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Nokia 5800: Early Bird Problems

Hello! Are you a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic owner? Please take the quick survey here!

Barely a few weeks after the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was released in the Philippines, quite a number of units have been reportedly suffering from early-bird bugs and problems.

Here are several accounts of problems encountered by new owners of the 5800:

Upon demo of the unit, we already experienced a problem upon refreshing the music library which took more than 30 minutes to complete, while the other owners I was with took merely 3 minutes for their units to finish. – Incus

Bought mine last saturday jan 10 at bonifacio highstreet, returned it the next day because the wifi feature isnt working. I had to wait for the store manager to get in so shed can decide if she is gonna replace the my phone ( I waited for 1hr). unit was replaced that day. The manager told me that if i get another defective phone I have to take it to Nokia Care.

I am using bluetooth headset to make calls so i did not realize that the 2nd unit’s earpiece was also defective not until wednesay. returned the 2ND DEFECTIVE unit to Nokia Care MOA. I demanded for another replacement or refund for the reason that NOKIA is selling defective phones. I even talked to the manager and she politely replied to me “we are a repair center, we dont do replacements or refunds”. I had no choice but to leave my phone there and wait for 1 week to see if they can fix the problem. – Raymund

nokia 5800

I also had a minor scare just this past Friday. The songs would play, but you couldn’t hear the sound; you had to adjust the volume to be able to hear the sound, and this happened for every song I played. I turned the unit off, waited a few minutes, then turned it on again, and the player was back to normal. – Ria

The unit was fine until Sunday evening when I noticed the sudden drops in volume when making calls and the music library kept continuously refreshing but wasn’t adding any files. I asked Nokia Care Greenbelt if they were aware of the earpiece problem and if the technical team can take a look at it. The staff answered that they are not yet aware of the earpiece problem since this was a new phone. -Incus

the one i bought is the blue one. no music coupon unlike the red one that my wife bought. i also notice flickering of the screen when some applications are being performed. – marlon

The unit that I bought also had several problems, though some are minor ones:

  • microUSB port could not be detected by the PC. This bug was later fixed after repeated trials with several laptops/PCs.
  • The display screen randomly flickers to different colors. At first, I thought it was some nifty behavior that was intended for the Theme but later on realized it was a bug when the flickering colors become dull and faded.
  • Call quality sometimes drops as if audio volume was tuned down and you need to squeeze the phone to fix it back to the normal volume.

My Nokia 5800 already has the V 11.0.008 software version so it’s the latest update.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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106 Responses

  1. wee… if all the nokia 5800 sold encountered so much prob why are the company still selling it? they should fix it 1st coz it will harm their reputation. akala ko best PHONE MANUFACTURER ang NOKIA pero merun din pala silang DOWN SIDE..

  2. yuga says:

    I believe these bugs, like any other bugs on other phones, can be fixed by a simple software update. That’s what I’m waiting for myself.

  3. taksan says:

    @[email protected]
    maybe it’s just some bugs.. it’s normal for other manufacturers.

  4. sna nga TAKSAN… bugs lang sha… :(

  5. hmmmmm, maybe manufacturers should not rush the launch if the first gen products are buggy :)

  6. Rey J says:

    i have a 5110 and no defects……..moral lesson…be simple no need for hitech stuffs like re-giwi

  7. Jerome says:

    @Rey J-sometimes kasi you need the features of the latest phones. Like the camera of my phone, I used it instead of buying a new digicam.

    @topic Those are bugs. A software update can fix it. Pero sobrang dami yata ng bugs ng 5800. =P

  8. kill3rfill3r says:

    G900 na lang tlaga bibilhin ko..mas mura.

  9. rics says:

    nokia 5800 is the first unit (guinea pig?) to use the symbian 9.4 OS. Expect a lot of bugs from this unit.

    if you want to know more pinoy 5800 users who had the same experience with the buggy 5800, then feel free to visit the 5800 “appreciation” thread at tpc. they also voice out their issues with this fone.

    > http://tipidcp.com/viewtopic.php?tid=5841

    hope and pray that firmware updates will fix these problems.

  10. paul farol says:

    @ Rey-J, the 5110 is almost indestructible!

  11. Jonathan says:

    New firmware update? Expect it on the next 3-5 months from the latest update which is V11.0.008 as Sir Yuga has mentioned on his post.

  12. ed says:

    i havent had problems with my 5800.

  13. Calvin says:

    yikes what happened to their QA.

  14. Num Lock says:

    Quality over quantity. Parang vista hehehhe.

  15. Voods says:

    Iba rin kasi feeling pag naka 5800 ka at habang ginagamit mo sya. Totoong dami pa nyang bugs pero cool din kasi available yung firmware update thru NSU (Nokia Software Updater), so di pa huli ang lahat. Nakaka disappoint lang talaga ang after sales ng Nokia dito satin, sad to say na lagi silang “iwas pusoy”. Kaya ikaw na mismo sosolve ng sarili mong problema kasi mahirap umasa sakanila. Kaya sa mga meron 5800 at nagbabalak magkaron,join our forum in TipidCP.com. Dami nyong matutunan.

  16. Rey J says:

    @Jerome – you’re right parekoy. Minimalist kasi ako kaya yun opinion ko. well, whatever floats your boat ika nga….pero mas maganda ata talaga yung hi-fone

  17. yepski says:

    mine was bought last friday at NOKIA Megamall.

    the only problem i noticed was when using the A/V cable output to TV. I’m getting a Black and White display. Have tried with two TV sets, still the same.

    I’m not yet sure if this is a hardware or settings problem. Just wanna share you guys this fault I’m having.

    Hays.. I hate NOKIA CARE service… believe me.

  18. madzman23 says:

    Maybe thats the reason behind the 20K price mark.. :D
    But they should did it very well because it is their first touchscreen phone to be launch and I think that they’re making series for this one. This is really a big deal even if its firmware bug and Calvin was right, what is the use of their QA dept.? Or maybe, just maybe there is no more QA @ Nokia because of the crisis. :D

  19. yepski says:

    good day!

    this is follow up on the issue i posted yesterday.

    it was just a video system setting. hehehe. by default, it was set to PAL. so i just changed it to NTSC. it works OK now.

    so far, no major issue YET on my phone. :)

    just some bugs which i saw before on my N81, and were later fixed on firmware releases.


  20. I was really planning to buy nokia 5800. i was very curious on how it will work if its already in your hands. With the complains above, im thinking twice and probably won’t buy anymore. il just try to be contented to what i have now. its still a good phone.

  21. drakey says:

    nka order n ko eh…badtrip!…sana n lng eh ok at di ako bigyan ng problema…

  22. workingdude says:

    wow thanks for this post,,,, I have been thinking whether it would be

    5800 vs omnia… pero based on your post i will not buy 5800 anymore. even Yuga’s phone have defect!

    Kuya Yugatech ang omnia po ba pag sa broadlight sobra labo ba talaga screen? mga 20 people kasi nakita ko sa review at comment malabo daw.

    But about 2 said may cahnge lang daw na setting e… salamat po ^_^

  23. EeE says:


    i have an omnia at hand… based on experience, screen visibility under sunlight is really poor, at least in my case i suppose… maybe the screen protector i had on mine contributed to this…

    but that’s not what concerns me the most regarding my omnia… the phone is surely great/cool and all but there are some glitches (i’m hoping with my fingers crossed) that i just can’t keep on noting… i’m more concerned with it getting really hot while on-sync with my laptop. it also gets really warm even on a 6-minute phonecall… some users even claim that theirs also get really hot when using wi-fi and gps… and more, it also has its fare share of bugs affecting it’s performance…

  24. mark says:

    there’s already an update for the 5800 firmware from 11.0.008 to 11.0.009 and another to version of the update to 20.0.271. Unfortunately, i don’t understand why my phone does not update it’s firmware when i check for updates even if i use the nokia pc suite. I was hoping that this update will be available because this mgh fix the problems and bugs of the phone.

  25. Bong says:

    An officemate got her 5800 at BHS on the 1st day of its release and she’s very happy with her phone … she hasn’t encountered a single problem. =)

  26. Lloyd says:

    ako naka 3 units na ako nito..palagi ako nagreplace..hehe..kawawa ng nokia…prob din nla yan…kc 1st unit defective ang lcd,2nd pagstart ng wifi magrestart xa…and now 3rd thank God ok nah..hehe…no prob at all…

  27. marksy says:

    bumili rinako ng 5800, then napansin ko pag tumatawag ako biglang nagba blak out yung screen. sabi nila dahil daw sa sensor pero halos hndi na bumabalik sa normal. parating blak out pag tumatawag ka.

  28. quiksilver says:

    regarding on the blackout screen when taking calls its normal due to the sensor placed on the upper right corner of the phone and about the firmware upgrade, mine is upgraded to version20 two days ago..very nice upgrade the phone reacts faster and to many fixes to indicate…

  29. Scotty says:

    Don’t buy the Nokia 5800. There are WAAAAAY too many problems with it. I personally have a problem with the sound going in and out during a phone call. Other problems involve the menus disappearing once i set the home screen. sometimes a full factory recall fixes this problem, other times, it doesn’t.

    If you cherish your money and a working phone, don’t buy this until Nokia wakes up and fixes their software problems.

    —ex-Nokia fan.

  30. Holz says:

    Hi, I found this website on how to fix the varying sound problem without opening up your phone and voiding your warranty. Can comeone try this and see if it works? I really wanna get the 5800!

  31. Josh says:

    Nokia 5800 XM or Samsung Omnia???

  32. RuFeLa says:

    helo guyz i already have updated my phone to v20…checkout this nokia 5800 userthread
    if you want to know updates, latest application and answers to your questions about the unit…i hope this could help you…thanks


  33. Josh says:

    OwwYeaahh!!! My Nokia 5800 XM na rin ako… Iloveit!!

  34. joles says:

    sa akin naman pag nag stand by pag bukas mo puro linya ang makikita mo walang display puro lines lang pero pag restart mo ok at pag nag standby ulit balik sa dati

  35. Josh says:

    aw..bakit ganun ang sa inyo… sa akin wala pa naman ako nakikita problema sa Nokia5800XM ko..about sa earpeace owkie naman din…load and clear xa… sa quality ng camera lang ako hindi satisfied…mas owkie pa ang camera ng N70… haist…panu kaya 2… magging owkie din kaya to pag nagSoftware update na..??? pero over all the best ang Nokia5800MX

  36. tatik04 says:

    Yeaaaah! Ive read all your posts 2 days ago..and honestly, ive been having the same problem for the 2 weeks that i owned this phone. But last night, I updated mine to v20 and it’s great! Nawala na yung usual bugs (like hanging-up after exiting an application). The version 20 comes with the following changes:

    -Faster operation, speed improvements for Java apps as well.
    -Geo-Tagging support for both camera and the video recorder.
    -Gallery loads much faster. (much2 faster)
    -Improvements to the camera. (way better! you can use the front cam now)
    -New music and download icons
    -Better touch sensitivity. (no need for the stylus)
    -Flash applications now have a D-pad, like the java ones. (havnt tried this one yet)
    -Improvements to Mass Storage profile stability.
    -new application have been added.
    -“app.update” (in the application menu),
    -“Dictionary” and Search (for files and media in storage and web).
    -Better bass reproduction.
    -Ability to edit the Artist, Album, Genre etc in the Music Player.
    -Zoom, Full Screen and Pan options for Flash video.
    -Much faster screen rotation.
    -Voice recorded files now show up in the Sounds folder in the Gallery.

    Now, to all of you guys out there. There is still hope for the v20 to be installed in all of your TUBES. Eto na ang solusyon jan! Ang JAF application (i think i posted this 1 before?). can be downloaded sa yahoo (search JAF application) or email me @ [email protected] para send ko sa inyo yung JAF. JAF is an application used by tecnicians to open up dead phones, but unlike NSS or phoenix mas Ok toh..d kc mka detect yung NSS and prang delikado yung phoenix (with the flashing and stuff @[email protected]). JAF is completely harmless, pwede nga magtx habang ginagawa nyo toh ehh..Now basically, what we clever pinoys need to do is to change the product code (yung number sa sticker under your batterry, usually starts with 05). The built-in product code natin d2 sa pinas is whats preventing us from getting this update. You have to change it to a product code similar to the EURO codes (I used EURO1 blue for france). Kasi available lng yung update na yun in european countries. After changing it, you should use Nokia software updater instead of the over-the-air update ng nokia (lang kwenta yan). the update file is abput 126 mb, kaya mejo matagal yun antayin mo..but its all worth it! bibilis yung 5800 moh (wee!), gaganda yung cam and the likes listed above. But! d pa tayo tapos..kelangan mong ibalik yung product code na orig pra d ma void yung warranty using JAF once again..

    Oh di bah? Ang dali2x? if you want to learn more email me at [email protected]. Gusto ko lng share yung Nokia Experience ko with every1..Wee!=D

  37. symbiahero says:

    hindi po supported ang WCDMA 850. for american version lang. One Philippine service provider has 3g bands in 2100 and 850. 2100 lang pwede natin magamit(speeds at the provider’s 850 band is higher/faster)

  38. tatik04 says:

    better yet text me at 09052100513 if you need help updating using the JAF application..=D

  39. Yepski says:

    hi good day!

    i did my last post here Feb 5.

    now i got a new problem, yesterday morning. the LCD display on my 5800 went BLACKOUT. No display at all. Since i know the coordinates of the icon, i still feel the respond of the unit and can even make/receive calls.

    went to NOKIA yesterday night and was advised that it needs LCD replacement. mine is a red unit and this has the most number of LCD replacements they said. unfortunately, no avaialble stock. got to queue in for it.

    wew. another NOKIA service again. i hate engaging into this time.


  40. raffyboi says:

    just got mine before holy week, it was working fine and all until my songs suddenly wouldnt play. i reformatted the memcard then placed all my songs back. theyplayed for a few days then after while playing my songs, it skiped some and i noticed when i refreshed my library that i was missing 110 songs but my memory card’d free space didnt change. please help. its really starting to piss me off.

  41. noknok5110 says:

    sa tingin ko???pag nag update ka ng newer version, mdedetetect ng nokia n pinakialaman mu ung product code kya incase n masira ung phone mu at habol mu warranty…bka d nla tanggapin kc mllaman nila n updated version n 5800 mu..eh sa pinas sbi nila n wla p update…panalangin nyo sa mccraan n mging legal n ung updated firmware sa pinas..

    ang nakakainis sa cellphone n i2 ay ung gap sa gilid n sobrang visible…
    ung sa mother ko n red version 5800..hang ng hang…naiinis na nanay ko…sbi nya kya sya bumili nun eh pra d sya mhrapan at comfortable sa pag gamit kso sakit p daw ng ulo inabot nya sa cellphone nya..ikinaiinis p nya eh un sa akin na blue version 5800 eh wlang problem bukod sa gap…

    sana d masira i2ng cellphone ko…tatlong cellphone n nccra sa akin..3650, N70, samsung sgh g800…hayayayay…puro black market ko nbli

    ngaun sa nokia store n may warranty may problem p din..dyos ko po..katakot n bumili ng cellphone…

  42. Nokia5800user says:

    @raffyboi,. Its not the memory card that got problem, but the phone itself. So don’t reformat your memory card. Instead, reformat your phone. Remove your memory card if you will reformat your phone. Be patient, its just a material thing. Good luck. Enjoy after.

  43. mhikan says:

    @ noknok5110 – same with my blue version. I bought it last Jan 10 @ the fort. It has a visible gap near volume control. And i have it repaired in nokia care greenbelt last Feb.

    And after four months, my phone doesn’t switch on. I’m just watching a video when my phone got dead because battery got drained but when I’m trying to charge it, i’ve noticed na its not charging. trying to turn it on, it will just vibrate. So I went to Cyberzone nokia care last apr5 and ask them to check. Until now, inde pa din naaus. I already called the dealer pero ayw talga nila ireplace kc under warranty daw. Duh!! Auko ng warranty gusto ko good quality of units. :(

  44. Nokia5800user says:

    @mhikan, the visible gap between volume control is common to all nokia 5800 units, so nevermind it, its not even a problem. With regards to your phone status, at first, you should have not bring it for repair, you should have tried to reformat your phone. Coz many things got solved by reformat. Who knows it can be solved. But its too late, you already submit it to repair, which for me, should be a second choice to reformat, so you already did it, just patiently wait, just monitor your unit time to time. Good luck.

  45. raffyboi says:

    @Nokia5800user thanks dude for the answer, last question, how do i reformat my phone? haha, a bit stupid of me to ask but i’ll ask it anyway. :D

  46. Nokia5800user says:

    @raffyboi, ur welcome, thats okay, il help u so that you can experience the best for your phone. If you will reformat your phone, just do the hard reformat in which your phone will go back from the start. But sadly you will not be able to view and hear the pre-installed videos and mp3s. But wait, before you do the reformat, just copy your pre-installed videos and songs or all your videos and songs saved in your phone to your pc so that after you reformat you can copy it back again to your phone. Then do the back up, or back-up your phone to your pc, so that your files and settings will be saved. Then reformat now your phone, turn off your phone first, then the reformat is this, just long press the call key(green key), call end key (red key), the camera key on the side and the power switch. Long press the three keys simultaneously while switching the power on, or shall i say long press the four keys, then wait until power will start up. Then its done. Your phone will like new again and like fresh from the factory. Hehe. Good luck. Enjoy.

  47. Nokia5800user says:

    Finally, i have updated my phone’s software to v.20 just this afternoon, thanks for the JAF application, even if my phone code version is still not yet included in the software update, i was able to update it just by changing the phone’s version code to the version code where the software update is available. If your unit is still not yet supported by the update, i advise you, don’t wait for so long, just change your code, search in google- Nokia 5800 JAF , i can say that its really safe, just follow the instructions, after you change the code, you can now update it to the latest software, after you update, change again to your original phone code so that the warranty will not be affected, experience now the v.20 software update, so I’m super happy coz my phones functionality is so great now. I mean, the touchscreen is super responsive than ever, and the built-in dictionary is complete and very useful, you can now take photos using the secondary camera, there’s already geo-tagging support, and there’s a lot, lot and a lot more improvements on my phone after the software update, now, with the benefits and super-improved features of the phone, i really can proudly say that- Nokia 5800 is really the best phone in town! Two-thumbs up!

  48. raffyboi says:

    huhuhu, i try the hard reformat that you told me, i hold the 4 buttons until my phone opens, but nothing hapens :((

  49. Nokia5800user says:

    @raffyboi, do it again, follow correctly. Go!

  50. leo23 says:

    nag email ako regarding sa new software sa nokia eto reply nila.

    Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

    In response to your inquiry, unfortunately the version 2.0 software for the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music will not be released in the country. A higher version will be eventually released for the Philippines but currently there are no confirmed dates yet. Kindly check with our service centers directly regarding the software availability as usually it will be available with them first.

    You can use this link to locate the nearest Nokia center near your area: http://www.nokia.com.ph/carecenters

    You may like to visit our website at http://www.nokia.com.ph for more information and support for your Nokia device. If you have further enquiries, please write to us again or contact Nokia Careline at (2) 886 1234 (PLDT). We operate between the hours of 8.30am and 8.30pm, seven days a week.

    Please help us improve our services by completing the Nokia E-mail Satisfaction Survey from the following link:

    Kind regards,

    Nicky E.
    Nokia Careline

  51. Nokia5800user says:

    @leo23. Just change the product code.

  52. nando says:

    its gud 2 hear ur comments about d defects of 5800. however, dis might b 2 late bcuz i already bought mine the other week. still nice to hear those comments!

  53. tatik04 says:

    may v21 na..

  54. Nokia5800user says:

    Nokia 5800 is the best phone so far, grab one now.

  55. leo23 says:

    on what i read the v21 firmware will only release in asia,and think this version is now available in hongkong and taiwan.

  56. Yepski says:


    I just got my phone back last week, replaced with a new board and LCD. The only thing original is it’s casing. Warranty availed. The firmware version for Phils. is installed.

    I connected my phone and checked the prod code using JAF. The sticker on my phone (at the back) states a prod code of 0557816. Then to my surprise when JAF read the prod code, it displays a 0578218 prod code. I came into conclusion that NOKIA service doesn’t care much with the prod code. If in case my phone will eventually broke again, and unknowinglly I sent it for repair to different branch. Would it be an argument regarding my warranty if they found discrepancy in it? Precisely not my fault.

    Ahm, anyway. Since I knew NOKIA is practicing that standard (as I say). My friend changed my prod code to a Taiwan 0575392, and a version 21 is installed. I’m very satisified now with the newly installed ver.21.0.025. Very fast response and new features that I cannot enjoy when I still stick to the old version.


  57. raffyboi says:

    what code in the JAF will i use? since my 5800 is a gray one???

  58. jay says:

    may legal FW update na po ba ng V21 sa ph ngaun? tnx in advance!

  59. jay says:

    i just wanna ask what prod code should i use to be able to update my firmware to v21? tnx

  60. raffyboi says:

    wala padn legal firmware update?

  61. maryzann says:

    after 3 months of using lumabas ung display problem ng 5800 ko. very annoying talaga siya! dinala ko na sa NCC pero walang LCD available for replacement. follow up ako after 2 weeks, post uli ako dito after mapalitan kung na-solve ba.

    may nakapagpalit na ba ng LCD sa inyo? na-solve po ba ang problema? sana naman :(

    salamat po

  62. leo23 says:

    pag check ko kanina may version 21 na kaso sa product code palang na 0559953..sinu pa may alam na productt code na may version 21 sa NSU???

  63. 5800MAN says:

    If I am right the latest veresion of the phone firmware was V.20.0.25 which is too far from 11.0.008 or 11.0.009 and what ive seen so far is that Hongkong has its V 21.0 Update of the phone

    1st thing of the V 20 update of firmware

    Fast switching of screen
    photo burst mode in imaging
    you can use the secondary camera on the front of the phone


    the update of the firmware comes with a Nokia dictionary

    Please 5800 users

    how can this phone be so cool if it has minor firmware in it

  64. oman says:

    I bought mine last May 08, 2009 at greenbelt one. The phone seems to be working fine until the day after. When I had the time to explore the 5800, I got the shock of my life when the “setting” menu did not respond at all. Worse, most of the menu get freeze when cannot use the phone again not after I remove the battery.

    I think 5800 owners should unite and should call the attention of the manufacturer.

    Nokia does not want to replace the unit, can we call on DTI re this matter and force Nokia to replace it?

    Pwede kaya un?


  65. raffyboi says:

    this phone still sucks. i cant believe nokia ever created a phone that is this stupid. and they want it to contend with the iphone. what a desperate plan. there is still no legal firmware update here! i shouldnt have dumped my n95 8 gig for this piece of crap. hai. now my lights wont turn off no matter what i do! argh. nokia you suck.

  66. nokia says:

    nag ka issue young lcd ko, i displayed a distorted line kapag inu unlock, i went to nokia care moa, and they replaced my lcd free of charge. 2 days ko lang iniwan phone ko then they texted me saying my phone is repaired.

  67. leon says:

    Good news to all nokia 5800 philippines owners. checked my device updates this morning and a new firmware is available for downloading and installation. My 5800 red is now at version v21.0.025 sw ver date 020409. custom version csw ver date 21042009. the long wait is over. Checking for improvements/bugs now.

  68. kaizan says:

    i had my 5800 about 5 months ago, I’m one of the early bird buyers of this phone, i bought it at a nokia store just a few days upon its arrival here in the Phil. I haven’t encountered any problems on this phone so far but 1, it works well all throughout any operation or input. From that time up until now i’m using it mostly as a music player, as it’s supposed to, all through the day and on to the next day. I feel sorry for those who had major or even minor problems for this phone, but for me, it’s still the best.

    One common problem most owners have is installing symbian softwares or applications which retrieves an expired certificate message. I encountered this problem before on my previous symbian phones and all i have to do is to back-date the phone to an earlier time, say, a year before. But on this phone, that doesn’t work. There are so many useful applications offered for this phone, I hope nokia stores or care centers would come with an upgrade or a ‘patch’ that would make these installs and upgrades operational.

  69. Josh says:

    wala pa naman ph update ha… check ko poh pero no available update pa rin…

  70. xxxclyxter08xxx says:

    ngek! ano ba yan…balak ko pa nmang bumili ng ganitong phone kaso mukang sirain…mukang mas maganda pa yata ung lg renoir or lg arena d2 sa phone na to…mabibilang mo lang sa daliri ang magagandang comments sa phone na to…pati customer service walang kwenta…hayyyyy…

  71. mark says:

    Early bird din ako, bought my nokia @ high street. Nakatatlo beses na ko ngpabalikbalik na ko sa nokia care dahil

    1. nagbabalack ang camera, need to restart para magamit, madalas ding delay ang flash, at nagkakaroon ng hor & ver lines ang camera.

    2. garbled ang sounds, at napaka unresponsive ng unit. kapag nag aalarm ako, di ko mapatay ang alarm dahil di ko maunlock.At late ko na napansin na wala palang covering ang isa kong speaker.

    3. nagblack out na ang buong unit at nagkakaroon ng solid thick red lines na kapag iniuunlock ko, so kelangang pindutin ko pa ang power bago ko iunlock.

    Nag insist talaga ako na palatan na lang ang unit, pero di nila ginawa so pinilit ko na lang na mapadala sa Level 3 at irequest for replacement, pero bumalik pa rin ang unit ko dati at sinabi nila na pinaltan daw ang hardware w/o listing kung anu ba talaga ang mga pinaltan nilang parts.

    At ng araw na ikeclaim ko na ngayong buwan lang eh ni hindi nila niformat ang unit ko, so kelangan ko na namang maghintay para sa software naman. Kinailangan ko pang burahin ang laman ng memory card(sayang di ko na naback up) dahil kelangan daw yon para maacess ang mga default sa mem pero nung inirelease nila eh wala na naman ung mga default videos at music na kasama ng package…

    So ngayon eh inoobserbahan ko pa rin ang version 21 na nilagay nila…

  72. raffyboi says:

    may v21 na for phils?

  73. raffyboi says:

    meron na! updating mine right now!!

  74. raffyboi says:

    ok na! ok na ang 5800! hahaha!

  75. roma says:

    well… i hate NOKIA CARE CENTERS! The reason why i bought my 5800 there because just in case my unit encounter some problems, i wont have to worry about having it fixed or even waiting for a longtime for it to be fixed but… hello… i am no waiting for it.. for days… what they’d always tell me is… TOMORROW! yeah that is their favorite word!…

    the problem i had with my 5800 is.. PLS TAKE NOTE…the Nokia Software Updater… its aprt of the package… in the installation CD.. and everyone knows what NSU is for and all about.. so i just did as normal customers will do… Holy crap! instead if updating my phone, it bricked my unit…
    it was successfully updated… after some minutes… my phone shut off by itself… and i cant ever turn on it again.. i am sure its not about the battery coz i can still feel the unit vibrate when i hit the power button…

    the NCC never mentioned anything this thing…
    so the tech support told me… “Ma’am if you need some updates to your phone just bring it here…”

    So what’s the use of the NSU? Display?
    anyways… i am still patiently waiting for my unit… and yes be extra careful in handling your 5800, you might not know it serves as a bomb too without Nokia telling us…hahaha! bad joke i am sorry…
    i just couldn’t give up on my 5800 phone coz it is a gift from my fellow…

  76. killerfafa says:

    My nokia 5800 is doing just fine……… I already updated it to firmware version 21.1.000 something……. its fast no bug….. its performance is good so far eventhough its one of the manufactured from china…………………….

    Theres only one thing you should I think do man……. make a soft and hard reset first before customizing your phone….. it works for me, maybe it’ll work also for you….

    lillerfafa here

  77. jpx3m says:

    wala po ba talaga warranty ang lcd dito sa pinas? bakit ganun? para kasing nagiiba ung brightness ng lcd pag nanunuod ako ng video…

  78. elvira says:

    Hi! I’m planning to buy a new phone and I’m torn between Nokia 5800 and Sony Ericsson W902. I would like a music phone with a great camera. Haven’t seen a review for SE W902 here. Nokia 5800 naman seems to have some fallbacks. Are those problems already fixed? Can you guys give me some tips on which phone to buy?

  79. pebo says:

    hello to all.

    I’m getting my 2nd phone at SMART plan and Im planning to get this tube. Will I consider those bugs or those were already addressed with? What version would I get?

    Thanks for the help !

  80. Armorking says:

    Hello. I’m having a problem with my 5800. All apps, music, pictures and videos disappeared and yet when you go to file manager, its capacity is the same meaning I think all the files are still there but the phone cannot read it. Common problem for all 5800 across the globe. I hope someone could help me with this problem. thanks.

  81. ferdz says:

    LOVE this phone! first 24 hours we are inseparable!(CP price: PhP12,900)… after reading your commentaries here i wish and hope that the next day i will still be in love with this TUBE… coz my eyes after 24 hours is now on SAMSUNG JET… burn baby burn… (money!) thanksalotsa

  82. ferdz says:

    all that i put my trust on is that IT IS OK TO PURCHASE the TUBE with the manufacturing/prog. date on and after FEB.2009… (wishin’ on hopes! and hopin’ on wishes…) thanksalotsa again HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  83. fhitz says:

    @ jp mero ncyang warranty depende n lng kung sa anu mo lng nabile yan ung saken kc nag garbled line pag inuunlock nag guguhit guhit pero sa totoo lng ako rin may kasalanan dahil 10 beses ko na cya nabagsak dinala ko sa nokia care 8 months n cguro na cover p cya cover p ng warranty pinaltian ung lcd wlng binayaran… =) aantayin ko n lng ung version 40 right now version 31 muna gagamitin ko hehehehe wala nmng masyado depekto sa 5800 minsan tlga aminin nyu nasisira nyu lng hahaha

  84. shiela says:

    uy….. help nmn ohh… kpag naglalaro ako sa nokia 5800 ayaw mag sounds… lgi nka muta at ayaw magadjust… nag dawnload ako ng x dancery na games… tapos khit anong gaw2in ko ayaw parin magsounds … help nmn …

  85. glenn says:

    bakit ganun? bigla nawala ung display nung phone ko? nagblack out na pero gumagana parin siya huhuhuhu…maayos pa ba ito? ilang beses ko na nirestart phone ko…to no avail ayaw parin gumana ung display niya :(

  86. Maker says:

    @glenn…. try mo e hard reset phone mo….

  87. glenn says:

    pnu po un? kc as in wala n ako makita sa display nya eh…huhuhuhu

  88. Maker says:

    @glenn… turn off ur cp then long press green button, camera button and power button ng sabay,,,, better remove ur memory card first,,,, what pala version ng 5800 mo?

  89. glenn says:

    v21 point something po

  90. Maker says:

    naku, d pala yan latest,,, v41 na ngaun eh,, update mo nlng yan para maaus… may ym ka ba para chat kta ngaun para help kita habang d pa me antok…

  91. Maker says:

    ok, nag offline message nko sau jan sa ym na bngay mo… paki-erase nlng yan ym mo sa itaas para dka mascam…. mag online ka na sa ym mo

  92. glenn says:

    wala pa naman po…OL n po ako

  93. Maker says:

    nagmessage nko sau, nagbuzz na din, baka mali un nabgay mong ym…

  94. glenn says:

    kaw nlng magbigay ng ym mo…wala nmn

  95. wilson says:

    meron na pong v51 check it mga dude.. :)

  96. mazhart says:

    ahm pag na update na ba ang firmware ng 5800 may chance pa bang mabura yun??

  97. Rem says:

    Hey guys! I have a problem with my 5800’s Maps. Ovi Suite can’t find the maps installed in the phone! I really want to try its GPS capabilities since I’m not really familiar with Manila’s roads. And everytime I open Ovi Maps on my phone, it shows a different location like Germany or UK! Another problem is the screen flickers sometimes. Like a tv with poor signal! I hope you can help me. Thanks! :D (btw, I already installed v.50.0.005 and re-installed it, but it didn’t solve the problem. T_T)

  98. There’s not a day which i did not visit your weblog, it’s just so enjoyable and positive to be around day in reading your opinions and your writings. Keep on posting you have me hook my pal.

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