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Samsung just submitted a design patent for a smartphone with a notch

And so it begins as even the top smartphone manufacturer in the world submit to the ever notorious notch design. The South Korean tech giant just submitted a design patent, picked up by Mobielkopen, for a smartphone with a notch.


Image by Mobielkopen

Apart from the ever so controversial notch design, it seems that Samsung’s next device will also feature in-display fingerprint scanning due to the lack of any fingerprint security on the body. Then again patent submissions do not entail that these devices will come to fruition. It is, however, interesting to see that even the tech giant that mocked the said notch design is leaning towards making one.

source: Mobielkopen
via: Android Authority

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3 Responses

  1. This is very frustrating decision of samsung company to copy again apple notch. I think they must employed more brilliant engineers to creat their own design. Evetime apple product reaches market almost all celphone manufacturer clone iphone device.

  2. bcomplex says:

    Isn’t Essential Phone the first one to ship a phone with a notch?

  3. amar says:

    this is again some what similar to apple iphone x design;hope that samsung will bring some good design smartphone with it.

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