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Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S is among the most anticipated Android phones to date. So after using the handset for over a week, I’m handing down my verdict. Check out the full review of the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 after the jump.

At first sight, the Samsung Galaxy S would not really catch a lot of attention except for that large 4-inch display. The dark, glossy body makes it look plain and simple.

The handset actually reminds me of the iPod Touch due to those curved edges and the silver lining on the front panel. However, the back side offers a little more design touches with a polished honeycomb print on a flat surface with a bit of stubby bottom end. That little protrusion allows for better grip especially that the handset is very slim.

Aside from the Samsung logo, the back cover has a large “with Google” print. The 5-megapixel camera is situated on the top end with the speakers beside it.

The power button is on the upper right side, the volume rocker is on the left side while the 3.5mm audio jack is found on top along with the micro-USB port hidden by a sliding cover.

The large 4-inch screen looks great with that Super AMOLED display — it’s bright, crisp and offers better image clarity compared to other displays I’ve tried and used in the past (I did a quick comparison between Retina Display, AMOLED and Super AMOLED here).

At full brightness, the difference is huge compared to regular LED displays. Couple that with a smooth multi-touch feature and tasks like internet browsing, navigating in Google maps as well as viewing photos are all a nice experience.

The navigation controls are few and simple which are found at the bottom end of the front panel — a curved, rectangular Home button at the center and 2 touch panels on each side for Back and Menu (similar to the XPeria X10 in orientation only without the physical buttons ). The touch panels are very close to the edge of the handset so it tends to be accidentally activated once in a while.

The Samsung Galaxy S provides a different and customized TouchWiz 3.0 UI that’s layered on top of the Android 2.1 OS. Some of the more noticeable UI implementations include:

  • A total of 7 Home screen panels (5 from Android 2.1 + 2 more from TouchWiz UI).
  • The Home screen scrolls from the 1st panel to the 7th starting at the far left to right, unlike the default ‘centered’ position in other UIs.
  • There’s no sliding window for the app launcher. Instead, there’s a fixed/dedicated icon (represented by 4 concentric smaller squares) on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • While most other app launcher scrolls from top to bottom, it’s left to right in the TouchWiz 3.0 UI.

Of course, you also get that obligatory Live Wallpaper for some added eyecandy. See the short video below showing how the TouchWiz 3.0 UI works.

The handset is powered by an ARM Cortex A8 1.0GHz processor and as such, the unit performs really well. Applications are very snappy and there are no significant lags or wait time even when running multiple functions or apps. I’ll be doing a separate post to compare benchmarks between this system and the SnapDragon of Qualcomm in other smartphones.

The one other feature that I think the Galaxy S excelled very well is in the camera feature. It’s only rated 5MP but capture quality is very impressive. The lens does auto-focus on its own but you can also manually focus it by touching the subject in the view screen.

Captured images are sharp, clean and well saturated. It can do ISO 50 and reach a shutter speed of up to 1/383 secs based on sample shots I took. Even night shots and in low-light environments, the photo quality is still very good. It’s also great that the minimum focusing distance is just 3 or 4 inches away so you can do macro shots. See more of my sample shots in the gallery here.

Likewise, the camera can take hi-def videos up to 720p at 30 frames per second and actively re-focuses as objects move along the view. See sample footages below and watch them in full screen to appreciate the HD quality.

Images and videos default in the 4:3 aspect ratio but you can switch to the wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio in the settings (so some of the photos here were cropped).

The solitary audio speakers are the back might seem small but it does a pretty good job with good volume range and decent mix of treble and bass. As expected, the sound is reduced by around 50% when you put it down in a flat surface on its back while playing music or video.

The review unit I used also has a 16GB internal storage so I didn’t need an extra microSD card to save all the photos and videos (you can bump the storage to 48GB if you add an external 32GB microSD though).

As an added bonus, Samsung included their own App Store on top of the Android Market. While there are very few apps in there, it’s nice to know we can expect Samsung handset-specific apps in the future (for example, the Road SMS app was a huge hit that it got hundreds of links from big sites including The Daily Wh.at and Engadget).

Battery life varies and really depends on usage patterns. It’s able to last more than a day (or closer to 2 days) on a full single charge but easily drains when you use 3G/WiFi and the camera a lot. It’s not an uncommon battery performance among Android smartphones these days.

It’s pretty hard to ignore all the features the Samsung Galaxy S and not admit that it will undoubtedly be a huge favorite among Android fans. It may lack the necessary eye-candy in the design department with a plain and simple built but what it lacks in form, it makes it up in function.

The large Super AMOLED display, the lean and mean form factor, the raw processing power and superb camera are top of mind when considering this unit. And with a price point that rivals all other Android smartphones in its category, the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 hits that nice sweet spot. It certainly is the among the Android phones to beat this year.

Disclosure: The Samsung Galaxy S was provided to me for free by Globe Telecom. They are also a year-long sponsor of our YugaTech Giveaways so allow me to plug them a little bit — you can get the Samsung Galaxy S with Globe for free under Plan 2499 until July 31. After that, it’s free on Plan 3799.

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182 Responses

  1. Avatar for Michell Michell says:

    I quite like looking through a post that can make people
    think. Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  2. Avatar for Charm Charm says:

    Hello guys, you might be interested at more than 50% discount for Apple iPhone 4S or Galaxy at Pinoytiangge.com

  3. Avatar for yuck yuck says:

    for me I called it a cheap immitation of Iphone
    come on samsung dont you have your own originality?

  4. Avatar for yuck/1 yuck/1 says:

    for me I called it a “cheap immitation of Iphone”
    com on samsung dont you have your own originality?

  5. Avatar for Joel Rosendo Joel Rosendo says:

    Hi. I’m wondering if verizon samsung galaxy fascinate can work here in the philippines. a friend of mine from US is giving me one but we don’t know if i could use it here. please help me…

  6. Avatar for jennifer da mesa jennifer da mesa says:

    how much is the price? ung walang plan. thanks

  7. Avatar for sumsung I9000 sumsung I9000 says:

    pano po mag aply globe plan

  8. Avatar for Charlotte Charlotte says:

    How much ba ang samsung gaLaxy 551 sa SM city taytay ??

  9. Avatar for reichnamjel reichnamjel says:

    Samsung Galaxy S (super amoled screen) is already phased out, but you can still find a few of them..

    Samsung Galaxy SL (SLCD screen) na po yung ipinalit nila sa SGS. mas mababa ng konti yung GPU niya at hindi na po Hummingbird ang SOC niya.

  10. Avatar for reichnamjel reichnamjel says:

    Samsung Galaxy S (super amoled screen) is already phased out, but you cant still find a few of them..

    Samsung Galaxy SL (SLCD screen) na po yung ipinalit nila sa SGS. mas mababa ng konti yung GPU niya at hindi na po Hummingbird ang SOC niya.

  11. Avatar for mememe mememe says:

    i saw galaxy s in greenhills last saturday and they have the 8gb. they’re selling it for 19,500.

    • Avatar for light light says:

      Cool! did they say if it was the Super AMOLED version or just the Super Clear LCD version?

      because the super clear lcd version is officially 19,990 at samsung stores

    • Avatar for mememe mememe says:

      it’s super amoled. i’m also planning to buy one kaya lang di pa kaya ng budget..

    • Avatar for light light says:

      ahh ayos! plano ko rin bumili eh xD salamat!

    • Avatar for mina mina says:

      17k na lng po sya ngaun sa market market MEGA ONE

  12. Avatar for light light says:

    i went to the samsung mobile store in Ali-Mall yesterday and inquired about the galaxy S and the saleslady said that it’s already phased out. is this true?

    I was planning to buy one. I hope it’s still available at greenhills :D

  13. Avatar for TwIsTeD_Rubz TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    Has anyone tried to flash the lasest firmware, the leaked 2.3.2? Applicable ba yun to SGS’s sold here in the Philippines?

    • Avatar for Pinoy Android News Pinoy Android News says:

      the latest 2.3.2 leak has some issue, the notable is the 3g malfunction. i suggest better to use cyanogenmod 7 RC 2.


  14. Avatar for vee vee says:

    how much na po ang price ng sgs nowadays??

  15. Avatar for balanescu balanescu says:

    Here is a tutorial on how tu update the firmware of your I9000 Galaxy s to js3 ,also there is one for sale at 305 euro http://www.sh-phones.com/?p=91

  16. Avatar for SaveLeisurely SaveLeisurely says:

    Samsung Touch-Screen Phones on SALE! 2011
    5 top Samsung touch-screen phones including Android Running smart phones are up for grabs at a relatively cheaper price.

    for pricelist please visit:

  17. Avatar for adam adam says:

    It is better than Iphone but if you’re kinda short of budget then why not try Samsung wave 525.

  18. Avatar for Sam Sam says:

    Does anyone know where Galaxy S Desktop Dock can be bought?

  19. Avatar for TwIsTeD_Rubz TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    Ah to root or not to root…that is the question.

  20. Avatar for Vam Tolentino Vam Tolentino says:

    Does the Galaxy S have a GPS map for the streets of Manila?

  21. Avatar for Joshua Baluyot Joshua Baluyot says:

    bibili nga ko nyang ganyan cp eh,maganda kasi masyado mas maganda a sa i-phone

  22. Avatar for TwIsTeD_Rubz TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    @jquint: thanks!!

  23. Avatar for jquint jquint says:

    The new ROM is also Froyo but with an updated gps modem driver. This is a JPE rom, compared to the original JPA.


  24. Avatar for TwIsTeD_Rubz TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    I just checked kies an there’s another firmware update available, this after I had already updated my galaxy s to froyo. Anyone with any idea what this firmware update is all about?

  25. Avatar for jordan jordan says:

    just reading all the comments here im starting to love samsung galaxy s, any idea where to best but this phone?

  26. Avatar for trish560 trish560 says:

    Sorry john for the very late reply. i’ve been busy lately. Btw, mine was bought in SG. i have no idea how much the cost. Did u get yours already?

  27. Avatar for ettenoj ettenoj says:

    @ricky apple fanboy ka lang siguro. ok naman sgs eh. kies lang naman problema mo pero the phone itself naman eh maganda. na try ko na ito kaya alam ko sobrang ok. wala lang perfect na phone pero all in all naman maganda siya

  28. Avatar for ettenoj ettenoj says:

    @sam oo nga eh. pero nakahanap na ako sa net ng 8gb lang with free 16gb sd card. for 28k siya. yun nga lang store warranty lang. but im hoping na makahanap ng may 1 yr samsung warranty na 8gb version. sayang lang naman kasi hindi rin naman ako magsesave sa internal memory kasi bumabagal yung phone kapag ganun.

  29. Avatar for Sam Sam says:

    yes it’s around 32.5k in SM Megamall (Samsung Mobile in Cyberzone area). It’s already 16gb, plus they are also selling microSD (note that Galaxy S supports micro SD HC)and also Galaxy S accessories. So it becomes a one-stop shop if you’re going to buy one. Another cool accessory for the Galaxy S (and other gadgets) is the Invisible Shield which is also located in the Cyberzone area of SM Megamall.

    mine is just 8gb carrier-free. I bought it in Singapore, though. I’m not sure if 8gb is available here, because all shops (SM Megamall and SM North Edsa) that I have inquired has 16gb only.

  30. Avatar for ettenoj ettenoj says:

    sana meron 8gb lang. hindi kasi ako nagsesave sa internal memory. more on sa memory card

  31. Avatar for light light says:

    It’s now available from samsung stores (not just globe). I saw one earlier at SM Megamall, 32.5k i think.

  32. Avatar for John John says:

    @Ricky, ohhhhh reallly…..hehehehe

  33. Avatar for Docgvg Docgvg says:

    I just downloaded froyo for my galaxy s… Version jp4 in kies… Faster, new interface, flash, gps fix great

  34. Avatar for Ricky Ricky says:

    The Galaxy S i9000.

    The “S” stands for “Sucks”.

    The “Smartphone” appears to be promising but unfortunately the newly updated version of its interface software, the “KIES”, is unreliable while the recently update phone’s Firmware version 2.2 makes the unit hang on you more often now.

    Added to this problem is that Samsung’s local Customer Service”s Technical Support is still clueless in solving these problems.

    Good thing I still use my old but reliable iPhone 3GS. Interfacing and synchronizing with my Outlook’s Calender and Contacts are not a problem.

    I think Samsung should upgrade and update the skills of their software developers.

  35. Avatar for Christian Christian says:

    may problem pa ba sa froyo ?

  36. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:

    @dino thru Samsung Kies

  37. Avatar for dino dino says:

    where did you upgrade it to froyo? samsung at moa said it’s not yet available. and how much does it cost?

  38. Avatar for TwIsTeD_Rubz TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    Same here! upgraded to Froyo just a while ago. No problems! Saya!

  39. Avatar for Moja Moja says:

    Hi to All,

    Froyo update for Galaxy S is now available in the Philippines. Already updated my phone last night
    So far no problem =)

  40. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:

    @Caloy if your concern about upgrading to 2.2 is the lag issue, you can use the lag fix http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=784691 it’s also available in the Android Market, just search One Click Lag Fix or OCLF. Latest version is OCLF 2.2+

    Samsung support said they’re expecting the Froyo to be released anytime soon.

  41. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:

    @jquint I didn’t tweak anything in my SGS and GPS, WiFi, etc. are working fine even before I applied the lag fix. I would suggest that you bring back the unit to the store and ask for support (I assume it’s still under warranty).

  42. Avatar for Caloy Caloy says:

    @Jeboy thanks for the tip! Still enjoying the phone anyway. I hope the official version comes out soon!

  43. Avatar for jquint jquint says:

    @Jeboy: I know that some units work right, with tweaking some will improve, but what do you think are my chances of it working out of the box. Or chances of it never working right?

  44. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:

    @Caloy much better if you wait for official release from Samsung, there are reports that registry hack to make froyo available in kies has compatibility problems and Samsung already fixed that workaround.

  45. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:

    @jquint GPS is working perfectly for me thru Layar

  46. Avatar for jquint jquint says:

    Can anyone comment on the GPS? I’d grab it now but the GPS problems have not been reported to be definitively fixed anywhere.

  47. Avatar for Caloy Caloy says:

    Who has been able to update his Galaxy S to Froyo using the Kies software?

  48. Avatar for Caloy Caloy says:

    Great phone! Thoroughly enjoying it!

  49. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:

    If I can describe iP4 in one sentence, it would be, “Simple and Elegant but not Practical” :D mainly because of the price is too expensive without important features/aspects like extended memory via SDs, native flash support, developer friendly, etc. But I really like the first two (simple and elegant “design and built”) badly :( and did I say seamless and well optimized? If iP4 or future version could have SD and native flash support, S.Amoled or any equivalent display quality, developer friendly (free/freedom), lots of free decent apps, and others, I don’t mind jumping to Apple and start developing in Objective C.

  50. Avatar for reena reena says:

    hi how about the phone’s contact memory? samsung known to have low memory for contacts.

  51. Avatar for Cliff Rosario Cliff Rosario says:


    In that sense I agree with you too.. I didn’t mean to be “mean” hehe.. anyways.. About the iPhone not supporting Flash.. There is this app which was released in the US “SKYFIRE” which provides flash support.. well in a sense.. It converts Flash to HTML5 in their servers before it beams it to your iPhone. It immediately got “sold out” or rather their servers can’t handle the gazillion demand. I’m following their twitter account to see when It’ll be released here in the local iTunes store.

    About SGS’ built yeah.. too plasticky.. doesn’t have the premium built feel which it then compensates with the serious engine power under the hood and also S Amoled Display .. which I may say kick ass..

    I’ve also read about the Samsung and Google’s Nexus S.. just released information over at Engadget.com and I must say it’s a SGS with a Google Brand. same plasticky built but same Hardware Powerhouse.. not sure though if It’ll use Snapdragon or ARM Cortex. (Link: http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/11/this-is-the-nexus-s/ )

    And also this news about Samsung’s Flagship phone up for unveiling next year at the MWC. It’s 4.5 sAmoled2, Gingerbread, a monster 1.2 Ghz processor and 14.4 HSDPA etc.. (read : drool)
    (Link: http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/11/exclusive-samsung-flagship-phone-with-gingerbread-and-huge-di/ )

    I will probably save up for that phone if it’ll hit the Philippine shores next year..

  52. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:

    I seconded @jonnel13 plus the S.Amoled screen

  53. Avatar for jonnel13 jonnel13 says:

    if u mean pdf files, yes the iphone can open them. what the iphone does not have is flash. you will not go wrong with either phones. they are both very good. but since you mentioned you open mail attachments, then the galaxy s may be better for you because of the bigger screen size.

  54. Avatar for allan allan says:

    w/c one do u guys think is a better business phone, iPhone or the Galaxy S?
    is it true that the iPhone can’t open adobe? i received a lot of mail attachments. if it can’t open adobe, then that would be a problem.
    i need a smartphone so that i don’t have to carry a laptap & check my mails.
    i like blackberry, but u need BIS / data plan to maximize it’s features, right?
    most of the time i’m at a wi-fi hot spot.
    hope u guys can give me more info.

  55. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:

    @Cliff I respect your opinion, I’m a developer therefore open source is a big thing for me, iOS is proprietary and a developer must pay before he is allowed to deploy his apps which is not appealing to us open source devs., not much of a freedom. As for the iPhone4’s signal problem, our company executives experience that and the only solution apple gave before was only using a bumper or skin but if it has been already fixed that’s good news. Another thing is iPhone has no memory card extension (e.g. SD) and native Flash player support. In fairness what I don’t like to SGS is the build/form factor which is very plasticky and similar to 3G S design, I very much like HTC Desire HD and iPhone4’s build and design. Maybe this review (from IP4 and SGS owner’s personal experience) would help you http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=eGnzUU-2fpg&feature=fvst

  56. Avatar for Cliff Rosario Cliff Rosario says:


    Do you own an iPhone 4? because so far my iPhone 4 doesn’t drop any call.. And also gives me excellent 3G coverage..enough to give me 1 mbps of speed when I tether with my laptop.

    So about the signal problem you were stating earlier I hope whoever has the problem, they already got that fixed by either the iOS 4.1 or a replacement from Globe.

    Don’t get me wrong though I find Samsung Galaxy S very charming, especially that S Amoled Display and I had a really hard time choosing between the one made from Cupertino or Seoul..
    But in then end iPhone’s exclusivity, stability and the freakin App store got the best of me..

    What I should look out for would be Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 phones…

  57. Avatar for Juan Juan says:

    @law how do you manage to update your SGS to Froyo via Kies? kinda share with us please? thanks

  58. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:

    @mack both device are good and have strengths and weaknesses. iPhone4 has problem with signal especially if you’re right handed. When it comes to screen department, it’s clear that SGS has the advantage because of it’s brilliant screen Super Amoled over Retina Display. iPhone4 is good in battery optimization.

  59. Avatar for mack mack says:

    guys,pls help me decide if ill buy an iphone4 or galxy S?ur comments would help me a lot..tnx!

  60. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:

    @Chritian pwede. Also try one click lag fix, magiging super fast ang SGS nyo.

  61. Avatar for Chritian Chritian says:

    ask ko lang kung pde bang iroot ung Galaxy S?

  62. Avatar for cdr cdr says:

    Magkano ba pinakamurang Galaxy s?

  63. Avatar for Rick Rick says:

    I’m planning to sell mine because I am afraid in bringing it on school. It is locked from globe.If ever anyone interested just text me at 090626*****

  64. Avatar for Saimon Apor Saimon Apor says:

    @Christian and @John: Dun mismo sa taas ng tiyangge. Sa mga stalls ng cellphone dun. I’m not sure if they accept credit cards there, but I doubt.

  65. Avatar for Christian Christian says:

    Sana may 27k na nyan sa festi. haha

  66. Avatar for Christian Christian says:

    @saimon sang store yan at pde kaya kung credit card

  67. Avatar for John John says:

    @Saimon what store in Greenhills you found that 25k?

  68. Avatar for Saimon Apor Saimon Apor says:

    Saw this unit last week in Greenhills. 16GB cost around 25k… :)

    I saw this a week after it’s release when my bestfriend bought one from Hongkong. And I was totally amazed by its features. HD video and pics are awesome!

  69. Avatar for John John says:

    @Christian sa CMK 30,990 pag cash pero reliable naman and from Samsung daw ang warranty. ang problem mostly sa sobrang cheap na SGS is store warranty only at hindi genuine samsung yung accessories na kasama. sa malaysia (lowyat mall, parang greenhills satin) may 26,000 don pero pag pumunta ka sa Samsung Mobile mismo sa the same mall it costs 36,000

  70. Avatar for Christian Christian says:

    sa greenhills may 28k ata , sa filinvest kaya meron n nito ?

  71. Avatar for John John says:

    @john same here, saan mo nabili? cash ba yung 30k or card? Thanks

  72. Avatar for jt jt says:

    @john…saan mo nabili?

  73. Avatar for John John says:

    mga 30,000 lang

  74. Avatar for John John says:

    ka bibili ko lang maganda keypad nya may swype

  75. Avatar for docgvg docgvg says:

    oops…the advantages that i just stated are all in android phones….but what i like about the galaxy s is the storage…..16gb + sd slot for 32gb more…..htc and motorola androids i think dont have it…..if only samsung can fix GPS inaccuracies and its kies software….it will be the best smartphone ever….just waiting for froyo….

  76. Avatar for docgvg docgvg says:

    i recommend that you buy this phone…. first, i would like to tell the downside…battery if phone use for one day dries up for 12-14 hours in my experience (not bad considering that phone is always on and in use including wifi, 3g, gps, music player when in the car sometimes even the tethering), full charge in 4 hours but you can buy extra battery at samsung store, boots up in 40secs (due to installed apps), lags here and there (nice to have task killer to speed up sgs and will be solve soon by the froyo build)and difficulty installing kies software (you can email me for details on what i did to make it work)…why i like this phone, typing is a breeze with SWYPE (best invention for mobile phones imo), wifi tethering is always there when you need it, or when your loved ones need to connect to the internet (it helps if you subscribe unli in globe superplans) and in a couple of days the entry of froyo (fb games can now be played anywhere even in the comfort room =) as long as there is 3g signal)…

  77. Avatar for Juan Juan says:

    @law great!

  78. Avatar for law law says:

    happy to report that the galaxy S updates to froyo without any problems.

    a quick registry edit (on your pc) allows the international variety of the phone to update immediately, even though updates are restricted to Nordic countries as of oct 17 2010. The only way to update to froyo is through kies, the pc suite of samsung.

    UI improvements and performance boost make the free upgrade worthwhile. cheers!

  79. Avatar for light light says:

    @Claire: may nabasa ko somewhere na 2k php ang pag unlock ng samsung sa greenhills. pero may nakita akong guide for free dito: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEQ6srdva1k
    More or less ganyan din yung gagawin nung mga taga unlock dun sa greenhills so mabuting ikaw nalang para tipid sa pera. :D

  80. Avatar for Claire Claire says:

    Saan pwedeng magpa openline ng samsung galaxy i9000 (globe locked)? at magkano kaya? please help….. email me at csr****@****.***

  81. Avatar for roca roca says:

    “Hi Galaxy S users, do you experience any disadvantages of it like wifi, etc.?”

    3G connectivity only, it sometimes loses its connection when you haven’t used it for some time. to remedy this simply enter flight mode and exit flight mode, its like doing a soft reset of the connections. but no problems with wifi, bluetooth, etc. great phone.

  82. Avatar for Chi Chi says:

    What are the compatible movie files for this Galaxy S? Can it play avi files and mpegs?

  83. Avatar for ritikaa ritikaa says:

    The only problem I saww when bying it abroad is d support especially http://mobileinindia.in when it needss to be returned.

  84. Avatar for atishnis atishnis says:

    Just to put these number in perspective, Apple sells 8M iPhones a quarter. If Samsung really manages to sell 10M Galaxy S by the end of the year, it’ll sell around 30% as many Androids as Apple sells iPhones. Now, apple might increase the iPhone sales rate, but we need to remember that the Galaxy only came out in the second quarter.
    Very impressive achievement for Samsung.

  85. Avatar for mackie mackie says:

    is it true that in greenhills its only 28k?

  86. Avatar for John John says:

    @andrew and if you get it here by credit card it will cost you around 34,000+ for 6mos. and 36,000+ for 12 mos. The only problem I saw when buying it abroad is the support especially when it needs to be returned.

  87. Avatar for Andrew John P. Young Andrew John P. Young says:

    A wonderful phone no doubt but extremely expensive if bought in the Philippines… Singapore posted an unlocked version roughly at 800 SingDollars ( http://www.whymobile.com/productinfo.php?id=SAM-i9000 ). That’s around 24k-26k in Philippine pesos. But in the Philippines it sells around 33k, go figure (good thing there are promo flights to Singapore worth 100-700 pesos, might as well fly there to buy one)

  88. Avatar for NokiaSucks NokiaSucks says:

    Got it for my 16th Birthday! The features are impressive!!!

    @John…I noticed the the camera of my Galaxy S shows red spots during low light..(although Im not sure if it is only me who’s having this problem..)

    aside from that…the phone rocks!!!

  89. Avatar for newbie newbie says:

    It’s 32+ almost 33K for cash payment and 36K for card payment in SM Marikina-Samsung store

  90. Avatar for 2k9 2k9 says:

    sa SM Manila po 34,900 price ng 16GB..

  91. Avatar for John John says:

    Hi Galaxy S users, do you experience any disadvantages of it like wifi, etc.?

  92. Avatar for John John says:

    Hi @trish560 where did you bought your Galaxy S? and re: Galaxy S in MOA, how come it’s more expensive than with Globe’s 32,995?

  93. Avatar for trish560 trish560 says:

    @Dan. the last time i checked about a week ago its about 34K from a Samsung shop in Mall of Asia.
    for Cash payment =)

  94. Avatar for trish560 trish560 says:

    i got mine just this week, i wonder how to get free apps available here in phils. any idea pls?
    thank you

  95. Avatar for EarlZ EarlZ says:

    Why goto globe when its been available on Samsung store for ages already

  96. Avatar for josh josh says:

    can i say bad words to every Globe personnel out there? for months now im still looking for samsung galaxy s in every store in the metro, and i can safely say ive been to almost 90% globe stores :( why cant they just say if it will available or not hayy.. Yuga Sir can u do something about it?? please..

  97. Avatar for Dan Dan says:

    san makakabili nito? yung open to all networks… d ako globe user… magkano? tnx

  98. Avatar for Dan Dan says:

    san makakabili nito? yung open to all networks… d ako globe user… tnx

  99. Avatar for Jeboy Jeboy says:


    May nakakaalam po ba kung kailan kaya maaalis ang exclusivity ng Globe sa Galaxy S? Para pwede na makabili sa Samsung Mobile store mismo or other stores.


  100. Avatar for Atish Nischal Atish Nischal says:

    Just to put these number in perspective, Apple sells 8M iPhones a quarter. If Samsung really manages to sell 10M Galaxy S by the end of the year, it’ll sell around 30% as many Androids as Apple sells iPhones. Now, apple might increase the iPhone sales rate, but we need to remember that the Galaxy only came out in the second quarter.
    Very impressive achievement for Samsung.

  101. Avatar for crazy88 crazy88 says:

    Hello, Mugen Power just released the 3200mAh Samsung i9000 extended battery,
    it should be enough for 2-3 days use with 1 charge!

    and if you visit their page on facebook, you can find a discount code:

  102. Avatar for roca roca says:

    Galaxy s is available at gh at around 27000k but its the grey market so take care

  103. Avatar for lemmor lemmor says:

    sir,mabibili naba samsung galaxy S i9000 outside glove?….magkano na kya price samsung galaxy S i9000 ..

  104. Avatar for Jamby Jamby says:

    Any update on the pricing of this unit??

    And is this upgradeable to Froyo???

  105. Avatar for roca roca says:

    @sherry you won’t regret it! Just make sure to install advanced task killer, oh and get launcher pro too!

  106. Avatar for Sherry Sherry says:

    i’m thinking whether to get Nokia C6, N97 or Samsung i9000. But after reading this review and that of N97, i’ll definitely get this Samsung phone.

  107. Avatar for johnray johnray says:

    which is better SAMSUNG OMNIA HD i8910 or SAMSUNG GALAXY S i9000?and why? thanks…

  108. Avatar for kheyan Alferez kheyan Alferez says:

    which is better samsung AMOLED DISPLAY OR Iphone4 RETINA DISPLAY?

  109. Avatar for wolffen wolffen says:

    well…. theres one major set back… some apps does not work and so slow… like yahoo messenger… di gumagana sa galaxy….

  110. Avatar for J J says:

    This is sweet!

  111. Avatar for EarlZ EarlZ says:

    Officially only the 16GB will be initially sold on the Ph market, those phones in GH are from HK mostly and dont have any samsung warranty.

    I’ve read on the internet that August 2 is the last day for Globe’s exclusivity and even as posted on this site but it seems that you cant buy the units outside of Globe…

  112. Avatar for Roca Roca says:

    @diego haven’t really encountered the 8gig version yet. i really suggest going to greenhills and checking whats in the market there, you might even be able to get a hands on experience by chance, but if not, i guess id check the os and how it runs i guess.

  113. Avatar for Diego Diego says:


    I really want the phone. Konti difference sa spica of i buy it from the seller. What should i check to make sure its the real deal?

  114. Avatar for Roca Roca says:

    @diego, yup there indeed is an 8gb version, but they’re marketing the 16gb very aggressively. as to the price im not sure. go to greenhills and ask around if i were you. the 16gb is 27 at gh.

  115. Avatar for Diego Diego says:

    hey, there is a seller in facebook that’s offering this phone for 17K, for the 8GB version? totoo kaya to?

  116. Avatar for roca roca says:

    Globe has a prepaid kit of 32K, but on greenhills theres a place that has it for like 27,000 i think.

  117. Avatar for tamago tamago says:

    How much?

  118. Avatar for EarlZ EarlZ says:

    Anyone know when this phone will be out on Samsung Mobile stores or other retailers?

  119. Avatar for Rafa Rafa says:

    another note: live wallpapers severely deplete the battery.

  120. Avatar for Rafa Rafa says:

    theres no flash on it yet, but yeah like less then a day. but as to the phone its self i have no complaints, it performs well. but yeah, when i get froyo on it im really hoping the battery life will improve.

  121. Avatar for jonnel13 jonnel13 says:

    @Roca, like how bad? How many hours of wifi browsing on a full charge? I heard the battery dries up fast if you go to websites with flash.

  122. Avatar for Roca Roca says:

    @Cliff Rosario initially i thought it was the phone that lags, but apparently its only android, coz when i installed advanced task killer it runs smooth. some lags here and there but when froyo comes out it should speed up. on a further note, battry life really really sucks if you’re internet heavy.

  123. Avatar for Cliff Rosario Cliff Rosario says:

    @LIGHT: Samsung released the Galaxy S line in the US through 4 major Carriers and they have their own names:
    AT&T – Captivate
    Sprint – Epic 4G
    T-Mobile -Vibrant

    Here’s the Galaxy S Family pic:

    @ROCA: It lags? .. uh oh… they were claiming that it’s smooth thanks to the hummingbird processor.. but everyone’s hoping for Froyo soon.. it’s gonna make good use of the great hardware Galaxy S have..

  124. Avatar for light light says:

    hey how come the T-mobile version of the phone is different? (it has 4 soft buttons and no physical home button)


    i like the globe version though haha. hope the price goes down soon.

  125. Avatar for Twista Twista says:

    Now that it’s August, is it available to other official retailers in Metro Manila?

  126. Avatar for tin tin says:

    does the apps and games of iphone 3gs have cross platform for androids ?? I’m thinking of buying galaxy s because of the specs.. but will the iphone games be available in android os as well?

  127. Avatar for Roca Roca says:

    i got one from globe, no problems so far, but it is abit laggy. does anyone have a lead on if or when froyo will be out for it?

  128. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    When will be the release of the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 “open line” in the philippines?

  129. Avatar for jonnel13 jonnel13 says:

    Wow! Amazing! There’s only a handful of cellphones that can do that… Sana may Galaxy S iteration na may LED flash na pwedeng video light. =)

  130. Avatar for junulrik junulrik says:

    Hello jonnel13, yes it can refocus while shooting videos, i tried it myself to confirm … kaya nga super OK ang galaxy S…

  131. Avatar for jonnel13 jonnel13 says:

    I didnt know the Galaxy S can refocus while shooting videos…Totoo?

  132. Avatar for Willie Willie says:

    Hi there. Was searching for info on that Samsung phone and I stumbled on this “review.” It lifted everything you have here on this page:


    I thought you’d like to know. Unless, of course, that is one of your sites too.

  133. Avatar for Junulrik Junulrik says:

    to those of thinking of having the iphone 4, galaxy s is one of the best alternatives as of now. no need to to tell the details, but main consideration is availability and price. performance wise five stars!!!!!

  134. Avatar for geo77 geo77 says:

    Bnew Samsung Galaxy S i9000 for sale.. with spare original battery and screen protector. 0918-9123980

  135. Avatar for Mizrach Mizrach says:

    Is it locked to Globe like other phones?

  136. Avatar for chl chl says:

    Did you see the review on Yahoo today? Yugatech better than Yahoo!

  137. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    @Fleeb and @Cliff Rosario:

    They’re not going to fix anything on the iPhone 4’s already out in the market, that’s who the free cases are for.

    For newer iPhone 4’s they’re working on that as we speak, some phones don’t have the problem at all or it’s greatly minimized to be pretty much negligible –


  138. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @cliff – pretty close.

    @kidd – sa VirraMall, marami.

    @alvin – lost it last Feb.

    @jhoravi – ~32k

  139. Avatar for Cliff Rosario Cliff Rosario says:

    @Fleeb: yeah.. just checked with Engadget.. hay.. quite a disappointment.. I still do use my Iphone 3GS for making calls.. I’m having second thoughts in gearing up for Iphone 4.. Or should I join the Galaxy Boat..

    Apple affirms: no software fix for iPhone 4 antenna issue
    Link: http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/16/apple-affirms-no-software-fix-for-iphone-4-antenna-issue/

  140. Avatar for limuelG limuelG says:


  141. Avatar for manong manong says:


    parehas pala tayo! ako rin lagi kong dala eh… kaso di ako makatawag, wala kasi akong load…

  142. Avatar for Fleeb Fleeb says:

    @Cliff: Jobs said that they are not going to fix anything, something like that. Should subscribers have a problem with their iP4, they will get a free case. That’s all.

  143. Avatar for Cliff Rosario Cliff Rosario says:

    @Alvin: I;ve heard nga that it’ll be until end of July na lang ung stocks ng Nexus 1 and it’ll be only available through resellers only.

    @Kidd: so your up to buy Iphone 4 when it comes to Globe around Sept? then I hope all the problems will be fixed by then.. @Abe.. am I correct with the month?

  144. Avatar for kidd kidd says:

    iphone pa din ako!! haha… sir abe san mo nakuha yung mga pokemon collectibles? thanks astig

  145. Avatar for Alvin Alvin says:

    OT: Kung pwede nga lang installan ng Android OS yung Samsung Wave, mas ok sana. P18k+ na lang daw sa ibang stores. But who knows, anytime meron na ring makapagport nun sa Wave.

    By the way, ok din ang Nexus One, developer phone talaga. Kaya lang di na pwedeng bumili directly online sa Google. I wish I had one. @Sir Abe, musta N1 mo?

  146. Avatar for zer0ice zer0ice says:

    >is it an iphone killer?

    What’s up with that question. Why do people ALWAYS ask, “is it an iPhone killer?”

    Do we really need to “kill” the iPhone? So what if it’s better than the iPhone? Will people NOT buy an iPhone?

    It’s OK to compare between cellphones, but I just thought the question is so “old”… so “dated”.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am a very proud owner of a Galaxy S. I just think it’s lame to ask “is it an iPhone killer?” It’s like comparing an Audi versus a BMW (yeah, that’s also pretty lame. Ha-ha)

  147. Avatar for n i ñ o n i ñ o says:

    Nice review. I might head to globe later and try and get one.

    Although I use smart, is globe still good? Any reviews on globes super surf?


  148. Avatar for Junulrik Junulrik says:

    by the way, on a galaxy s and using the launcher pro from android market(free), the galaxy s speeds up more. maybe with launcher pro background processes are much reduced. the samsung touch wiz is deactivated with launcher pro. try it..

  149. Avatar for Junulrik Junulrik says:

    I have this samsung galaxy s and iPhone 4. Pagdating sa functionality mas ok tong galaxy s, natalo lang ng iPhone 4 dahil sa built. Pero masasabi ko pantay sila ng iPhone 4. Kaya dala ko na unit parehas. The best ang samsung pagdating sa galaxy s. Natry ko din wave at galaxy beam. Thumbs up din sa dalawa. By the way, fan ako ng apple, but this time fan din ako ng samsung for their latest phone.

  150. Avatar for Mike Mike says:

    My smartphone has 8pm camera, 720p video recording, AMOLED screen which i’ve bought almost 2 years ago. Go figure. So, my next upgrade should be at least 12mp camera wl both xenon & power led flash possible wide angle lens and 4″ super amoled screen with video recording 720p @ 60fps.

  151. Avatar for Cliff Rosario Cliff Rosario says:

    @ Paul: Yeah.. Froyo could be a threat to iOS4..

  152. Avatar for Cliff Rosario Cliff Rosario says:

    I’ve been checking the world wide web for Benchmarks for Samsung Galaxy S and almost every site declared it as a crowd favorite..

    I like AT&T’s version of Galaxy S.. the Samsung Captivate, it’s a bit more eye candy than the original version..

    I was taken aback though when I came across a site about rumored HTC Sabor and Ace..whoa.. amazing specs.. Not so sure if I’d like to wait for them or jump on the Galaxy S bandwagon..

  153. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:


    You’d be amazed if you tried this phone out. Even without the built-in flash, pictures still turn out great. I have not yet tried taking pictures at night though. XD

  154. Avatar for Junalquis Junalquis says:

    ahh if only it has flash in the camera it would be a very nice phone.. but nooo samsung just like screwing things. I’ll go for the samsung wave. Thanks for the review btw

  155. Avatar for Lupa Lupa says:

    Ay ayaw. Eto pala.


  156. Avatar for Lupa Lupa says:

    Mas nakakatuwa kung ito ay iPhone4…


  157. Avatar for jhoravi jhoravi says:

    How much is this baby?

  158. Avatar for Jerome Jerome says:

    Here in SG, it’s priced at sgd148 on a 56/month plan. I got one and I could say that it’s excellent in its own right. It has lags here and there but still bearable, maybe until it is rooted. =)

  159. Avatar for Tiger Tiger says:

    Great Review! I really like it. Just wanted to ask, if the 7 home screens are filled up already, what happens? Will the phone still accept applications or it will automatically produce/add another home screen? Or does the phone only limits apps to a maximum of only 7 home screens. Thanks!

  160. Avatar for wildecox wildecox says:

    Thanks Yuga!

    Though we could read reviews from other tech sites way earlier than this, I still read your reviews because somehow, you have that edge of reviewing these gadgets based on a “pinoy’s perspective”.

    Btw, how much would that Samsung Galaxy S cost on prepaid basis, below 30K maybe?

  161. Avatar for carlo carlo says:

    ….when switching between homescrens especially when using live wallpapers, plus touchwiz is just plain boring, a launcher from the marketplace is a must

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  162. Avatar for carlo carlo says:

    I found the review to be a bit lacking, first the lack of a flash for the camera was not mentioned, and secondly, despite the samsung hummingbird procie at the core, there is noticable lag

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  163. Avatar for CarloBlogg Online 3.0 CarloBlogg Online 3.0 says:

    the picture quality of this model’s camera is impressive, and the video is quite good too. Parang kulang na lang ay flash to make this a complete phone/full-blown camera in one. :)Definitely a keeper. :)

  164. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Ito nga pala nakakatuwa, galing dun sa manual ng Galaxy S –


  165. Avatar for MobilePinas MobilePinas says:

    Nice phone, I even tried it in Globe Greenbelt.

  166. Avatar for Arvee Arvee says:

    Yes, Samsung is Apple’s supplier of audio processors kaya sa audio quality tests ng mobile review sites, almost same results nakukuha ng Samsung and Apple phones.

    Anyway, di naman sa gustong-gusto ko talaga yung Galaxy S. But, Xperia really looked like garbage when it was placed beside the Galaxy S. This is one heck of a phone! Ingat lang sa mga holdaper.

  167. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    They don’t seem to be that much of a big deal, but Samsung makes great hardware. In fact they’re the suppliers for a lot of parts Apple uses.

    For example, the 1.0ghz ARM processor they use in the Galaxy S isn’t just any ordinary CPU, it’s the Hummingbird. This is the non-Apple-branded version of the A4 chip used in the iPad and iPhone 4.

    So yes… while it doesn’t really’kill’ the iPhone, you can however think of it as an oversized iPhone on Android. Let’s reserve the killing part for when this starts shipping with Froyo :)

  168. Avatar for John_P John_P says:

    @ADZ, on top of the one you mentioned, Galaxy S has a video accelerator which the Wave does not have. That is one of the main differences between the two models

  169. Avatar for Dennis A. Dennis A. says:

    Nice review. Was wondering if Android phones sync with Mac OS. Have been using a Windows mobile phone with limited sync capabilities to the Mac and thinking of upgrading my phone. Or should I just wait for the iPhone 4?

  170. Avatar for Adz Adz says:

    Galaxy is amazing,, but if you are budget conscious you can try Samsung Wave – almost like Galaxy.. the only differences is the size of the phone and screen. I already have one and i really enjoying with it..

  171. Avatar for Fleeb Fleeb says:


  172. Avatar for chl chl says:

    I think Samsung proved with this one that you can more than match Iphone at a lower price using Android platform

  173. Avatar for skagen skagen says:

    nice phone! i want!

  174. Avatar for caloy caloy says:

    is it an iphone killer?

  175. Avatar for Pipo Pipo says:

    Veru nice! I’d get one…next year. Lol. I can only buy phones that are at least one year old in the market kasi mas mura na sila. Sa ngayon, di ko pa afford ‘to. Haha.

  176. Avatar for simplynice93 simplynice93 says:


  177. Avatar for geekdope geekdope says:

    @abeolandres nice review! I always enjoy reading your blog. :)

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