Sany Ericssan X1

Sany Ericssan X1

A funny knock-off of the Sony-Ericsson XPeria X1, the Sany Ericssan X1 may be one of the funniest clones out there, next only to the Nokla Phone series. And no, those are not typos.

It says 8MP camera at the back but’s actually just 1MP. Then, there’s the 2.8″ screen as spotted at Tech-E blog.


This is just a classic!

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14 Responses

  1. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    expect those to be sold in greenhills tomorrow :)

  2. edz says:

    Nko naman…

    It will last a couple of months in your hand tapos sira na


  3. Jan Alvin says:

    And don’t forget Tutuban.

  4. Enteng says:

    hahaha! this one’s funny!!!

  5. fanatxt says:

    Sir Abe, I hope you could clarify the news about umobile’s transition to red mobile. I saw the commercial of red mobile on tv earlier this morning. When I searched about it, I figured out that umobile will have a brand change.

  6. Tolits says:

    hahahaha akala ko nagkamali ka lang ng spelling yuga yun pala existing na japek na yan harharhar.

  7. Kenneth says:

    LOL, Pilipino nga naman mahilig sa clone. hehe…

  8. pink says:

    hala dami na naglabasan na jafake…

  9. felipe says:

    i bought one yesterday! its not that bad, mind you. it has its own feel of “techiness” and all that. don’t be too harsh.

    just kidding, of course! XD

  10. Reggie says:

    how can you text with its phonepad when it’s design is supposed to be in qwerty? :p

  11. CC Lozano says:

    Funny, but you’ll see a lot of them on the market, and on the hands of mostly you-know-what…

  12. BrianB says:

    Hey, this is PMPToday’s scoop!

  13. zack_falcon says:


    AB XY?? Nintebdo GameCube Portable ba?


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