Samsung Monte S5620 Review

We’ve hard had some face-time with the Samsung Monte (S5620) and I thought it’s a nice little touchscreen phone. It’s got most features of high-end phones without the expensive price tag.

The Samsung S5620 isn’t really a smartphone in itself but the TouchWiz 2.0 UI does a good job with providing a responsive and easy-to-use interface.

The design is a little funky with all that color combination and accents but they actually blended well. The all-plastic body has a matte finish so you need not have to worry about smudges and finger-prints except on the screen itself.

It’s got a 3-inch screen with a resolution of 240×400 pixels — not really that large a real-estate but enough for a candy-bar form factor. The capacitive touch screen is not very bright but crisp and responsive enough for easy navigation. The slightly small screen real estate makes it harder to compose SMS but it’s doable (takes some time to practice). Likewise, since the TouchWiz UI is heavily widget-based, the screen gets too crowded with overlapping widgets really fast.

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The Samsung Monte was created to target users who need all the connectivity options possible so you’ve got WiFi 802.11 b/g and 3G here. Bluetooth and GPS are also present as well as an FM Radio. Samsung even included apps like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace into the handset so you can start connecting with your social networks out of the box.

The built-in browser is decent but not very capable — it’s a bit slow as well but tolerable considering the unit does not sport as fast chip.

I didn’t bother including sample photos and videos of the 3MP camera because they’re not really that good anyway. They’re usable but not really the strongest features of the phone.

(Note: I had to cut short my regular use of the phone once I discovered that my text messages goes out blank when sent to others. The SMS arrives but the recipient gets an empty message. The issue is isolated to this unit alone though.)

I’d put the Samsung Monte S5620 into that category just before the smartphone — full of features but does not burn a hole in the pocket. With a suggested retail price of Php11,000 (already selling close to Php10k in stores), it’s a worthwhile option. However, the Android-powered Samsung Spica could spoil the party since it’s pretty close in terms of pricing.

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  1. panax says:

    Hmmm, yea I agree with which, it makes me totally. Yep.

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  3. lyn says:

    yap the best ang monte i buy 1. 1 year na sa akin..nahulog hulog ko na rin pero ayos prin xa..mganda ang monte..

  4. Hello could I quote some of the insight out of this entry basically link back to you?

  5. chris says:

    ganyan din inabot ko, nag rerestart sya depende sa location, sa waltermart munoz dun nag rerestart sya ultimo sa may along edsa lang, dko alam kung may frequency wave dun na nag paparestart sa Monte ko, pero nilagyan ko nng globe ung monte gumagana naman at hindi ito nag rerestart,

  6. NetBooks says:

    Nice information. I’m going to send your link to some of my friends if that’s okay with you.

  7. Pokemon says:

    i currently own samsung galaxy s. samsung is a really successfully company at mobile phones. and pretty good review thanks

  8. akhill says:

    i hate samsung monte is useless and waste

  9. Cherry says:

    lolz this phone is the best I have the same one as at the pictures-black and orange it is very very very good if ya want a tuch screen phone this is the phone for you very good picktures best camera ever smile detection and about 20 frames and 18 mosaics it has a panorama too three camera shooting sounds and a lot more HE IS PERFECT and my other phone is very cute its simens sl55

  10. irhene says:

    just bought my monte a few days ago, okie nmn xa, kaso recently nag rerestart xa lalu na kpag nag play ng music then mag insert sim kylangan pang i on off para maayos.. bigla na din xang nag rereset..

  11. curious says:

    Available ba dito sa Philippines yung all black na Monte? As in yung walang orange sa side??? =)

  12. patrick says:

    I’m planning to buy a new phone and I think Samsung Monte is the best there is for my budget. This would be my 1st touch screen phone.

    “The built-in browser is decent but not very capable — it’s a bit slow as well but tolerable considering the unit does not sport as fast chip.”

    Is this review about the phone really that bad?
    Is there any better phone aside from Monte with the same tag price?

    What about Samsung Marvel?W/c is better among the two?

  13. gino says:

    my monte is almost a month old, and there are no problems that i have encoutered.. good phone and its wifi capability is what i like the most hehe

  14. suzzy says:

    sa greenhills..actually iba-iba cla ng price..some costs 10k, pero marami 8.5k, black nga lang just have to be patient and masipag sa paghahanap ng best offer..initial offer sakin sa white 10k,kinulit ko lang c ate..=)
    one year warranty with NTC logo sa likod..=)

  15. Ian says:

    @suzzy where did you buy yours?

  16. suzzy says:

    just bought a brandnew pearl white samsung monte yesterday for only 8500, the black one costs only 8000…
    phone works great!…=)

  17. Ian says:

    Oh the task manager only appears when your phone is on low memory :) It’s hidden to the user.

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