New Windows Mobile 7 looks Zune-y

New Windows Mobile 7 looks Zune-y

Today at Mobile World Congress 2010, Microsoft announced their new mobile OS — Windows Phone 7 Series. Microsoft will bring together Xbox Live games and the Zune music and video experience on a mobile phone.

Although there’s no phone yet to speak of, expect to see new WinMo7 models by March 2010. The biggest surprise of all is that the company is putting on hold developments for the current WinMo 6.5 and did the Windows Phone 7 from scratch.


Actually, they’ve lifted a lot of the design and UI from the Zune HD. And as someone who’ve been using the Zune HD and enjoyed the interface, I can say that it will be pretty interesting how it will work out as a phone UI. It’s a huge departure from the old Windows Mobile interface, that’s for sure.

Microsoft is even promising that all Windows Phone 7 handsets will have a dedicated hardware button for Bing which can do search anywhere on the phone and the web. This is basically the same Search button you see with Google phones.

It will also be interesting to see if Microsoft can push its Zune Marketplace to match even that of the Android Market or the iTunes App Store. If you own an HTC HD2 now running WinMo 6.5, they you should be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 7 when it comes out.

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19 Responses

  1. val says:

    It would be very interesting if Microsoft will also create their own mobile phone. :)

  2. val says:

    Hmmm, it would be very interesting if gagawa ang Microsoft ng sarili nilang smartphone. :)

  3. regsh says:

    it looks promising that a Zune HD will eventually evolve to a Zune HD Smartphone carrying its new and better Winmo 7

  4. bursky says:

    i don’t have a Zune but i do use the Zune software on my PC. it’s really a joy to use. iTunes looks so boring now after using it! and i’m really expecting a lot of ‘fun’ if they use it for WM7. sana lang mabilis siya. :D

    on a different note, however, congrats! (kung wala pang nagbabalita sayo sir yuga…)


    guess who made it? :P

  5. roland says:

    sounds like iphone to me =)

  6. Vance says:

    this is the Zune Phone.. but will have to wait til maybe end of the year to see the phones..

    This is the windows Mobile 7 everyone is waiting for.. Sadly, windows mobile apps will not work on this.. they have there own app store coming (i think this will be the same as the Zune HD apps)

  7. Vance says:

    additional, I read this from Lifehacker: Asus, Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung and Sonic Erickson are among the manufacturers they chose to create the phone for them. And the carrier chose: ATT.

  8. Vance says:

    *Sony Erickson I meant

  9. @bi3L says:

    Yeah… I wonder how will MS will work out the number of hardware manufacturer that will produce their hardware. Since they will only supply the OS while the hardwares will be created sole by a number of manufacturers like Dell, HTC, LG and others.

    There is also the competition among manufacturer. Whatever happens to the hard company, MS will still win since they MS will supply softwares to all hardware manufacture. They’re duplicating the their doing with the PC market..they’re monopolizing the market.

    It’s gonna be APPLE vs others vs Nokia… while others are still fighting with each other.

    This is good news in a consumer point of view.. since more competition promotes innovations and it lower down the price.

  10. Vance says:

    Actually, there will be some features that MS requires the different manufacturer to include:
    a capacitive, multitouchable screen with at least four points of touch; accelerometer; 5-megapixel camera; FM radio; -> this are minimum requirements!

  11. Ardz says:

    If they’ll include GPS and maps without the need for an internet connection, I’m sold!

  12. Paula says:

    LOL That’s basically that point. I love it~

  13. simplynice93 says:

    Look like Microsoft is challenging Google in smartphone platform. Hopefully more affordable phones comes out of the competition between the 2.

  14. Ebengt0t says:

    Nabasa ko rin na hindi na daw ia-allow ng Microsoft ang pagsama ng UI ng ibang phone manufacturers sa winm07 like S Class UI of LG at Sense UI of HTC.
    I dont know how true ha.

  15. clyde says:

    i hope htc makes a hell of a phone sporting this os. its function-centered rather than app-focused os which is great for busy people and alike. i do hope that a little bit of tweaks or customization be allowed to be done on this wonder. i mean, yeah sure the tile concept is very simple and elegant but it’ll be nicer if they could throw in other versions such as spinners or whathaveyous.

  16. Miko says:

    Sana matalo na nila apple. Haha gnda ng update na to! :)

  17. lawrence says:

    the biggest downside is no support for multitasking. as per at ala flash support sa browser :p

  18. MIKE says:

    Windows mobile will not just lay down and die. MS will do the best they can to save the mobile os. However, windows mobile is still not that competitive because the os alone is already 40% of total handset cost. MS must make their own handset like others. For example, samsung produces smartphone with unmatched hardware specs because they are both software and hardware company. Their new samsung wave is very impressive. “Super AMOLED” is amazing.

  19. Ettenoj says:

    Nakita ko na mga review nito sa youtube. Maganda cya sa htc. Sana lang makagawa rin sila magandang apps store na mas maganda sa itunes. And sana improve naman nila yung sms, email, call apps whatsoever kasi parang di na masyado ponapahalagahan ng mga company yun ngaun althoug un nga dpt mas impt. And sana nmn mag uso na email sa phone instead sms. Like sa japan ma pah sinabi mo text eh email ibig nila sabihin. Satin kasi sms pa rin mas uso. Ang layo ko na sa topic but i like htc hd7.

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