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Samsung B7320 and Omnia 2 Reservations

Two new smartphones from Samsung are coming to town soon — online reservations for the Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 qwerty phone and the Samsung Omnia 2 i8000 are up.

samsung b7320 omnia 2

The Samsung B7320 is a full qwerty phone with HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, FM Radio, Bluetooth and 3MP camera. It’s powered by Windows Mobile 6.1.

The Samsung Omina II i8000 is a full touchscreen with 3.7″ AMOLED display. Has HSUPA 5.76Mbps, HSDPA 7.2Mbps and WiFi 802.11 b/g capabilities with storage of up to 48GB. The Omnia 2 also boasts of 800MHz CPU.

Reservations from August 17 to September 13 and get a free 8GB microSD for the i8000 and 512MB microSD for Omnia Pro B7320. Samsung Philippines has not indicated any retail price yet.

Check out the online reservation here.

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52 Responses

  1. petken says:


  2. petken says:

    How can we be able to decide if we would reserve if there is still no SRP? I think it is ridiculous to reserve without it. C’mon samsung.

  3. yuga says:

    @petken – prices aren’t final until a few weeks before they are released. this is mostly due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

  4. justine says:

    I thought omnia 2 will be release at the same time as omnia hd or i9810

  5. Raven says:

    Winm0!? I w0uld prefer 0mniaHD.

  6. goosebumps says:

    iba pa ba ang Omnia II sa Omnia HD?

  7. jdGONEMAD says:

    ok lang siguro magpareserve na. wala naman reservation fee eh. kung mejo pricey eh pwede naman ipa-cancel ang reservation.

  8. petken says:

    does omnia II capture video in 16:9 format like the 5800 and N97? does skyfire work with it?

  9. william says:

    i thought the qwerty phone looked like a blackberry device.

  10. Darren says:

    I like AMOLED screen ~ thumbs up!!!

  11. Mike says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been waiting for the Omnia to come!

  12. neal says:

    will this be available for everyone from august 17 or just to those who had made reservation?

  13. zEr0-IcE says:

    OMG.. I just placed a reservation! I’ve been waiting for Omnia II to come out!

  14. ron says:

    show up the price please!

  15. revx says:

    just made a reservation kahit I cannot afford… Heheh I am taking chance na i-email nila yung price. Yuga any price predictions?

  16. Whoa! cool phone! How much would it probably cost?


  17. BarracknRolla says:

    @ goosebumps

    hi,the Omnia 2 (GT-i8000) like Omnia 1 (SGH-i900)will run with Windows Mobile 6.1, but can be upgraded to WinMobile 6.5 maybe later this year.

    Omnia HD’s official name is GT-I8910HD running on Symbian S60 5.0, they want to keep the OMNIA name of Samsung handphones running on WM.

    …there’s also an OMNIA PRO soon to be released.

  18. petken says:

    I just made a reservation for the samsung omnia 2. Well I’m guessing that it would cost lower than omnia hd hopefully 30K pesos or even lower.

  19. petken says:

    Is it true na 65K lang yung colors ng Omnia II dahil sa Windows Mobile Limit? Nakita ko kc sa mga forums na 16million colors and display niya pero dahil may limit ang windows mobile useless daw.

  20. cojo says:

    the one w/ the hexagonal button in the middle is the samsung jet/Samsung Omina II i8000.i saw one at robinson’s pioneer..in memo express if im not mistaken.the selling price was 22k.

  21. petken says:

    samsung jet is like a cheaper version of omnia 2… but have limited apps… I also saw the samsung jet all over cyberzone sm manila for 20K pesos…

  22. irispen says:

    magkaiba ang jet sa omnia2..

    anyway, I emailed them last 2 weeks, sabi around 30k daw yung 8gb. I really dont know, magulo ang Samsung Philippines eh!!

    nagtanong din ako dati sa OmniaHD kung kailan lalabas sabi June daw! eh hanggang ngayon wala pa.. nanghuhula lang ata yung mga YUN! hahaha

    for info: OmniaHD is different from omnia2!
    OmniaHD is Symbian (like nokias) and Omnia2 is Windows Mobile..

    Anyway, ayaw ko na sa Samsung!
    I currently waiting for HTC HERO! ang tagal ilabas! wah!

  23. Raven says:

    0mnia, 0mnia 2, 0mniaHD, 0mnia Lite, 0mnia pr0 B7610, 0mnia pr0 B 7320…

    Very c0nfusing!

  24. Nice!! Like the Samsung Omnia Pro B7320!!

  25. samsung says:

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  26. Nio says:

    The Samsung 7320 is available right 8/16/2009 now in Bangkok for approx US $350 dollars. The phone I am interested in is the Samsung 7610 which looks slide the Omni II but has a full slide out QWERTY keyboard.
    7610 due out the last quarter of 2009.

  27. alvin says:

    preserv nmn ng omnia 2 pde? ung 8gb pro pg d nmn mlayu ang price xa 16gb nlg aq..☺

  28. laura says:

    hey! paano magpareserve! lost online! helps!

  29. laura says:

    i reserved sa store… does that count?? where do i go n press tor eserve online!!! help me!!!

  30. Tim says:

    some sites said that Omnia 2 will be released this Aug 26 in the market and i hope its true, by the way Omnia Jet is already out and it’s cheaper if you go to greenhills mall, it’s around 19K to 22K i hope Omnia 2 will coast only 25K to 30K

  31. arn says:

    hey guys. meron na ba? where? wala pang email confirmation yung reservation for Omnia II ng Samsung Philippines.

  32. someone you met outside says:

    14 days more according to the reservation site.

  33. samsung says:

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  34. zenTaurus says:

    wala na yata ung reservation facility.

    how’d you guys do it?

  35. arn says:

    @someone you met outside

    thanks! have they announced the price yet?

  36. nath says:

    any updates on this? is the phone available? i’ve been bugging samsung and they haven’t replied yet…

  37. cyberchick says:

    can anyone pls post the price range of the OMNIA II i8000

    2G= ?

    8G= ?

    16= ?


  38. jurong says:

    omnia 2 8g= 29000
    omnia 2 16g= 32000

  39. Robin Lim says:

    It sounds a bit ridiculous, but let me explain. For over two years now I have been using my Nokia E61i a my cellular phone. Other than being a phone, its most important feature to me was the calendar and to-do list. Nokia PCSuite software allows me to do a simple back-up of my calendar entries and contacts, synchronize my calendar entries and contacts with Nokia’s own calendar and contacts software or Windows Vista Calendar and Contacts. Basically it gave me three different ways of backing up the date on my Nokia E61i to my laptop.

    Nokia PCSuite also allows you to sync your mobile phone data with Microsoft Outlook, but having migrated to OpenOffice.org for my word processing and spreadsheet needs, I do not have a copy of MS Office or MS Outlook on my computer.

    When I got a replacement phone for my Nokia E61i, I purchased a Samsung B7320 Omnia Pro which is a Windows Mobile 6.1 based smart phone. I was expecting it to be able to sync with Windows Vista Calendar and Contacts since it was advertised as having:

    Windows Mobile 6.1
    – Windows Mobile 6.1 is a business tailored software that offers a familiar OS on the mobile
    – seamless compatibility from mobile to PC

    Unfortunately, the included software for syncing, Windows Mobile Device Software needs to have MS Outlook installed to work. I tried Samsung’s own proprietary Samsung New PC Studio, but unfortunately, the Samsung Utility is also dependent on MS Outlook.

    Now, after a week of use, I can say I love my Samsung B7320. The only glitch is the failure to include a free copy of MS Outlook in the package. My old HTC Smart Amazing Phone from 6 or so years ago have a copy bundled with it.

    For now I have a sixty-day demo of MS Outlook (which after registration gave me 100 days… cool). I hope Samsung can may its own software work independently of MS Outlook before my demo runs out. Having to get a copy of MS Office with MS Outlook will pretty much make the cost of this phone prohibitive.

    Without a bundled copy of MS Outlook, the Samsung B7320 is not Windows compatible, but rather MS Office Compatible in my opinion.

  40. Juwonlo ibigbami says:

    Please, i want to know, if these windows powered samsong phones support java.

  41. hutch21 says:

    i got the samsung b7320 and actually it is a good smartphone, id rather have this than the bb curve. the only thing that pisses me off is that i cant make the wifi work, and it automatically connects through 3g which is very expensive, i bought the phone to use the wif capability and not to pay for the 3g services… sir yuga please help naman if you know how to sort this out…anyone please help..

  42. Robin Lim says:

    You can enable and disable 3G, allowing you to use Wife without fear of automatically connecting to 3G when the WiFi connection stalls and the B7320 decides to connect you via 3G without asking you. This cab be done using an app called Nodata. You can Google it, or leave an email address here and will send it to you. If you will leave your email address here, I suggest you create a new one.

  43. hutch21 says:

    thanks for helping, i have managed to do what you have instructed me, and now im in need of useful apps which i can install on my phone, seems that there are only few apps available on google….

  44. kayechi says:

    is it released yet? where can i buy this phone?

  45. Robin Lim says:

    Your are welcome hutch21…

    What I have installed on mine:

    Google Maps
    Facebook for Windows (which is different from the default link on the phone which simply uses the Internet Explorer)
    Skyfire browser (a must since IE sucks)

    Not much, but all my needs are met by these apps (for now)…

  46. srnouri says:

    I have one but i don’t know how can i install arabizer for arabic font support???

  47. Eric says:

    Hi, i just bought a Samsung OmniaPro B7610 and i’m having trouble streaming youtube videos. whenever i try streaming videos, it automatically searches for gprs even with my wi-fi already turned on. i can surf without any problem with just wi-fi. can i use the nodata for my mobile phone and can anyone pls tell me how to install it? by the way my windows mobile version is 6.5 hope you can help me with my problem… thanks!

  48. jasper says:

    I need help. Which is better? Nokia E71 or this Samsung B7320? Please please.

  49. James says:

    Samsung B7320 is not worth being a smartphone. Don’t buy this. If you’re short for budget and just want to have a cheap business phone, dont buy this, it will make your life texting and calling life, harder.

    Hangs all the time and if you use it for let’s say, 7-8 months, your apps will suddenly disapper and SMS will not work anymore.

    I still have store warranty though, but everytime they update or reformat my phone. The main problem keeps coming back. OS problem maybe..

    What i appreciate about the phone is that it looks sharp and professional. Other than that, it sucks.

  50. Aya says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me why my b7320’s battery life doesn’t last long? I don’t even use it that much but at the end of the day I still have to charge it. And it heats up even if I ended all the tasks.

    Thanks. Other than that I think it’s a pretty good phone.

  51. mybe ur baterry has have a problem..

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