Infographic: Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Infographic: Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung, through the years, had made the Galaxy Note the epitome of digital note-taking. They may have made a couple of mishaps here and there, but one thing’s for sure — the Notes are here to stay. Let’s take a look back the past iterations of the Korean juggernaut’s massive-sized smartphones with this timeline.



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5 Responses

  1. Cedric says:

    They should have added a note 6 neo version for the budget conscious prior to the s7 note launch so that the chain wont be broken..but alas missed your opportunity!

  2. Josh says:

    With the onslaught of much cheaper and ever-increasing capable Chinese phones, this Korean make is not so competitive anymore. Sad.

  3. I lost sleep saving up for the Note 1, then in Note 2, missed the Note 3 and Note 4 and now using Note 5… Note 7 humanda ka haha

  4. Easy E says:

    Forty Thousand! OMFG

  5. Siegfried says:

    Still prefer the Note 4 and Edge

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