Samsung Galaxy Y gets the Netphone treatment

Samsung Galaxy Y gets the Netphone treatment

Smart Communications has just added a new phone to their Netphone line-up. It’s an entry-level Android phone by the name of Samsung Galaxy Y with a cheaper price tag of only Php5,990 for the prepaid kit.

What’s interesting though is that instead of using the Netphone naming system (something like the Netphone 501 or maybe a Netphone 303 — this is just an example), they just used the original name given by Samsung.

Most likely reason is that Samsung has a good reputation with Android handsets and it will sell more if they stick with it rather than using the Netphone nomenclature (unlike the ZTE Blade).


Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone Edition
3.0″ TFT LCD capacitive display @ 240×320 pixels
823MHz ARMv6 processor
164MB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
3G/HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
2MP camera
FM Radio tuner
GPS w/ aGPS support
Li-Ion battery 1200mAh
TouchWiz 3.0
Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The Galaxy Y was announced just back in August 24 so it looks like Smart got it first here in the Philippines. The handset reminds me of the Galaxy Ace, only smaller and a refresh of the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570.

The Galaxy Y is packed with everything that you’d expect from a smartphone but with a really appealing price point. A few of the specs might be disappointing though — like the 65k (it’s 256k) display color and the 240×320 screen resolution (a stark contrast from the Netphone 701).

You can pre-order one from Smart here which is free on Data Lite Plan 500 and Php5,990 on prepaid.

I wonder though that since the Netphone suite has been created for this model, it’s possible to have them shared and installed on other similar handsets by Samsung (probably the Galaxy Mini, Ace, Pro and Fit).

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30 Responses

  1. jcf says:

    hi, it’ netphone 701 not 501. ginawang maong? hahaha… levi’s 501 jeans? lol…

  2. exactly sir yuga – looks like the spec is similar with Samsung Galaxy Ace; hmm, 2 almost identical phones from Samsung? pinagkaiba lang ay ang 823Mhz processor ng SG Y (SG Ace has 800mhz right?) and 2MP cam (SG Ace has 5MP). A front camera would have been better with SG Y though (especially with that price). :D

    • Kyle says:

      You forgot the QVGA (320×240) screen. The Ace has an HVGA (480×320) screen. Anyway, this basically kills the Huawei U8150 since most people would prefer Samsung over Huawei. The Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Fit were more pricey than the U8150, usually by around 2-4K Php. Now they’ve made it even.

      P.S. QVGA on Android sucks a lot IMO. HVGA at least for me.

  3. vinz says:

    I think the display is 256k color not 65k.

  4. Tristan says:

    Oops! I should’ve waited for this. I just bought my iPod Touch 1st Gen last July at the same price. Anyway, I’ll just try to save more. I’m sure more smartphones will be cheaper next month or so…

  5. Shakey says:

    Heard that it’s also available for free at plan 500

  6. misterpinoy says:


    Where can I buy it other than smart? Need ko openline na thanks

  7. mikko says:

    Why is the netphone 701 more expensive? ( being a 600 mhz processor – zte ) compared to this ( 832 mhz – samsung )?

    • jerdict says:

      i think, because of the Screen size maybe?? i agree with kyle, QVGA for an android is not good, at least HVGA. but for zte netphone, having WVGA is quite better, but the processor sucks at 600Mhz, it should be 1Ghz for a WVGA screen to have better HD Gaming, and as well as playing high resolution mkv movies. but you can overclock the zte netphone thats a good thing though..

      But comparing this to globe’s cloudfone this is better…

    • secret agent says:

      Netphone 701 is more expensive because of its Frequency band capability aside from its screen display. These frequency bands is crucial in data services(HSDPA), Netphone 701 is capable of 850Mhz/2100Mhz. Smart owns some 850Mhz/2100Mhz of the frequency spectrum.

      Fequency Spectrum distribution

      So this means that, if your phone is only capable of 2100Mhz. Then you are only able to get 2100Mhz coverage of the service provider where you are subscribed to.

  8. theflo says:

    I hope that this phone will also be available on Sun Cellular.

  9. theflo says:

    I hope that this phone will also be available on Sun Cellular’s phone lineup.

  10. vinz says:

    will it be available in local stores(other than SMART)?

  11. Carlz says:

    This phone is good to compare w/ huawie… which is really good?

    1k cheaper…

    Im just curious, can we not open the line of this phone? like if we use other network than smart? 0:)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m tempted to trade in my ZTE Blade for this, but I’m turned off by the smaller screen.

    Overall, I think this is just a marginal improvement over the original netphone.

  13. lara antonette says:

    pwede b mgdownload ng skype sa samsung galaxy y?

  14. chum says:

    I LIKED! HM??

  15. Blade says:

    yes people, u can buy this other than from smart store and openline too, i even tried it and its not quite bad, but f u r a puristic liquid or hd res fan then this is not for you…btw, wen i checked it out, it says its got 900 plus mhz…..,wtf?

  16. ARsenio says:

    sir. can this run skype video chat?

  17. alec says:

    panget ng reso

  18. Kevin says:

    It is affordable but if your looking for a more affordable better phone with games and wifi. Try Galaxy Mini. You can upgrade it also to the latest.

  19. Papapau says:

    I believe this is now the leader of entry level android phones..

    I told my younger sister to get one, played with it. And yes, the only nega which is quite tolerable for most, i think, is th 256k display color..

    Aside from that.. Worth buying if your new to smartphones or low in budget.. specs are superb compared to other entry levels..

  20. lekarxxki says:

    can this carry angry birds app?

  21. isherald says:

    yup it can carry angry bird app
    thats why, i want to buy this phone but..
    it’s out of stock…

  22. marcelino says:

    which do you prefer? Galaxy Y or Galaxy Mini? I’m so confused kasi e. :D Help please :)

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