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LG reveals 5.3-inch display with world’s thinnest bezels

LG over the weekend officially announced its development of a 5.3-inch Full HD LCD panel that rocks the world’s thinnest bezels. Dropping at only 0.7mm thick, its bezels are even thinner than a credit card’s!


The trend for large display sizes, according to the South Korean giant, is growing. To address this they’re introducing new technologies to stretch the displays larger without making the entire form factor increase in size, sacrificing grip and design.

The company uses a tandem of two new technologies namely the “Neo Edge” and “AIT” technology. The Neo Edge module processing technology basically uses an adhesive instead of a double-sided tape to seal the edges of the panel. This not only makes it possible to utilize minimal bezel width, but it also blocks light leakage and is both waterproof and dust-proof.

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The Advanced In-cell Touch (AIT) technology, on the other hand, merges the touch panel into the LCD module. This eliminates the need for extra bezel space, while keeping costs low since they no longer need to spend for a separate process for touch functions.

Mass production will begin this month with China seeing the first batch and global introduction following after.

With razor-thin bezels like these, the whole display is just screaming and popping out from your hands as seen in the photos. Would you pay for a phone with this kind of display? Why or why not? Share those thoughts below.

{LG News Room}

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8 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    Asan na kaya is abuzelzel?

  2. iphondroid says:

    pwede na nila tapatan oppo r5 sa nipis 4.85mm. grabe na nipis non, dapat tibayan nila housing material para kahit mabagsak talbog lang hehehe

  3. Sam ventura says:

    Just one drop,
    And poof! It became coco krunch!
    Kahit 1 meter lang yan madrop sa kamay mo.. Hahah

  4. Sam says:

    Jus one drop,
    And Poof! it became coco crunch lols..

    • Levite says:

      Tama ka. Noong nabasag screen ng Note 2 ko sabi 10K daw replacement ng LCD panel and glass nagtiis na lang ako dahil sobra mahal. Now 8 months after, 1K na lang daw kasi kaya na nilang tanggalin lang yung glass for replacement, hindi nagalaw ang LCD panel dahil double sided tape lang ang equivalent adhesive niya. With this new tech, pag basag na screen mo damay na LCD kaya super mahal na replacement. I am torn using this kind of phone.

  5. Dina Nadala says:

    ok yan, tapos aadopt din ng ZTE ang tech na yan para pag mag sale sila ng ganyang mga celfones

    Kelan kaya ang next sale ng ZTE? Mag ready na kami ng team ko, 5am palang na sa entrance na kami

  6. Julie Ann Taguibao says:

    I love LG!! Any giveaways for this new amazing smartphone??

  7. Christian says:

    Double-sided tape pala ang usually ginagamit sa panel!? My life is a lie!

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