Nokia E72 on Video

Nokia E72 on Video

The Nokia E72, shown in the video below, is an upgrade of the more popular Nokia E71 qwerty phone that had some minor polishing.

It now includes a 5MP camera (would be nice if it were a Carl Zeiss optics) and updated with the latest Nokia Messeging platform. This video first came out on YouTube yesterday, a day earlier from the official announcement (which is today).


The E71 already has all the features one would need on a phone so there might not be anything else to upgrade except the camera on the E72.

Finally, the Nokia E71 might just get a huge price cut (it’s been like in the 20k range still since it came out a year ago).

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16 Responses

  1. bertsan531 says:

    e71 is popular among business men,upgrading to e72 only for camera might not be tempting,hence i rather get e79..

  2. Paolo Alexis Falcone says:

    I actually find this cool not only for the 5MP camera, but for these other things:

    * S60 v3 FP2. Flashing the firmware doesn’t mean I lose all user data on the phone anymore!

    * Optical navi-key. Something copied from the Blackberry! Better scrolling and less sore thumbs!

    Now please Nokia, get your act together and make the messaging threaded ala Palm OS Treos?

  3. colloQoi says:

    yeah! finally.. mag-dilang anghel ka sana sir yuga about the probable price cut on e71..

    thanks to e72! A month, I can now buy my e71..

    anyway, how much will this be in the Philippine market?

  4. vince says:

    ang ganda nya! like the e71, this wont disappoint.. and the list of upgrades is ok enough for me to get one. halos lahat ng grudges ko sa e71 ay finally resolved.. i love the e71 and i love its newer sibling the e72.. cant wait for its launch..

  5. Phips says:

    Oh… She’s beautiful, also worth mentioning is the standard 3.5mm plug :)

  6. Eka says:

    Just when I’m starting to feel like the E63 is what I’ve wanted for and more, in comes the E72. How much will this burn a hole in people’s pockets kaya? :)

  7. edz says:

    yay mabuti naman 3.5 mm na

  8. alvin says:

    kelan daw ilalabas sa market?!

  9. nokia_kid99 says:

    when is E72 supposed to be available in the market? does anyone know?

  10. mhaqkee says:

    ang tagal-tagal naman lumabas! since i lost my beloved E71, hinantay ko na ang paglabas ng E72… pero still, wala pa rin.

  11. yin says:

    yeah, when is it coming out? i’ve been waiting for it since it was introduced. thanks.

  12. Nokiadude says:

    i am also one of you guys that waits patiently for the coming of E72 hehehe.

    Sana mag promo ang Globe (like their promo with E71).

  13. lia torre says:

    when do you think it will come out in the market? pls if you have infos….kindly share because im already about to buy my 2nd E71 as I broke (beyond repair) my old one. been really satisfied with it & it would be great to get the upgraded version E72. Anyway, ill be getting a new one naman. btw, E71 is only arnd 15k-17k now. How much do u think will E72 be? Thanks a lot!

  14. Marvin says:

    19,800 for E72 yay!!

  15. Kinny says:


    Where is it sold for Php19,800? Tell me Please!!! In Market Market and Park Square the cheapest I could find was 20,560 cash basis. :-C

    The Topaz Brown aka matte gold is beautiful! Avoid buying the Aluminum gray because all the fake china clones are that color. The Black naman mukhang sleeker version ng Blackberry Bold 9700. WOW!

    Please guys let me know where I can get it for lower than 20k.

  16. a9 says:

    Kinny. ADI in Park Square has e72 priced at 19.5K cash.

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