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Samsung Instinct released on Sprint

The new Samsung Instinct has just been released and now available via Sprint. Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal thinks it’s an “ok” phone but definitely not an iPhone killer. In his Samsung Instinct review, Mossberg mentioned the iPhone 31 times and the Instinct only 19 times (this guy is definitely not an Apple fanboy!).

How about looking into the Samsung Instinct ourselves? We’re not sure when it’s gonna hit the Philippines but a 2-year contract locks it down with Sprint in the US for a cheap $129.99.

samsung instinct

The Instinct only works on a CDMA network (as opposed the iPhone’s GSM) so instead of 3G/HSDPA, it connects via EV-DO with speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps.

It has MMS and Video Recording that the iPhone does not have. Likewise, you can listen to radio and get livestreaming TV, GPS as well as the ability to accept voice commands. It only has 2GB of internal storage but with a microSD slot, you can upgrade it with an additional 8GB.

There’s no WiFi feature and the camera is also just 2MP.  The 3.1-inch screen has a resolution of 240×432 pixels. The battery lasts for 5.7 hours but can be easily replaced by the owner anytime. No multi-touch feature here too but there’s some sort of haptic feedback mechamism.

And while you can only do stuff on the iPhone one at a time, the Samsung Instinct can handle multi-tasking (like playing music while surfing the net).

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5 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    Don’t why no one complaints that iPhone can’t multitask.

  2. Lyle, RN says:

    I guess because devices that can multi-task take forever to do the multitude of tasks it is supposed to be doing all at the same time thus negating the whole point?

    I’ve had a few other devices before that had multi-tasking features (mostly Windows Mobile) and I never really appreciated the feature so much because it slowed down the device so much that it was more practical doing the tasks one at a time.

    Back to the main topic, the Samsung Instinct is an interesting device.

    I think people should stop comparing every new device to the iPhone. Devices should be reviewed and assessed based on the merits of the device not against another.

  3. rsgoldjw says:

    very good, it’s very useful to me, thank you very much!

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