from Indonessian)

      I’ve bought the HTC Sensation XE and the phone is very good indeed

      *tahnks Google Translate! =)

    • Cipher says:

      translation: (from Indonessian)

      I’ve bought the HTC Sensation XE and the phone is very good indeed

      *thanks Google Translate! =)

    • Mikhail says:

      Joko dmn? Saya jg org Indo tapi lagi di Phils. Translate that, @Cipher LOL. Anyway, got my hand on this phone 2 weeks ago in Mongkok, it’s quite impressive.

  17. Rodelio says:

    just purchased mine last night and so far, it’s classy. now i’m going junk my lg 2x

  18. Name: says:

    selling brand new SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE! 1 stock left
    37000.00, call for faster transaction 09178586856

  19. Francis says:

    Does the sensation xe have heat issues like the S2?


    • Cipher says:

      From my personal experience…No.

      Classic example is my experience this week @ Philippine Ad Congress in CamSur. As I listen to the speakers, I did major multi-tasking. I simultaneously recorded their speech (3 hours!)in the background, while taking camera shots and some video coverage too. Plus i’m checking emails and posting shout outs in Facebook every 10-15 mins. My GPS, AutoSync, Mobile internet connection and wifi is ON. Did i experienced heat issues due to heavy usage? Not at all. take note that the venue is not freezing cold at all (its hot actually, due to thousands of attendees packed in one area). This is a huge difference compared to my iPhone or samsung, which overheats even in moderate use only (like 30 mins internet or games).

      PROS: So, heavy usage overheats Sensation XE? definitely no!

      CONS:Does heavy usage drained my battery? definitely yes! (lolz)!



    • toby says:

      i beg to disagree cypher sir, mine went from steel cold to very warm within 10 minutes of 3g usage..

  20. gudo says:

    Hi Cipher,

    I am choosing between the Sensation XE and another “tough” android phone. At the moment, I am more in favor of buying the cheaper tough phone because I’m such a klutz and I tend to drop my phone every now and then. It would kill me to have bought a “premium” phone and then have it conked out on me after just one mishap. The tough phone is a mid-range, IP67-certified phone, so I’m more confident that it would survive my clumsiness, but I would have to sacrifice performance as it just has a meager 1.0GHz processor and Gingerbread, with no indication yet of any update to ICS. On the other hand, I would also want to future-proof my investment, and HTC’s announcement of an update for the Sensation XE really enticing.

    So I guess, my question is, from your experience, would it be worth paying a little extra for the XE, considering it’s not as “tough” as my other option? Can it survive simple day-to-day use with normal handling or do I have to handle it with care? Do you know of any good case for added protection for the XE, such as Otterbox cases? Isn’t it too big for your pocket at 4.3 inches, and probably more with a tough case on?

    I know I have a lot of questions but I wanted to be sure before I part with my hard-earned money. Thanks in advanced and I’ll appreciate any help you can give me in making a decision. By the way, nice review in your Nov. 1 post.

    • Cipher says:

      Hi Gudo. sorry for the late reply (got my b*tt dragged in Ad Congress for a week). I think the primary factor you should consider is your budget. Can you afford it to purchase right away, or you can manage to wait a little longer to complete the fund needed? If you need the phone asap, go get one which fits your budget (Nokia and Samsung are good, cheap options). Also, its very important that if you eye for one gadget, you should have at least 10% additional fund (lets say 1.5k-2.5k if your eyeing for a smartphone)to “accesorize” your new gadget. Its not a sort of “luho” but an additional investment to secure your investment (your smartphone). This should be used in adding up premium screen protector, capdase/otter/belkin, halo or caselogic. this is IMHO, important esp if you’ll purchase a top-of-the-line (and expensive) smartphone.

      I myself if a very clumsy guy, one of the major reason I contained myself for buying wafer-thin smartphones (like Droid Bionic or SGS2) because I always put my phone in my pockets and tends to drop it too many times. I bet i will break into two once i forget that I inserted it in my jeans’ back pocket (which I always do when I’m cramming). In line with durability, HTC has the industry reputation of manufacturing one of the toughest lines of phones.

      For your queries:

      Q: Would it be worth paying a little extra for the XE?

      A: Definitely yes! In terms of built – the aluminium-rubber unibody built for toughness and solid-grip is a big plus. The rubbery-finish, the curve, and the weight is perfect your grip and safe handling.

      Q:Can it survive simple day-to-day use with normal handling or do I have to handle it with care?

      A: The “bare” Sensation XE is tough enough (as tested by my peers who also owned one who are bold enough not to use screen protector and case). The gorilla glass screen is sturdy, a scratch-resistant top-notch glass. The armor-like aluminum+rubber built is tough-as-h3ll. My wife accidentally drop my Sensation XE @ 4 feet but not a single scratch nor a problem have occur. But personally, (esp that i’m clumsy and OC), regardless how tough this phone is, i believe you should also give conscious effort to protect it (esp that its so expensive), thats why I use screen protector and casing, plus a pouch (when i’m on-the-go) too which also serves as iBeats keeper. Its simply protecting your investment (and you worked really hard for your cash, right?)

      Q:Do you know of any good case for added protection for the XE, such as Otterbox cases?

      A: I’m using original Capdase hard-jelly case for HTC Sensation. It fits well, light and compact, and comes with screen protector. Otterbox, IMHO, is a no-no since its very bulky, somewhat heavy, which will make your Sensation XE (which is heavy enough) annoyingly heavy. Plus, the built, the curves, the over-all look of Sensation XE is a head-turner already, the otterbox will ruin its beauty. Just use Capdase. Thin, tough, and light, and it compliments the Sensation built.

      Q:Isn’t it too big for your pocket at 4.3 inches, and probably more with a tough case on?

      A: Not at all. Aside from my slacks (our uniform), i always place mine (XE) in my jeans pocket. It fits well in pockets, with enough space to slide your hands in. Note that it even has Capdase on it. Using Otterbox is a different story…

      I hope this will help, and thanks for the compliments, Gudo!



  21. Name: says:

    Get the samsung galaxy NOTE! The best phone for 2011.
    Super fast 1.4 ghz dual core exynos
    Amazing huge 5.3 inch screen, AMAZING!
    Amazing battery 2500 mah, and yes been using it the whole day its AMAZING! Web browsing straight non stop 7 hours guaranteed (at 35 percent brightness). Just light browsing, calling and texting with everything turned on, 2 days!
    Amazing gps system since it also uses GLONASS technology, lock up time is very very fast and very very accurate.
    It may be big at 5.3 inch screen but man, I can leave my ipad2 at home and survive! GREAT!
    It can do any phone in the planet can and more, you can write on it using its stylus.
    Held both galaxy nexus and galaxy note, even with gingerbread, I chose the note, imagine it with ics early 2011 confirmed (samsung uk has confirmed it already).
    E X C E L L E N T phone. Now, my iphone 4s goes to the drawer.

  22. kitty_pride says:

    what the heck markaznar! you’ve been spamming the thread with your stupid Galaxy Note business! And your hardselling it as well to promote your goods! WTF! For goodness sake, this is HTC Sensation XE thread, not or multiply! Go somewhere else [email protected]! We dont need your SG Note BS! Your obviously OFF-TOPIC and hard-selling your stuffs! what a ‘hole!

  23. lol says:

    Hey Kitty
    For your info I have no galaxy notes to sell anymore, sold out and not intending on selling anymore since Samsung Ph has them. So back off you bitch, I don’t need your ranting. My note post was directed at cipher. Simply telling him that I ditched my iPhone 4a over it. So shut the fuck up pussy kitty!

    • kitty_pride says:

      hi markaznar,

      wow,what a breeding. Poor upbringing clown. Your parents must be itching to abort you waaay back. Pity you. Oh by the way, your still OFF-TOPIC. read your freakin’ post!. Nobody’s even asking for your opinion and out of the blue you’re selling your stuffs and talkin’ about Note. who the heck’s asking for that?

      and oh, you have no respect for women. shame.

  24. Cipher says:

    @ kitty_pride & markaznar,

    guys, lets keep yugatech clean & sensible. no hostility please. lets refrain (if we cant avoid) curses, bashing and flaming. Peace out!

    I believe Sensation XE, Galaxy Note, and iPhone4S are all wonderful products. Sensation XE is great, tough, and an all-around smartphone, Galaxy Note is a monster — real powerhouse in terms of features, hardware, and benchmarks; and iphone4s is….err…cool and classy. Its juts a matter of preference.


    • lol says:

      Hey dude Cipher, my posts was actually agreeing that perhaps my expensive iPhone 4s was not as impressive as I thought it was after having the more which is identical to a sgs2. This chick then starts throwsing nasty shit.
      talking about breeding, you kitty *&%$. I don’t care if your a tranny, man, lesbian, homosexual, poor, rich, fat or thin, what I care is how you initially threw shit at me without reading the entire blog
      If you read the blog and I assume you can read because you can write, minus perhaps comprehension skills, you would have understood my post was accepting defeat to Ciphers ideas regarding the galaxy being a superior choice. Your an embarassmeng to the woman of this world, you dumb %&*-.

    • lol says:

      Correction on last post, using an old old nexus one so typing on it is hell.
      1. “it was after having the more which is identical to a sgs2″ = it was afer having the galaxy note which is almost identical to a sgs2
      2.” Your an embarassmeng to the woman of this world, you dumb %&*-.” – Your an embarrassment to the women of this world you dumb %&*-.

  25. kitty_pride says:

    My bad, I’m sorry…

  26. rtb says:

    Hi. Meh alam kau alternative battery for this phone? like ung mas extended ung battery life?

    • Cipher says:

      Mugen Power 1950mAh (around $45) and 3600 mAh (around $105) and Anker 1900mAh ($16)

      Mugen Power is HUGE physically. Anker is slimmer.

    • Cipher says:

      Tried both Amazon & eBay, Anker do not ship their any products to the Philippines =( Even doesnt have one! I also asked MemoXpress (HTC’s accredited reseller), they dont have one either.

      Any idea guys where we can find one (Anker) here in the Philippines?

    • Cipher says:

      Mugen Power 1950mAh actually fits perfectly with Sensation XE and available in the philippines via ebay, amazon, etc… (however, its 181% more expensive than Anker…price+postage will rip you Php 2,382)

      Mugen Power 3600 mAh is the big/thick one, the price will make you Php 5,000+ poorer =(

  27. rtb says:

    grabe mahal. haha. next nlang cguro.

  28. Quartz says:

    Has anyone encountered the Death grip issue with this phone? Am planning to buy this unit but I’ve read and watched this in a few websites and it says it still has the same problem which is really bothering me. Hope you guys help me with this. No flaming or bashing please.

  29. Quartz says:

    Personally, I haven’t encountered such issues. I asked MemoXpress (accredited retailer of HTC) if they have encountered such issues from other buyers, they said none so far and if you’re unlucky enough to have a unit with this issue, a simple jelly, or hardcase protector will cancel out probability of wifi signal-drop. Research more (cnet, gsmarena, engadget, gizmodo) and you will realize that its not really a big deal for those who encountered it, after all, who will hold his smartphone that way while using it?(holding the fone firmly and covering the total top or bottom portion of the phone).

  30. Cipher says:

    My bad, forgot to changed the name,

    Personally, I haven’t encountered such issues. I asked MemoXpress (accredited retailer of HTC) if they have encountered such issues from other buyers, they said none so far and if you’re unlucky enough to have a unit with this issue, a simple jelly, or hardcase protector will cancel out probability of wifi signal-drop. Research more (cnet, gsmarena, engadget, gizmodo) and you will realize that its not really a big deal for those who encountered it, after all, who will hold his smartphone that way while using it?(holding the fone firmly and covering the total top or bottom portion of the phone).

    • shacer says:

      hello guys gud morning… im a new user of sensation xe, just bought it first of december, i really love it, i was researching this smartphone for like 4 months, back then it was desire S, the next month i ended deciding to buy sensation, but later wen i alredy got money i bought sensation xe.. lol. the only thing im not sure about it is it’s battery.. heavy drain, but i alredy know.. guys.. to optimize battery life i alredy done these tips and ticks, i even alredy swtich my prefferd networks to GSM only coz i know 3g signals here in CdeO is not that awesome and important coz wer still in GSM majority signal, although it was in yr 2008 that phils launched 3g network signal if im not mistaken.. im aware of that… and all i do is text and calling.. wen i go net, just pop wifi.. fb, teamviewer and anything max of 30 mins.. video record of 1min lot of camera activity(pic taking).. just that.. and guess wat, i kinda drain like 40% for 6hrs… including bluetooth sync and stuff, gps.. and 3g.. and the fons like heating up..

      anyway… i stumble here in yuga tech to find my questions about extended battery life.. luks like i found you guys.. i just red ur thread u guys are super tech… and we all got 1 issue.. the battery.. lol.. anyway sir Cipher, i really lernd a lot in this thread tnx.. any updates wer we can buy this mugen battery here in phils?

    • Cipher says:

      @shacer –

      I already posted this in tipidcp forum. I feel obliged to post this to help you out because I think you might have missed some of the adjustments in managing battery life.I hope makatulong din sa iba:

      its because I’m a heavy user, so i devoted a lot of time in researching and testing ways to extend battery life of smartphones, esp with Sensation XE. I discovered a lot of things and applied it to my HTC. In line with this, I would like to share the following tips and personal experiences:


      These practices are done in stock (unrooted) Sensation XE. I also did the same to an iPhone (except for Android-related adjustments). These might even give rooted models better battery life due to access in many processes like under-clocking, disabling Sense, change of launcher, etc.) These practices greatly improved my stock Sensation XE’s battery life (personal experience). Kindly share your own experiences if these suggestions really helped.

      Extending Your Sensation XE’s battery life 101:)

      1. Do not believe that you have to do the following:
      (a) initial charge your battery on its first use for an X number of hours (4-6+ hours usually)
      (b) drain your battery before you charge it full

      Its a little strange, somewhat a conspiracy (hmm…) in the mobile world to dictate consumers via user manuals to initially charge or drain your battery before charging for optimum battery performance. Contrary to that, these practices actually DEGRADE the battery life your lithium-ion batteries.

      Here are the eye-openers:

      Note that it is actually suggested to charge your fone (lithium-ion powered) as necessity dictates. DO NOT let your battery run below 30% and most of all, NEVER drain it. I personally charge my fone when it reaches 40% (lowest)-70% (highest – most recommended). This practice supports better battery life and performance. If possible, if your battery dropped to 70% or less, charge it!

      2. One of the major battery-draining process in Sensation XE is the Sense (UI) itself. I believe its UI is the biggest advantage of HTC versus gazillion of smarthphones in the market today. However, its Sense UI consumes too much battery, tagged along with 1.5GHz dual processor and 4.3 display. So adjust the following:

      (a) Minimal animation esp with Weather widget
      (b) 25% or less for Screen brightness
      (c) Uncheck Background data unless you are about to perform AutoSync.
      (d) Do not flood your homescreens with energy & data refresh-intensive widgets like Facebook, News, Youtube, Friend Stream and email widgets. You shortcut and apps instead. Widgets are eye-candy and give you convenience of being updated on the dot, however, they demand more energy and lots of data-fetching ( be it via wifi or 3G). HTC is a huge FB fanboy that it always data-fetch Facebook. Come Ice Cream Sandwich, this might change for better, (or for worse, with constant data-fetching with Google+ instead)
      (e) Lockscreen: Use wallpaper or Clock version and not the animation heavy like Weather, Photo Album, Friend Stream, etc
      (f) Do not use live wallpapers since it consumes tons of juice out of you battery.
      (g) turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Haptic feedback, Orientation, Vibration if you’re not really using it (or need it)
      (h) Uncheck “Enable always-on mobile data” esp when not using Mobile Connectivity
      (i) Do not insist on using wifi if your wifi signal is pretty low. Low signals prompts HTC system to exert more effort (thus energy as well) in scanning wifi reception. Same thing goes to 3G signals. If you’re about to sleep and you your signal is still zero bar, might as well turn it off or activate flight mode. I have experienced leaving my phone @ 100% battery with zero cellular signal til morning (my location s*cks) and guess what, when I woke up my battery turned 30% (even without using the phone)!!!
      (j) Download Juice Defender (even the free one will suffice) – somehow helps extend your battery’s life
      (k) Download System Panel & Android Assistant – these will selectively kill processes working in the backgrounds, which are mostly not essential, like a game you just paused, facebook collecting data in the background, etc…
      Do not make a mistake of downloading apps that intends to kill processes every single minute and no user-control — these will suck your juice contrary to its actual intention to preserve it
      (l) Use your lovely iBeats instead of sound-trippin’ with speakers (and more importantly, the speakers do not give justice to its superb audio performance)
      (m) Do not leave your XE in an extremely hot location (like leaving it inside your car under direct sunlight)
      (n) DO not use your fone as much as possible (though sometimes its inevitable) if its charging
      (o) If possible, turn it off before you charge your fone. This is extremely helpful in extending your battery’s life.
      (p) Charge straight to 100% as much as possible (though staggered charging will not harm necessarily your battery unless done in an almost-drained state)

      3. For your peace of mind, you should:

      (a) Purchase Anker 1900mAh extended batteries + charger (as replacement or backup)
      (b) always bring your charger =)

      I know some of these suggestions will definitely change the “functionality and wow-factor (pogi points!)” of your droll-worthy Sensation XE. However, if your done with the pa-pogi era (we all love to showoff our Sensation XE and kick some SGS2 & Iphone’s butts on the first months of our fone,) and soon, when practicality calls and you need more juice (especially if your on a local or foreign trip and you need more juice in Kodakan moments, video recording for the memories and email/FB updates), you really have to exert more effort in conserving your battery. If you can’t give up most of the things stated above (same reason i did not include refrain use of games), you can always hand-pick what tips that apply to you and your mobile lifestyle.

  31. Cipher says:

    @shacer – with regards to extended batteries:
    Your best bet in terms of battery life is Mugen Power @ 3600mAH – one charge will probably support you for more than 3 days but with a price: first, its very expensive (Php 4,617.00), second, its VERY bulky, and third its backdoor is ugly and not durable.

    In terms of availability and bang-for-bucks, Anker extended batteries 1950mAh is your best choice. Unfortunately, Laptopmate (maker of Anker), as well as & Amazon do not ship Anker products to the Philippines. Your best choice is to buy it in a reseller (his name is wolf9honor) in

    Chichitec 1950mAH extended batteries is also a good replacement to your stock battery, but more expensive than Anker.

    there are no local retailers for Mugen Power, Anker and Chichitec extended batteries.

    Buying extended batteries online will test your patience, because delivery of ordered products usually takes 18-24 working days from the time of shipment. Shipmenttakes place around 3-5 working days after payment.

    Hope this helps!

    • shacer says:

      hehe… i think i miss that charging stuff, i really belivd that 100%-0% cycle is healthy, draining it to 0% then fully charge it.. im gonna try ur practice sir. and that flight mode and low wifi signal making ur system work harder i like that.. i never come to think if it.. heheh.. and im gona try to download System Panel… yeah iv tried to order mugen battery from ebay that was bfore i knew that it is not gonna ship here in asia.. im gonna try to contact that user u refferd to.

      just another thing, hav u noticed this abnormal restart in ur fone? since i bought it in december iv kinda experienced it like 2 times, the second time was just hours since im posting this.. it happend after i fully charged it then minutes later the fone is heating up after a minute it just restarted.. i was using wifi and gps 15 minutes after it was fully charged.. i dont knw wat the heck is that?!

      hmmm… that rooting stuff? i think im gonna study it first before im gona brick this fone (lol)man i luv this fon! i dont want to brick it… hehehe.. maybe after the warranty.. lol

      tnx sir Cipher it was an honor to hv ur extended batt life tips for stock sensations.. tnx and belated happy new year! advance chinese new year.

    • Cipher says:

      @shacer –

      First of all, thanks for the kind words.
      I never experienced any random restarts from my phone ever since (i purchased my XE last Oct 30, 2011). Mine is a black edition and first batch of Sensation XEs to the reach the country. If my guess is correct, your XE is either:

      (1)purchased December 2011 (probably second batch and up)

      (2)white edition

      I received many comments from co-XE owners, many claimed that their XE overheats (which can easily be remedied by restarting the phone), random white screen appearance / restart,among other issues. 95-98% of them are white editions or new batches. If this worry you too much (or this happens too often) you can factory reset it yourself (they will do this anyway if you return your phone) and see if this auto-restart reoccur. if it does, return your phone.

      I don’t recommend rooting especially that XE is already a wonderful phone even without “additional interventions / customizations” …
      regardless how careful and “professional” rooting you conduct,your phone might give you more serious troubles aside from your non-serious auto-restarts, and probably not worth losing the warranty. Better wait for 3.5 Sense update anytime soon, as well as Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade anything this first quarter of the year. And yeah, invest in extended batteries as well. I got my Anker from ebay (via wolf9honor — the reseller).



  32. Mi says:

    I have a Philips in-ear headset that the HTC Sensation XE detects as a Beats Audio device and the boost is detectable as well.

    • shacer says:

      that’s cool! it means it is detecting branded ear headsets lol.. i have generic headfones it wont feature beats audio… it’s good to hear that..

  33. Help po :'(( says:

    Help,.. I spill oil/hair polish in my HTC sensation XE, and i immediately sent it to HCT CS. But base on the Quotation, i should pay 24K for the replacement of my LDC and board?? how come the board was damage if they kept it.. they didn’t even sent me any updates except for the HTC agent coz i call may times for the updates… T_T but they told me they will send me an email or call me since they got my contact number?? i’m planning to get back my phone bcoz it’s already about a month since i sent it to them?? Where can i bring my HTC for faster and cheaper repair >,< Please help po :'( Thanks

  34. mimi says:

    Hi meron po bang nakakaalam kung saan pwedeng makabili ng backup na charger for xe?yung matagal malowbat tnx.

  35. jeff says:

    got an update of ics for my sensation xe just today march 27 2012 4pm

  36. Cipher says:

    Yeah, Ice Cream Sandwich rocks!

    for a mini-review and step-by-step guide to ICS update to Sensation XE, see link below:

    hope this helps!

    • shacer says:

      te only difference is that i update it to ics then i factory reset it… bugs wer gone but this mobile network turning on by itself is annoying.. i downloaded DATA ON-OFF in the market apps at least i cud do to prevent it from turning on automatically.. im worried of my bill this month cuz of this bug… crazy…

  37. Mahdz says:

    Hi, i just found out this thread with HTC sensation XE. I am planning to buy a new phone,will i be called a “late bloomer” if i’ll buy this phone? Another point is I went to SM and it seems that the price they got there was pretty cheap (7500.00) is this price for real? i cant imagine the price went all the way down. Please educate me on where to buy a legit HTC sensation XE. thanks!

    • Cipher says:

      late bloomer? not neceesarily. Esp now that it is updated to Android 4.0 (Ice cream Sandwich), the system, interface and speed upgrade is noticeable and significant. The price of Sensation XE nowadays is around 23,000-25,999 pesos.

      Buy legit HTC phones in MemoXpress (cyberzone sm megamall), Digital Walker (eastwood mall, robinsons mall, MOA) and HTC shops (MOA, SM Megamall)

      Note, that when you buy Sensation XE, its not updated yet to Sense 3.6 and Android 4.0. By default, its Sense 3.0 and Android 2.3.7

      To update it, just follow the guide in the links below:

      For comparison to high-end 2012 products, you can also refer here:

      and here

    • Cipher says:

      late bloomer? not neceesarily. Esp now that it is updated to Android 4.0 (Ice cream Sandwich), the system, interface and speed upgrade is noticeable and significant. The price of Sensation XE nowadays is around 23,000-25,999 pesos.

      Buy legit HTC phones in MemoXpress (cyberzone sm megamall), Digital Walker (eastwood mall, robinsons mall, MOA) and HTC shops (MOA, SM Megamall)

      Note, that when you buy Sensation XE, its not updated yet to Sense 3.6 and Android 4.0. By default, its Sense 3.0 and Android 2.3.7

      To update it, just follow the guide in the links below:

      you can also check there for comparison to 2012 flagship smartphones

    • Cipher says:

      late bloomer? not neceesarily. Esp now that it is updated to Android 4.0 (Ice cream Sandwich), the system, interface and speed upgrade is noticeable and significant. The price of Sensation XE nowadays is around 23,000-25,999 pesos.

      Buy legit HTC phones in MemoXpress (cyberzone sm megamall), Digital Walker (eastwood mall, robinsons mall, MOA) and HTC shops (MOA, SM Megamall)

      Note, that when you buy Sensation XE, its not updated yet to Sense 3.6 and Android 4.0. By default, its Sense 3.0 and Android 2.3.7

      as much as i want to help you with the step-by-step guide in updating your Sensation XE as well as comparison to 2012 flagship smartphones, yugatech no longer allows posting of links. you can email me at [email protected] if you have queries.

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