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Nokia N950 is another Meego device

While Nokia only promised one Meego device this year, they did not stop with the N9 but also pulled a surprise when they silently revealed the Nokia N950, the qwerty-version of the N9.

This N9 fraternal twin has all the makings of the Nokia N9 plus a full set of qwerty keyboard that slides form the bottom. There are some minor differences and the handset is not really polished to specifications (which means the design and specs could still change).


See actual photo here.

Sadly though, the Nokia N950 is just a Developer Edition handset so it will not see any commercial release. You can still order it from Nokia but it does not come with the usual warranty provisions and will surely have a lot of bugs (that’s why it’s just for developers).

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11 Responses

  1. Benchmark says:

    This is the first time I hear Nokia releasing a phone for developers…I mean not totally polished. Probably there are Nokia units I am not aware of that were also release for developers.

  2. mark says:

    sabi nila, ang samsung galaxy ace daw ay parang iphone 4 ang hardware.. ito naman, parang iphone ang software :D .. wala rin ata tong home page.. sa nakita ko sa u tube :D

  3. Fboi says:

    Iphone 4 for the win!!! ;) im not a hater tho, just a fan boy. Same old plastcky phone no cool apps and all..

  4. Pip says:

    FYI Fboi > the Nokia N9 body is made of plastic. The great news is that it’s a unibody made of premium-quality hard plastic (polycarbonate) so we don’t think too many people will mind. In fact, the N9 is one of the hottest looking smartphones we’ve seen this year. A handset to be seen with, no doubt about that.

    The Nokia N9 looks great even in this elite company
    It also looks extra sturdy so dropping it wouldn’t be as heartbreaking as if another handset is involved. Even more, the Nokia N9 seems to be the first handset with a non-painted body. No such thing as chipping off the paint anymore, the color of the phone is the color of the plastic it’s made of. And even if you do manage to scratch it, you won’t see another color underneath.

    from GSM Arena

  5. noob says:

    is it true that pipz @ GSM Arena are nokia fanboiz?

  6. Thanks to this blog, it’s my first time to see.

  7. Gino says:

    Pls. release this! Even with a polycarbonate shell! The work is basically done for the N9 and N950. They jumped the boat/platform too soon.

  8. rock says:

    Nokia N950 Mobile is wowoo Primary Camera 12 MP and Camera Secondary Yes but How many pixel in Camera Secondary ? …….
    Nokia N950 Mobile is very very good

  9. paul says:

    magkano na ba ang n950 ngaun?

  10. paul says:

    is it also available in the philippines

  11. Zyx says:

    Binigyan ako nito ng nokia, ang una ninakaw ng mga taga DHL. Ang pangalawa nag ka dead pixels kaya binigyan ako ng pangatlo nitong december lang. Maganda ang N950, naka 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB Memory, PowerVR SGX at the best ang Meego Harmattan at Swype controls. XD

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