Nokia C1 and C2: First ever dual-SIM for Nokia

Nokia C1 and C2: First ever dual-SIM for Nokia

While other handset manufacturers like Samsung and LG have had their own dual-SIM phones for quite some time now, Nokia just made the announcement earlier that they’re joining the party with the Nokia C1 and Nokia C2 (and no, it’s not the bottled tea drink).

Of course, as expected, the dual-SIM handsets that Nokia is releasing are pretty basic and entry-level units (think sub-Php2k Nokia 1100).

The Nokia C1 has 3 sub-models (C1-00, C1-01 and C1-02) with the C1-00 being the cheapest among the three at around Php1,700 before taxes. The handset can run on standby for 6 weeks — the longest in any Nokia phone ever. Not really dual but double SIM (meaning, one SIM active at a time).


And when they said basic entry-level phone, they really mean no features except the ability to make calls and SMS plus FM radio. That’s it! Oh, and a built-in flashlight.

The Nokia C2 has a bit more features in it — Bluetooth, VGA camera, WAP browsing and GPRS with the FM tuner capable of FM recording. The price isn’t very far from the C1 at around Php2,500. Both SIM cards are active with one of the slots hot-swappable (can be switched or replaced anytime even while the phone is turned on).

Being the highest-selling mobile handset brand, I think it’s high time for Nokia to give in to market demand. As I said in my previous entry (Why the resistance to dual-SIM phone?), other local handset brands (including the China phones) have already made a killing selling dual-SIM handsets. One dual-SIM distributor even proudly announced they’re selling 20,000 units a month of the MyPhone (and that’s just one distributor).

Units will be out sometime in 3rd quarter of 2010.

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126 Responses

  1. Nokia caved in to the pressure and released their first Dual-SIM phones —

  2. JDA says:

    wow! FINALLY, nokia gave in. I’ll definitely buy one of those. Is it out in the Philippine market already?

  3. doms says:

    Oh, great! :(

    When I already bought a dual sim cherry mobile c55 that took me a while getting accustomed to.

    But if I find the C2 better than my Cherry C55, I’d still probably buy one.

  4. Jon says:

    Quite a good move by Nokia. They should take care of the Philippine market too. A perfect spare phone for those who have SIM cards from all networks.

  5. C1 technology (switching sim) is passe! that technology exist wayback 3210 era. you can buy a dual active sim on C1’s price! stupid move by nokia

  6. Carlfinity says:

    Heaven for business owners and for people on the go!

  7. Jhay says:

    I’m sure the C2 would sell like hotcakes. It would be popular among companies as well. Two lines in one phone, saves a lot in expenses.

  8. chiidorisek says:

    sir abe totoo ba tong netbook? ASUS 1215N?

  9. silvertooth26 says:

    I’d wait for better models from Nokia that are dual active, these things are not too pretty. :)

  10. this unit will definitely a hit. i definitely got unit too :)

  11. This units will definitely a hit.

  12. H says:

    Now, if only nokia can make prettier dual sim phones and better screens than myphone q22, di na ko mag 2×2 isip pa. Im contented with the loud sound qualitu of mp q22. Maybe nokia can do better.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  13. mousephotato says:

    Other phone brand already taken advantage the profit from dual-sim phone. why only now nokia!

  14. manaka_junpei says:

    sa wakas, naka-introduce na nang Nokia ang 2nd Dual SIM maliban sa Cherry Mobile’s Dual SIM phones…

  15. rene says:

    i had a very bad experience with the china dual sim. My sun and pldt wireless doesnt seem to have the right signal strength always experiencing drop calls. Until I decided to try my other nokia phones. No more drop calls. Since then the china dual sim went to the bim. I hope the Nokia dual sim will leave to its name quality phones.

  16. Kinny says:

    Will wait for the better looking dual sim descendants. These are too blah! It would be cute to have qwerty’s or those that resemble the 6700 slide.

  17. RJCA says:

    I’m definitely getting a C2 to replace my Nokia 1202, it’s been a good secondary phone but a second sim slot would be just great! :)

  18. I like the Nokia C2 or the Nokia C2-00, slim and hot swappable sim.=)

  19. Wreek says:

    C1 is the nokia1616 style only dual sim

  20. Ronnel says:

    If you were to choose, what Dual Sim would be worth the money?

    I like the look of C1 but the features of C2 are just great…

    What you think guys?

  21. Jes says:

    The C2 is exactly what I need as I tote two phones right now (Smart postpaid and Sun prepaid).

    Will Smart or Globe include dual sim phone naman kaya sa offerings nila? I doubt!

  22. By the end of 2010, my phones will be a Nokia C2 and an iPhone 4. Yeah, this is gonna be a good phone. :D

  23. Jes says:

    ^ by then, baka may dual-SIM iPhone na sana…

  24. sweetscrazy says:

    Any idea when it will be out? I looked around for it but no salesperson could give me a definite date when it’ll be available.

  25. kaito says:

    when it will be available? i hope very soon because i need it badly… i got an accident with thieves around the metro recently…

    i don’t want to buy any phone that was made in china, i got no-so-good feedbacks about it (sorry mp,cm,t). anyway, will it be really going to cost 2500? well, not bad…

    july, august and september are the months within the 3Q of the year, but really, when? nokia, please be specific on the date it will be available!!!

  26. sakura says:

    any updates if NOKIA C1 and NOKIA C2 are out in the market?

  27. eonzerimar says:

    i just called two of our local dealers here the other one told us it will be avaialble by novembe or december no price yet but the other one informed us that they will have their stocks this august but with a price tag of Php 7,500.00! hmmm if thats the case i’ll be tempted to buyLG or Samung brand with more features!

  28. Jes says:

    If either is 7.5K, sa Samsung na lang ako

  29. Arvee says:

    I doubt na 7,500 ang price niya. Yung C3 nga eh almost the same yung price niya sa India dito sa Philippines (~P550 difference), eto pa kaya na entry level phone lang.

  30. roy says:

    will you be able to bridge calls between the 2 networks on the C2, much like a 3-way call?

  31. Ronnel says:

    I’ve seen the C1-00 already sa SM Southmall Mobile Network…

    Worth P1,890 siya…

    Cheapest so far..

    Sana lumabas na ung C2.. Wew!

  32. Ronnel says:

    Pero may nabasa ako sa isang forum na MERON na raw sa Greenhills na c2-00… Hmmm..

  33. Jes says:

    @Ronnel – may nag mention kung magkano yung C2 sa Greenhills?

  34. Ronnel says:

    @Jes Naku, nakalimutan ko na… pero nasa bandang 2-3k ang range niya… pero less than 3k yun..

  35. jun says:

    ayus meron na pala..

  36. bertm says:

    wala pang Nokia C2, next month pa. I just bought C1 at Greenhills.

  37. At long last, Nokia released dual SIM phones. One question though, is the C2 model dual active/standy or just one at a time…

  38. char says:

    i just bought C1 this afternoon in one of Nokia stores for Php 1980 :)

  39. epsr82 says:

    kaya nga angtagal buti pa jan php1980 lang dito sa tarlac php2500 n ung C1 pa lang, next month pa daw ung C2

  40. nhat_ghang says:

    sabi june pa narelease, galing me sa nokia sa SM-north edsa cyberzone, di prin daw available C2. Sana irelease na this month!

  41. nestleshai says:

    sana na nga yung c2 available na sa market
    napunta din ako sa SM north nung sept 22 c1 lang ang available @ ang cost ng C1 ay nasa 2k+ why sabi dito Php1,700 lang?

  42. ed kenneth ferrer says:

    @nestleshai “at around Php1,700 before taxes” it means price un sa ibang country so if sa phil. market na 1,700+tax =Php1,900 . ..(make sense?)

  43. Ed says:

    C1 price dito sa Gensan Php 2,290
    Hello Nokia, ipadala nyo na C2!

  44. e-jay says:

    kelan po magiging available sa Philippine MArket ang c2-00?

  45. beeeeeeeee says:

    hello antagal nmn neto ilabas sa market!! haaayss

  46. jamjam says:

    Does anyone know if pwede ma-back up SMS nito sa card or PC? I just wanna save my precious messages hehe

  47. jamjam says:

    I’m pertaining to the C2..

  48. eros says:

    available n b ang c2 s market?i’m from cavite pa eh.mgkano kaya price nya?ok n skin features nya kz i’m into loading business.un myphone q kz eh ng-hang and di n ng-open ulit.hay…sana available n xia.

  49. Gladys says:

    @EROS, yup meron sa abenson waltermart gentri. 1900 ang price.

    • dyoza says:

      sure po ba na merong nokia c2-00 diyan sa waltermart gentri // reply po :> thanks

  50. sam says:

    any news about the c2? Kelan ba talaga lalabas?

  51. lee says:

    @gladys: maybe Nokia C1 yun nakita mo.. tried checking with abensons, ala naman..

  52. dsb says:

    kelan ba yan lalabas? 4th quarter na of the year 2010 wala pa din. it’s about time to come up a dual sim phone.

  53. eonzerimar says:

    galing ako Nokia SM.Branch again sabi nila end of November or early December naman daw last time yun din sabi late Oct. & early Nov. maglalabas pa kaya sila?

  54. inah says:

    like q tlaga ung c2.. sana lumabas na yan!
    iba kasi pag nokia! the best!

  55. Maria says:

    great job Nokia! u waited… :) u let them chinaphones have their time… knowing the people will still def switch to nokia c2 even when they have chinaphones already… i know i would in a heartbeat! :) hahahaha

  56. Jes says:

    C2 nasa market na ba?

  57. lodz says:

    kelan po ba darating sa davao ang c2-00? asked nokia center kagabi wala pa silang updates….aantayin kita c2!!!!!!!!!!! though in need na tlga ako ng phone….sana maging available ka na poh!!!!

  58. DarkHalf says:

    C2 has delayed release; coming out Q1 2011 pa.

  59. derty_nasty says:

    Today daw ang launch nitong phone san kaya meron?

  60. rhyan says:

    Hay Abe, any news on when Nokia will release C2? I want reliable brand of dual SIM phone.

  61. john says:

    as of dec 18, 2010, no nokia c2 phones at nokia store riverbanks marikina … only the c1 model

    please post if you have seen one already


  62. henry says:

    wala pa ba ang nokia c2??? anyone kung mayron na po available dito sa manila ng nokia c2???

  63. Nericka says:

    oo nga antagal naman…di ko like C1,…nakabili nako nito dati..pero para ka lang din gumamit ng one sim phone..kaya wait ko talaga ang C2 :)

  64. kaito says:

    craving for C2!
    craving for C2!
    craving for C2!
    craving for C2!
    craving for C2!
    craving for C2!
    craving for C2!
    craving for C2!
    craving for C2!
    craving for C2!
    craving for C2!

  65. nancy mercado says:

    I just bought a nokia C1-01 model because I’m curious with ovi but when my open my mms & gprs ,I still can’t used my ovi. It always appear subscribe to pocket data first and link not available I also call nokia care services but nothing happened, its useless and also I can’t send all my text messages, what the hell is the nokia C1-01 model is, its very disgusting because its not worth it to use it its very useless specially when I send important text messages to my contact,I was so dissaponted with nokia C1-01 ,what kind of a cellphone is that, that not all your text messages can be sent to your contact.I trust nokia cp before but now that I experienced that kind of useless services I want to switch to another brand of cellphone.

  66. pabling martinez says:

    ako Din! inip na inip dyan sa nokia c2 na yan! Many times ko na tinatanong sa Cyberzone sa Megamall, wala pa rin daw until ngayon! eh February 2011 na kaya!

  67. soulp0wer says:

    tagal ng NOKIA C2..laging coming soon nlng sa website nila..

  68. pilo says:

    HI ABE, any update on C2? please….


  69. Clyde says:

    nagconduct pa siguro ng mga test ang nokia para malaman kung ano pa ang possible na maging error nitong c2..

  70. looks like C2 is not coming at all.. might as well go for the samsung punch.

    already tired of waiting from nokia. *switching brands*

  71. adamsgal says:

    Got tired of waiting for the Nokia C2. Bought a Samsung Punch last December and I love it!!! Very easy to use. :-)

  72. Jes says:

    Ayaw talaga ata gustong ilabas ng Nokia ang C2 dito sa Pinas kasi may C1 at C3 na sa market!

  73. Mike Pua says:

    Finally a dual-SIM phone from Nokia. I’m planning to buy soon :)

    Thanks for the info.

  74. wallid says:

    got tired of waiting for the c2 so i bought myself an LG-a165, it’s almost exactly the same as the c2: (dual active, can play mp3s, has microsd, fm radio). real solid, doesn’t feel flimsy at all and does the job well if you need a simple phone

    i got it for 2990php sa LG glorietta (the tech center upstairs) maybe you can find it somewhere else cheaper ;)

  75. asalahat says:

    magkano ba ang nokia c2??if lalabas na xa??

  76. annshira says:

    sabi sa march magkaka c2 na sa robinsons metro east.
    totoo ba? gusto ko na din kasi magkaron ng nokia c2.
    mas gusto ko kasi nokia kesa sa ibang brand ng cp.
    please response kung kailan ba talaga magkaka c2 sa sta.lucia or robinsons mall.thanks!

  77. Jer says:

    I saw a C2-01 sa RObinson’s pioneer. Damn, nauna pa yung C2-01 kesa sa C2-00

  78. Jun says:

    talaga.. how much kaya..

  79. ed kenneth ferrer says:

    good to hear that, i hope hindi sya limited edition.

  80. Jer says:

    Yeah, meron ng C2-01. Pero hindi sya dual sim. C2-00 yung dual sim. Badtrip nga e. hehe

  81. rutchey says:

    ay ganun d pala dual ang C2-01, sayang naman, aantayin ko nalang ang C2-00, hope meron na sa market. guys baka may news kau bout C2-00 post nyo naman. tnx

  82. sam says:

    Why NOKIA C2 is very delayed here in Cebu City?

  83. Pot says:

    Yuga, please check with nokia if they will still release this model or not anymore. So people who are loyal to the brand will stop expecting.

  84. Pot says:

    Nokia please give specific date of release

  85. jay kalbo says:

    this will never be available in the Philippines. bili kau sa bumbay.. baka meron sila.. sa india lang ata nila ni-release to.

  86. whants C2 says:

    Hi Ask lang,

    Can we use both sims on Nokia c2 or one at a time?

    Much better if active sila parehas sana.

    Thanks guys.

  87. niño says:

    out na po sa market ang pinananabikan nyong nokia c2-00.
    kahapon ko lang sya nakita sa mga cellphone store.
    di ko lang natanong kung magkano ang halaga.

  88. Lowe says:

    pare sang store mo nakita ang c2-00?

  89. esha says:

    wla pang release ng c2-00 dito la union..i’m also waiting for it..mas trusted kc tlga nokia…
    sana mag-release na…need it badly for my loader sims…pls. give us updates…thanks!

  90. Giovannie says:

    wala pa rin dito sa Baguio ang Nokia c2-00 as of yesterday. I hope Nokia makes an official announcement.

  91. VIEM says:


  92. watrboy says:

    di na ako nakapag antay .. kaya x1-01 na lang kinuha ko.. without the bluetooth, camera … pero ayus na ito.. ganda pa ng sounds.. mas malakas pa nga sa lappy ko :)

  93. ed says:

    just bought the c2-00 yesterday and i would say that it’s a good buy for it’s price. vga camera/video recorder, bluetooth, cable connection, gprs and most importantly the dual sim/dual standy feature. love the easy swap feature. got it at P2,850

  94. zeego says:

    @ed ~ WOW! Sana maka-bili na din ako nyan tomorrow! P2,850 is really nice! So excited! Weee!!! :)))

  95. michaela says:

    ano ang pinagkaiba ng c1 sa c2????????????

  96. nixzy says:

    sa pag kakaalam ko po,dual sim sila pareho,ung c1 1 sim active,1 nka off….ung c2 po ata 2 sim ang nka standby..parang china phone..

  97. wezkie says:

    nice mganda tlga c2-00 i already have 1 :P .. memory size expandable up 2 32gb .. vga camera dual sim standby. . :) very nice features..:) :) :)

  98. roy says:

    @wezkie: sir magkano and saan kayo nakabili?

  99. tata says:

    guzto kuh nang bumili nyan san fuh pde bumili fuh

  100. the one says:

    yung sa kapatid ko nagloloko c2 niya, nawawalan ng signal sa smart, kahit di sa hotswap ilagay.. globe isa niya, tinry niya sun ilagay, ganun din kahit sa primary sim slot, pero ok naman ang signal ng globe niya.. may nakaka-experience din ba sa inyo ng ganun? sa x1-01 ko kasi ok naman signal ng globe at sun..

  101. boniknik says:

    ok ang c2!! hnd nmn ngloloko ung sa akin!!! ang sarap gamitin!!! 2lad ko n abroad, pwd2 e2 ilbas ka malaki pakinabang hahaha!!!

  102. dianne canaveral says:

    how much po sa nokia mismo??

  103. itchen says:

    magkano ang nokia c2 00

  104. jayden says:

    san bah pwde bbLi ng c2-00 at magkano ang price nyan ?

  105. zebedee says:

    wow naks ako wala pa c200 c100 lang

  106. Roy says:

    Nagtanong ako kanina sa abenson’s ATC, P2,990 yung c2-00.

  107. ian says:

    nakakasira ng sim yan eh… mark my word!!!!

  108. NORBEN says:


  109. elizel says:

    mag kano po itong model na to ?
    and ung x1-01 ?
    pls answer

  110. jose-isoke says:

    this is my second times to use dual-sim phones without problems, and Nokia is the best one and I love it

  111. saan kya mrami ngttinda nyan gus2 ko nyan simple pre maganda.,.,. prang simple pero dual sim na.,., san k p.,.

  112. kvicente says:

    punta kau sa sun cellular, may promo ngyon plan 150 libre ang phone nokia c2. 12mos to pay pero may 3mos free. bali 9mos mo lng sya babayaran. may 150 load ka pa.

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