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Nokia N9 unboxed, in the flesh, 2nd impressions

The Nokia N9 arrived at my doorstep yesterday along with the Nokia 701 but I only got to unbox it today since I spent the night at a hotel reviewing Samsung’s 60-inch LED Smart TV. Posted my first impressions here back in June so this unboxing comes with the second impression.

Here’s a run-down of my unboxing with a little commentary on the side.

When I saw the letter that the package contains the Nokia N9 and the Nokia 701, I immediately picked the bigger box thinking it was the N9. Turns out, the much smaller blue one is for the Nokia N9. It’s small, un-assuming and you’d easily mistake it for a box of a regular Nokia phone. Nothing special really.

The box contains the cyan-colored N9, the micro-USB charger, a headphone, and a blue rubber case. Good idea for Nokia to include a rubber case for the N9 and it fits well as if its actually part of the handset.

The SIM card slot is found on the top end of the unit. You need to pop out the micro-USB port cover first, then slide the cover of the SIM card slot and pull out the cradle for the SIM. Then I forgot the Nokia N9 actually uses a micro-SIM card so I had to look for that spare microSIM Smart gave me many months back.


Been using it since this afternoon and what I can say for the short period I’ve used it is that it has the flair of an iPhone, the character of an Android handset and the snappiness & energy of a Windows Phone 7 device.

The handset comes with a lot of pre-installed apps and has Twitter & Facebook right out of the box. FourSquare is just a download away from the Nokia Store and I was even surprised it had the YugaTech App supported in there (seems like Nokia ported the Ovi App into Meego last August 30 based on the info in the store).

The camera is really good too although ISO range is only between 100 to 800. Low-light shots are still crisp and clear but you’d already see some noticeable noise in the images. Will still need to get more samples in daylight to really appreciate the photo quality.

That social stream is pretty neat but once you add your Facebook account in there, it could be really crowded. Good thing there’s an option to filter out the streams based on specific social accounts.

The photo above shows the N9 with a cyan rubber case — hard to tell unless you look really close.

I have to stop my second-impression here (need to login to Starcraft 2 for our weekly session) but stay tuned for the full review around late next week. I’m not keeping my hopes up but my initial impressions of the device so far is a little short of impressive.

The obvious question would be is when this will be out in the Philippines? Well, considering the seeding of the unit just happened this week, I’m thinking 2 to 3 weeks maybe, or 4 weeks tops? Will post more updates once I get them.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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35 Responses

  1. charli3 says:

    nice! too bad I was not patient enough and got myself an Xperia ray. :(

  2. thesaint says:

    will wait for your full review…

    please check the article for typos..:)

  3. lawrence says:

    typo everywhere. hehe. seems rushed. but Im xcited for the full review. and ofcorz for n9!

  4. yuga says:

    Sorry for the typos. Was rushing and I’m late for our SC2 session.

  5. John says:

    Than phone look so damn sweet..

    smooth as wp7? im sold.

  6. bryan_mmx says:

    that phone had me at the color alone.:D

  7. Calvin says:

    arrghh swap. i want the blue one. they got me the boring black color. :(

    • Jade says:

      @calv Hey Calv. Review unit lg bah? I think there will be cases as accessories to Nokia N9 that will be available soon sa stores din. So Probably you could get a blue case na lg. :)

  8. angelito says:

    sana try din yung camera during daytime and please be back for more demos. how much did you got it for? and have any idea as to when it would finally be available in the country?

  9. Edsel Lorete says:

    Hey, Abe, nice early impressions on the N9. I look forward to what you have to fully say about it, by experience.
    Edsel, D Tribune

  10. garz says:

    The “snapiness and energy of a windows device” made me think into selling my S2 for this.. :D

    Do you think it’s worth it?

    • a big NO says:

      its not worth any single cent!
      snapiness and energy of a windows device??? and what will the purpose of it? any apps? good apps? i love meego, but nothing is going on there! what will be the purpose of a good hardware but nothing you can do with it! useless!

    • red says:

      big NO why are you so bitter? because you cant afford this beautiful phone? LOL

    • truth says:

      @ red

      i think you got it wrong,, he was just telling the truth, dont get me wrong the N9 is such a gorgeous device but in comparison to s2, it will really appear useless.

    • a big NO says:

      @ red, dont have money? LOL! you dont know who you are talking to! thanks @ truth for talking the truth! what will you do with the beautiful device when nothing you can do with it? texting, calling, taking pics? or simply bragging with it on the public? LOL

  11. Jay Jay says:

    I also like this phone except for the PRICE!

  12. wala lang says:

    hopefully the improvements come before the review. May mga kulang pa raw sabi ng mga meego peeps sa twitter.

    Nothing going for this phone? Bah. Qt for iOS and Android was released by nokia. It’s just a matter of devs porting their apps to nokia store.

    • truth says:

      that has been the excuse for nokia in the last few years,, yes its open for devs but whos gonna make apps to a flatform that no one is buying?

  13. Good looking phone btw. How much do you think it costs? I really like the color.

  14. alvin414 says:

    one thing i read about this phone is the microsim card slot.. and i laughed when you can actually cut the regular size sim card using scissor or a cutter.. is it okay to used it? thanks..

  15. napstertech says:

    I think need this new phone haha. But how much would it cost?

  16. RJ says:

    Perhaps the phone to beat but i won’t get one. I do not like the form factor. The colors are kinda ‘cheap’. Students definitely would love this.

  17. Cool. I like black rubber casing. :)

  18. Sin Chan says:

    I’ll be waiting for your review on this yuga!

    Then I’ll decide what to buy. :)

  19. Amao says:

    ganda!!! sure na ba na gagana yung mga apps ng android dito sa meego?? or mauupdate ba toh sa tizen(yung bagong meego daw?)

  20. nebula says:


    “While the agonizing wait was ongoing, software teams worked furiously on making the experience even better. First update release is complete, we will be distributing fruits of it to developers soon and end users a bit further down the road.
    Improvements are a legion. This is due to the fact that many teams stopped the sales release work already in spring time and set their sights on the first update release. I counted around 3500 improvements (fixes or features) to be in the release. ”

  21. Nice looks, i doubt if it is nice also to use.

  22. OH MY GOSH!




    • von says:

      High ka? Echusera my nlalaman pang meltemi! Maemo/API yan! Its not even truly MeeGo. And kung icocompare mo siya sa iOS dapat mula sa pinakaumpisang update dahil obvioudly first update pa lang yang ng N9. May pa OH MY GOSH ka pang nalalaman

  23. von says:

    Nobody really knows the future this phone. Pero sabi naman ng iba na isusupport naman daw to ng dev community. Good un sa mga advanced users, medyo bad naman un sa mga hinde. And ung quality din ng apps baka hinde din kasing premium ng mga galing sa iOS or Android.

    Lalo pa na nilimitahan nila ang pinag bentahan ng N9 and inabandon na din nila ito. Konting konting developers na lang siguro ang magiging interested dito. :<

  24. jomari says:

    Where did you get your unit, it’s not locally released yet? And is microSIM available here in the Phils.?

  25. cris merto says:

    how much? its nice….

  26. cris merto says:

    how much? its nice….

  27. ronald says:

    I bought mine yesterday in sm city annex bldg. I got the white 64GB for P27,700.

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