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Huawei Ideos U8150 on Froyo launched

Huawei Philippines launched several devices last night at the Establishment, Fort Taguig. One of the devices they officially launched was the Ideos U8150, the most affordable smartphone equipped with the latest Android 2.2 OS (Froyo).

Ideos doubles as a wifi router for up to 8 devices at a time similar to the E5 pocket mifi. It will be available in black, yellow, blue and purple.

Huawei Ideos U8150
Android 2.2
2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen @ 320X240 pixel
528MHZ processor
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor
Google Applications
3.2MP Camera
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

The Ideos will be the first phone that Huawei will launch in the Philippines. Units will be available for sale early next year.

Suggested retail price is Php8,888. You can read our first impression review here.

Editor’s Note: Dale is a reviews & special assignments contributor for YugaTech. This review had some minor revisions from me. You can follow him on Twitter @dalekins . – Yuga

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56 Responses

  1. Avatar for Sam Sam says:

    where to buy ideos u8150 accessories and batteries?..


  2. Avatar for Eric Eric says:

    I have this phone,i’ve got it sa globe plan 499. so far so good! wlang nga lng flash player. android phones are more practical in terms of customizing… no android phone will be the same in apps used & content, parang finger print lng hahaha!

    Update nyo nmn aq kung pede nang iinstall ang flash player, kc i tried, peo hndi parin gumana! And advice me pag may update na sa 2.3 gingerbread!

  3. Avatar for Susan Marcelo Susan Marcelo says:

    I love my Ideos phone. I can download as many games and delete easily if I don’t like the gemes. My probelm is the touchscreen broke. Where is the service of Huawei in Metro Manila. I cannot find any store with the spare part? Can you help me.

  4. Avatar for rhonie rhonie says:

    what is the disadvantage of having huawei ideos?

  5. Avatar for Edgar Edgar says:

    saan makakabili nito?

    • Avatar for kiko kiko says:

      I bought last friday at E-phone SM ANNEX 5th floor North Edsa for 6,988 pesos.

  6. Avatar for ronD ronD says:

    Got my unit from Smart plan 500. Good enough phone to get a feel of froyo, but mine does not have flash. Battery life is good for half day full net browsing, but you can charge it to full under an hour. Have only tried 2gb micro sd coz i dont want to buy and then not have it work (cdrking wont let me test their 8gb sd :-P) small screen hard to type on, especially if ur used to itouch but usable.

  7. Avatar for kekeyo kekeyo says:

    @dalekins: sir dale, ano ang max n micro sd ang pdng gmitin d2 s ideos? thanks.

  8. Avatar for aika aika says:

    I got the Samsung Europa nalang sa Globe Load Tipid Plan 800. Ok naman sya pero sayang lang di ko ma update sa Froyo. Di gaya nitong Ideos, 2.2 na agad.. Haay..

  9. Avatar for Totem Totem says:

    Sabi nung sa Globe, 5800 something yung price nito sa kanila..

  10. Avatar for Joenard Joenard says:

    anyone kung sino may alam san pwede makabili nito ? salamat po!

  11. Avatar for mr.aniscal mr.aniscal says:

    where i could buy this phone?? pagkano at saan ,, maganda kasi to para sa mga taong praktikal

  12. Avatar for anonymous anonymous says:

    You can get it in ebay for only ₱5,700 ($130), but it’s around ₱6,500 if you include shipping and customs duties will add more than ₱2,000 to the amount.

    That brings the total amount to around ₱9,000!!!!


    Why won’t Huawei just retail it here already?!?!?!

  13. Avatar for Randy Randy says:

    Hi all,

    you can get this phone in a post paid plan for only 500 pesos as per Smart yan ah,

  14. Avatar for aika aika says:

    available ba to sa globe plans? i saw it on their site pero it says “can be purchased through the all new my super plan.” pero dba wala pa non? sana naman madali na pag release. i’d love to get one.

  15. Avatar for Boffill Boffill says:

    I really want to buy this phone but I couldn’t find any store selling this here in Tacloban. Tsk.

  16. Avatar for jamby jamby says:

    sir abe..bka pwede mo nman kmi bigyan ng update as to the availability of this unit…


  17. Avatar for SheAnne SheAnne says:

    Wah, mura nga… pero ba’t ganun, according to Cnet UK site, wala daw flash support, kahit naka-Froyo na, kasi hindi daw kaya nung processor. :(

    Here’s their review:

  18. Avatar for fabs fabs says:

    any updates kung saan makakabili nito? official distributors? stores?

  19. Avatar for Rob p Rob p says:

    San po makakabili nito?

  20. Avatar for Compwhiz Compwhiz says:

    I am very eager to buy a unit of this. Hopefully, Huawei changes its mind and release it before Christmas day! So that when new year comes, new phone as well! :)

  21. Avatar for Nyarf Nyarf says:

    Price is not competitive despite what the Chinese execs at Huawei are thinking. P8,888 = lucky number, ergo good price. Dream on! This unit is way overpriced.

  22. Avatar for errr errr says:

    Next year pa? Ang tagal naman! Gingerbread will be rolling by then…

  23. Avatar for calix calix says:

    multi-touch ba ito?may flash player din ba?salamat!

  24. Avatar for chacha chacha says:

    just wait for the release dates, what’s the reason of other stores overpricing this when one of the other reason to buy this is the price?

  25. Avatar for maricar maricar says:

    sa infomaxx 18500 ito cash.

  26. Avatar for TDav TDav says:

    I think it’s too pricey, considering that the Samsung Galaxy 5 is being priced at around 10k. Galaxy 5 has a better screen (16M versus 256k for the Ideos) and as I’ve heard there’s hardware support for multi-touch (although not yet implemented, I wonder why). And it’s also made by Samsung, which is a better known brand.

  27. Avatar for chacha chacha says:

    This was selling overseas as of today ranging $150 only.

    here are the demo and unboxing videos:

  28. Avatar for Jeff Jularbal Jeff Jularbal says:

    Bat sa 2011 pa ang release?

    Sayang naman Huawei.

    Saw a vid on youtube na mabagal ang angrybirds in this phone….

    Siguro nga dahil yun sa reso issue.

    I’ll Choose Optimus one pa rin over this phone(Kahit na umaasa lang ako nung sale nila….).
    Medyo pricey pa rin kasi sya at P8,888 Lalo na kung narelease na ngayon at natapat sa darating na sale ng LG this December.(30% off daw?)

    Pero kung walang sale na mangyayari sa LG eh baka hintayin ko na lang rin to.

    Thanks sir Abe ang bilis meron kagad reply sa tanong ko.


  29. Avatar for IC DeaDPiPoL IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Wonder if this phone is upgradeable to Gingerbread later on?

  30. Avatar for naix naix says:


    quite close :D

  31. Avatar for lawreas lawreas says:

    ok na sana kaso ung screen e ang baba ng resolution. some android apps wont work with it.. HVGA ang ideal sa screen eh. but if ur not into apps, e its not a deal breaker.. good value for money!!

  32. Avatar for naix naix says:

    how about Social networking integration, does it have this feature?

  33. Avatar for naix naix says:

    how about Social networking integration? does it have that feature?

  34. Avatar for Malcoxx Malcoxx says:

    This is indeed a good hardware to price ratio.

    FYI to those who don’t know, most if not all phones with Froyo 2.2 have the wifi hotspot functionality embedded in the OS. So this is not unique to this phone, it is just a nice cheap alternative to the pocket wifis which are 3k cheaper (than this phone) and it is not even a phone.

  35. Avatar for Guy Guy says:

    Wow, with a wifi router for only P8K? This will surely become a big hit.

  36. Avatar for ocommon ocommon says:

    wow! dinaku bibili ng E5 Series, ito na lang! maganda pa itsura parang Corby! :)

  37. Avatar for char char says:

    WOW!!much better than the LG Optimus One..sana this December na lang din ang out ng stocks para in time for xmas :)

  38. Avatar for J J says:

    Finally :) This is what I was waiting for :)

  39. Avatar for Mimi Mimi says:

    @Jun House – You can order the E5 at Electroworld and Globotel Greenbelt 1 has stock pa

  40. Avatar for YuYu YuYu says:

    honga. hope you can test the battery life for us. hehehe. thanks.

  41. Avatar for Harley Harley says:

    “Ideos doubles as a wifi router for up to 8 devices at a time similar to the E5 pocket mifi. It will be available in black, yellow, blue and purple.”

    so it means i can surf the net via wifi in my BB browser at the same time suft the internet inn my laptop and the Ideos as a phone simultaneously?

    just perfect! how long does the battery lasts? I rather buy this than the huawei E5! what can you say about this one sir abe?


  42. Avatar for Manix Manix says:

    impressive value for money

  43. Avatar for al al says:

    Prang ill ditch e5 for this,3k lng dfrnce and its a phone p..and connects 8 devics..

  44. Avatar for YuYu YuYu says:

    wow! wow for the price & froyo!

  45. Avatar for JunHouse JunHouse says:

    Hmmm.. san store na kaya available ito? also the e5.. hmmm pero pwede ba insert dito yung smartbro plugit sim?

  46. Avatar for dnw62 dnw62 says:

    .affordable with pleasing features. sana nmam sale na sya sa xmAs..hha. :)

  47. Avatar for godofredo godofredo says:

    sana marami silang stocks sa start ng sale. baka mapagaya sa LG yan. sabagay, di naman nila siguro gagawing 50% off sale. haha.

    yan na lang ang bibilhin ko!

  48. Avatar for kates kates says:

    doubles as a wifi AP is a killer feature.

  49. Avatar for godofredo godofredo says:

    sana marami silang stocks sa start ng sale. baka mapagaya sa LG yan. sabagay, di naman nila siguro gagawing 50% off sale. haha

  50. Avatar for kamote_ako kamote_ako says:

    Wow! Bat next year pa, lapit na bonus. I want a new phone..a smartphone like this!

    Pwede na ba magpareserve?? :) Thanks.

  51. Avatar for Wakocoke Wakocoke says:

    wow nice form factor hahaha! pwede na to para sa mga pumila sa LG Optimus One hahaha

    mukang bibili ako LOL

  52. Avatar for anthony anthony says:

    ay, akala ko ang launch at ang sale date pareho. hay! next year pa. can’t wait to have an android phone na hindi ganun ka-expensive.

  53. Avatar for to to says:

    This wins over samsung galaxy 5 anyday XD really affordable

    • Avatar for Joseph Angelo Joseph Angelo says:

      I like!!! I want!!! Know a place where I can purchase it??? I really like it!!! I love it!!!

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