Nokia Lumia 925 is now official, L920 on steroids

Following the release of the Asha a couple of days ago, Nokia announces a new flagship phone – the Lumia 925. The phone is every bit of the Lumia 920 but better. It has 4G LTE, an improved aluminum frame and a few software additions.

Starting off with the display, Nokia has abandoned the IPS LCD of the 920 and opted for a ClearBlack AMOLED panel. The size is retained on 4.5-inches, still with a resolution of 768 x 1280.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series


The back of the phone is the same polycarbonate, but the side frame is made out of aluminum. Nokia has turned the thick and heavy Lumia 920 into a sleek piece of hardware – from 10.7mm to 8.5mm and from 185g to 139g.

The phone will come in monochrome colors, meaning the bright colors that we love on the Lumia phones can only be accessed through a purchase of sleeves. Wireless charging can only be enabled through that too.

Nokia is also trying to catch-up with camera software. While Windows Phone has it’s own plain camera app, Nokia tops all of that with Smart Camera – which will feature Best Shot, Action Shot, Motion Blur Shot & so on.

Nokia Lumia 925 specs:
4.5-inch 1280×768 ClearBlack AMOLED display
1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon Krait CPU
Adreno 225 GPU
8.7MP PureView camera
with 1080p HD video (low-light, image stabilization)
1.3MP front-facing camera, 720p
Windows Phone 8
2,000mAh, non-removable
8.5 mm (thickness)
139g (weight)

Pricing is $616 before taxes, which is around Php25-26k. The Nokia Lumia 920 landed months ago for a price of Php27k, so expect the flagship update to take its place, creating a price drop for the 920. Since the new Lumia features LTE, we can hope & expect that the local telcos will offer it.

Apparently, we weren’t able to see the rumored 41MP Nokia “EOS” running Windows Phone, which is quite disappointing. Nevertheless, will it be worth the upgrade? Did the Lumia 925 impress? Leave your comment & your opinion down below.

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27 Responses

  1. Avatar for Kara Kara says:

    I think the admin of this web page is truly working hard in favor of his web site, for the reason that here every material is quality based material.

  2. Avatar for Ed Ed says:

    Kudos to the comments of most people on this post. Well informed! I’m using HTC 8x. It would have been a Lumia 920 if it arrived earlier in the Philippines. Now 925 but I already have a smartphone. I’m very satisfied with Windows Phone 8.

  3. Avatar for keff keff says:

    very informative mga arguments nyo ! maki bili nga ng L920 =)

  4. Avatar for bean bean says:

    …sa mga nagdedemand ng quad-core/octo-core CPU, as if naman magra-run ka ng photoshop or autocad sa phone…android is not so efficient even 8-core cpu cannot hide the lag…

  5. Avatar for milo milo says:

    i’m waiting for nokia asha 501… i just want the old nokia handsets that you can change the back cover… i don’t covet s4 or iphone 5, mas simple at sayang 30 K no, save mo na lang yan… or iinvest mo sa food cart business… dadami pa

  6. Avatar for NateDaniels09 NateDaniels09 says:

    Sana dumating din dito sa ph yung 32Gb version nya, which is by Vodafone Uk, ung sa T-Mobile kasi eh 16Gb lang, pero hindi na masama :)

  7. Avatar for zarne zarne says:

    ‘FYI, no Lumia runs on 256mb of RAsM, arsehole.’

    Thank you for bringing up that myth about “more cores= better phone”. One thing I noticed is that most people who visited this Tech. site are suckers for Specs., Cores, RAMs, and benchmarks.:This people do not know about hardware optimization. The Specs of these flagship phones are quite telling:
    Iphone5: 1 GB RAM, Dual Core, on IOs
    Lumia 925: 1GB RAM, Dual Core, on Window OS
    BB Z10: 2 GB RAM, Dual Core, on BB10 OS
    These phones do not have Quad Core and more RAMs because it is NOT needed. The O/S run efficiently with just the dual core hardware because it is optimized to the OS.
    I do not want to put you on the spot but your statement is incorrect. Nokia Asha 501 has lower Specs. 64MB RAM, with 128 MB internal Memory on new Asha OS, I could not comment on this phone as obviously, the hardware is optimized to the OS as well. Only Android phones have quad cores or more because the OS is not optimized and the platform is core hungry.

  8. Avatar for Gobble Gobble says:

    Buti pa nga Tupperware and Samsung join forces for the Sammy Galagxy S5.

  9. Avatar for Gobble Gobble says:

    Funny how furion did not touch on build quality.

    FYI, no Lumia runs on 256mb of RAM, arsehole.

    Android is a lame VM-running power hungry java shit. It is a puzzle of too many menus and submenus: a disaster of UI design. If android were a fashion disaster, it would be Tessa Prieto: too busy; too much going on. At 30k++ the build quality of S4 is a crime to all humanity. Mas matibay pa ang tupperware lunchbox ko nung high school. To think android is free or charge, you only can think kung ano ang 30k sa S4? The silver band? Ay wait, plastic rin un.

    Wait, you do know what VM means, right? O isa ka lang jologs na nakiki-Sammy? The latter, most likely.

  10. Avatar for mark mark says:

    920 on steroids?… i dont know where you get your info but i dont think this is a 920 on steroids. baka its the other way around. also its not meant to replace the 920. it was made to cater to a different market.

  11. Avatar for Gobble Gobble says:

    This…myth about having more cores means better phone is just plain ignorant and imbecile.

    Android buyers are simply throwing money at extra chipsets for a very inefficient VM-running ancient software.

    Android just cannot keep up with the optimised windows phone 8 at 2 cores. Kaya nga mas mura ang WP8 dahil you do not pay for extra RAM and extra cores. You get a smooth experience less the price.

    Better user experience at WP and infinitely better build quality for Lumias.

    Para kayong mga botante ni Nancy Binay: pumipili by popularity and not by value.

    • Avatar for furion furion says:

      For a glorified dumbphone OS, 256MB should be enough.

      Better user experience my ass.

  12. Avatar for maloyski maloyski says:

    Ano problema kung windows? Eh ano pa ang laptop mo ginagamit sa bahay at office mo? dba windows din?

    • Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

      Ano problema? MALAKI hijo

      Sa bagal ng adoption rate ng WP. Hindi mo ma-e engganyo ang mga developers. Kelangan nila ng perang pambili para may mai hain sa mesa.

      Kung tindero ka ng taho, saan ka pupunta, sa lugar na konti ang tao o sa maraming tao?

      Isep isep….

    • Avatar for toink toink says:

      buti na lang naka windows ako. kaunti lang meron. mas maganda kung kaunti lang ang gumagamit kasi lahat sumasabay lang sa uso. simple ang os at maganda kaysa sa boring na android. in love ako sa 920 ko! at ang tibay pa…

  13. Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

    Outdated cpu
    Outdated gpu
    Only 1 gig RAM
    Only 720p
    NO SD SLOT (?)
    It’s Windows

    Great camera

    Sulit na sulit! Bili na!

    • Avatar for zarne zarne says:

      If this is an ‘expert review’, the Cons would be laughable. Keep in mind that this is a window phone and NOT an Android devise. The “GPU’,”CPU” and the 1GB RAM are optimized to run the windows OS efficiently. Iphone5 has 1 GB Ram and its OS run efficiently. This phone has 1.3 MP front camera- 720P, which is the same or better than iphone5. As for the S.D. Slot, Google’s flagship Nexus4 has no SD Slot, same thing with Iphone5. I guess that any platform OS other than Anroid would be a ‘Con’ for you. If it is just your personal opinion, then it’s okay. You are entitled to your personal opinion.

    • Avatar for ben ben says:

      zarne is correct. windows phone 8 os is a lightweight smartphone OS. it doesn’t need very high clockspeeds and multi-cores. dual core is enough

    • Avatar for reymond reymond says:

      Hindi kailangan ng windows phone ng quad core or mataas na RAM. Kahit single core at 512MB hindi naglalag ang windows phone. Wala sa specs yan,nasa OS yan kung optimized ba o hindi. Hindi tulad ng ibang OS na kailangan quadcore para hindi maglag.

    • Avatar for SpiderWak SpiderWak says:

      His point is probably the phone’s price against the specs not price against performance. He’s probably saying this phone is expected to cost lesser than the Android flagships because its specs is lower.

  14. Avatar for YES YES YES YES YES YES says:

    Yes magmumura na ang lumia 920! pwede na ako makabili! mapapalitan na yung 5 year old 5800 ko! :D

  15. Avatar for bliss bliss says:

    on steriods? it’s basically the same phone on an aluminum frame…

  16. Avatar for Bryan Bryan says:

    The only thing that was compromised to this device was its non expandable storage from 32GB on L920 down to 16GB in 925

  17. Avatar for steelicon steelicon says:

    Toink! LMFAO! =)

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