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Nokia C2-03 dual-SIM Touch & Type lands for Php4.5k

Nokia’s latest dual-SIM phone, the Nokia C2-03 Touch & Type, officially lands in the Philippines for a suggested retail price of just under Php4,500.

The Nokia C2-03 slowly climbs up the ladder with more features than the previous dual-SIM phone from Nokia, the C2-00.

It’s still just a feature phone still though with very basic functionalities:


Nokia C2-03 Touch & Type specs:
2.6″ resistive touch screen @ 240×320 pixels
10MB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD (2GB included)
Bluetooth 2.1 w/ A2DP
2MP rear camera
FM Radio tuner w/ FM recording
Li-Ion battery 1020mAh

There’s no WiFi or 3G connectivity here, only EDGE/GPRS. The handset also supports the hot-swap feature like the C2-00.

We saw this handset during Nokia Connection 2011 back in June but didn’t really bother to take a closer look because of all the excitement over the N9.

For those who wanted a little more style on their dual-SIM phone, the Nokia C2-03 offers just that over the Nokia C2-00 and retails for about Php4,490 in stores.

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31 Responses

  1. jediekins says:

    touch and type pala! ang basa ko parang TORCH type ng nokia.LMAO! haha

  2. ty says:

    I think it’s a bit expensive

  3. Kaypee says:

    saan po meron nito sa NCR? Thanks!

  4. Sheenah Tan says:

    The only thing that makes it special is its dual SIM feature. It’s still expensive for me.

  5. jared says:

    One vital specs of a phone nowadays is WIFI, if it does not have wifi, It’s not worth buying it!!!

  6. JKisaragi says:

    Hope they’re working on a QWERTY dual-sim with a huge battery capacity. That would be a winner. ;)

  7. martin says:

    oo nga… may kamahalan… sa 4.5k meron na mabibili na may wifi and 3g…

  8. jonas says:

    haven’t seen any dual sim with 3g or wifi with nokia except samsung. nokia c2-00 is cheaper and yet have a bigger memory compared to this and nokia c2-06

  9. rene says:

    it’s a pity my beloved brand is now relegated to the low spectrum…

  10. hazel says:

    magkano kea price n2..gus2 ko magkaroon ng cp na ganyan..hehehe :)

  11. Dan MD says:

    Good price for a dual-sim basic phone. Beats cherry mobile or myphone with their weird and generic interface, spotty telephony, dismal durability and cloned designs.

  12. razorous says:

    I wonder how good its touch is, with its s40 interface.

  13. techie says:

    is this quad band?

  14. Keziah says:

    Got one and I find it very very useful..i can put the pldt sim on the other sim tray, i dont feel the absence of the wifi coz if u want wifi then u really have to shell out money but for its price, its really worth it..the touchscreen is very responsive, its screen is bigger,and i like the look, it doesnt look cheap :)

  15. brian says:

    meron na ba nito sa bicol?

  16. mimi says:

    can we use the touch screen to type also?????????

  17. Jgal says:

    this phone sucks.. nalilito pa sya kung anu pinundot mo.. don’t buy this.. it’s useless..

    • jboy says:

      And it doesn’t help that ther’s no demo unit to play around with before you buy. If you’re used to capacitive screens, the resistive screen on th c2 will put you off.

  18. jgal says:

    super resistive screen.. you’ll gonna hate yourself after buying this phone..

  19. cole says:

    do C2-03 have wifi??

  20. graciah says:

    no wifi. … i want wifi…. :(

  21. MikeKing says:

    This phone was designed for a specific market – those who just wants a phone for calling and texting and do it on multiple SIMs. It seems to be priced just right too for the given specs. Those who want wifi and other features like capacitative screens should definitely look elsewhere at a different, albeit higher, price point.

    I’m definitely thinking of getting one since my iPad 2 takes care of the other non-call and text stuff.

  22. ms.a says:

    just want to ask if available nb ung white gold n un?

  23. Papay says:

    What sucks about this phone is there’s no manual settings for gprs. I can’t go to 0.facebook.com with Sun Cellular because I can’t change the connection to WAP… I searched everywhere and lots of people are having problems too..

  24. merc says:

    tama, no wifi, no internet settings, confused lagi touchscreen, cant txt with the touch screen, got a lot of bugs.. its almost 3weeks now. and still no internet connection.. damn it!!

  25. Marielle says:

    Try Nokia c3 if you’re looking for wifi. It’s a QWERTY phone. It’s very useful for researches and texting also for calling. It’s not a touch-screen phone but still, it’s chic design is cool and it doesn’t look cheap. It also has a very resonalbe price, about P4,600 only. I’d recommend it for people who are always on the “go” and doesn’t have the time to carry along their laptop. But not just for people on the go, but for everyone. You won’t regret it if you buy this phone.. I’m just sayin’ :) HOPE IT HELPS.

  26. cheribon says:

    My C2-03 lost its original setting how can I turn it back?

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