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Is Nokia going Android or Windows Phone 7?

If the recently leaked memo of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop shows some tell-tale signs of platform shifts for Nokia, they might just jump and take on other mobile OSes. The two most likely targets are Windows Phone 7 and Android.

Nokia’s Symbian is losing grounds in almost all levels — even the 2-year old Google Android has surpassed their shipment numbers in 2010.

So, in order for Nokia to compete more aggressively, it has to let go of Symbian’s monopoly over their handsets. Meego will not cut it (too late already).


Nokia could go and use Windows Phone 7 with its high-end phones. Makes sense considering Elop came from Microsoft before becoming top gun at Nokia. If he didn’t consider WP7, it could be a huge slap in the face of his former company. Problem though is that WP7 has very high hardware requirements so only very limited Nokia handsets will be able to carry it.

Android might be the most practical choice for Nokia as it can handle mid-range to high-end handset models. Android’s large collection of apps will be a huge boost as well. However, that might kill Nokia’s Ovi efforts and the millions of dollars they’ve invested into it.

That doesn’t mean Nokia has to bury Symbian altogether. The popular Series 40 platform can still be used for entry-level and feature-phones.

The more logical move would be for Nokia to use all possible OSes into the mix — Symbian, Android and WP7 — as it still retains the same corporate strategy of offering every type of phone for every kind of person.

So, which one do you think Nokia will go for? Android or Windows Phone 7?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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91 Responses

  1. Les says:

    Nokia is back! Nokia Android and Nokia WP7 both sounds good.

  2. Lezuric says:

    if Nokia goes Android then surely it’ll be a sure hit in the market.. I merely go back using Nokia again if they do :P

  3. jong says:

    I’d go for android.. i have an N900 maemo phone and there are news that some were able to run android on it.

  4. Mark says:

    I despise you for saying that “Meego will not cut it (too late already).” without even citing a reference nor have you given a any reason other than “too late already”. If anything, MeeGo has a better chance of joining the smartphone/tablet platform race, than say “bada”.

    I hope that this is just a financial move for Nokia, before they launch MeeGo.. Hoping… *sigh*

    • yuga says:

      @mark – please read the full memo of Nokia’s CEO first. But in case you missed that part, here you go — We thought MeeGo would be a platform for winning high-end smartphones. However, at this rate, by the end of 2011, we might have only one MeeGo product in the market.

  5. getalife says:

    i can’t imagine a Nokia phone with Windows OS in it

  6. Seph says:

    I’d say both, Samsung,LG and HTC are doing it. why shouldnt they?. It all comes down to hardware offering/features, price and brand reach.

  7. Seph says:

    in addition to my comment above, another big example is Sony!

    sorry for the additional post. no edit post feature :)

  8. Beh buti nga says:


    Comment kasi ng comment, hindi binabasang mabuti. Basag ka no? Wahahahahahaha Salesman ka siguro ng Nokia.

  9. hahaha says:

    paano naba yan? kung mag windows7 or android, ano silbi sa mga latest phones nila?

  10. Jam. says:

    WP7 might be good.

  11. Mark says:

    @sir yuga – I read the memo before my first posting. I’m just dismayed how you oversimplified it by saying “Meego will not cut it”. That statement is shockingly similar to you, announcing the death of the of MeeGo platform itself, especially when there is no solid statement in the memo that they would do so. But I am not saying it is not a possibility (especially when some statements in the memo could actually point to that.. albeit indirect)

    as i said “I hope that this is just a financial move for Nokia, before they launch MeeGo.. ”

    ***sorry for acting obnoxious and distasteful regarding this topic, but you see, I had high hopes for this platform ever since last year and am extremely anxious of its release (the mature version).

  12. garz says:


    Nokia has woken up!

  13. Meego is indeed too late. It should have come out years ago. No amount of speedy development can get a new platform to blossom in 2011 against the massive development speeds of Android and Apple. Nokia will not survive another foray into an extremely niche and segmented completely new OS.

  14. godofredo says:


    I understand what yugatech suggests that “Meego will not cut it”. Considering millions of units being shipped for both iOS and Android from several manufacturers, 1 Meego device at the end of the year will not cut through the current trends of sales or save the losing smartphone market of Nokia. Also, by the end of 2011, iOS5/iPhone5 and Android 2.5? might be release already to compete with. Nokia has suffered enough already to stay put as they are today.

    If Nokia makes an Android for the midrange market, I will buy one. :) Nokia’s hardware build are top-notch. I just hope they create competitively priced handsets.

  15. Willy Yu says:

    IMH, its a WM7 for highend Nokia,

  16. Operation Super says:

    Nokia hardware with Android would be fantastic.

  17. NemOry says:

    I think WP7 nakta q kc sa techpinas na may bl0g dun na n0kia running wp7 ung parang mlapit sa square ang shape.

  18. wilde says:

    I would like to think that Nokia would not team up with WP7.

    I have yet to see a report from Microsoft boasting the number of WP7 handsets sold… which may likely indicate that WP7 as a mobile OS was not that successful.

  19. Carlo says:


    Whatever happened to Symbian? Sikat na sikat sya dati eh… I loved my Symbian phones from years ago..

  20. lolipown says:

    Nokia has been great with hardware (except maybe in it’s business line.. the E series really needs a slap in the face). What they lack is a proper OS. Either choice will be a great uplift to Nokia’s drooping image.

  21. walang imik says:


  22. Mango says:

    WP7 + Nokia great camera, Fix the Ovi Store partner with Zune Store.
    Hopefully the hardware issue will be fixed. Nokia still needs to provide with the low end models. That is were the Android OS comes into play. Win Win. 2 OS in one company

  23. former nokia fan boy says:

    android will definitely make a significant boost for Nokia and regain their previous sales. WP7? maybe next

  24. Nokia plus android equals amazing phone

  25. badz says:

    baduy kasi ng Ovi Store. Lahat patikim, free trial.

    In Android Market there are free and paid versions. The difference is the feature. Pero fully functional parin yun free.

  26. Gumz says:

    Android + Nokia + Camera + Haardware Quality + … = Excellent!!!

    What would be their next step?

  27. adam says:

    at last. Which is the better OS W7P or Android?.

  28. turds says:

    @tomiahonen thinks Engadget ‘Burning Platforms’ memo by Nokia
    CEO Stephen Elop is hoax http://bit.ly/gU2Xed

    para tabla naman.

  29. drealmarlon says:

    other news!
    MSI WINDPAD arrive @ Villman store

  30. Keith says:

    Android and WP7 would be good but I think in the long run it would be even smarter if the go with WP7 only and run with it.

  31. drealmarlon says:

    and also their new product!
    Huawei Wireless 3G Modem

  32. icarus says:

    I’ve always wanted to see that statement by Nokia a long time ago. I guess it’s too late for them.

    Looking forward for the next big thing in the smartphone industry.

  33. Nottie says:

    Android will reach its Saturation soon, look at Symbian. Windows Phone 7 goes a long way. Look at Xbox360, Windows OS, Office suite, and many things at Microsoft. There were flops but able to catch up and lead eventually. But now, N8, I like!

  34. razorous says:

    Nokia + WP7 would be a good move. They both can help each other since they seem to be both at the bottom right now… Android could stay with HTC, LG, Samsung and SE

  35. Something. says:

    I think that it’s not late yet for Nokia to integrate Meego OS in their future phones. Despite the obvious decrease in Nokia’s sales, we could still see many Nokia fanboys. I think that if the Finnish company will release a phone with MeeGo, fanboys will definitely eat it, no matter how new it is.

    My 2 cents.

  36. Taz says:

    dami padin talagang pinoy nokia fantard =) it only takes two eyes to see and a mind to realized that Nokia is falling down the bridge, they need a drastic move and that has to be adapting Android or WP7 for now nothing more nothing less…

  37. wakocoke says:

    it’s not about being late at the OS competition, it’s about the ecosystem

    look, iOS and Android’s ecosystem have matured enough. i doubt makakahabol ang webos at meego. wp7 might still have a chance

  38. Ton says:

    Ndroid01. Slide out qwerty. Aluminum casing. 36hour standby. Froyo with Gingerbread upgrade commitment. That would change everything. For them.

  39. Vern says:

    I guess they’ll go for both. Means more options for consumers.

  40. Wil says:

    this would be a good opportunity for nokia to make phones that is what the hacking community wanted.. a high end phone that includes “drivers” sources and stock Android that can be upgraded along when google releases AOSP sources. Think of a mobile version of a PC where you can update you don’t have to worry about your phone getting updated (cause google or the hacking community will provide for you) :)

  41. Pukeman says:

    I think Stephen Elop’s blunt comments to his colleagues reflect how far Nokia has fallen behind. Given his background, it will come as no surprise if Nokia opts for the WP7 route. That being said, another tech blog has commented the 2 wrongs don’t make a right, ie, choosing the WP7 route is the wrong way to go given the momentum behind Android, and also Microsoft’s rather defensive position with regards to their WP7 platform.
    As for Symbian and the millions Nokia has spent on it, sometimes the smart money is in amputating a putrefying limb.

  42. Marck says:

    Why don’t just improve Symbian to look like Android?

  43. wakocoke says:


    they are doing it and it’s called meego but it’s too late

  44. kyle says:

    Hope they ship android on their phones. entry level to mid range phones and get WP7 on the high end ones

  45. RJ says:

    I hope they would go for Windows Phone 7.

  46. fred says:

    Once Nokia jumps into Android ship, they will be back in their winning form again. Nokia still leads the low-end phone segment, so it makes sense for them to produce entry level Android phones.

  47. Den says:

    I would like to see entry level Android phones by Nokia. I think they can easily catch up if they switch from cumbersome Symbian to either WP7 or Android.

  48. daniel says:

    for me… they better have all… WP7… android. flexibility and options makes customers happy…

    but ill buy their android against WP7.. well wp7 is too expensive and very closed just like iphone… i want multitasking and copy paste in mass storages :D

  49. Messie says:

    Nokia running on Android will definitely be nice. Not only because of the myriad of available apps for the android OS, but also because of the possible price drop since Android is free (compare I guess to WM7). The basic Android will be well, but if Nokia wants to make a custom UI for it, I hope they don’t fancy it up too much.

  50. JP says:

    I think they should go for both OS’s, much like what HTC has done.

    Nokia is a great company, lots of patents and definitely a solid consumer base in Europe and Asia.

  51. Les says:

    i agree with @JP, Nokia Android and Nokia WP7 sounds great. Nokia is back!

  52. Drag0nh3art76 says:

    Android nalang sana, kung WP7 siguradong sobrang mahal nyan. But the can still try WP7 for their high-end line. :)

  53. Nigel says:

    nokia should go with android since android runs on larger range of hardware. all windows 7 phone that is out are running on a high end hardware which makes the price also high unlike android which you have a wide selection on smartphone from mid range to high end

  54. Totem says:

    The memo was a great read.. Nokia realizing their faults.. It’s about time they produce phones with different Os’es.. At least, they will win back the trust of the consumers.. And don’t forget the regular updates.. LOL

  55. marcpodi says:

    WP7 sila lilipat since former-Microsoft executive si Elop.

  56. reboot says:

    IMHO, android would be the better choice as it would allow nokia to differentiate itself from the other manufacturers given that microsoft controls the hardware requirements for wp7.

  57. mr.bogus says:


  58. Herce says:

    I agree with most of the memo, still hard to understand how Nokia has let it all slip away from them, but MS did as well so there is something to the ‘too big to innovate’ idea, I think.

    I don’t agree with the abandoning of Meego. Yet another mistake in a long line for Nokia this decade. I will work under an assumption. Developers (aka apps) make a platform. If you don’t agree with that, then what I have to say will not mesh with your thinking.

    With that in mind, remember Meego is a joint partnership with Intel. This means Meego will be able to run on x86 and arm! This is a huge advantage as long as both Intel and Nokia maintain app compatibility between the architectures. Yes, both Android and Windows 8 will include multi architecture support in the future, but no idea when that will happen. Meego can do it as soon as its ready.

    This support can be a huge potential windfall for developers as the range of device it can support will outdo Android at current. Add in the extensive experience Intel has in working with developers and their track record in marketing, and this platform has potential.

    Nothing more than potential, I admit. However for Nokia, its worth the gamble if the do it right. Otherwise what are they? Just another Android maker? One out of the hundreds? Nokia has never been able to do advanced specs. They will not be able to compete, spec-wise with the Taiwanese and Korean phone makers with dual core tegras and super duper AMOLED screens. Who will choose Nokia except fanboys?

    Or just another WP7 maker, a platform that has yet to prove its even viable (sales numbers are not good so far re:IDC) or attract anywhere near the same rate of developers that iPhone and Android did. WP7 may not even be around in a year or two, and Nokia will go with that and compete against the same Korean and Taiwanese that make Android handsets?

    Both options are suicide for Nokia. Going with Meego, however, gives them a long term shot at least. That is not to say I think they should not make an Android handset. I think they should! They should make Android and WP7 handsets until they can get Meego out and done right. Otherwise they will not be around by the time Meego is viable for the mainstream.

    Another alternative, that I favor, is Nokia should see if they can partner up with WebOS. However, I think that is even more risky than going with Meego. HP has never been a good in the mobile market. I just like WebOS, so much potential but no legs and its about to die if something doesn’t happen for it.

  59. spoec says:

    nokia goes to hell.

  60. Symbian^3 says:

    if Nokia shifts their platform to WP7 / Android, are they going to update current Symbian^3 phones like N8 to run the new OS? are they going to completely replace symbian on the released handsets? Or they will just use the new OS for newer phones they will be releasing in the future?

    I hope they won’t replace Symbian^3 on my N8 and they will still be releasing updates for the current Symbian^3 platform even if they adapt the WP7/Android platforms.

  61. Phil says:

    Let see if W7 phones make it to the market.

  62. turds says:

    after the two turkeys tweet from google, don’t expect an android phone.

  63. grinmod says:


    No they won’t update N8 to run WinPhone7. Are you stupid or something? What they do is to move forward. They might release an N8 version of WP7 but not update the older ones with a different OS. People buy smartphones mainly because of their OS nowadays so you bought yours because of that damn symbian thing.

  64. grinmod says:

    I hated nokia for 4 years because of the release of 5800! that thing was hideous! Changed right away to Samsung Anroid and never looked back. Had so many Nokia phones in the past but that one dreadful experience won’t make me touch another Nokia phone until today.

    Nokia + Windows Phone 7 = MAKE IT QUICK i’m back on board!

  65. Because of plenty of innovation coming from anywhere as part of competition in the market, the consumer is greatly affected. So be wise and be vigilant in choosing a product, spending wisely is our concern. http://daniojr.blogspot.com/

  66. Rich says:


  67. raymond says:

    Nokia swallow your pride and make an android phone.

  68. Messie says:

    I agree with that commenter on people buying phones nowadays due to OS.

    Specs / hardware will always be a consideration, but unlike before, people now consider what can they do about the phone besides the usual text, chat, and e-mail.

    OS preference killed Nokia. App wars boost Apple’s iOS and Android into new heights. Meego’s success will not only be because of the features of this future OS, but also on the developers who will be making apps for it. If it fails to deliver on this end, then it will be like a giant bucket left empty in the middle of the desert.

  69. Pukeman says:

    Regardless of which route Nokia decides to take, one point that drives me nuts is the assumption that WP7 is the superior OS compared to Android, and as such you hear the comment WP7 on high end phones and Android on the mid and low end. OS bloat resulting in a requirement for more processing does not equal to superiority. Can anyone tell me in what way is WP7 ‘superior’ to Android?

  70. paulkev09 says:

    I’ve got an update from Nokia.
    They said they are going for Windows Phone 7.

    read it here:

  71. Jeff says:

    Still its business. Nokia will most probably choose which one would benefit them best.
    Although android sounds good, unfortunately according to latest news Nokia choose Windows Phone 7.

  72. marco says:

    Here are some of my thoughts on Nokia’s Capital Markets Day:

    -WP7, so they can have an ecosystem immediately – Microsoft’s. And won’t be bothered on creating a new one? Or improve the already created one? What’s this? All these high hopes i have for a meego will never bear a substantial fruit, as it seems. Wp7 as a primary platform, without Qt(as the current news describes) will never make a meego phone as attractive as it sounds a year ago.

    -WP7’s exclusives – bing, xbox live, and office, however, make a nokia phone a better choice for anyone who use these services on PC and xbox consoles.

    -Whatever happen to symbian though, will still have a big effect on the company. It accounts for 100% percent of their current smartphone customer base. Abandoning the latter is never a good idea.

    Hmm… Nokia has been more complicated than ever. At least, all the confidence that emanates on Elop’s persona, as a leader/CEO, makes me optimistic that they will still pull it through, amidst the chaos. For once though, nokia has a clear destination – WP7. It’s way better than any forms of uncertainty.

    Question: Will they announce a new phone on MWC?

  73. razorous says:

    Cant wait to see a nokia wp7 with video calls, fm transmitter, ** mpixel cam and xenon flash!

    And it seems Nokia will have complete customization on the wp7 os, unlike other brands with wp7.


  74. tortalong says:

    nokia’s microsoft bitch, hahaha

  75. spoec says:

    i said to u that nokia is going to hell. yaa here we go.

  76. Mike says:


  77. Jayson says:

    Nokia’s platform (finally): WINDOWS PHONE 7
    and it’s great decision!

    While other mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and LG will just wait and see for Google’s Android update (since Google has the control)— Nokia definitely inks a better deal with Microsoft than any other mobile phone manufacturer…Microsoft will include Nokia in the development of the platform. This will ensure the growth of Windows Phone and Nokia’s survival in the market.

    Google vs. Microsoft
    Competitors vs. Nokia (although other phone manufacturers also uses Microsoft Windows Phone, they cannot customize it, for Nokia, they can)

    But one thing is sure, saying farewell to Symbian OS (that for sometime, we loved)

  78. dan says:

    walang manufacturer na gumagamit ng windows 7 kc mabagal at kokonti lang ang application hindi katulad ng android na ma.ka compete sa bilis ng iphone

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  80. Amin says:

    I would go for Nokia on Windows 7, I would really go and get one even right now if they would go for Windows 7 :D

  81. balmerph says:

    Join po kayo sa bagong forum namin


    First ever, Windows Phone 7 Community in the Philippines!

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