Nokia 101 could be cheapest Nokia dual-SIM phone

Nokia 101 could be cheapest Nokia dual-SIM phone

We just saw three new handsets from Nokia last night and today two new ones were announced — the super-cheap Nokia 100 and the dual-SIM Nokia 101.

Following the new naming-system, the Nokia 101 could also be the cheapest dual-SIM phone from Nokia with an estimated retail price of under Php1,500.


The candybar handset is pretty basic — 1.8″ screen, FM radio, MP3 player and microSD card slot. Like the Nokia C1-00, it’s not dual-standby too Correction: It’s dual-standby as well.

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45 Responses

  1. roiji says:

    NOT dual-standby?
    what does that mean?

    • motha fucka says:

      it means you are stupid.. ASSHOLE

    • nanye says:

      Only 1 sim at a time. Hindi gumagana ang dalawang sim ng sabay. You need to switch if which simcard you wan’t to use.

    • askal says:

      “it means you are stupid.. ASSHOLE” – motha fucka

      breeding problems, mahirap tablahin mga yan, schizophrenic psychotic

    • gary says:

      sir Yuga naman, paki administer naman ang mga comments dito… sino ba yang (motha fucka) bastos na nag comment na yan? please naman, wag nyo babuyin ang site na ito… dun ka mag mura sa facebook mo.

    • Zamboanga says:

      I was planning to buy a nokia dual sim today, preferably with flashlight.

      Nasira kasi 5800 ko and 3,000 ang pambayad sa repair, so imbes na ipangayos ko , bibili nglang ako ng bago..

      yung Nokia C1-00 sana ang bibilhin ko until i saw this news. I think Im gonna wait a bit until dumating sa pilipinas to…mga kailan kaya?

  2. FreelanceU says:

    Dual-standby means both SIM are active (can send and receive calls/texts) at the same time.

    If it is not dual-standby, why is the image displaying 2 signal strengths?

    • me2004 says:

      tama… ang weird naman na naka display ang signal strength ng 2 networks tapos hindi sya dual standby? baka nagka mali nang sulat lang…

  3. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    despite lacking a camera, specs seems good. Still hoping for a dual-standby revision in the future

  4. aaron says:

    i dont know why nokia keeps calling it dual sim when user needs to switch the sim manually…
    they only provided a special port so that sims can be changed easily without turning off the phone…
    that is not dual sim…
    the market wants dual stand by…
    they even prsent it that you can use even upto 5 sims at a time…
    you have your 4 other sims in your pocket…

    • loadex says:

      You’re referring to c2-00?.. there are actually two sim slot, one inside where the battery is, and the other on the side, where you can change sim without affecting the other sim inside. The TVC made you think that, kase yun ang naka-highlight.. changing sims dun sa isang slot.

    • deuts says:

      You can use up to 5 sims where the phone can save and remember its settings. Ung settings lang naman for the sims are the sim card name (what you want to call it to differentiate from your other sims) tsaka ung icon.

  5. Franco says:

    wow pwede ito saken pantawag at text lang no more gimmicks ang hirap na kasi ngayon naka-ilang nakaw na sa akin nakakainis na ;(

    Win a free iPad2 from Trend Micro

  6. lala says:

    why are there two signal strength infos if its not dual standby

  7. I believe it’s a typo on the part of Sir Abe. Nokia 101 is dual-active as evidenced by the statements from these sites:

  8. quzaqi says:

    Dual Stand By: It simply means that your mobile will be in connection with both mobile service providers at the same time and you can either place or receive a call on either of the mobile numbers. But, as you are busy with one number, the other number goes “Not reachable”

    Dual Active: Your calling party will never hear “Not reachable” message if he calls you on second mobile number when you are busy on talking on first number. He will be just on “waiting” that time ….

    From wikianswers:

    Reason: Dual Active mobiles use TWO processors to handle both SIM where Dual Stand By mobiles uses only ONE processor to handle both SIM

    Read more:

  9. richard says:

    LG came out the following model a190 dual sim with a price PHP 1,350. This is cheaper than Nokia 101. Isn’t this more enticing. Its available at CMK when i visited their website. Pretty cheap!

    • wreek888 says:

      yup. i got this phone. excellent battery life umaabot ng 5days at ang panalo dito wireless fm radio, meaning you dont need that stupid headset just to listen to your radio.

    • kize21 says:

      but the nokia 101 has a sd card slot so you can play your own music if you like to, and i prefer nokia because they make very durable dumbphones

  10. Apache says:

    Good Thing i never bought Nokia c2-03 hehe this is what i need for my other phone.

  11. Jeff says:

    Good thing its dual standby.

    Muntik na kong mapabili nung LG ah.

    Thank you sir Abe for correcting your article.


  12. parenghilton says:

    you can buy a nokia X1-01 para sa longer battery life and 106db loudspeakers for 1850php..

  13. Alejan says:

    Hi! Saang mall nabibili ito? My my nokia outlet kasi na hindi pa available sa ibang malls. THANK YOU!

  14. alejan says:

    hi! saan nakaka bili nto? saang mall? wala pa sa ibang nokia outlet. THANKS!

  15. chris says:


  16. mb says:

    kelan po lalabas sa pinas tong nokia 101?tnx

  17. jho says:

    Just want to ask when will the Nokia-101 be released in the Philippines?
    May determined date na ba? tnx

  18. to jho says:

    its available in the philippines now. nakakita na ako sa malls

  19. jho says:

    to peter_p and ms.or mr.anonymous:

    really?i hope meron na dn dito sa Pampanga.
    tnx for your reply guys!

  20. r-nel says:

    hi… maganda po talaga ang dual sim Nokia 101,, kabibili ko lang kanina,,sulit naman at high quality pa and affordable…

  21. Tanduayice says:

    hi everyone,

    nokia 101 is available nationwide.
    at around P1,500 you get the best out of it. An additional P500 for 4gb memory card.

    i’m also planning to get one but still waiting for expert opinions so users please share your hands on experiences. thanks and good luck!


  22. karen says:

    hi. kakabili ko lang kahapon ng nokia 101. ok siya. nagwowork ang dalawang sim ng sabay, nakakatanggap pareho ng messages at calls. yun nga lang parang medyo mahina yung battery niya.

  23. Tanduayice says:

    hi karen,

    anong color and san country gawa?
    how is it? di mo ba naexperience yung restart issue? if yes how often and ano usually yung ginagawa mo pag biglang nagrerestart?
    thanks for the expert opinion.

    i was at trinoma yesterday.. nagiisa nalang n101 nila, unfortunately red pa. lol! i want the black one


  24. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing the info with us. I am using Nokia X2 which is a good mobile with all its features but I need a dual sim mobile now, I would be using it along with X2. I am looking for a cheap mobile and I think Nokia 101 would be perfect.

  25. Huming says:

    i just grabbed my nokia 101 its pretty good

  26. jen says:

    hello po! maganda ba talga yan nokia 101? meron na kaya nyan dito sa cavite, dasma..hay sana meron looking for the cheaper nokia dual sim…plasgi kasi nanenenok cp ko eh. hayst!

  27. jen says:

    anu po kaya mas ok? yun LG A190 or yun Nokia 101 na dual sim? pls help me guys.. thanks..

  28. Tanduayice says:

    hi jen,

    for sure meron na nyan sa dasma. eksakto may ncc dyan sa sm so convenient sayo for future assistance after sales. (di mo na poproblemahin manenok to hehe)

    LG A190 has better battery but don’t have card slot good luck

  29. Makong says:

    I had this phone on 3-25-2012. and all i can say is the phone is not used to multi-tasking. i also experienced the same issues you guys had. major hang time, auto restart, no sim active. ever since i bought the phone, it took frequent trips to the Nokia service center. replaced my firmware at a whopping 6.90 and mother board after the 2nd visit. all i can say is when you type a long message and receive a long one in response (especially if your heavy in texting) unlock the phone quickly while the light blinks and you’ll notice the lights dim for a bit, count 10 seconds flat and boom….your phone dies and you lose your call logs.

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