Huawei Ascend G525 lands, sells for under Php7K

Huawei Ascend G525 lands, sells for under Php7K

It seems that Huawei is taking a page out of the local brands’ game by releasing a competitively priced quad-core dual-SIM handset in the form of Huawei Ascend G525.

huawei ascend g525

This smartphone has all the basic stuff that one would look for in a decent Android handset. That includes a 4.5-inch IPS display with qHD resolution, a pair of cameras placed on the back (5MP w/o flash) and on the front (VGA).

Handling the workload for this handset is the tandem of 1.2GHz processor quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. It comes with Android Jelly bean which takes up a good amount of the phone’s 4GB internal storage. Good thing though that the ROM can be expanded through a micro-SD card slot.

Huawei Ascend G525 specs:
4.5-inch qHD display @960×540 pixels, 244ppi
Qualcomm MSM8225Q 1.2GHz quad-core
Adreno 203 GPU
4GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
Dual SIM, dual Standby
HSPA 7.2Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
GPS w/ aGPS support, GLONASS
Stereo FM Radio
5MP rear camera
720p video
VGA front-facing camera
1,7000mAh battery
Android 4.1
Dimension: 134 x 66.8 x 9.9 mm
Weight: 160g


The Huawei Ascend G525 retails for Php6,999 and is now available in participating outlets listed below.

• MemoXpress
• jrMX

SM Malls
• BSD International (Megamall)
• PowerTel (North, Megamall, MOA & Calamba)

• Tekpone
• Junrex

• Tekpone
• Herrera Brothers

CityTech in Oriental Mindoro
Mountain Studio in Baguio
Graphic Shops in CDO

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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71 Responses

  1. stingrey says:

    Just to clarify, does this really have a flash?

    I have seen on other blogs stating that it does not have an LED Flash for the camera

  2. AsusFan says:

    “Adreno 203 GPU” and
    “1,7000mAh battery”

    No thanks, moving on….

    • lawrence says:

      any brand/model which you can buy locally under 7K with similar specs and better GPU and battery?

    • Mokong_ka says:


      Cherry Mobile Razor

      1. Cheaper
      2. Has better gpu / cpu (in fact, a lot way better)
      3. has a more updated JB 4.2
      4. Asahi anti-scratch glass coating

    • jade says:

      mas ok na ako dito sa Huawei G525. just add 500 at mas trusted at reliable brand ang mabibili mong smartphone brand. unlike cherry Mobile, unkown chinese brand ang nagmamanufacture ng phones nila. itong Huawei, Kilalang brand worldwide at kasali pa sa top smartphone brands worldwide. just saying. hehe. no offense to cherry mobile fans out there. im just saying the truth about Huawei. marami kasi dito ang di pa kilala ang Huawei. hehe. kinucompare ba naman ang Huawei sa Cherry mobile. facepalm

    • Justin says:

      “1,7000mAh battery”… should be 1,700mAh battery.

      @Mokong_ka: abuzalzal? kaw ba yan? :)

    • IX says:

      @Mokong: Please do not compare a local brand to an international one. Even if you say for the price range, there’s still a criteria called: QUALITY. Huawei is to Sony/HTC/Samsung, Cherry Mobile is to Starmobile/MyPhone.

    • Schwartz MD says:

      @ IX….. please don’t compare Huawei with Samsung, HTC, or Sony. Anybody who owns Samsung, Sony, or HTC would probably disagree with you.

      Snapdragon 200 is the lowest form of Qualcomm’s quad core (only cortex a5). Adreno 203 was used with dual core SOC. What’s worse is that this phone doesn’t even have LED flash… Talk about QUALITY. Many local brands have better build & quality than Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE and other international brands.(I’ve tried many of them) .. Also don’t forget about Dev support. We have lots of talented Devs who patronize locally branded smartphones. Have you heard of any Huawei phone being updated? (Maybe there is but it’s not that common.)

    • johhn says:

      @Schwartz MD

      Quick question: Who is the world’s third biggest smartphone maker?
      BlackBerry? Guess again. HTC? Sony? Nope. It’s Huawei.

      Kahit Chinese brand sila, high quality pa din ang smartphones nila at di sila masasali sa top smartphone makers kung ang quality ng phones nila ay di katulad ng Samsung at HTC. THen you said that Snapdragon 200 is the lowest form of Qualcomm’s quad core (only cortex a5). Adreno 203 was used with dual core SOC. Guess what, this smartphone is just an entry level so ang CPU niya ay di katulad ng Galaxy SIV at HTC One. 6,999 lang ang price niya. yung smartphones ng Samsung at HTC na below 10k ay single core lang. AT least ang low end phone ng Huawei at may IPS qHD display. kahit yung midrange phone ng Samsung may TFT display lang at WVGA resolution. LOL. tapos yung sinasabi mong local brands na may madaming developers, di naman tayo sure sa quality niyan kasi unknown Chinese manufactures ang gumagawa niyan para sa MyPhone at cherry Mobile…. :D

    • IX says:

      Schwartz MD:

      “please don’t compare Huawei with Samsung, HTC, or Sony. Anybody who owns Samsung, Sony, or HTC would probably disagree with you.”

      lol. its obvious that you’re currently using a cherry mobile / myphone. and I think everytime you hear Samsung, Sony or HTC, the only phone that comes to your mind is Samsung S3/S4, XPERIA Z and HTC One.. being subjective on the tech specs? you might want to check their “Entry Level” phones. you’ll be surprized on their tech specs. did we need to remind you again that this is an “ENTRY LEVEL” phone priced at less than Php 7k?

      Updates problem? They’re just starting to join the smartphone wars, of course they have little support at this moment. don’t just state your facts that you’ve read on forums.

      U mad at Huawei so much? can’t compare to some tech giants worldwide? you can read this if you have time, specially the 2nd sentence and the competitive position. :)

    • Schwartz MD says:

      Mga sir, easy lang tayo. Hindi ako fan boy ng kahit ano brand. (Dati siguro solid Nokia tapos iphone). Mahigit 2 years na din ako nung nag start sa android. Yes, may Cherry ako, wife ko may Myphone. Ano po ba masama dun? (Pero hindi lang po yun mga telepono namin.) Wala din ako tiwala dati sa mga local brand. Last year sinubukan ko lang.. Ang gusto ko lang sabihin, hwag natin maliitin yun mga local brand kung hindi pa natin nasusubukan man lang. Para sa mga naghahanap ng phone at hindi pa sarado ang utak, hwag naman natin impluwensyahan na low quality ang mga telepono natin. Hindi po ako namimilit pero ang advise ko lang kung may budget kayo, go for high end device like S4 etc. Kung limited ang budget, mas praktikal ang local kaysa kahit na anong international brand. Bakit ko nasasabi ito? Dahil maliban po sa pag oopera, hilig ko din magbutingting ng mga iba-ibang mga gadget pambawas stress. At hindi lang po dahil sa pagbabasa ko sa mga forum.(Hindi ko na po sasagutin mga iba nyo post para end of discussion na.) Peace.

  3. Chadworks says:

    I’ve read in some forum it doesn’t have flash, can’t see anything on the image above either.

  4. JP says:

    Quadcore snapdragon S200 + 1gb of ram can play games like minion rush and etc. lag free right? What about games that require heavy graphics?

    • IX says:

      Yes. But don’t expect it’ll reach 60 FPS. My Huawei Y300 (MSM8225 – S4 Play) can play Minion Rush with occasional and noticeable lags (around 30-40 FPS). But that’s expected on a 2 year old processor + 512 RAM. So more or less G525 will perform better.. maybe around 40-55 FPS? Afterall, it’s still a graphic intense game. In Temple Run 2 it will perform smoothly, trust me. :)

    • johhn says:

      Hi IX, may huawei y300 ka di ba?ask ko lang maganda ba ang IPS display ng huawei smartphones? clear pa rin ba ang screen kahit nasa outdoors ka? TIA

    • shadow says:

      @Johnn: I have a Y300 and I can say its IPS display is quite good, viewing angles are great too..a really good screen I can say..:)

    • IX says:

      Actually, nagulat rin ako at maganda talaga ang IPS display nya. I will consider it a “True IPS” display because of its clear and well saturated colors + good viewing angles unlike sa advertised IPS ng CM at MP, kelangan mo rin kasi makita in actual to compare these, hindi lang mag base sa specs sa papel. Incomparable siya sa deep blacks ng AMOLEDS but with the cheap price of Y300, screen is – above average. The only good AMOLED screen that I saw is in Galaxy S4 (S.AMOLED), well saturated na yung colors.

    • pj says:

      ask ko lang po.. nakakapag save ba ang huawei g525 ng appz galing sa playstore sa SD CARD… na imo-move po ba xa sa SD CARD? …

  5. JP says:

    This or the Lenovo A706? which is better? Hope other companies like Sony or Samsung will produce phones with similar specs with budget price. :)

  6. chinitoguy says:

    Wow! Quad core and 1GB RAM plus qHD screen for only 7K! Kaso Huawei… I don’t trust the brand. Hehehe…

  7. It comes with Android Jelly bean which takes up a good amount of the phone’s 4GB internal storage. Good thing though that the ROM can be expanded through a micro-SD card slot.

    ROM? Baka RAM

    • john says:

      RAM on smartphones cant be expanded. ROM ,however which is the internal memory/storage of this phone can be expanded via SD card :D

    • Uhm, unless the mobile phone industry has redefined terms, ROM is Read-Only Memory, which means it’s not writable. Which means that it doesn’t do any good to expand it, because you can’t write to it.

    • Magic5 says:

      @daniel escasa..

      Basa2 dn pag my time! ;p

      Manufacturers responded to this limitation with Flash memory, a type of EEPROM that uses in-circuit wiring to erase by applying an electrical field to the entire chip or to predetermined sections of the chip called blocks. Flash memory works much faster than traditional EEPROMs because it writes data in chunks, usually 512 bytes in size, instead of 1 byte at a time

    • Thanks for the explanation, @Magic5, but I’m not sure it clears up my confusion. I’m coming from the PC side of tech, in case you haven’t noticed :)

      On the PC (and larger computers), RAM is space meant for temporary storage — your desktop, programs you load from non-volatile storage, in some cases the data that those apps work on, etc.

      I get the impression that the line between volatile and non-volatile storage is kinda blurred in mobile phones. So, when manufacturers say that their phone has 512MB of RAM, part of that could be non-volatile storage, mainly for apps, tama ba?

      OTOH — and correct me if I’m wrong — the ROM could contain the OS, although it’s not really ROM, it’s EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to upgrade your OS.

      In any case, talking of ROM as expandable isn’t quite accurate. If you want to be strict about it, dapat EEPROM. But that’s not likely to catch on :) And when you’re adding an SD card to your mobile, you’re adding non-volatile memory, parang pag-install ng hard or solid state drive sa PC.

      Hmm, just realized that you can’t add RAM on a mobile so in that sense my original correction wasn’t accurate either.

      OTOH, it’s not ROM in the traditional PC sense. Let’s just call it additional storage and be done with it :)

    • magic5 says:

      @Daniel Escasa..

      yah, i bet u R! hehe.. coz its d same wid me, im an IT bdway..

      ive bn wondrng also bout the terminology being used in mobile devices such as “rom”, that’s why i searched for it, and the only explanation that i came acrossed is the EEPROM which is a type of rom that can be erased and rewritable, but is expensive that’s why most of the budget frendly mobile devices out there has a lmited size of it.

      on ur 1st notion, u are partly right coz my observation regarding phone logs is the same, the phone stores it even though i have removed the batt for quite sometime resulting in a delay on d phone clock, meaning d log part of the phone uses a non-volatile memory. and accordng to the def. of RAM,

      “Many other types of non-volatile memory are RAM as well, including most types of ROM and a type of flash memory called NOR-Flash.”

      -but i dnt knw 4 sure if it uses part of the rom or d ram coz im not d engineer hu designed it.. hehe.. But i think the ram part of d phone is dedicated mostly as a Random Access Memory or temporary just like in compters.

      on ur 2nd notion,, yes it contains the os and pre installed apps and drivers, and EEPROM is actually a type of ROM so techncally, it is ROM ;)

      on ur 3rd notion, “In any case, talking of ROM as expandable isn’t quite accurate.”
      -unfortunately, ur wrong my frend, SD card or flash drive is a hybrid type of memory card which could be used as a ram or rom ;p

      e.g. accordng to wiki- “As of 2010, most SSDs use NAND-based flash memory, which retains data without power. For applications requiring fast access, but not necessarily data persistence after power loss, SSDs may be constructed from random-access memory (RAM). => meaning in desktop use, u can make d SSD as ur boot up drive only.

      on ur 4th notion, yes u cant add a RAM because its physically impossible unless u will re-engineered d whole thing and make an expansion slot for it?? hehe..

      On ur last notion, “OTOH, it’s not ROM in the traditional PC sense.”

      -all i can say is u better keep up wd d changing world, coz ur definition or perception of ram and rom is very old school. hehe.. coz whether where talking about pc, laptop, tablet or phone,, intel or amd,, ios, android or wp?

      its all the same in the sense of having and using the same computing parts such as ram, rom, cpu and such, dey just differ in architecture and approach..

    • pj says:

      ask ko lang po.. nakakapag save ba ang huawei g525 ng appz galing sa playstore sa SD CARD… na imo-move po ba xa sa SD CARD? …

  8. Five says:

    @sir ronnie..

    Review please ;)

    Specially the graphics and battery life, plus the front camera for video chat.
    Thanks much! This is the price range and specs that ive been waiting for from those quality brands.. Should i wait for more surprizes til 3rd qtr of this year or best buy na 2? Hehe

  9. john says:


  10. Damarkcus says:

    Waiting for Abuzalzal’s response.

    • nemeses says:

      look, @abuzalzal aka the techtard/douchebag/fartbrain has arrived! right below us!

      let the “burn/shame/kill abuzalzal” games begin!

  11. abuzalzal says:

    mga Timang-goloids
    Tingin niyo ba SULIT and Php7k niyo sa Adreno 203?

    It’s a freaking 5-year old gpu!!!!!!

    Quality kayo diyan lol…Eh pare pareho lang naman CHINA yan, sige titigan ninyo ang Huwawei maghapon sambahin ang quality, Mas maganda ang RAZOR, mas mura pa

    • nemeses says:

      STFU, kulang ka lang sa jakol. ayan ka na naman eh, feeling engineer ka na naman eh kahit magbasa nga lang ng capacitor hindi mo alam. singhot-singhot din ng rugby pag may time.

    • guen eltanal says:

      so what kung 5-year old na ang Adreno 203? what’s your f*cking point. heck, Adreno 203 will still suffice for some mid-range games out there.

      kung makita kita ng personal, hindi ako magdadalwang-isip na pasabugin yang ulo mo gamit ang shotgun. you’re like those f*cking viruses: “no matter how you kill ’em, they’ll keep coming”

      wag na kasing magmarunong kahit mas mabagal pa sa pentium 4 yang utak mo. at wag ka na ring mag-comment, baka sumabog yang walang kuwentang utak mo.

      dapat sa mga utak-basura na gaya mo, pinapatay. mas giginhawa ang buhay naming mga normal na tao kung wala ka. pakamatay ka na please!

    • jollibee crew-pal says:

      i-RAZOR mo yang utak mo para mabawasan naman yang pagiging madaldal at pagmamarunong mo. puro ka naman satsat, wala ka namang pambili…naubos kakabili ng condom sa 7-11 at ministop dahil nymphomaniac ka.

    • enchong deemongkal says:

      kulang ka lang sa tsupa at panonood ng my husband’s lover. saksak mo na lang yang phone mo sa puwet mo. wag mong kalimutang i-vibrate mode.

    • Name: gwapongnilalang says:

      kahit naman anong ginanda ng cellphone mo kung pangit ka pangit ka pa rin! tungak! pangmahirap ang cherry mobile as well as huawei kea dapat wag knang gumamit kasi di pwede un sa mga tangang katulad mo..
      kung yayaman lang ako sa mga katulad mo eh mayaman nako sooper!
      buti nlng pogi ako khit s3 lang cellphone ko eh sikat pa rin ako!

    • abutikol says:

      kala mong kung sino kang magsalita eh mas mabagal pa nga nyang utak mo kaysa sa Adreno 203 na sinasabi mo

    • stingrey says:

      kuwento sa utak mong patapon…hahaha

    • johnn says:

      cge bilhin mo yang razor na yan. kinabukasan sira na may defect agad tas matutulog yan ng limang buwan sa cherrymobile service centers. bwahaha. tanga. may mga tao talaga na mas prefer ang quality kesa cheappy mobile

    • Matthew Ames says:

      You’re the epitome of faggotry, I swear.
      Go home and take your illegal drugs.
      You psychopathic jerk.

    • magic5 says:

      Naku naku..

      mga tropa wag nmn ntn mxado kawawain at laitin c abuzalzal, my point dn nmn xa kht ppano, pro take note: d2 lng po ah! hehe..

      1st. mas mganda nga nmn specs and
      2nd. mas mura ang cm razor kumpara d2 sa huawei ascend G525.


      RAZOR specs:
      4.5-inch qHD IPS display, @245ppi
      1.2GHz MT6589 quad-core processor
      PowerVR SGX544MP GPU
      1GB RAM
      Expandable 4GB ROM (up to 32GB)
      8 megapixel camera w/ flash
      2 megapixel front-facing camera
      WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
      Bluetooth 3.0
      Li-Ion 1,750mAh battery (non-removable)
      Android Jellybean v.4.2
      Dimension: 135.4 x 68 x 7.7 mm
      Weight: 157g

      Arriving this July, the CM Razor will be retailing for a price of only Php6,499.

      JB 4.2
      4.5 qhd *dragontrail glass*
      SGX544MP GPU = better than adreno 203
      8mp rear cam w/ flash vs 5mp
      2mp front cam vs 0.3 vga
      7.7mm thick vs 9.9mm of G525
      and price, 500 cheaper

      SOURCE = who made it? and from where?
      QUALITY = how long will it last? or nag undergo ba ng quality control yn? or my quality ba yn?? hehe..

      kng specs n price ang ttignan, my point nmn c abuzalzal, pro kng quality ang paguusapan, jan sablay ang cm.. kumbaga chambahan nlng, swerte ka kpg maayos ung nbli mng unit, at sobrang malas mo nmn kpag defective.. hehe

      pro kng pagbbasihan ung cnbe nyang edad ng adreno 203 gpu? eh mukang daig pa nya c nostradamus sa panghhula! hahaha. kc wla akng mktang 5yrs old na adreno 203? haayz, ayos ayos dn kc, kya ka nattrash talk eh! ;p


      On 7 January 2013, Qualcomm announced new names and tiers for the 2013 line of Snapdragon SoC’s, Snapdragon 200, 400, 600 and 800.[10] The model tiers can easiest be described as equivalent to the Play (200), Plus (400), Pro (600) and Prime (800) tiers of the S4 generation of SoCs.

  12. abutikol says:

    ULOL GAGU. hahahahahaha.
    putang ina mo abuzalzal…gawin mong smartphone yang p e n i s mo nang matahimik ka.

  13. victor vic says:

    sa mga nag kucomment at kay abuzalzal parepareho kayo mga ungas.

    • ronnie says:

      ulol, alam naming ikaw si abuzalzal. may pa-palit-palit ng handle name na nalalaman eh. lahat talaga ng paraan gagawin para lang hindi mabara kahit halatang barado ka na sa mga comments.

      tanggapin na lang kasi ang katotohanan na utak basura ka.

  14. victor vic says:

    bumili na lang kayo ng high end phone para wala kayo masabi kung walang pangbili eh d bilhin nyo kung ano yung makakayanan ng budget nyo.

  15. abuzalzal says:

    Mga ugokis

    LAHAT ng electronics, branded or not …may tinatawag tayong ”Luck Of the draw”, mga ignorante, kung masisira yan kahit anong ingat ninyo, masisira talaga…kaya nga yun ang pang akit ng CM eh, customers will weigh that option kung worth it nga, maraming sumusugal,ever wonder kung bakit no. 1 sila? hahahaha puro kayo satsat, eh hindi naman kayo napeperwisyo pag nasiraan, kanya-kanyang trip lang yan

    porke’t no-name OEM na yan madali na masira? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • abutikol says:

      moron. pananalita mo pa lang, ikaw yung mas utak ugokis kaysa sa amin. palibhasa kasi barado ka doon sa comment na nilagay mo tungkol sa walang sd slot yung lenovo smartphone.

      tanggapin na lang ang mapait na katotohanan na isa kang walang kuwenta na nilalang, basura at salot sa lipunan. dapat kasama ka doon sa mga napatay ng pulis this week sa shootout.

      at puwede ba, kung magsasabi ka ng negative comments, wag mo nang samahan ng mga salitang-barubal. lalo mo lang kasing pinapatunayan na utak basura ka eh. punta-punta rin sa pot session pag may time.

    • nemeses says:

      shut the f*ck up, fart brain. your “luck of the draw” crap does not make any sense. mind to show us some data and stats to prove what you’re saying, jerk?

      you should go seek a psychiatrist ASAP so that you’ll immediately know what’s your freaking mental disorder that causes your being a worthless piece of shit in this world.

      we don’t need the likes of you in this world because your existence is the main reason why the world must be destroyed completely.

      go home and quit being a f*cktard.

    • Magic5 says:


      Alam mu pra kng isang IPIS o DAGANG pinang didirian at gustong PATAYIN ng LAHAT!!! Hahaha..

      Grbe tlga kkpalan ng muka mu dhl naicp mu png gmwa ng bgong comment? dhl cgro npahiya kna nmn sa cnbe mng 5yrs old na ung gpu na adreno 203? Tanga2 mu kc, hilig mu lng magmarunong, nagawa mu png englishn ung cnbe kng chambahan lng ung matinong product ng cm ah!? Bugok! Nsa pagmamanufacture tlga ng isang bgay nasusukat ang quality ng isang product, kya ung mga kumpanyang fly by nyt eh plit na bnbenta ng mura ung produkto nla kc alam nilang kkita sila ng mlaki dhl sa one time bigtym transaction nla sa mga local distributors gya ng cm!

      Payo ku sayo manuod ka nito ng matuto ka!
      Kc pgdating sa quality Walang chamba or “luck of the draw” na ininglish mu lng glng sa kumento ko! Gunggong!!!


    “mga ignorante, kung masisira yan kahit anong ingat ninyo, masisira talaga…”[email protected] vovo karin no malamang talagang nasisira lahat ng phones kahit ganu pa yan kapremium ang price,pero hindi naman un ang point eh,ang point kung GAANO TATAGAL ang phone mo,pero kung ganyan ang POV mo sa quality ng phones edi sana wag ka na bumili tutal masisira din yan #adreno2035yearsagodawhahaha #cmlowqualitytuladmo

  17. nathan says:

    quite disappointed ‘coz it does not have led flash..

  18. doraemon says:

    mga ungas na nagto-troll dito sa Yugatech…mga PASAWAY!

    Walang pakialaman sa gadget. Pera ko to…wala kayong pakialam kung ano gusto kong ibili dito kung Cherry o Huawei o iPhone o S4!!!!

    Lamunin nyo yung mga gadget nyo — gusto nyo WORLD WAR sa SPECS mga tanga ba kayo!

    Sige pag-awayan nyo yung ADRENO, GPU, RAM…kainin nyo araw tanghali gabi para mawala na kayo sa MAAYOS NA MUNDO NG YUGATECH!!!

    MGA WALANG KUWENTA (except dun sa maaayos ang post)

  19. chinoy says:

    critisizing chinise products again! mga ulol kayung huawei phone haters! kala mo hindi gumagamit ng mga china products. pakitignan nga yang CP mo, baka made in china pa nga yan ay, yug e-fan nyo? yung ref? laptop mo? think again, kung yang mga gamit nyo na made in china eh tumagal ng ilang taon, eh di hindi malabong may quality din tong phone na to. mga bobo!

  20. topeski says:

    hehehe ang kulit parang telenovela ang SPECSWAR Z dito hahaha pro dami ako natutunan(di po ako gadget geek)nakakapagbasa lang. 1. CM- totoo po china made sya parang bumili ka lng ng wholesale na damit at nilagyan ng sariling brand check nio po may nakita ako na units same sa CM/SM/MP. observation: iba po syempre ang known brands particularly kung ang forte talaga ay sa products na binebenta ex. SAMSUNG/Iphone kilala ngayon sa smartphones high end, ever heard of SHARP phones (kala TV lng sila)but samsung has wider range like LG/SONY which we can assure of their quality, what im trying to say is simpleng marketing lang po yan. remember that all of these are companies trying to gain a bigger share of the sales sa phone/smartphone industry. they will manufacture diff. and a variety of specs sa phones nila, not for all of us, users kundi para maging competitor sa ibang offer ng other brands, simply business. thats why pagbibili tyo tinitingnan natin, ex: 1.brand name 2.specs 3.price 4.quality in any orther or shall i say sa perception ng buyer minsan prioty and price over brand. sa tingin ko ibabase lang nila ang specs depende sa pwede nilang kitain. im a lenovo brand user i can see that it can perform what samsung/htc/blackberry/etc. can do too sa gumagamit lang yan. “TECHNOLOGY SHOULD COME CHEAP, IF IT’S NOT, THE ESSENCE OF IT IS BEING COMPROMISED.”

  21. don says:

    how about the battery guys anyone have tried this phone? pag quadcore ba mas malakas kumain yun ng battery kaysa dual core? ask lang ako ah interesado din ako sa phone na to.

    • M says:

      I got mine 4 days ago & it lasts ~12hrs with constant wifi, heavy browsing & customizing & moderate calls & text. Just right for my needs. Sulit!

  22. Five-0 says:


    Sir sure po kau sa 12hrs usage with constant wifi and heavy browsing??
    Bka nmn nka conect charger nyo? Or nkpag charge kau in betwn?

    Just wanna knw if what ur saying is for real?? Kc interestd dn ako d2.. Tnx!

    • jujjay says:

      @ five-0 same din sakin sir, 12 hrs basta hindi HD games. heavy texting, few calls, heavy on wifi and moderate on games. may power saving app kasi na pre-installed. malaking tulong i think.

  23. HUAWIR G525 OWNER says:

    Magandang brand ang Huawie..actually malakas sumagap ng signal.even wi-fi ang 3G.. sila ang maker/manufacturer ng nga broad band kagaya ng Smartbro/globe tattoo/sun cellular etc…at ang isa pa customer namin ang Huawie mataas ang standard nila lalo na sa quality.
    sa phone naman like ng phone ko ngayon na Huawie G525, masasabi kong maganda talaga…high speed. sa mga hindi nakakasiguro sa quality ng Huawie compare nyo na lang sa ibang brand.try nyo din..

  24. rcj says:

    I’ve been using it for 3 days! Well, this phone really performs great!

    Pero ang pinaka draw back lang talaga nito is yung battery nya! Ang bilis malobat! Sa experience ko, from being full battery, it only takes 4 hours to drain when using the phone heavily with browsing, downloading apps and playing some games.

    So lagi nakaconnect sa charger :-(

    Sa ibang gumagamit nito kamusta ang experience nyo?

  25. John says:

    magandang araw po, ask ko lang kung may naeexperience kayong problems sa video playback? When i bought the phone i tried to access the net to watch movies and vids particularly livestream and recorded vids from shakeys v-league, to my surprise a quad-core phone cannot play these and even adobe flash player is not compatible. help naman po. i have a new dual-core alcatel soleil and it can do the job

  26. rcj says:

    Try mo po kayang magdownload ng mga third party apps. Hindi kasi nyan supported ang flash eh.

  27. rcj says:

    Here’s a user manual I found on the web. Kindly take a look for more details about huawei g525.

  28. hey says:

    patulong naman po , hindi ako maka connect sa mobile internet , completely kahit yung icon na connected na , wala padin na try ko na po ito :

    Go to
    . In the
    area, touch
    Access Point Names
    . Touch
    Reset to default

    wala pa pdin po ngyari

  29. pj says:

    ask ko lang po.. nakakapag save ba ang huawei g525 ng appz galing sa playstore sa SD CARD… na imo-move po ba xa sa SD CARD? …

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