Galaxy S WiFi 5.0, Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pre-order Promo

Galaxy S WiFi 5.0, Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pre-order Promo

So here’s your chance to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Samsung Galaxy WiFi S 5.0 ahead of everyone else – Samsung Philippines is doing a pre-order promo starting midnight tonight 8AM tomorrow.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7500) will have a pre-order promo price of only Php26,990 and it comes with a free leather case. Suggested retail price of the device is Php29,990 (16GB 3G model, I guess but the pre-order page should confirm this) and the value of the case is Php1,120.

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is a 5-inch iPod Touch competitor and will have a suggested retail price of Php12,990. There’s no discount on the Galaxy S WiFi Android tablet but Sammy is giving an Urbanears headphones worth Php2,290 for free.

The link to watch out is this one — — the page will be up by tomorrow 8AM.


There are only 700 units of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 available for pre-order and 400 units of the Galaxy S WiFi.

Claiming of the units will be on August 21, just like what we reported earlier.

Update: We’ve confirmed that the pre-order units are all 16GB 3G variant.

Complete and detailed mechanics below:

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77 Responses

  1. dapeke says:

    Dapat nakapost kung ilang GB para nde nanghuhula…

  2. jediekins says:

    ngaun ko lang narinig yang galaxy s wifi na yan ah! is it good? any reviews?

    • Mayo says:

      I have the WiFi Galaxy 5.0 bought in HK. There’s also a 4.0 version, that is nearer in size to the iPod Touch.

      I have to say, it’s a pretty good gadget. I was torn between buying a Samsung tablet and an iPod touch but when this came out, the decision was made easier.

      For more reviews, you can go check at Their forums are pretty helpful and their opinions were something I considered highly before buying my Galaxy player.

  3. Pao says:

    Sayang… BDO lang ang may 0% installment. :(

  4. Nice discount for the Galaxy Tab 10.1

  5. Marcus says:

    Probably a correction, site may be up by Aug 17 8am since that’s when registration starts as stated in the doc. Site says its still down as of 12mn.

  6. mike says:

    doss the 10.1 also got 3g?

  7. Jason says:

    Paano naman dito sa cebu sir yuga? ang layo ng manila para duon i claim….=(

  8. agwe23 says:

    any news on the 8.9 release date?

  9. Mat says:

    They did not mention if they are selling the WiFi only version or 3G. Also, what colors are available?

    For that price, I’m assuming its the 3G model, but I wish they would be more transparent. Again, how hard is it to give the actual specs and color with the promo announcement?

  10. Mark Obra says:

    The reservation site is up now, registered at around 7:58 XD

    • Mat says:

      My wife and I were the first 2 there based on the counter at the bottom.

      I just wish there were more details besides a general spec sheet.

  11. Msih says:

    ang mura naman yan , minsan yung mga items dito gray market hindi dumaan sa distributor ng pinas :)yun lang ang warranty mahirap.

  12. newbie says:

    To those who are still asking as to the specs, if you click on the ‘Mechanics’ link at the reservation page they do enumerate the specs of the item. Anyway, got mine already, don’t know pang ilan ako di ko makita ung counter na namention dito eh. Haha

    • Mat says:

      General specs were given, but not the specific specs involved in the promo. A simple “Grey/White 16GB 3G 10.1 tablet” blurb would have done the job. This blog provided speculation, but there was nothing noted on the offical document and website.

      Of course, this is all moot if we can choose among all the versions shown on the spec sheet. 27k for a 64GB 3G model? Sure!

      I dont think thats the case.

      Oh, It seems that I was mistaken about the counter at the bottom. Sorry about that.

    • Mark says:

      There is something else I was wondering about this promotion, sure we got the printouts and everything ready but would there be a queue?

      If 700 were issued the pre-order, one cashier would have to give out a tab every 2 minutes to accommodate all of that. The mechanics clearly state that claims beyond the 8PM selling point will not be entertained.

      So if there was a queue, if you were the 100th in line you might not even get to purchase… unless there were 4 cashiers… of course the price of the unit will still deter some purchasers.

      Its better to be optimistic right?!? XD

    • Mat says:


      Thats a good point. I had not thought about that. Inspecting the product will also add more time before reaching checkout.

    • yuga says:

      @mat – I’ve attached the official document which indicates in the title the 16GB 3G model.

    • Mat says:


      Thanks! Thats appreciated! Do we know what colors are available? It matters little, but would be nice to know.

  13. jhepoyski says:

    kala ko phone yung wifi 5.0 parang ipod touch pala hehehe

  14. Mike M says:

    16GB is only offered for the 10.1? How about the 32GB and 64GB versions? Will they be also available in the Pre-Order Promo?

  15. Migs D says:

    Is there a 3G variant for this pre-order? or just the WIFI only one?

  16. H says:

    daya! for all local philippine residents daw tapos sa manila lang meron. dami kayang samsung stores dito sa davao. wala man lang isa. gusto ko ung galaxy s 5!!!

  17. Kenth says:


    Tama, unfair nga naman to those outside Manila.

    Hanap ka muna ng friend mo who can claim for you and ship to Davao.

    Hopefully Samsung realizes this an opens a claiming center in major cities/places outside Manila. Or they setup an online payment with shipping option on claiming date.

  18. Nice opportunity, but still don’t have the means.

  19. jamecs says:

    sir abe, may microSD slot ba ang Galaxy Tab 10.1 o wala? you said sa review

    “Update: The Galaxy Tab 10.1 being shown on display in Rockwell has a microSD card slot on top.”

  20. Lexie says:

    I want this.

  21. jared says:

    hi is it safe to avail this kind of gadget pre-orders? thanks in advance for your answers!

  22. reg says:

    Already reserved, but wondering when will the 8.9 be available? =)

  23. elfin says:

    tried the 10.1 and 8.9 at JUMP Experience Center Megamall earlier today. pinch zooming by both devices on the browser and gallery were disappointing if not awful! not so fluid as my galaxy s2, let alone the ipad 2.

  24. flux says:

    Will there be Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories for sale on August 21 at the store?

  25. jerome says:

    will they release both pure white & soft black colors????

  26. jlapitan says:

    anyone notice the email add off samsung?

    Samsung Philippines [email protected]

    “” and check this image

  27. wreek888 says:

    sir abe? is it still practical to buy galaxys 5.0 if you already have galaxy tab? i like the 5inch size as MID.

  28. NeedTextMate says:

    09353128228 TEXT TEXT TEXT

  29. Ron says:

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 worth it or should I wait for the next gen itouch? So hard to decide

  30. androidadik says:

    GB5 Samsung opens at 8am? just for this event? or starts at 11am?(i think the operating hours of an actual mall) thanks for the reply :)

  31. lupita says:

    ung 8.9 kaya magkaka pre-order promo din? same policies din ba ang pre-order like warranty etc?

  32. Edward says:

    Calling apples attention… Haha kidding.. Anyway that is so nice of samsung!

  33. ralf says:


    sir, have you asked if maglalabas ng 4.0?

  34. Og says:

    Got it na from greenbelt! Thanks Abe for the promo heads up!

  35. agwe23 says:

    I love the galaxy tab but samsung pulled a fast one. They displayed units with microsd in rockwell but sold units WITHOUT microsd in gb5. Talked to some people who said the 8.9 will be released third week of sept at a higher srp than what they said in rockwell. Pfffft.

  36. Mat says:

    Went to the event, but decided against buying one. The tablet is as good as the reviews say, very strudy and smooth, but I find it hard to justify buying a 3G model because its redundant.

  37. jared says:

    got my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 yesterday at g5… i really like this tab.. though walang micro sd slot.. will just buy the usb and micro sd connectors next week.. sold out agad yesterday..

    i thought there will be a grayish back cover casing.. wala pala.. according to them wala pang shipment sa pilipinas ng models na yun.. and its only available lang daw for 32g tab models..

    anyways im happy that i got discount for this gadget! with black leather casing pa.. :)

  38. jared says:

    one more thing.. they are not sure if magrerelease sa Pilipinas ng grayish black model ng tab 10.1.. :(

  39. Sammie says:

    Upgrade to Life 2.0 now with Samsung Galaxy Tabs!

  40. william says:

    Sir abe, i just decided to buy 10.1 today and I was disappointed to realiaze that the discount can only be availed from aug 17-20.. is there any chance for me to get one with a disount? Thanks in advance

  41. wreek888 says:

    i just arrive form an out of town trip. i got reservation last aug 17 but was not able to redeem on the said date. is it still possible to redeem it even if mine should be on the 21?

  42. TOPZ says:

    You can still buy the 10.1 at PhP26,990 CASH ONLY at Fone Style Accessories at 5/L SM North EDSA. However, you can no longer avail of the free leather pouch. I was there yesterday to have my unit replaced due to a permanent “watermark” in the LCD. They said, there were several cases with the same problem as mine.

    During last Sunday @ GB5, the staff there told me that you can buy more than 1 unit (or even the Galaxy S Wifi) since the reservations were less than 700.

    Does anybody here (who was present last Sunday at GB5) got the name and store location of the supplier/retailer of the accessories? Apparently, the one selling the accessories is not the same as the one who sold the units. Fone Style Accessories at SM North doesn’t have the accessories being sold last Sunday.

  43. jamecs says:

    cmk is selling the 10.1 3g for 25.4k only

  44. jared says:

    hi guys sa infogadget next week may usb & sd adapters na… selling na din book leather cover for samsung galaxy tab 10.1.. may screen protector na bang available for this tab? thanks..

  45. Deng says:

    Would anyone know where we could buy the Galaxy S 5.0 wifi? My boyfriend missed the reservation and is now interested in buying one. :)

  46. jared says:

    ive been using my tab 10.1 for already 5 days now.. it works well naman and i dont experience any issues with it such as this watermark.. i hope i will not encounter this problem after the 7 days replacement.. :(

  47. Og says:

    May screen cover na, matte and clear. Me cases na din, capdase soft leather book cover (P1700) and even the official samsung plastic book cover (P3k) sa sm north annex… Got mine from iTech store

  48. jared says:

    how much kaya yung official book cover case of tab 10.1? would anyone know? and where it is available? thanks!

  49. Mike V says:

    has the Galaxy Tab 10.1 already been released? i have gotten tired of waiting and waiting, asking electronic stores on when will they have stocks and the prices.

    Samsung is kinda slow on releasing products oh well

  50. Eff says:

    Mas ok sana yung Galaxy S 4.0 wifi. Kaso I doubt if they will release this here. Sobrang conflict na siya with the Galaxy SL. I mean if same lang din ang presyo, why buy the wifi version only?

    Pero sana maglabas din ang Samsung dito ng 4.0 at cheaper ang price niya dapat sa SL.

  51. Arvin says:

    Any idea where we can buy jelly cases or leather cases for the Galaxy S WIFI 5.0? Thanks.

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