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Report: Apple to use USB-C instead of Lightning for new iPhones

In an unforeseen turn of events, it seems like Apple is giving in to using the standard USB Type-C for their future iPhones and is ditching their current Lightning port. This is if The Wall Street Journal‘s report proves true.

It’s far from being official but it’s not something to completely disregard, too. The report is actually unclear if the shift to USB-C will be made on the iPhones themselves or if it will be implemented on their power adapters.


This would actually make sense since Apple already started this with their new MacBooks. The Verge also makes a valid point mentioning that the company’s new Ultra Accessory Connector (UAC) is a testament that Apple will not ditch its Lightning port anytime soon.

Other topics from WSJ’s report include an upcoming trio of new iPhones for this year with curved displays, OLED technology implementation, and the removal of the physical home button.

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3 Responses

  1. cruizer says:

    Sounds unlikely. If anything, it might be possible that the USB charging cables will be Lightning on one end (that plugs into the phone) and USB-C on the other (the one that plugs into the charger wall plug or to a computer).

  2. DJ says:

    It’s from The wall street journal. Of course its not credible. Pure Clickbait.

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