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Itel Vision 3: 5 things we like about this entry-level smartphone

It’s easy to get enamored with flagship smartphones. After all, they sport premium materials, sleek designs, and powerful hardware. However, not everybody needs one. Especially if budget is a concern. Some people are actually okay having a basic device for basic needs. It works just fine and won’t break the bank. One of those devices is the Itel Vision 3. After spending some time with it, let us show you what we liked about it.

Large battery with fast charging

One of the things that most people want in a smartphone is a large battery, and we’re talking about something that is bigger than 4,000mAh. The Itel Vision 3 won’t disappoint as it has a 5,000mAh capacity, which will further benefit you if you’re a casual user. If you’re going to use this smartphone for social media browsing, light gaming, and watching videos, it will last you more than a day without breaking a sweat. We can even use this as a 4G WiFi hotspot for our other devices. And when it’s time to charge, the 18W fast charging will be able to replenish the battery faster than those without. On the other hand, 10 minutes of charge can already provide 3 hours’ worth of entertainment.

Large screen

Itel Vision 3 8

Even though you’ve chosen an entry-level smartphone, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to skimp on entertainment. If you’re the type who likes watching videos, you will like the large screen on the Itel Vision 3. It has a 6.6-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1600 x 720, which still looks fine even for this size. It’s not super hi-res but we had no issues watching videos on Netflix and YouTube. The colors look accurate as well, while the bezels are thin enough to give you that immersive experience.

For audio, it only has a single loudspeaker, but good thing it has a 3.5mm audio jack so you can use your favorite headphones or the one that is included in the package. If you want to wireless, the Bluetooth connectivity should be able to handle that.

Beautiful design

Back in the day, when a smartphone is called entry-level or budget, the first thing that come to mind is a smartphone with a boring design with no chance of standing out in a sea of smartphones. For the Itel Vision 3, even though it’s affordable, it has this eye-catching design that makes you want to give it a second look.

That’s because the back panel features a textured finish that gives off a light effect that is similar to rays of light that shimmers when you view it from different angles. It even comes in three colors: Multicolor Green, Sky Blue, and Deep-Ocean Black, so pick one that suits your preference.

Special features

The Itel Vision 3 runs on Itel OS v7.6 based on Android 11. It uses a simple interface that uses multiple home screens to house the apps. It’s easy to navigate that we think that seniors would not have trouble using. A full suite of Google apps is already pre-installed. Not just ordinary Google apps though, but Google Go apps that are designed to run on entry-level devices.

It has features like Phone Master to help boost the device’s performance by clearing the memory and removing junk files. It also has a built-in antivirus, app lock, power saving, harassment filter, Game mode, XShare Mini for wireless file transfers, Smart Panel, and Social Turbo which improves the experience of WhatsApp. And these are just some of the apps available. For sure you’ll discover more features the more you tinker with it.

Affordable price

We’ve been saying earlier that the Itel Vision 3 is an affordable smartphone, so what’s the price? The Vision 3 2GB + 3GB model is priced at PHP 3,999, while the 3GB + 64GB is at PHP 4,699. As you can see, even the top model is priced way below PHP 5K. The Itel Vision 3 is definitely that budget-friendly smartphone aimed at casual users, seniors, and even students who need something for their online learning needs.

To purchase the Itel Vision 3 or the Vision 3 Plus, click the links below:

Itel Vision 3: https://bit.ly/3xJhLeD
Itel Vision 3 Plus: https://bit.ly/3OvlEcP

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