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MyPhone to launch MyTablet Android tablet?

Just had a talk with one of the industry people today and they mentioned that Solid Group, Inc. (SGI), the local MyPhone manufacturer, will be launching their own branded Android tablet in the Philippines.

No details are available yet but I’m looking into verifying this story and getting more details and pricing about their tablet. My guess is that it will come from one of those OEMs in China. The tablet is said to be named MyTablet.

SGI earned a reportedly Php2 billion in unit sales for the fiscal year 2010 — that’s a 9-fold sales increase from their performance in 2009.

With that volume, it’s not a surprise they’ll also going into the growing tablet market. If that’s the case, we should we be seeing really cheap (like under 10k or even closer to 5k) Android tablets real soon? Local competitor, Cherry Mobile, already has an Android tablet since last year so the one from MyPhone won’t be a first.

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28 Responses

  1. markem says:

    its just like your buying an epad/apad here.. hehe no thanks myphone.. cheap

  2. Yuan says:

    wow ang mura. sana nanaman maganda specs nito compare sa cherry mobile na tablet. cheers! pababaan na to ng presyo! heehhe

  3. Benchmark33 says:

    I’ve used myphone before…their first release of dual sim phone…i think it cost around 8k…anyway I hope if they’ll be making one, wag naman yung parang binili lang nila sa china yung unit then nilagyan lang nila ng tag na Myphone, that really makes them cheap eh…ginagawa na yan sa divi ng mga dvd player seller eh, you can choose what brand to put in your dvd unit. I hope they make a different design naman na kahit na myphone yung brand atleast makita na pinaghirapan at may effort.

  4. Marc Edig says:

    i hope its cheap like their phones.

  5. andre says:

    I wonder if that’s a real screenshot there…resolution looks atrocious, he he :P

  6. kermit says:

    another useless piece of shit. cherry superion tab costs the same as ipad wifi. ridiculous right? no wonder it flopped.

  7. adam says:

    Mas ok naman siguro ito kesa epad / apad. Hopefully price will be not higher than 10K because if so consumers would have second thought of buying this mytablet.

  8. NineSwordz says:

    If it has a 1Ghz Tegra 2 + 512 RAM and a capacitive touch screen.. buy ko na yan. XD

  9. Gumz says:

    sir yuga, gagawa kayo ng review sa tablet na yan?

  10. leeto says:

    Benchmark, please be reminded that almost all of CP brands are made by subcontractors in China and are printed with brand names by the CP companies once they are finished. AS the saying goes, God created the heaven and the earth, and the Chinese created the rest.

    • Rikiboi says:

      hahaha natawa ako dun pero tama naman…

      “God created the heaven and the earth, and the Chinese created the rest.”

  11. kyle says:

    I think pde na to sa mga alang budget.

  12. Edwin C says:

    Iyong mga ayaw nito di huwag kayong bumili. Hinde naman lahat ng tao sosyal at mayaman na katulad ninyo.

  13. semaj says:

    MyPhone makes better phones than Cherry. So the tablet will probably be better as well. I’ve been using a phone that they made for more than a year now and no issues. And whatever the other guys say, it still comes down to the consumers’ decision.

  14. kimkae77 says:

    I’ll wait for this….sana it has good battery..c”,

  15. charles601 says:

    that image sure looks familiar. Coby Kyros Mid7005. That’s locally available. Electronics Botique has a few. Including an 8″ version which sells for 9k. http://www.cobyusa.com/?p=prod&prod_num_id=10494&pcat_id=1013

  16. binoks says:

    thats nice to hear. hope it wud be lyk that of zte’s android tablet. hope they wud incorporate a menu for mynegosyo just lyk thier other fone models

  17. Paulo says:

    Totoo ito. Pero hindi kaagad ito ilalabas sa local market. Exclusive for PeakLife Inc. (Binary MLM Company) and its members only.
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  18. Paulo says:

    Here’s the company’s official website:

    • ADETTE says:

      baket pina babalik ako ng myphone robinsons nova branch this late dec – early jan 2012 kasi ilalabas na nila yung myphone android, at yun na lang daw bilhin ko kesa sa tw9 duo?

  19. Vinox says:

    as compared to other phones (kingcom & cherry)
    mas ok ang MyPhone.. Improve n sila s LCD and camera nila.. TW9 the best din, mabigat, titanium casing.. Cant wait to see TS1..

  20. Palawandiver says:

    Myphone service center Solid Service is the worst. They don’t give you option but to use their cheap units even if there’s a problem with the unit in less than 24 hours from purchase. Cheap unit – Cheap Service.

  21. ronski says:

    an yabang nu naman bka nasa call center lang kau nag wo work kng makapagyabang akala mo ikaw si lucio tan magyabang kau kng tlagang super yaman na kau bka katamtaman lang ang pera nu tigilan nu na kayabangan…..

  22. rage says:

    nasa gumagamit din ng phone kahit ipad o iphone pa yan kng di ka maingat masisira din

  23. benjie says:

    there’s a saying in the sales; “you get what you pay”. you don’t expect good quality and performance in a low price product… apple ipad are mostly assembled in china but they’re priced high because… what? it’s made of superior parts… so, if it’s low price… what do you expect, it is made of what??? pero i think ok nman ang product ng myphone, ok sa mga tight ang budget…:-D

  24. jun sy says:

    I agree to you brod benjie, take time to know the product. and it’s up to us to decide

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