Samsung Galaxy Note hitting the Philippines on Nov. 15

Samsung Galaxy Note hitting the Philippines on Nov. 15

Can’t also believe when I heard this myself but the official launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Note is scheduled on November 15 (that’s 2 weeks away!). There was no talk of the retail price but we’re expecting no lower than Php30k.

At this rate, it’s highly likely that we’ll see the Galaxy Note arrive ahead of the iPhone 4S.


Samsung Galaxy Note i9220 specs:
5.3-inch Super AMOLED display @ 1280×800 resolution
Gorilla Glass display
1.4GHz dual-core processor Exynos chip
Mali-400MP GPU
16GB & 32GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD (2GB included)
HSPA+ 21Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0
8MP rear camera
1080p full HD video recording
2MP front-facing camera
GPS w/ aGPS support
FM radio tuner
Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
Samsung TouchWiz UI 4.0
Li-Ion 2500mAh battery

We’ve talked to one of our suppliers and we’re hoping to get an early preview of the Samsung Galaxy Note by next week so more on this once we get our hands on one.

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42 Responses

  1. PrinceTey says:

    It’s already available at WidgetCity for Php 36,400.00 but I think no Samsung Warranty just a store warranty.

  2. dude says:

    Is smart or globe gonna be offering this phone on a plan?

  3. Les says:

    That thing is so big for a phone haha. Nice features though.

  4. fanboyish says:

    I dont think Note will be ahead of iP4S, well not in terms of release date that is.

    Galaxy Note is just another “upgraded” android phone. Higher specs, larger screen, but really? whats into it?

    Whilst iP4s is not just an upgraded iP4. Upgrading is very different from Innovating IMO.

    • NSFW says:


      “iP4S is not just an upgraded iP4” I mean, really?

      There’s no innovation in the iP4S. If you’re thinking about Siri, there’s nothing new in Siri.

    • Kei says:

      ^+1 what he said.

      on the contrary, Siri seems to malfunction lately and iOS5 drains more battery. so much for innovation. :)

    • John says:


      kaw naman, halatang nangaasar lang yan pinatulan mo pa. haha

      nice giant phone! sana htc nalang yan or sony.

    • @Kei make that +2…tried Siri here in Singapore, and just like there in the Philippines, it’s practically useless, it can’t even locate the nearest shopping mall. It may be a bit of use in the US though….. but certainly not here in sg.

    • tmcr says:

      What’s inside it? An Ultraelectromagnetic S Pen!!!

    • Sam says:

      Galaxy Note offers free capture ability. It allows you to take screenshots of your what’s being displayed on your screen, be it the whole screen or just a part of it.

      It’s up to you if you’ll call it a gimmick, but in any iDevice it’s in the realm of impossibility.

    • jojo says:

      W0w that’s awesome.. Can the IP4S now use the bluetooth to copy files around? can I now use my USB connection without iTunes? Does it now have Super Amoled HD? APPLE RULES FOREVER!!!

  5. booboo says:

    Android Ice Cream Sandwich… this is going to be sweet once the latest Android OS is ready for upgrade.

  6. H says:

    Yey! Mura na cguro yan by next year. Just got myself an iPad and downloaded yuga app. I’m concerned with the comments about crashing a lot. Seems I’m experiencing it as well.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

    • H says:

      gave up. balik ako sa laptop. talaga bang ganun kaliit pag sa iPad? pag clinick ko ang “2x” para lumaki, grainy naman ang pic, pangit. panay ang closed ng app. di ko pa natatapos basa close na naman. un ba ung “crash” na tinatawag nila. hehe.

      ok kaya sa android? di ko pa na-try.

    • Steve Jobs says:

      Kasi po pang iPhone Apps ang ginamit mo sa iPad mo kaya maliit po talaga. Use only iPad Apps for your iPad.

    • X says:

      Aba, nagtatagalog si Steve Jobs.

  7. Carlcabs says:

    Hi Yuga,

    Any word on as to when the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7plus be available in our market?


  8. dan says:

    this will be eaten alive any day with a ainol novo 7 advance and a nokia x1-01 combo for just 8k petot…

  9. MT-Francis says:

    Maybe, but this one have great specs. Good screen size, enough battery and powerful processor.:-)

  10. Maxi says:

    Hope it’s a flat 30K when it gets release. A reasonable price for the specs and the timing of the device, in between dual cores and quad core a couple of months after.

  11. sonyFAN says:

    sana ung sony gumawa rin ng ganitong unit ng my kapalit n ang arc q.then upgrade n nila ang hardware, i noticed sony alwys lyt in smartphne n term of hardware/software. khit my arc aq i still lov to used 11oo nokia phone haba ng batery life.

  12. whatif says:

    galaxy nexus by december! sana….

  13. Erwin says:

    Wow, buti naman at sa Nov 15 labas na toh para naman masubukan ko at kung talagang okay sya for sure eto na bibilin ko for a Christmas gift para sa sarili ko.

    May nakita pala ko video review/unboxing nito.

    Sana makatulong. :)

  14. James Erik says:

    samsung products are way better than apple products today. i just had bad experiences with apple products, so expensive, the battery drains so fast, it’s not worth the buy.

    • William C says:

      To each his own, my experience is reverse. With my Galaxy S2, having to be charged twice a day, but I am always online, and widgets that accesses the internet constantly might have something to do with that. My former Galaxy SE (Clear LCD) also gobbles up battery juice in spades, almost bought a spare battery, but eventually upgraded to the S2.

      My iPad last forever on a charge, and most users of iPhone likes it long(er) battery life, of course, having a smaller screen might have something to do with that.

      It’s just not true that Samsung’s Battery life is longer…

    • jcnjcjcnjc says:

      I agree that Samsung products in general are way better than Apple’s. Battery drain is relative to user unless you got a bad in the first place. My wife uses ip4, I use GS2. IP4 is simple, easy to use for those simple task like calling and txting. But try to customize or just turning off or on 3g n wifi have more steps than android. Ip4s just graded to 8M on their camera, GS2 and Nokia have 8M or 12M last year, so who are playing catching up. io5, itune, siri is nice have if you live in US. Anyway, I believe Gnote will be a great device, big brother of GS2. Can’t wait for ICS!

    • SamPle says:

      My iP4 does last for about 2 to 3 days with regular usage, wifi, downloads, call, text, mp3, games and movie sometimes. My ipad2 last for 5 days depending on my usage.. If we are just looking for battery life it is up to the user how he use it.. But i think mine has lasted longer than any phone i had before that includes sgs2.. Not to mention sgs2 poor wifi connection…now i mentioned it.. Hahahahaha that is the reason i said bye to sgs2.. Anyway, i am looking forward to read many blogs, reviews from people who have owned sgnote… Have to know what they have to say, thier openion and thier verdict… This note really rocks… Hope to see some recomendation in over all performance of this marvelous beast!

  15. redmd says:

    its Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.

    anyway, may pre order na kaya by then? I’m sure to get one.

  16. KraM says:

    I’ll buy one if they confirm that a ICS upgrade will follow SOON.

  17. rymnd says:

    this is great! but i hope the ICS updates come soon in the philippines.. .and also i;d love to see the droid razr, lumia 800, etc to land here.. .para more choices, and good competition.. .

  18. Name: says:

    selling brand new SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE! 1 stock left
    37000.00, call for faster transaction 09178586856

  19. helpingbuddy says:

    If you have plans buying from WidgetCity / a.k.a greatbuys88.. Read this link first..

  20. Marke says:

    im selling brand new sealed samsung note, 1 year warranty. 30k.


  21. Sunsica says:

    Now i’m in a dilemma! Galaxy Note or PSVita for Christmas…

    • PAL says:

      choose SG-note first. later na yung PSvita. Wait for the slim version of it. kase as i know phatversion ang unang nirerealeased nila :)

  22. sam12 says:

    subrang mahal namn ng samsung galaxy note yan mag ipad2 nlng kyo mas mura pa.

  23. PAL says:

    im going to get this in xmas!

  24. eric says:

    mas sosyal naman kasi ang iphone 4s… samsung ewww mura lang kaya niyan…. kumbaga pag may nagtanong sayo ” whats ur phone?” ans .. “IPhone4s!!” unlike sa samsung “whats ur phone” ans… “samsung lang eh :(“

  25. paul says:

    when will the samsung galaxy note be available at globe store?

  26. JR says:

    I’m loving everyday I’m with my Gnote! Superb! :)

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