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Lenovo Vibe P1 Review

Display and Multimedia

The Vibe P1 enters the phablet category at 5.5 inches with Full HD resolution or equal to 401ppi. It has an IPS panel for good viewing angles and Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 for protection.

Display is sharp with accurate colors which are good for viewing photos and watching movies. When it comes to brightness, we noticed that it uses a dimmer setting when indoors and could use some boost.

It comes with a few features as well, like Color Balance modes which adjust tone and saturation, Brightness protection for night time browsing, and Smart Brightness to improve visibility in hard light environments like outdoors.

As for sound quality, the down-firing loudspeakers is capable of producing really loud sounds with an acceptable amount of bass. It’s very crisp and capable of filling up a small room.


The Vibe P1 boasts a 13-megapixel rear camera with phase detection autofocus and dual-tone LED flash. Autofocus is fast, even in dim environments, shoots quick, while the resulting images are sharp with rich yet accurate colors.

It doesn’t have a lot of in-camera features though, as you’re limited to Panorama, HDR, and filter effects. There’s no Manual mode, but you can adjust in Settings the White Balance and ISO.

The 5 megapixel front camera, on the other hand, takes care of Selfies. It has a wide-angle lens with face tracking but doesn’t have built-in effects. Not really a downer as you can download photo editing apps at the Play Store.

As for video recording prowess, the rear camera can shoot full HD clips at 30fps in MP4 format. Video quality is similar to stills and has good dynamic range, however, the autofocus is slow to adjust which often forces us to “tap-to-focus” to make sure the subject is sharp. Watch the sample video below:

OS, UI, and Apps

Running the software department is Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with VIBE UI. Layout is straightforward as it doesn’t feature an app drawer. Like most Lenovo smartphones, it comes with its own Theme Center if you wish to change its looks. Still, we prefer the customization options and looks offered by select launchers in the Play Store.

The Vibe P1 comes with a lot of pre-installed apps. Aside from the usual Google apps, there’s Guvera Music, LateRooms, a few games, WeChat, Evernote, Navigate, CamScanner, CamCard, UC Browser, and WPS Office, Facebook and Twitter. All of these can be uninstalled though, which is a good thing, however, it’s a cumbersome task removing them one by one.

As for storage, the Vibe P1 has 32GB of internal storage with 24.32GB as usable which is still good. For the multimedia heavy users, the memory can be expanded via microSD card up to 128GB and supports USB OTG as well for quick file transfers.

Take a look at other notable software features below:
* Secure Zone – allows you to set-up a “secure zone” on your phone to protect your apps and data from unwanted access.
* Permission control
* Quick Snap – double press volume keys while screen is off to snap a picture.
* Knock to light – double tap to wake screen.
* Micro Screen – make the screen smaller for one hand usage.
* Smart scene – allows you to configure settings (WiFi, sounds, notifications, etc.) depending on your schedule.
* Wide touch – shows a floating button for shortcut access.
* Flip to sleep

Another notable feature of the Vibe P1 is the fingerprint scanner which is also uncommon for a phone of its class. It’s very responsive and sensitive, however its accuracy is easily affected if you have sweaty fingertips. Another downside is it is only limited to storing two fingerprints. In comparison, the iPhone can store up to five.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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24 Responses

  1. Filo says:

    I went to makati and alabang… Wala pa.. San Lenovo branch Ito available?

  2. Mang Tomas says:

    Bought mine today. Not one bit of regret.

    Oh, and VIBE UI can be replaced with the built-in Lollipop UI. Long press at the home screen, preference, default launcher, choose Android.

  3. Mang Tomas says:

    Got mine from Hello SM Bicutan. Swerte, kasi paisa-isa lang ang kuha nila ng P1.

  4. What’s the top 1 in your battery test?

  5. Wesley says:

    Nothing good about the camera, it is the worst that I have ever used on a phone (smart or not).

    Very poor indoors, low detail and bad focussing. Had to return it to the seller. Too bad about that, as the battery life and incredibly quick charging are amazing.

    • Mang Tomas says:

      There’s may be something wrong with the unit you got. Focusing speed on my P1 is superb (thanks to Phase Detection Auto-Focus). And yeah, 1h 20m fro 15-100% on a 5000mAh battery is aweome.

  6. hmm says:

    which one is better, vibe p1 zuk z1 or huawei g8?

  7. hmmm says:

    good camera, eh di sold! thanks for the review yugatech!

  8. genosaga says:

    review or preview?

  9. Gel Gavina says:

    @mang tomas kapag cc ang mode of payment sa hello my additional po ba? Thanks

  10. Redmond says:

    @ mang Tomas

    Can you comment on its camera quality? Also please enlighten us Sa experience mo sa battery life base sa usage mo. Salamat.

  11. confused says:

    Got my P1 last week, from Hello Mobile SM MOA. For 6months 0% interest. olryt \m/

    For me:
    ~ Camera = average lang, nothing special for me. (although ok lang sakin kasi hindi camera and priority ko hehe)
    ~ Performance = haven’t encounter any lags, hindi din xa mabilis maginit.
    ~ Battery = SUPERB! last up to 1.5 to 2 days of medium to heavy usage. 5-100% of charging in less than 1.5 hrs.

  12. Jim Marius says:

    Got mine last week. OK naman so far. Ayus! May question lang ako sa GPS. Musta po ang GPS nung senyo? Pag google maps OK lang. Pero page Waze laging “no GPS”.

  13. My name is Potato says:

    Does it have a gyroscope?

  14. jll says:

    Both sim LTE capable?

  15. Mr.Kritiko says:

    *7 to 8hrs of screentime out of 28hrs battery life.
    *Not more than 2hrs of charging time from 5% to 100%.

  16. Eliboy says:

    Maganda pa ba ngaung 2017 nito? Anu mas magandang camera ung asus 3 max or ito?

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