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Nokia Sea Ray with WP7 Mango leaked

Just within a couple of days that Nokia officially announced the Meego-powered Nokia N9, this leaked video of Elop showing what could be the Nokia W8 (code named Sea Ray) appears on YouTube.

The Nokia Sea Ray looks very much like the recently announced Nokia N9 in terms of design and construction (plus a few more buttons) so I’m thinking it’s possible that the specs are similar as well if not better {via}.

And since Nokia included their 8MP Carl Zeiss optics here, this could the the first WP7 phone to have a really nice camera (sadly, all of the WP7 phones I’ve used and reviewed don’t have really good cameras).

See the full video demo here:

Nokia says they will reveal their first Nokia Windows Phone 7 before end of this year so at least we know what to expect. We’ll probably see this Nokia Sea Ray go to public release by December with the same price point as the Nokia N9.

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10 Responses

  1. HiERARCH24 says:

    i will wait for this phone

  2. Lankku says:


    Oh mga whiners! There we go; why build one ecosystem when you can have 2?

    Qt and Microkia.

  3. vox says:

    One thing i notice (aside from the accent and how he say the word “Pop up”)is the web browsing,the page seems to take lot of time to load uh-uh not so snappy….well that’s the consequences of using last year’s tech.

  4. vox says:

    In Elop’s words, there is no returning to MeeGo, even if the N9 turns out to be a hit….yah and they cutting 1400 jobs because they are not smart enough….MeeGo is dead….wonder why two? N9 on meego,and this,WP7?it’s because if one fail they have a back up….check this MeeGo fans…http://www.hs.fi/english/article/Nokia+CEO+Stephen+Elop+rules+out+possible+comeback+of+MeeGo/1135267179932…….

  5. vox says:

    Well i’m thinking of buying N9,once released,Not of the Spec’s or OS,Mainly because this might turn out to be a Museum Piece.the last MeeGo Device,or the last of the Nokia’s NOt So Smartphone…


  6. amao says:

    mastrip ko yung parang lumang leakage na wp7 ng nokia… sayang naman yung n9… sana mura lng yung price nila sa n9 paglabas…

  7. 21 says:

    I’m not quite pleased with the demo speaker, disappointing though

  8. Axle says:

    So, what is the Sea Ray’s differentiation ???
    This just showed a cool BA app which all windows phones regardless of manufacturor will support.

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