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Poll: Which smartphone OS are you on?

The leadership in the smartphone market is still open for debate and the number haven’t really solidified. At least now, we’ve got over half a dozen contenders. So, which smartphone OS are you currently running on?

We’ve got a lot of promising ones right now and despite the marketing advantage of the Android OS and the iPhone OS, there are still more challengers out there.

Here’s our choice for this week’s poll:

  • Android OS
  • BlackBerry OS
  • iPhone OS
  • Symbian OS
  • WinMo
  • Palm OS

Please submit your votes on the poll section at the sidebar or leave a comment to qualify your choice.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there’s the upcoming Bada OS of Samsung and even Symbian has many iterations that doesn’t even include the one used by Nokia on the N900 (Maemo) plus the Meego one with Intel. The choice for Palm OS above includes their new webOS.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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65 Responses

  1. abeolandres says:

    Poll: Which smartphone OS are you running on? http://www.yugatech.com/blog/mobile/poll

  2. Carlo says:

    iPhone OS kasi may iPod Touch ako. Pero wala akong smartphone lol :)

  3. Cario says:

    Wish Palm had released Pre Plus here officially (subsidized by carriers) but now, their hardware looks outdated (with all the new phones that are about to be released).

  4. Calvin says:

    iphone os din because of my ipod touch. wala akong smartphone eh. nakikigamit lang ako sa’yo.

  5. Bayan says:

    Primarily using iPhone but I also have an Android phone. Was forced to get a second mobile for a provincial trip. Globe doesn’t have coverage there, and I didn’t want to jailbreak so I ended up getting an el cheapo Samsung Spica to use with a Smart Buddy prepaid.

  6. hereandnow says:

    i’m using android 1.5 and i think it’s awesome (imagine what 2.2 froyo can do). it doesn’t have all OS X’s eye candy but it has all those great applications and most are free!

    iphone OS is amazing but google’s android is close and it comes in a wide variety of hardwares. i really want to see how windows 7 will compete with both.

    i was a symbian user and i will never ever get back to that OS unless major improvements applied.

  7. Seph says:

    Android 2.1 – I have a nexus one. also using iphone OS – i’ve an ipod touch.

    advantage of Android – it’s very customizable, since its open. true that the vanilla android OS doesn’t look so nice in the eye. but take a look at the other android 2.1 variants, HTC Sense? Moto blur? The other major feature i love about android is multitasking (there’s just so much you can do with your phone at the same time!). Soon will have more features with Froyo almost nearing its launch.

    Iphone OS – One thing i like is because of the many premium apps that are available for it. Most of their apps don’t feel cheap or free. Android still has some catching up but it wont be long. though. The look and feel is simple yet elegant. pro’ly because its apple.

  8. stressdan says:

    WinMo on my Palm Treo 750

  9. pol says:

    android on n1

  10. cutemoboy says:

    my first fone was NOKIA 3650 way back in highschool.. since then i was hooked with SYMBIAN OS. i can even navigate any NOKIA fones running SYMBIAN OS kahit nakapikit ako. lol

    but i must admit iPHONE OS is no brainer even my nephew can navigate the OS w/o any help.. kayang kaya nila natatawa nalang ako kase ang dali nilang natutunan.. :P

  11. rye says:

    android. :D Samsung Galaxy Spica

  12. James says:

    Android on Nexus One as well

  13. kukuoz says:

    Iphone OS!

  14. Dhan says:

    Android v2.1 – using samsung spica :D

  15. Fleeb says:

    I do not have an smartphone yet but I am looking forward to getting myself an Android phone and develop for it. I was ready to get an iPod Touch / iPhone but I cannot justify buying a Mac just to develop for the iPhone OS.

    (So no, I do not think I can answer the poll. Hehehe.)

  16. markmarcelo0210 says:


    I hate iPhone OS and all APPLE’s products!!!

  17. kimmuel roa endaya says:

    iPhone OS definitely (for me) !

    Can’t wait for iPhone OS 4.0!!!

    And I love my iPhone 3GS!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  18. Jon says:

    Android. Just keeps getting better.

  19. Symbian OS on my Nokia 5800 and iPhone OS on my iPhone 3GS. Being a mac user the iPhone for me is a must to sync in a snap.

  20. Euan says:

    Android OS. :)

  21. wii says:

    stuck with my Symbian OS (5730XM)
    but planning to try Samsung Bada OS this June =D

  22. anne says:

    Blackberry OS on BB curve 8520

  23. xtian1986 says:

    Android on Milestone

  24. Angie says:

    Symbian’s topping the poll? Ooh, Nokia Fanboys.

    Just kidding. But those turtles should really come out of their shells. It’s 2010. Symbian is like, uh, stuck in 2002.

  25. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Currently using a S60 2nd Edition OS on a 6680
    Hope I can get an Android based phone later, iPhone is too restricted to my taste

  26. Nel says:

    Maemo kahit wala sa polls… love your own! =)

  27. rene says:

    if your needs are comfortably and properly meet with the smartphone your currently using, any OS I think will do the job. just like the brand of the smartphone, I think their is no perfect OS only marketing saber rattling of the competing commercial brands.

  28. desco says:

    angie, have you tried using other platforms? been using BB OS, honestly i’ve been impressed by the complex yet simplistic approach by symbian. I guess we have to clear out that these are smaartphones OS not just an ordinary nokia. Try to figure it out and not prejudge symbian because as a matter of fact, they are way beyond BB OS, iPhone OS. I dont think we can be compare OS with each other because they have different forte. apps for iphone and business worthiness for BB. I’m not familiar with other OS so no comment on them.

  29. snpklsdmbldr says:

    Android OS! Froyo is coming!

  30. Teknisyan says:

    if OS alone, then it’s android hands down, since OS will not run without a hardware, it’s the Iphone OS, which is seamlessly integrated with the Iphone/Itouch hardware.

    But we also have to think the niches these different Mobile OS is targetting… like BB OS, their more on the business side while the Iphone OS was mainly created for touch devices, wherein Andriod, WinMo and other’s are either for touch or those with hybrid with keypad/qwerty keyboard or keyboard+touch.


  31. Teknisyan says:

    if OS alone, then it’s android hands down, since OS will not run without a hardware, it’s the Iphone OS, which is seamlessly integrated with the Iphone/Itouch hardware.

    But we also have to think the niches these different Mobile OS is targetting… like BB OS, their more on the business side while the Iphone OS was mainly created for touchscreen, wherein Android, WinMo and other’s are either for touch or those with hybrid with keypad/qwerty keyboard or keyboard+touch.

  32. dan says:

    Symbian OS on my E63

  33. ninotiro says:

    I’ve tried Symbian, Bb, iPhone and Android. For now my os of choice is Android.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  34. nuee says:

    Once you’ve tried android or iphone os, there’s no turning back. Unless nokia redeems itself via the new version of symbian…let’s keep our fingers crossed. Nokia should beef up it’s app symbian power.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  35. ena says:

    My wife is using iphone os via 3gs. I’m using Android via Spica. 1 point each.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  36. Jabbawocky says:

    SYMBIAN USER for Nokia E52

  37. JCO says:

    Palm OS on my Treo 680.

    Old school but still using it because we don’t have web OS phone here sa Pinas. I’ve used a Pre Plus and the web OS is really great. Full multitasking capability.

  38. Ebengt0t says:

    Symbian 0s because i can fully maximize its usage with the availability of s0ftwares and tricks 0n different f0rum sites but given a chance t0 have an0ther smartph0ne, it w0uld be andr0id.

  39. sam says:

    am using my HTC Desire with a 2.1 ver android OS…it seems quiete unfamilliar but i would rather to use this than any symbian OS

  40. mAdden says:

    Android OS my vote. My first ever smartphone.

  41. boon says:

    Android OS

  42. myke says:

    iPhone OS
    Symbian OS
    Palm OS

    depende sa mood, palm os tungsten e lang so not really a smartphone.

    later this year I might get an android phone.

    blackberry malabo unless someone gave me one

  43. Rich558 says:

    Maemo 5 Rules!!! (Until Meego comes out that is) Best Internet Browser out there!

  44. Mach1 says:

    Android 2.1 on my Nexus One RULES!

  45. Th0m5k says:

    Now using Android 1.5 on Samsung Galaxy Spica. My Palm Treo 650 running Palm OS and I were inseparable for years, but the motherboard died. Took up the cheap Spica and never looked back. Integration with Google and its many services is astounding! (I just wonder if I’ve now also sold my soul to Google in the process.) Only problem is none of my PCs and laptops can connect with the phone by USB even after installing the required apps. So all data transfers is by WiFi and 3G (i.e., before I discovered my gigantic bill). To the other Spica owners running Android 2.1–how did you do it?

  46. gregong says:

    I’m using Iphone OS.

  47. Angie says:

    @desco I currently have an android phone, a very old iPhone 2G, and I previously owned a symbian 7 series 60 (7610).

    Well I’ve tried more smartphone OSs. As of now, I’m loving android. Not just because I own it. It’s free source, open to new possibilities.

    That’s why I think Symbian is lagging out of the race. Of course we have different tastes. For me, the symbian I am seeing today, is still the symbian I’ve owned since 2005. But, that’s just me!

  48. chris_a says:

    I’ll go with Android…..

    Linux+java in your hand…what can you ask for? imagine the infinite possibility in can do… ;)

  49. jade bryan says:

    Where’s the Maemo/MeeGo?

  50. yuga says:

    @jade – didn’t include mobile OS that haven’t been widely used like Maemo, Meego and Bada.

  51. Fantazma says:

    webOS…..it is the most stable smatphone OS i’ve ever used….its like a big task manager..i’ve used a Samsung I8910 last year..and all i can say is..it sucks…it always lags and crashes…even though it has the same chipset as the palm pre…Symbian OS makes I8910 not worth buying…its very inconsistent..and also HP promised after they bought palm that they will continue to support the webOS because it has huge potential…maemo also is good…i heard it can run Mac OS X 10.3 and Windows 98…hahahaha

  52. snpklsdmbldr says:

    just saw the new features in Android 2.2 aka Froyo, and it made me love Android so much more! BTW Android 3 will be named as Gingerbread and will be released this December. Google is on a roll!!!

  53. zero_01 says:

    iphone OS and Winmo coz i’m using itouch and xperia x1

  54. BBtambayan says:

    Blackberry OS…Once you go Black,there’s no going back!

  55. berkano says:

    Symbian going on Android

  56. eric says:

    I am using Windows Mobile. I like it because I can edit my office reports anytime anywhere. Also, since most of our computers are running Windows OS, I find it very usefull because I can easily sync my data in my phone to my computer.

    Now that Windows Mobile is gone, I am considering Android.

  57. Joshua says:

    Sir Yuga, where do I avail of android phones here in the Philippines? (preferably nexus one)

  58. pol says:

    I’m still using my trusty i780. That means I’m on windows mobile. Haven’t tried android yet cause I want a touchscreen phone with a qwerty that is not slide out more in tune of a Dell smoke. Came from htc hermes, atom, xda 2i, hp 6325. I just realized I’m attached to winmo.

  59. nyehe says:

    mga ate at kuya ito po ang poll question:

    Poll: Which smartphone OS are you on?

    hindi po, kung anong OS ang gus2 nyo or kung anong pinakamagandang OS para sa inyo.

    hehehe. peace!

    been using winmo for 3 mos now.

  60. Jeff says:

    BlackBerry OS- Bold 9000
    iPhone OS – iPhone 3G

    will buy nexus one soon…

  61. Janine says:

    Blackberry OS on BB Bold 9000

  62. Kris says:

    WinMo 6.5 OS ang kunti ng apps for Omnia Pro

  63. Val says:

    Symbian…that includes new S^3 and S^4. Am looking forward to Meego too.

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