Is Nokia going Android or Windows Phone 7?

If the recently leaked memo of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop shows some tell-tale signs of platform shifts for Nokia, they might just jump and take on other mobile OSes. The two most likely targets are Windows Phone 7 and Android.

Nokia’s Symbian is losing grounds in almost all levels — even the 2-year old Google Android has surpassed their shipment numbers in 2010.

So, in order for Nokia to compete more aggressively, it has to let go of Symbian’s monopoly over their handsets. Meego will not cut it (too late already).

Nokia could go and use Windows Phone 7 with its high-end phones. Makes sense considering Elop came from Microsoft before becoming top gun at Nokia. If he didn’t consider WP7, it could be a huge slap in the face of his former company. Problem though is that WP7 has very high hardware requirements so only very limited Nokia handsets will be able to carry it.

Android might be the most practical choice for Nokia as it can handle mid-range to high-end handset models. Android’s large collection of apps will be a huge boost as well. However, that might kill Nokia’s Ovi efforts and the millions of dollars they’ve invested into it.

That doesn’t mean Nokia has to bury Symbian altogether. The popular Series 40 platform can still be used for entry-level and feature-phones.

The more logical move would be for Nokia to use all possible OSes into the mix — Symbian, Android and WP7 — as it still retains the same corporate strategy of offering every type of phone for every kind of person.

So, which one do you think Nokia will go for? Android or Windows Phone 7?

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91 Responses

  1. Avatar for balmerph balmerph says:

    Join po kayo sa bagong forum namin


    First ever, Windows Phone 7 Community in the Philippines!

  2. Avatar for Amin Amin says:

    I would go for Nokia on Windows 7, I would really go and get one even right now if they would go for Windows 7 :D

  3. Avatar for kibi kibi's halo-halo says:

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  4. Avatar for dan dan says:

    walang manufacturer na gumagamit ng windows 7 kc mabagal at kokonti lang ang application hindi katulad ng android na ma.ka compete sa bilis ng iphone

  5. Avatar for Jayson Jayson says:

    Nokia’s platform (finally): WINDOWS PHONE 7
    and it’s great decision!

    While other mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and LG will just wait and see for Google’s Android update (since Google has the control)— Nokia definitely inks a better deal with Microsoft than any other mobile phone manufacturer…Microsoft will include Nokia in the development of the platform. This will ensure the growth of Windows Phone and Nokia’s survival in the market.

    Google vs. Microsoft
    Competitors vs. Nokia (although other phone manufacturers also uses Microsoft Windows Phone, they cannot customize it, for Nokia, they can)

    But one thing is sure, saying farewell to Symbian OS (that for sometime, we loved)

  6. Avatar for gg gg says:


    nokia is going for win7! confirmed!

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