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Nokia Phones on Factory Stress Test

This is what Nokia phones undergo while in the factory — a battery of stress tests to make sure the units survive various real-world conditions, including some pretty harsh elements.


Yet sometimes, I wonder why some of the models are still not that solidly constructed (the squeaky casings and all that).

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25 Responses

  1. kaya hindi na siguro matibay pagdating satin nung phone kasi nilaspag na nila sa tests nila. hahaha

  2. sky says:

    Inconsistent manufacturing, perhaps? They do manufacture billions and billions of units in a year…

  3. Bakit parang marupok ang grammar? Inconsistent sa mga previous posts mo. Pinatype mo lang to noh?

    “This is how Nokia phones undergo while in the factory?” – is it really like that?

    “Yet, sometimes” – eh? Shouldn’t you omit the comma when using “yet”?

    Baka nagshortcut ka lang, Yuga, hehe.

  4. Stres Test or Stress Test? Bungal na ata keyboard mo, sir Yuga, hehe.

  5. seoulbox says:

    may hater ata dito?

    anyway, Nokia phones are quite okay for me. They usually lasts for years, I still have my 3310 since 3rd Grade unlike samsung phones, because of its slim & complex design, yung slider phones, isang maling pagslide mo lang, pwede mabali yung flex ribon.

    btw, my G600 phone died on me 3 months ago. 11 months pa lang and samsung service centers chharge me 7K for flex and lcd replacement. :)

  6. anonymous says:

    annoying ng mga grammar freaks.

  7. kayo naman oh. guys, his grammatical slip is just a fluke. pagbigyan nyo na, mr.yuga is juggling so many things in his hand.

    going back, is this really how they expose their phones to acid test? in that case, they should consider kits made from alloys of jetplanes and a sapphire glass instead of plastic.

  8. yuga says:

    Sorry, was posting this thru my iPhone and E71 earlier while on the road kaya daming typos. Fixed them na.

  9. Sabi na nga ba e. Nope, I’m not a hater, so don’t jump to any conclusions, man. I was just startled whilst reading the post, seeing all these errors which he NEVER made in the past. I’m an avid fan of Yuga’s posts and admire him for his talent in briefly & thoroughly explaining each topic.

  10. I had experienced bad Nokia units (N-Gage QD dropped and never woke up, my N73 got cracked in my pocket 2nd day after purchase) so far my clunky N95 is serving me good, still.

  11. I’ve been using this 6300 of mine for almost a year now and it’s condition didn’t decline–it fell several times on the concrete floor and only suffered a minor scratches–leading me to believe that Nokia phones are quite durable, save for those who unluckily broke theirs.

    A crystal case surely helps in keeping your phone intact.

  12. WilliamA says:

    @joseph paul caparas…

    itong last post mo dito sa taas, sinasadya mong maliin yun grammar ano? hehehehe kaw ha!

    di ba dapat “hasn’t decline” kasi it will eventually decline. tapos yun only suffered “A MINOR SCRATCHES” ay dapat “only suffered minor scratches” kasi plural yun sratches?

    tapos yun “IT’S condition didn’t decline” dapat ITS condition kasi obvious naman hehehehe

    sinasadya mo no? no? hehehe, ano? kaw talaga

  13. WilliamA says:

    i meant scratches

  14. Boy Abunda says:

    That caparas guy makes me laugh! makes me wanna suck his wad.

  15. vance says:

    Well maybe because it was assembled in China hehe. Joke lang.

  16. WilliamA says:

    why didn’t they show the 5800 on that stress test or do they even test the phone?

    mine is creaking like angelina and brad’s bed! oh nokia, stop fooling around! time is running out!

  17. jojo says:

    sobrang devoted si sir yugs, kahit saan kahit kailan

    kung gusto mas mabilis magpalit ng cell, use sliders,

    look at the dummy units at the stores …

  18. Miguel says:

    The E65 slider is still good after 1-1/2 years, heavy usage.

  19. jhay says:

    I remember my 3210 way back in my high school days. It was one tough phone and gave me 4 years of reliable service.

    Nowadays, Nokia phones seemed to have become more fragile and “disposable” like? ;)

  20. Anne says:

    My N70 has served me for 3.5 years now, and it’s still in good working condition. I think my E71 will last me a good 4-5 years, even though I normally replace my phones every 3 years.

  21. information says:

    I just realized that it has been more than 3 years since the Nokia N-Series models was brought to the philippines.

    I am getting too old now. Can anyone give me a remote that i can rewind my life?

  22. Ryan says:

    I wish they go back to the 5110i days…in terms of durability :)

  23. chris says:

    hahahaha i dont have cellular phones..joke

  24. Anonymous says:

    Got two Nokia phones, one pretty old and N-Series which still both in good operating conditions.

    Of course not all production phones are being tested like that, only the model/test phone.

  25. adam says:

    actually nokia is a best ever handphone i ever used. It really tough and can use in extreme way. I really trust nokia than other brands

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