Nokia N9 running Android 4.1

Nokia N9 running Android 4.1

We all know that the Nokia N9 would have been a great phone had it not been that Nokia pulled the plug on Meego. But instead of whining, devs/hackers have resorted to porting other OS on the great phone with the latest one being Jelly bean.

But all is not lost if you’re a Meego fan because the intelligent minds behind the betrayed OS is now operating under the name Jolla (or Jolla Mobile) and plans of releasing a smartphone running on their home brew OS (which also goes by the same name) is well on its way. And if we’re fortunate enough we may see their first brainchild before the year ends.

In the meantime however, we may have to be content with porting Android on our beloved Nokia N9. In the past I’ve seen N9s running on dual boot ICS and Meego and to be honest the device was able to handle it quite well. With the recent release of the Jelly bean, hackers wouldn’t want to miss out on the buttery fun of the Android 4.1. Here’s a short video demo of a Nokia N9 ported with Jellybean:


Not much is known about the bright individual (or group) behind this hack or how to install/port it on the Nokia N9 as of the time of writing, but kudos to them whoever and wherever they are. Regarding the hack, according to our source everything seems to be working except for the cellular connectivity.

Given that this seems to be their first take on porting Jelly bean on N9, they did a heck of a job on their first attempt and maybe in the future releases the cellular connectivity will be fixed and tutorials will be available.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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11 Responses

  1. kevin says:

    Android 4.1 running on Nokia N9 would’ve been the more appropriate title.

    • Brando Braganza says:

      Suck yer dick Kevin! Just comment on the topic and quit criticizing the title! Everyone makes mistakes!

    • Pinoy_ako says:

      Technically it would be Nokia N9 running Android 4.1 (without the “on”) with “Nokia N9” coming first since it’s the subject of interest.

    • Loki says:

      Walang ibang magawa sa buhay. Mag apply ka nlng bilang isang editor gago.

    • Hahahahaha!!! Filipinoism….natuto lang magsalita ng konting Ingles, kung makapagtama akala mo perpekto. Buti pa mga Amerikano, kahit mali-mali ang ingles, basta maintindihan nila, ayos na.

  2. pinoypasty says:

    pareho lang siguro to sa nagsimula ng nitdroid. medyo matagal na to pero di pa ganun kastable.

  3. Justin says:

    A mobile phone with no cellular connectivity. Nice!

    • oobermensch says:

      When the words “Alpha” or “Beta”, or the a term like “Work in progress” come to mind, what does your puny brain think of? A finished product?

      There’s really no shortage of idiotic comments in this tech blog. Such a shame.

  4. ThatAwesomeDude says:

    Well this is a start! I was going to buy an N9 but then I saw Sony Xperia S. But these N9s ported to Android are going to be so freaking beast. Meego is just crap inside a very good phone. It’s like running Windows 95 on an i7. But whatever, going to wait for a fix for the cellular connectivity problem, then i’m going to buy an N9. Goodluck to the people who is behind this awesome project.

    • trigun says:

      with all the respect, I admit that Android is better that Meego, but MeeGo is not crap, Elop is just a coward. MeeGo could’ve been running a better story than Android if Nokia didn’t ditch it’s pride on the N9, to welcome WP.
      pls, bare in mind that N9 already beat other WP in terms of sales. not just because of its nice hardware construction, but because of the charm of OS you’re calling “crap”. too bad regular users often miss the point of “utilization”.

      well, that’s business, so what the hell.

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