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OPPO unveils 5x Dual Camera Zoom Technology

OPPO is at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona but unlike other smartphone brands that announced new devices, the Chinese company used this event to showcase their newest technology: a periscope-style dual camera technology that enables a user to do up to 5x zoom without the need to extend the lens.

The technology, according to OPPO, is achieved by using a unique periscope-style structure to divert light through a prism and into a telephoto lens that is nested in the smartphone. With this, OPPO touts that it enabled them to achieve a 5x lossless zoom at the confines of the smartphone’s thin profile.


In addition, the new dual-camera zoom also features a ‘groundbreaking OIS technology’ that enables the user to ensure steady shots even when at 5x zoom. Its new prism mechanism allows a 0.00025-degree precision, ensuring that the image will be clear and steady even when zoomed in.

OPPO is tight-lipped about the application of the technology in its own devices — we’ll see in the future as to where it would be featured. The company’s next flagship, perhaps? We’ve yet to find out.

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  1. gab says:

    so, they one-upped Asus and their zenfone zoom? that fat phone with only 3x zoom.
    i think that uses a periscope style sensor as well.

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