Nokia 5800 Firmware Update not for RP Users

Nokia 5800 Firmware Update not for RP Users

Hello! Are you a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic owner? Please take the quick survey here!

I’ve already been getting emails and comments from readers on how to get the latest firmware update for their Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Unfortunately, the announcement yesterday by Nokia does not include handsets released in the Philippines.

Though this was not included in the original press release sent by Nokia Global office, the local reps have stated that:


Nokia Finland sent out a news release today regarding a software update for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. However, this particular update will not yet work for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic devices sold in the Philippines.

And though they did not say why, it could be one of several things — it’s specific to a region or carrier or the bug fixes included were for models with different chip components (remember the news last month that Nokia was replacing the defective speakers?).

nokia 5800

There’s no specific date when the Nokia 5800 for the Philippines will get its firmware update. I personally am waiting for it since last month. I am not also sure what will happen if you still opt to use that update for your phone. If you bought your handset outside the country, like Hong Kong for example, it may not also apply.

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178 Responses

  1. I updated my 5800’s firmware to ver 20.0.012 and so far I haven’t encountered any problems with it. I changed the product code to 0559953 (APAC 2 Blue – For Vietname not sure) using JAF then updated the firmware using NSU. After updating my phone, I changed the product code back to 0578306.

  2. Gadget Boy says:

    We haven’t even seen the v.20 here in the Philippines, and here goes another firmware update for the rest of the world? Is Nokia vying for an “applesque” kind of update in which we need to pay for the new firmware?!

    Oh well, if you want to check the latest gadget (mobile phones, pmp, mp3 players etc.) prices available in the Philippine market, then go to:

    thanks again abe!

  3. Gadget Boy says:

    That’s for the gadget prices in the Philippines

    sorry abe for the ad. Keep it cool!

  4. Tristan says:

    Apparently there are at least 2 5800 variants in the Philippines.

    It seems that people who got their phones during the launch at the Fort in January have 5800s with a product code of 0559953. And version 20 of the firmware is already available for these phones.

    5800s sold later have a product code of 0578306 and these phones will have to wait a while longer for their firmware update.

  5. aldrin says:

    @Gadget Boy,

    About your “applesque” claim, you have to consider that firmware updates are available for a fee only for iPod touch’s. We iPhone owners get to have the updates for free. But with the massive iPhone OS 3.0 coming, be it a touch or an iPhone you’ll be installing the update in, the price (equivalent to a Ninoy) won’t be much of an issue.

  6. Johnnyboy says:

    My product code is 0578218 and I tried updating through NSU but the ver20 is still not available.
    Is it safe to change the code through JAF? Will it void the warranty?

  7. Nokia 5800 is the best cellphone I have ever seen!

  8. noknok5110 says:

    we need that update…nokia…

  9. Nikka says:

    To Johnnyboy: It is not safe to change the product code because it may cause your device to malfunction and it may delete the license associated with the locally preloaded content — music and videos.

  10. chester says:

    Hey guys, just a query. is Nokia’s E75 and 5730 XpressMusic already out here in the Phillipine Market? and If yes, how much does each phone costs? Thanks Much!

  11. Johnnyboy says:

    Okay, I guess all I can do now is wait for the update. I’d rather wait than getting my phone bricked and void my warranty.

  12. kyubi says:

    to Johnnyboy we both have the same product code ive already tried NSU and FOTA but this following applications doesnt work at all and says! no update available is there any other way i can update my 5800 firmware coed 0572818. is it safe to change the code ?

  13. Johnnyboy says:

    To Kyubi

    I think it would be better just to wait for the update than changing your product code. If done incorrectly it may brick your phone and void your nokia warranty.

  14. Nikka says:

    To Chester: Nokia E75 should be out early May. Not sure yet about Nokia 5730 XpressMusic. No SRP yet for both phones.

  15. The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  16. Hello can I have permission to use that image of a nokia 5800 for my blog?

  17. Nokia5800user says:

    @paulo, i think its okay. Its just image.

  18. Nokia5800user says:

    Finally, i have updated my phone’s software to v.20 just this afternoon, thanks for the JAF application, even if my phone code version is still not yet included in the software update, i was able to update it just by changing the phone’s version code to the version code where the software update is available. If your unit is still not yet supported by the update, i advise you, don’t wait for so long, just change your code, search in google- Nokia 5800 JAF , i can say that its really safe, just follow the instructions, after you change the code, you can now update it to the latest software, after you update, change again to your original phone code so that the warranty will not be affected, experience now the v.20 software update, so I’m super happy coz my phones functionality is so great now. I mean, the touchscreen is super responsive than ever, and the built-in dictionary is complete and very useful, you can now take photos using the secondary camera, there’s already geo-tagging support, and there’s a lot, lot and a lot more improvements on my phone after the software update, now, with the benefits and super-improved features of the phone, i really can proudly say that- Nokia 5800 is really the best phone in town! Two-thumbs up!

  19. leo23 says:

    nag email ako regarding sa new software sa nokia eto reply nila.

    Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

    In response to your inquiry, unfortunately the version 2.0 software for the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music will not be released in the country. A higher version will be eventually released for the Philippines but currently there are no confirmed dates yet. Kindly check with our service centers directly regarding the software availability as usually it will be available with them first.

    You can use this link to locate the nearest Nokia center near your area:

    You may like to visit our website at for more information and support for your Nokia device. If you have further enquiries, please write to us again or contact Nokia Careline at (2) 886 1234 (PLDT). We operate between the hours of 8.30am and 8.30pm, seven days a week.

    Please help us improve our services by completing the Nokia E-mail Satisfaction Survey from the following link:

    Kind regards,

    Nicky E.
    Nokia Careline

  20. Johnnyboy says:

    To Nokia5800user:

    I’m just curious when you said “after you update, change again to your original phone code so that the warranty will not be affected”

    If ever I encounter a problem with my Nokia5800 (not from changing the product code), would Nokia Care know that I changed the product code?

  21. Nokia5800user says:

    @leo23, yeah, i also received that kind of reply from nokia, i said just the product code if you want to update. Its up to you. :-)

    @johnnyboy, yes, they will not know that you have changed the product code. There’s already one guy here who went to nokia center (with a changed product code for the update) and he said that the warranty was not affected. It’s the same as you haven’t done anything to your phone.

  22. Johnnyboy says:

    What product code did you used?

  23. Nokia5800user says:

    @johnnyboy, i used 0559953

  24. Katrin says:

    @leo23, “A higher version will be eventually released for the Philippines but currently there are no confirmed dates yet” It’s fine to wait than to do that change code, but what do they mean by higher version? Like v30 and stuff? If that’s the case, then the v20 updated will be included on the higher version? I just want the dictionary on the v20 firmware update. T______T

    I have the product code 0559953 but i can’t update it. I’ve been working on this for 2 days already but since the update is an epic-fail to me. I give up lol

  25. leo23 says:

    @katrin,all we can do for now is to wait for the new firmware,on what i read the new firmware is v21..this version will only release in asia..i think this version is now available in hongkong and taiwan

  26. ikra666 says:

    Nokia 5800 firmware version 21.0.025 has lastly released in Bangladesh.i’m amazed by the camera performance & much more responsive,snappier user interface…

  27. sean says:

    ok v20 n din ako pero yung search sa home ng eeror bkt kaya

  28. Katrin says:

    @leo23, I see. I’ve installed dictionary on my phone already. Oxford dictionary and Thesaurus lol

    Then, we really just have to wait. Thanks for the wrap-up ^^

  29. JAY says:


    if you don’t want to wait for nokia to release the update here in phils, you can have the update by changing the prod code using JAF application. I’ve updated mine yesterday and feel like my 5800 was reborn! the performance esp. the speed of the phone and browser have greatly increased. (not sure for the boot up) the secondary camera can now be used to take photos. you can now use “search” in finding anything on the phone (previously your search is limited to the internet only). what i’m saying is the update is great and you don’t have to be a sitting duck in waiting for nokia to release it for RP users.

  30. Tristan says:

    I just updated to ver 21 from ver 20 using FOTA!

    I checked NSU first for updates for my phone (product code 0559953) but none were available. So I decided to use FOTA. To my surprise ver 21 was available!

  31. Tristan says:

    I just updated to ver 21 from ver 20 using FOTA!

    I checked NSU first for updates for my phone (product code 0559953) but none were available. So I decided to use FOTA. To my surprise ver 21 was available!

    The update is only 4mb, so it was downloaded very quickly to my phone using wifi.

  32. jeoff says:

    guys according dito available na raw ung v21 sa philippines. try nyo nga sa FOTA.

  33. Tristan says:

    I just checked. Version 21 is now available at via NSU.

  34. leo23 says:

    anong product code may v21 na sa NSU?????? 0559953 palang alam ko.

  35. Kurvs says:

    May bagong version na ng NSU! That’s good news; it means that it won’t be long before we get the v21 update! ^_^

  36. quiters says:

    Wala pa rin yung firmware update sakin



  37. Katrin says:

    @ Kurvs, I saw the NSU update pero I can’t update it, di daw maganda net connection ko (Ano pa bang gusto niya eh DSL na ako -_-) then i reinstalled it pero di na lumabas yung update ulit for the NSU.

    I tried to update my phone but again. it’s an EPIC-FAIL D: lol

  38. leo23 says:

    anong version yong bagong NSU update????? v1.6.11en yong sa akin

  39. Kurvs says:

    If NSU doesn’t ask you for an update anymore, try to download the latest version directly from the Nokia website. Either that, or maybe because your NSU successfully updated without you knowing. ^^

  40. Kurvs says:

    Oh, and the latest version of NSU is 1.6.11, just to be sure.

  41. Reborns says:

    Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink. Regards.

  42. leo23 says:

    meron ng firmware v21 update sa NSU,for product code 0578306 update ko na yong phone ko astig!!!!

  43. Ken says:

    Finally, i’ve upgraded to v21… available na sya sa NSU :)

  44. Luis says:

    When I checked whether my nokia 5800 blue (Prod. Code:0578306) can already have the v21 update in the nokia site, it says that it is available for my phone. But when I tried to update my phone via NSU, it says that there are no software updates for my phone. I am still stucked with the version 11! Help??????????

  45. leo23 says:

    TO LUIS:
    pareho tayo ng phone(color&product code) naka pag update nako sa v21 using NSU last may19 wala namang probelema during my update..

  46. rui says:

    hi guys. i’m planning kc to buy 5800. my mga tananungan na ko na mga stores and the version they sell is either V.11 or V.20. which is bettet ba na bilhin ko. and paano mag upgrade sa V.21????? pls. i need your reply pls teach me how to upgrade. pls pls pls…. thanks sa inyo…

  47. rui says:

    wala naman V.21 sa NSU. bat ganun gang V.20 lng?? kala ko b released na? baka via FOTA pa lang sya available..

  48. Off-topic Help – Need a secure web proxy to get around my school firewall. Any suggestions?

  49. jeffmel says:

    ey guy! newbie here. i just updated my nokia 5800 to v21.. but aernal letter below thwe signal bars change it letter e instead of 3g. can anyone share the prduct code for nokia 5800 blue— my.orig.product is (0578306)—

  50. leeger says:

    wala pa din update kahit sa FOTA/NSU, nakakaasar na nokia ph

  51. popcorn says:

    hi..any news about the v21 firmware? just got a red’s still on v11.. product code 0578218.. =)

  52. leo23 says:

    available na v21 sa NSU for product code 0578306 blue and product code 0578218 red.

  53. kALyOh says:

    how about for black/silver nokia 5800? meron na po bang v21 update?

  54. popcorn says:

    ui thanks =) checked it just now and meron na nga.. =)

  55. kamui says:

    I’m having a hard time getting the update using my pc, so yesterday I updated it using the phone it self, it was successful, and now I’m on v.21


  56. popcorn says:

    i tried updating using NSU but was having trouble with it.. the pc could not find my phone. have already installed the pc suite pero still phone could not be detected.. i tried FOTA but reply was no updates available.. =(

    is there something that i should have done first before trying to update? =(

  57. jessycort says:

    hirap naman palaging update failed pag sa pc… kung FOTA naman connection error.. any idea pls..nkakainis.

  58. kamui says:

    use wifi…
    it works…

  59. jessycort says:

    how does i use wifi in updating the firmware? do i have to change something in the connection setting? tnx in advance…

  60. kamui says:

    just go to any area that has wifi available, like starbucks, then go to …

    menu >
    settings >
    Phone >
    Phone mgmt >
    Device updates >
    options >
    check for updates

    then download…
    that’s what I did.

  61. popcorn says:

    finally was able to update to v21. =)

  62. popcorn says:

    has anyone tried removing the shutter sound?

  63. adbritepays says:

    is it an official philippine release?

  64. crestfallen says:

    i still haven’t updated my red 5800…
    wala pa rin sa FOTA eh..
    i’m afraid doing so via NSU, baka ma-brick ko or something…
    do they do firmware updates sa nokia care center?

  65. shobe says:

    I’ve updated my fone just last night, it’s v21 now. I’ve seen a flaw though, the camera mode automatically shifts to landscape, even I tilt my fone to portrait, the buttons are on landscape mode. But yeah, it’s more touch-sensitive now and there’s a secondary camera.

  66. bernard says:

    pa help po i tried installing my nokia software updater pero nag eerror po siya .. naka sulat ..

    Error 1720. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Custom action Kill_process script error -2147221020 ; Line 5, Column 1,

  67. pol says:

    i tried downloading using wifi..
    the download starts the after some time it asks again for a wlan connection?
    need help here

  68. crestfallen says:

    i’m still on v11..
    whenever i try to update via FOTA, it always says ‘no update available’… *sigh*

  69. Katrin says:

    I’ve just updated my phone to v21.

    FINALLY. After months of agony. Im loving it more <3

  70. javaman says:

    firmware is already available in NSU, mine says 21.0.025

  71. AERON says:

    Mga bro ung akin naupdate ko from v11 to v21 ok nmn xa buti d nagloko internet ko mga 1hr dn inabot ung paguupd8 ko and mgnda xa bumlis xa at my secondary cam n.kya lng guys pano b mllmn ung prod.code?im using 5800 xm blue…

  72. Katrin says:

    ^ remove your battery and you can see the code. Mine was 50559953.

    Ang tagal mo naman nagupdate? For my case, it took me 30 minutes.

    Im having a problem (? or maybe not), why is the menu button keeps on blinking? D: Pwede bang ma-off yun? lagi kasi nakasilent phone ko, di ko na tuloy alam kung may text na oh ano -_-

  73. Katrin says:

    Aw typo. **0559953

  74. kamui says:

    menu blinking is normal,
    they call it breathing light… you can adjust it,

  75. Katrin says:

    ^ Breathing light? After owning this phone for 4 months already, I haven’t seen that “breathing light” on any of the menus. Can you tell me where I could find it?

  76. Katrin says:

    Found it. Thanks for that info. ^^

  77. AERON says:

    Katrin Thanks for the info.i found it…yeah mtgal tlga almost 1hr tlga maybe bcoz of my internet connection sa office ko kc inuupdate e. is there any side effect po bng lumabas n after magupdte ng v21?and ano po b mga basic prob.n naeencountr ng 5800???sometimes ung akin one tap is not enough lalo n sa mess. ung “TO:” when i choose in my contact mnsn u need to tap atlis 2,3 or 4 tyms sometym hndi p matap..i dont know y mern po bng ibang nkkrns dn ng ganun?

  78. kim says:

    official na ba yang updates na ginagamit niyo?

  79. Aeron says:

    kim i think its official updates kc it came from nokia mismo e kya cgro nmn official xa

  80. kim says:

    ahh.. yeah.. i updated mine yesterday. and mukhang official nga na for philippines to..

    akala ko nga hindi na siya mabalik to red, ginamit ko kasi to nung una ng JAF to get the updates for the blue versions.. so for a while blue yung main theme niya.

    yesterday, i tried to update it again using the original prod code.. ayun pumasok naman. XD so now it’s red and i’m happy na.. laking improvement talaga over v11.

  81. crestfallen424 says:

    i’ve already updated my red to v21 via FOTA!
    i like the improvements!

    but one thing i’m not pretty happy with is i could no longer stream videos from videostic nor! haaaay, bakit kaya ganun? before i could just easily watch my fave shows in my 5800 and now, hindi na pwede.. the video screen is there, but there is no way i could hit the play button coz it doesn’t show.. =(

  82. jeffmel says:

    ey.. i heard there’s new firmware for nokia 5800 from v21 to v30..

  83. LhEm says:

    Try nyo tanggalin mga cracks apps nyo na meron LM sa mga nag eeror sa firmware update from nokia.

  84. chrismike says:

    i brought my n5800 last week and ive tried to update it from v11 to v22. but my phone was a dead meat it didnt start or switch on again. i dont know what to do now. what the hell nokia.

  85. chrismike says:

    when i installing the v22 for n5800 my cp went on and off. now my cp is dead.

  86. Required says:

    Some country already have the v31 updates. I wonder when will this update be available here.

  87. 5800xm says:

    is that v31 or v30? still no updates available for phils. :(

  88. BOOH says:

    Changing the product code will invalidate the warranty, and changing it back afterwards will still mean it is invalidated, as Nokia will know. They gave me a print out of when the product code changes were made, and what exactly the new code was. It is stored on a nokia server when you upgrade the firmware.

  89. CJ says:

    Bought my nokia 5800 at finland, hungary made. Upgraded to V30, 2nd week of July. Im here in the philippines., so far so good. faster loading of all softwares.

  90. crestfallen says:

    still not happy that i could no longer watch online videos from movies and tv sites. Adobe flash player 9 isn’t supported by the v21.. I should have just stayed with v11… *regrets*

  91. ken07 says:

    is ver31 already available in the philippines?

  92. ken07 says:

    s ver31 already available in the philippines?

  93. vidgen13 says:

    v30 wala pa sa pinas, u can try changing ur product code pero sayang warranty mavoivoid, sa mga naka v30 hackable p rin b?

  94. Gabriel says:

    i was using a 5800 for 3 days, i’m trying to update it from v11 to v21 but den, hndi daw available.. my device code is 0578218..kc sabi sa site na minention above, available daw for update ang fone ko but den, not available parin..crap!! >.<

  95. carlman says:

    guys, help me please. I updated my phone firmware sa to v30, wala namang problem not until ginamit ko yung wifi…nagrerestart sya tas minsan namamatay :( pano po dapat ang gawin ko? thanks!

  96. vidgen says:

    try mo kaya format? *#7370# bura nga lng lahat sa phone mem

  97. carlo says:

    do you really need to change the product code before you can update it???

  98. XMjon says:

    im here in the phils, m using v30.00.011… no problems during my update using NSU via my computer… i bought mine with v21 update… :) still waiting for the big update with COOL homescreen like the n97 and 5530’s + kinetic scrolling… :(

  99. ken says:

    may v.30 n?

  100. heavyarm says:

    just updated my phone from v21 to v31.. ^^, will wait for v40

  101. vanjoseph says:

    bakit ung nokia5800 ko poh kapag inuupdate ko using wifi sa work ko walang available na updates??

  102. chubal says:

    may version 40 na with kinetic scrolling… un nga lng hindi p available ung updates d2 sa pinas.. but still if you really want to update your phone to v40 you can change the product code.. then update nyo ung phone.. saka lng ggna ung v40!..

    but ang tanong lng ng marami.. maging valid pba ang warranty pag nag change product ka..


  103. XMjon says:

    v31 plng available dito sa pinas, m xcited for the v40 upgrade.. WOOOHOO! uu nga u can upd8 by changing ur pcode bt i wont sacrifice my fon 4 dat bka shit will happen at mpa bulls#it ako… heheh… wait lng naten bka next month availabe na… check nu sa youtube galeng!

  104. chubal says:

    sa sobrang inip ko galing!!! nkapag update ako to v40.. i just change the product code! then after that nag update n ko ng firmware thru NSU… after nmn ng update ko binalik ko lng ung product code ko sa dting pcode nya! aun! soya na!!!! version 40! na.. :D

  105. fhitz says:

    MERON NA PONG VERSION 31 D2 SA PINAS! un lng kh8 d n ibahin ung product code

  106. boris says:

    just bought mine last october

    backed up everything to memory

    updated from V21 to V31 thru phone(OTA – since I did a clean PC sync update and got discon. errors)

    need to reset *#7370# for email homescreen to work

    restored the messages etc.

    all the free videos/musics shipped from the card are not playable anymore ^^ (expired license) *.dcr

    waiting for the kinetic scrolling (V40)

  107. NOKIA!!! GIVE US V40!!! HEHEHE

  108. noknok says:

    Kailan kaya lalabas ang v40 lagi na lang tayong huli

  109. xtuff says:

    i had already installed v40 on my nokia5800.. ilove kinetic scrolling and and the carousel of contacts on homescreen. :)

    update na rin kayo. =p

  110. marvin says:

    may available n sa nokia center para sa mga taga pinas..hnd q lang alam f kelan available sa NSU and sa FOTA.

  111. rome says:

    hey xtuff saan ka nagupdate? or binago mo lang yung product code? meron na ba talaga sa nokia center or kahit through phone nalang para iwas sa pamasahe. hehe

  112. john says:

    oo may v40 na ba talaga sa nokia center? san kayo nag update? not by product code change ha?

  113. tekno says:

    when firmware V40 will available for nokia5800 code 0578306 ?

  114. joan says:

    actually, i wrote a blog about the v40 upgrade

    you WILL void your warranty. however, NOT ALL nokia centers check the product code of the phone so meron talagang nakakalusot.

    i have v40. i changed my product code to 0591826 because my phone is the gray 5800.

    i am truly happy with my 5800 now.

  115. jose paulo says:

    HOW TO UPDATE YOUR 5800 Xpress MUSIC?…

    V30.0.Etc. to the latest firmware on 2009 2010 the V40.0.005!!!!!!!

    Its EASY like popping a popcorn!!!! add me on facebook, YM and tell you how

    [email protected]

    i will give you instructions how to edit your Product Code Then Update it to V40.0.005
    simple and easy

  116. jose paulo says:

    oo mga pare naka pag update na ako kasi inedit ko yung product code ko dati ang product code ko is from beijing now its from europe 1…
    and its just a product code…….

    add me up on facebook lets make nokia 5800 an iphone killer hehehehe lol

    but i also have an iphone, for me nokia is the best coz its easy to use, easy to put songs, easy to copy and phase very cheap prize, and it can download any junk on the net….. not a bad phone :)

  117. krys says:

    wala pa ba v40 sa mga nokia center? after i got my phone jan.30, pina-upgrade ko na agad. v31 pa lang :(

  118. Mansur says:

    mga tol…. pra san pa ba ung product code?kasi naupdate ko na tong 5800 ko last jan2010 sa ver30, pero wla nmn akong maalalang product code na inienter. Nagupdate lang ako thru wifi. Now, nabalitaan ko my update nnaman v40… Nagtataka lang ako s product code na yan…

  119. zhone says:

    mga kuya i have nokia 5800. pero d ko po alm kung pra san po b yang mga VERSIon n yan? . anu po magbabago sa nokia 5800 ko po?

  120. chadm says:

    sir, 1 year plus na phone ko. so void na yung 1 year warranty sa nokia care center, so pwede naba akong mag change product code nang hindi iniintindi yung warranty ko? tama po ba?

  121. Mr5800 says:

    to all: ok naman magchange ng product code… If I were you, magchange nlng kau ng product code if you want to experience the new features of 5800 in it’s new v40 firmware…..

  122. chadm says:

    sir Mr5800, pwede po bang manghingi ng email ad po? may mga katanungan lang po ako.
    expire naba warranty ko kasi it’s been a year and 1 week na yung phone ko. so yung 1 whole year warranty ko void na?

  123. Mr5800 says:

    eto online ako ngaun sa ym ko choky_bench message mko agad kc erase ko to agad …

  124. poging5800Xpressmusic says:

    nakapag-update ako last week pero di ko gusto yong bagong updates yong alarm clock di na sya nag-stop tapos yong calling di gumagana yong touch answer…

    software Version
    V 40.0.005

    S Date

    Custom Version

    custom v date

    di ko gusto yong updates nakakaupset!!!!

  125. yamats says:

    just bought mine last week sa SM North EDSA pero kailangan dalhin sa Nokia Care center dahil may problema sa camera. they updated it from V31 to V40.0.005. the firmware update solved the cam problem but the 50 preloaded songs and videos are no longer playable, sayang naman..

  126. poging5800Xpressmusic says:

    di ako satisfied sa new updates… Alarm touch stop ay di gumagana na dati ay gumagana ng maayos..tapos yong answer call touch di rin gumagana…. nakaka upset naman….

  127. zkieh says:

    my 5800xm is from spain bought 3wks ago. and its made in hungary. pero asa phl aq kz pndla lng skin 2 possible kya na pwde n sa phone q ung V40? My current Version is V31.0.101

  128. poging5800 says:

    OO naman just update ur 5800… same tayo made in Hungary also its quit good!!

  129. yured says:

    there’s a new firmware for nokia 5800. the v50. as usual, still not available here in the Philippines. even v40, you can only update your firmware unless you change your product code. Nokia is unfair. if they will be releasing an update, then they should make it available for everybody.

  130. DS says:

    oo nga, may v50 na po pero d available d2 sa pinas…anu po mangyayari pag pinalitan ko ung product code ng fone q?

  131. FItz says:

    im from philippines and version 50 na ang 5800 ko i just changed the product code to malaysia and after i updated i returned the old product code i didnt find anything wrong in version 50 if you think na version 40 is cool maling mali kau kasi suepr ganda ng 50 haha lalo na ung player ^_^

  132. DS says:

    pwde mgpaturo kung pano mgpalit ng product code?? tnxÜ

  133. FItz says:

    The easiest way to change your product code is using nss program cya napakadali lng tanga n lang d makakasunod sa instructions kung d kayo willing mag take ng risk then wala rin kaung makukuwang magandang version version 50 tlga!

  134. DS says:

    tnx Fltz! v50 na phone q ngaun…

  135. FItz says:

    d ba sabi ko sau eh wala nman mangyayaring masama pag pinalitan mo ung product code pwede nmn ibalik sa dati eh

  136. Casey says:

    Sir Fltz anu pu product code ung gnamt nio for v50? tnx po in advance!

  137. anominous says:

    mga brad to lang coment ko kung ako sa inyo dunt install ver 40 for ur 5800 kc madami na nag eencounter na problema dto..usually un answering call touch,,, alarm clock,,, some sis file cant read,,,and d gumagana 3g cam,, pinaka worst is nagtturn off kusa ang pun.. kse dati ver 40 ako…and nokia care said un nga madami na tlga nagrreklamo sa ver. 40 kya binabalik nlng nla sa ver 31….

    so ito lang w8 lang kau sa ver 50.. soon to be release in phil.. as official… kya dunt change ur firware to ver 40.. ayt..

    and un nag cchange ng product code dyan to europe kung ako sa inyo dunt ginawa ko na yan…mawawala warranty mo ma ddtect nla na binago mo kung kya mo iblik code mo gud for u.

  138. FItz says:

    wala naman nawala saken kuya nung pinalitan ko yung product code ko tyaka more than 1 year na sken yung cellphone ko sa lahat ng ginawa ko walang masamang nangyari i think may pag ka tanga ka lang sumunod ng instructions kaya lagi kang bokya kung gusto mo mag antay ng version 50 dito sa phil gue antay ka lang mga 2012 meron ka na =)

    @casey masesearch mo yung product code sa yahoo or google may nakalagay dun na product code na available na sa yung version 50 gamitin mo lang yung asia wag kang gagamit ng europe ang ginamit ko saken malaysia wala naman prob

  139. FItz says:

    pahabol lang kuya gumagana po ang 3g cam sa version 40 wala nga pong problema eh!nagagamit ko siya as secondary camera siguro cellphone mo na yung problema =)

    eto po yung mga product code na may version 50 update
    0588660: AE Ramadan Algeri MENA-A BLUE
    0588665: AE Ramadan Arabi MENA-A BLACK
    0588668: AE Ramadan Arabic MENA-A RED
    0588739: AE Ramadan ArabiMENA-A BLACK
    0588738: AE Ramadan N.AfricMENA-A RED
    0588671: AE Ramadan N.AfriMENA-A BLUE
    0573784: APAC1 Black
    0576528: APAC1 Black CAMBODIA
    0573786: APAC1 Black MALAYSIA
    0559950: APAC1 BLUE
    0559950: APAC1 BLUE
    0576527: APAC1 Blue CAMBODIA

  140. casey says:

    ok nah! ayos ung v50! ..singapore pla gnamt qoh poh product code.. TNX

  141. FItz says:

    astig ang version 50 yung isa kaya gumaganyan yan d niya kasi magawa ng tama hahaha

  142. babyjames says:

    pls help me my phone is runing on v31 firmware i would like to update it to v50, kindly pls help me step by step how to install v50 on my phone!

  143. FItz says:

    search mo pa sa yahoo yung nss =D

  144. babyjames says:

    sir naka .zip po yung nss na sinabi nyo, anu po gagawin ko?

  145. babyjames says:

    sir thank you its works on my 5800xm, hanep ang galing ang ganda sobra ng bagong firmware, thank ypu again

  146. FItz says:

    anu ginamit mo nss?

  147. jecs says:

    pa help nmn after i use nss wats next? where do i update my firmware? sa *#0000# ba?

  148. DS says:

    guys! may naencounter b kayong problems sa ovi store? ayaw kc mag-open ung saken eh, v50 aq…

  149. jecs says:

    Pa help nmn po kasi whenever i update my software nagDiDisconnect yung CP ko tapos biglang restart pagnag aupdate na ng software.. RM-356 0575378 product code ko kahit sa pheonix ganun rin ang problem.. v21.0.025 firmware ko now..

  150. JKisaragi says:

    It’s been 3 months since the release of v40.0.005. Then it was followed shortly by v50.0.005. Yet right now I’m still running v31.0.101.

    This is getting so frustrating to the point wherein I already gave myself a personal deadline. If there’s still firmware drought until 15th of May I’ll buy myself another phone. *sigh*

    (Actually, it’s an excuse to treat myself to a new phone. Got my sights on the internet-tablet-phone N900 XD)

  151. karen says:


    I’be been waiting for so long for my phone to have the available firmware update.. But it’s been months now and there is still no v40 for my product code, and now there is even v50! :( now I’m thinking of changing the product code of my 5800 :((

    HELP!:) to what product code should I change mine to? Originally its a red 5800 with code 0578218.


  152. zkieh says:

    Love the new firmware… :)

  153. zkieh says:

    @ jecs

    Normal lng nman po un nddisconnect and ngrerestart kpg nguupdate ka. wag mo iddisconnect ung usb connector kz mccra yan phone m. Ganun kz ngyari sa n73 ko. :(

  154. zkieh says:

    @ karen

    Latest available software for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, product code 0578218
    Version: 31.0.101

    Reasons why a phone cannot update:

    1. It is a country variant – country variants often get the updates later, or have updates skipped altogether. A Turkish country variant product code for example, skipped v40 and updated from v31 straight to v50.

    2. It is network branded – phones acquired from network providers or these providers’ stores SIM free are branded, and will not get updates until the networks approve and modify the updates to their liking.

    3. Special editions – These special editions are chartered editions and may never get updates unless taken to a Nokia Care center.


  155. JKisaragi says:


    I changed my product code last night to 0573860 – APAC2 BLACK SOUTH ASIA (for my S.Black 5800) for the v50.0.005 product code (then changed it back to the original product code after updating).

    Everything seems to be A-OK.

    Try searching for a product code with v50.0.005 for your red 5800.

  156. FItz says:

    eto po yung mga product code na may version 50 update
    0588660: AE Ramadan Algeri MENA-A BLUE
    0588665: AE Ramadan Arabi MENA-A BLACK
    0588668: AE Ramadan Arabic MENA-A RED
    0588739: AE Ramadan ArabiMENA-A BLACK
    0588738: AE Ramadan N.AfricMENA-A RED
    0588671: AE Ramadan N.AfriMENA-A BLUE
    0573784: APAC1 Black
    0576528: APAC1 Black CAMBODIA
    0573786: APAC1 Black MALAYSIA
    0559950: APAC1 BLUE
    0559950: APAC1 BLUE
    0576527: APAC1 Blue CAMBODIA

    after nss po nokia software updater na po yung gagamitin nyu para ma update salamat

  157. yuhenyo says:

    puwede b yan gamitin s red ko n 5800? yung mga product code n pang v5

  158. karen says:

    zkieh and JKisaragi :

    thanks for responding to my post! :)

    I successfully updated my firmware to v50 as well, I just followed on through jobzky’s blogspot site. I changed my product code to 0559054 (Euro1 ALPS RED) and now I’m satisfied with my phone more than ever! :)

  159. FItz says:

    kahit anong product code naman po pwedeng gamitin =)

  160. XMjon says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA!just updated mine from v31 to v50 via FOTA… dial *#0000# tas check for updates… FAST, KINETIC SROLLING is KEWL!

  161. Centillion says:

    I just updated my phone to v50.0.005 via NSU. Everything works fine except for the WiFi – I always get an “Invalid Server Name” error with the Web browser no matter how I configure my home network.

  162. mike says:

    i tried updating mine, done with the 150mb file download, but i always get the device recovery error ,and the NSU tells me that it has lost connection to the device, i tried it to reconnect it a million times but that nothing seems to work ,, has anyone ever had this problem ?..

  163. Centillion says:

    I got the WiFi problem sorted out. Windows 7 seemed to handle ad-hoc networks differently, so I had to set up XP on VirtualBox to serve as my improvised “router.” WiFi now works great, I’m loving the N97 browser, and I’m halfway through my Skype download :)

    No major problems encountered with the firmware so far.

  164. mr8382004 says:

    Mga sir help, I just update to ver50, I notice the full querty keyboard is missing. Does anybody had the same problem? How can I reinstall the full querty again? bec. it is very useful.

    thanks, hope someone can reply to my question.

  165. zkieh says:

    Restore factory settings
    Reset your device
    1. Switch off the device.
    2. Remove the battery.
    3. After a few seconds, re-insert the battery, and switch on the device.

    Or maybe your phone sensor is disable
    Go to Settings>Phone>Sensor Settings>Turning control then check the auto rotate display. make sure your sensor is turned ON.

    then start writing a message and rotate the phone horizontaly and then press on the screen to write something it will show u Full qwerty keyboard.

  166. mr8382004 says:

    Thanks sir for the info on qwerty keyboard.
    I got another problem, my phone cann’t detect gps signal, is anybody experiencing this difficulty?

  167. zkieh says:

    Satellite signals cannot penetrate buildings, so GPS satellite signals will be difficult or impossible to receive if you are indoors and away from windows. If you want to speed up the process of GPS showing your location, take the phone outside or place the phone next to a large window with a good view of the sky.

    And it requires network connection you should have data plan to use the application.

  168. Rojo says:

    Hi, can you help me update my firmware? Is it already available in the Philippines without having the need to do some other manipulations not authorized or advised by Nokia?

    Thanks a lot.

  169. Rojo says:

    nevermind, I was able to update it to v50 via nokia ovi pc suite. I recommend you use this method too, as you can backup your files in case something happens.

  170. Rem says:

    I updated mine last week to V. 50.0.005 via FOTA but I still didn’t get the 5530’s homescreen. :(
    The phone’s UI was faster and more responsive though. :D May question lang ako, kasi when I’m trying to update my classmate’s 5800 via FOTA biglang parang nagcrash yung software. Nagloloko na bigla pero nawala naman nung nag hard-reset ako.

  171. Rojo says:

    You can get the same home screen as 5530’s. Just go to:

    Settings -> Personal -> Home Screen -> Home Screen Theme -> then you can choose the “contacts bar”. When you choose that, the contacts bar would appear on the upper part of the home page, and your shortcuts will still be there on the lower part.

    Hmm siguro mas safe if you update through the PC via Nokia Ovi Suite. That’s what I did.

    Did you notice any decline in battery power?

  172. ed says:

    guys is software the same as the firmware sa nokia 5800 kasi nung nag *#0000# ako, ang naka lagay sa akin eh software version v50.0.005 di ko nakita ung fireware version pano ba ito makikita? thanks

  173. xmJON says:

    v50.0.005 thats your firmware version. just updated mine from v50 to v52, DAMN! my phone’s fast!

  174. MADARA UCHIHA says:

    aus nakapag update aq ng version 52!! via fota, . teka mga new comment b d2 pwera aq?? astig ng kinetic scroll!!

  175. jayvi says:

    panu ba mag palit ng code? pwede ba un? finland xe nokia 5800 ko.. pero pag ask ko kun can i update sa nokia.. ang sabi eh no available software.. v.21 pa rin ako hagang ngaun.. tnx..

  176. jayvi says:

    tapos kung mag papa update ako sa mga cellphone shops it cost 500pesos.. nakakatakot xe mag update sa PC di kaya macra? pa help naman gusto ko rin mag update ng version..

  177. jotuse says:

    here is the easiest way to update your phone…i have updated my nokia 5800 with the version 51.0.06…by means of downloading the nokia software updater…it will help you and guide you the easiest way to update your phone…

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